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Name Colour Pedigreenumber Date of Birth
A Pauper's Panache Brown AKC SBWP 47430101 1993-04-08
A Spicey Lady v.d. Ziegelhaus Black AKC SBWG 393789 1989-07-14
A'Donikons Europa Unknown RKF 2424577 Unknown
A'Donikons Norton Unknown RKF 2897410 Unknown
A'Donikons Oriflame Unknown RKF 2979831 Unknown
A'Donikons Rakkel Unknown RKF 0009643 Unknown
A-Nut (AKC SBW 079580) Black AKC SBW 079580 Unknown
A.J.'s Tiffany Black AKC SBWF 939896 1986-09-01
A.T.'s Rhapsody In Blue Blue AKC SBWF 217971 1982-04-01
Aalborg's Riel of Civetta Kami Black AKC SBWC 534565 1973-06-23
Aalesund Atlas Black Unknown Unknown
Aaron Llo's Jugumist Cedra Black AKC SBWP 34337110 1991-04-24
Aaron v. Dynasty Brown AKC SBWF 882737 1985-02-25
Aaron's Pretty Penny Black WP54053205 1994-03-14
Aaschild's Lilla Black WD517872 1976-04-20
Aase's Golden Moon Shadow Brown WF976707 1987-02-11
Abadie's Invisible Touch Brown WP72943301 1996-08-18
Abagaile Ann True Black WF633019 1984-11-27
Abattoir's Touch Of Class Black WF180799 Unknown
Abba Dobe Nikita Gold Brown WF843960 1986-04-04
Abbas Ujhartyani-Orzo Black Unknown Unknown
Abbeyfield's Wild Fern Black WP42892306 1992-07-09
Abby Normal v. Ditman Black WG029752 1987-02-12
Abby v. Westerwelt (AKC SBWP 365351/04) Black AKC SBWP 36535104 Unknown
Abel dei Mini Pinscher Black DS008150 Unknown
Abelle de Nyon Unknown SHSB 75964 Unknown
Abha (DS038626?) Unknown DS038626? Unknown
Abigail Alfa Unknown 98610 1985-12-19
Abigay Atrakcja To i Owo Unknown Unknown Unknown
Abs v. Heinichsburg Unknown 50531 Unknown
Abs v. Schützeneck Unknown DZB 16440 Unknown
Absy de la Petite Baronnie Black LOF 78468/12146 2005-12-21
Accent Best of Island Unknown OHZB DP11518 Unknown
Accra's Lady v. Saratoga Black AKC SBW 995775 Unknown
Ace's Fancy Black AKC SBWA 441763 Unknown
Acelszivü Celli Unknown METDOB 8822/90 Unknown
Acha v. Rottal Unknown 42075 Unknown
Achenburg Giorgio Unknown Unknown Unknown
Achill v. Friemersheim Unknown DZB 15237 Unknown
Achill v. Nettebach Unknown 31760 Unknown
Achill v. Paulbeck Unknown DZB 22157 Unknown
Achill v. Siegerpark Unknown DZB 34953 Unknown
Achill v. Säntisblick Unknown DZB 19422 Unknown
Achilles v. Leithaberg Unknown OHZB DP5775 Unknown
Achilles v. Lipsia Unknown DZB 11288 Unknown
Achilles v. Ruhetal Unknown 16326 Unknown
Achim v. Innerstental Unknown DZB 16048 Unknown
Achim v. Müggelheim Unknown 25421 Unknown
Achim v. Sagan Unknown 25601 Unknown
Achim v.d. Rheinwarte Unknown 16604 Unknown
Achmed v.d. Bernardshöhe Unknown 70812 Unknown
Acoma's Abracadabra Black WG343446 1989-05-20
Acoma's Ace In The Deck Black WE353063 1978-07-16
Acoma's Alexa Black WE554665 1979-09-06
Acoma's Alexa II Black WP92958006 1999-06-05
Acoma's Alexander Black WE451017 1979-09-06
