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Welcome to the online pedigree database

History of the database

The database was initially started from an idea by Wendy Annijas in 2004 to digitize the history of the Dobermann and the software was designed by James Cotton. The database was started as a separate part of the breed club's website for Dobermann enthusiasts around the world.

To give substance to the database at the time, an agreement was made with the Dutch Kennel Club to copy the registrations of dogs in the NHSB studbook so that the database could be filled with pedigrees, and later with additional information. Calls have been made on the website of the Dutch Dobermann Club and other Dobermann portals to help fill this database. From all over the world there is, and still is, information provided by owners and breeders.

The database was later moved to its own place on the internet to relieve the website of the Dutch Dobermann Club. At that time I was a moderator on the website of the breed club together with Wendy but also a volunteer for the Dobermann database.

Wendy Annijas, at a certain point said goodbye to the Dobermann world but did not want all data, but certainly not the efforts of all volunteers, to be lost and then transferred the database, which she owned all this time, to us.

Since then we enthusiastically continued working with a small team of Dobermann enthusiasts to further digitize the history of our breed. In addition to what can be found about the dogs through regular channels, there is a search everywhere for old and new material that can be processed in the database.

Since it is an enormous amount of work to do voluntary and it also comes at a cost for hosting it has been possible since 2015 for enthusiasts but also breeders to register as a user for a donation of € 10.00 per year. We are still pleased that a large group of Dobermann enthusiasts understand the importance of the database and actually support its survival with their annual donation. All donations are set aside to pay for the monthly hosting costs.

Together with the volunteers (past and present) we have now introduced more than 388254 dogs and it continues to grow! By connecting these 388254 pedigrees together one giant pedigree is created with Dobermann's from around the world.

I hope that when you surf through the pages of this giant database you enjoy this effort of digital history of our beloved breed Dobermann but before you do I like to point out the terms and conditions of this website.

A special thanks to the people who continually keep helping and supporting this database but a special thanks to our friend Ton van der Hagen wo keeps helping me whenever there is an IT problem and I can’t solve it or when new ideas are born and he selflessly commits himself to make it happen.

A request to those who use the database that if you wish to use information from this database in any form for other projects, websites or general information etc. please do so by providing a direct link mentioning the website as your source. If you are not willing to address the www.dobermannpedigrees.nl as your source you are not authorized to use our information in any form.

Simone van de Haar,