Acoma's Alexis Sonshine Black WF949196 1986-01-15
Acoma's Alliance Black WD878429 1977-05-02
Acoma's Amorous Anya Black WR06207701 2002-02-02
Acoma's Aries Of The Wind Black WD881410 1977-05-02
Acoma's Aristocrat Brown WD862144 1977-05-02
Acoma's Aristocrat V Leeland Black WP51572307 1993-10-21
Acoma's Autumn Moon Brown WF012730 1980-08-10
Acoma's Baron v. Gandalf Black WE303557 1979-05-18
Acoma's Big Max Attack Brown WF445373 1983-06-12
Acoma's Black Beauty Black WF624496 1983-05-22
Acoma's Black Dynamite Black WE192096 1978-07-16
Acoma's Brandy Alexander Isabel WE546474 1977-09-05
Acoma's California Cruiser Black AKC SBWF 851641 1986-03-11
Acoma's Sun Devil Brown WE137367 1978-07-16
Aconit v.d. Königswiese Unknown 16911 Unknown
Ada de Clochegourde Unknown SHSB 17773 Unknown
Ada v. Apolda Unknown Not reg. Unknown
Ada v. Eisenberg Unknown DZB 15639 Unknown
Ada v. Hummelnest Unknown DZB 38842 Unknown
Ada v. Ilmbach Unknown DZB 16421 Unknown
Ada v. Oberberghof Unknown DZB 23164 Unknown
Ada v. Schaustellerheim Unknown DZB 26317 Unknown
Ada v. Schnabenhuck Unknown DZB 26880 Unknown
Ada v. Wittstadt Black AKC SBW 024954 Unknown
Ada v.d. Maxburg Unknown 27295 Unknown
Ada v.d. Paderquellen Unknown DZB 25588 Unknown
Ada v.d. Roeivijver Unknown NHSB 112461 Unknown
Ada v.d. Sparenfels Unknown DZB 39616 Unknown
Ada v.d. Weckauflust Unknown DZB 22985 Unknown
Adair's Alexander The Red Brown WB607944 1972-05-01
Adam v. Brunnenheim Unknown 29362 Unknown
Adara z Frydlantskeho Severu Unknown Unknown Unknown
Adaschis v. Thüringen Unknown not reg. Unknown
Adbutna Allida Courage Unknown ANKC 5V77 Unknown
Adda Freiin v. Friesland Unknown not reg. Unknown
Adda Hinze (ZR 58) Unknown ZR 58 Unknown
Adda v. Brinkmoor Unknown DZB 70996 Unknown
Adda v. Geuen Brown ZB 73075 Unknown
Adda v. Gramont Unknown not reg. Unknown
Adda v. Haddenbach Black Unknown Unknown
Adda v. Helenenhof Unknown DZB 38417 Unknown
Adda v. Hohensalzburg Unknown DZB 28218 Unknown
Adda v. Moritztal Black Unknown Unknown
Adda v. Reiherberg Black Unknown Unknown
Adda v. Reussthal Unknown SHSB 8420 Unknown
Adda v. Scharfenstein Brown DZB 4789 1913-09-17
Adda v. Schützeneck Unknown DZB 16443 Unknown
Adda v. Viehtor Black Unknown Unknown
Adda v. Wendelstein Unknown DZB 15492 Unknown
Adda v. Württemberg Unknown DZB 46561 Unknown
Adda v.d. Bärendelle (DZB 33650) Unknown DZB 33650 Unknown
Adda v.d. Elwerthöh Unknown DZB 20633 Unknown
Adda v.d. Höhenburg Unknown 24709 Unknown
Adda v.d. Kunoschlucht Unknown 34135 Unknown
Adda v.d. Mohrinsel Unknown DZB 11091 Unknown
Adda v.d. Siegfriedshütte Black Unknown Unknown
Adda v.d. Thomähofe Unknown 21288 Unknown
Addi v. Emsstrand Unknown DZB 10945 Unknown
Addi v. Feuerbach Unknown 46966 Unknown
Addi v. Hasestrand Unknown 17314 Unknown
Addi v. Herzog Black Unknown Unknown
Addi v. Kley Unknown DZB 70889 Unknown
Addi v. Montanera Unknown 66559 Unknown
Addi v. Wilbrink Unknown DZB 28050 Unknown
Addi v.d. Horst Unknown DZB 14344 Unknown
Addi v.d. Marlittenburg Unknown 39682 Unknown
Addie (S 36785/66) Unknown S36785/66 Unknown
Addy v.d. Schwarzbach Unknown 74834 Unknown
Adel Black 0032736 Unknown
Adel Mirabel Unknown 0036455 Unknown
Adel Stella Unknown Unknown Unknown
Adel Viol Malisend Unknown Unknown Unknown
Adela v. Ruschweiler Unknown 32757 Unknown
Adela v. Sonnenhaus Unknown DZB 29829 Unknown
Adelbrecht v.h. Kranenbos Black LOSH 371066 Unknown
Adelchis v. Thüringen Unknown not reg. Unknown
Adele v. Edelsheim Unknown not reg. Unknown
Adele v. Fuchsberg Unknown DZB 29331 Unknown
Adele v. Oberspree Unknown DZB 24094 Unknown
Adele v. Scharfenstein Brown DZB 4790 1913-09-17
Adele v. Thüringen (born before 1902) Unknown Unknown Unknown
Adele v. Vortrupp Unknown DZB 16165 Unknown
Adele v.d. Hermannshalle Unknown DZB 38524 Unknown
Adele v.d. Reckenburg Unknown DZB 12721 Unknown
Adelheid v. Ilmenaustrand Black Unknown Unknown
Adelheid v. Scharfenstein Black DZB 4787 1913-09-17
Adelheid v. Stephenhof Black AKC SBWA 611366 1968-05-29
Adelheid v. Thüringen Unknown not reg. Unknown
Adelheid v.d. Herrnburg Unknown DZB 22815 Unknown
Adelheid v.h. Leyerweerd Unknown NHSB 97627 Unknown
Adelinde v. Gelre Unknown not reg. Unknown
Adelle-Hollanden Unknown SHSB 9991 Unknown
Adelwin Infrared Brown Unknown Unknown
Ader v.d. Antoniaburg Unknown DZB 20753 Unknown
Adi v. Berg Mondela Black DZB 7828 Unknown
Adi v. Holligen Unknown SHSB 63868 Unknown
Adina Mondego Unknown UKK 515 Unknown
Adine des Guérets Unknown SHSB 26633 Unknown
Adis z Algi Unknown Unknown Unknown
Adita v.d. Steurenstran Black NHSB 116895 Unknown
Adja v. Borkhof Unknown DZB 23681 Unknown
Adja v. Ziegelroda Unknown DZB 19806 Unknown
Adlerheim's Riot Act Black AKC SBWG 143801 1998-04-00
Adlerheim's Tri Star Black AKC SBWG 197100 1988-03-17
Admiral from Morskaya Laguna Black Unknown Unknown
Admiral v. Kronenhof Unknown 32978 Unknown
Admiration of Marklynne Black Unknown Unknown
Ado v. Mönckeberg Unknown Unknown Unknown
Adolph v. Arizona Black AKC SBA 359791 Unknown
Adonis (DS070390) Unknown DS070390 Unknown
Adonis v. Bolanden Unknown 19379 Unknown
Adonis v.d. Teufelskanzel Unknown DZB 13101 Unknown
Adonna (EST 01746/91) Unknown EST 01746/91 Unknown
Adonna de Olvi Black LKS-96-001245 Unknown
Ador v. Alexanderpark Unknown DZB 14194 Unknown
Ador v. Degenfeld Unknown DZB 34593 Unknown
Ador v. Radisbona Unknown 19127 Unknown
Ador v. Raspenburg Unknown 16529 Unknown
Ador v.d. Antonienburg Unknown DZB 20753 Unknown
Ador v.d. Boediehoeve Unknown NHSB 96773 Unknown
Ador v.d. Dreimühle Unknown DZB 17120 Unknown
Adora's Angel Sunshine Black WC917891 1974-10-27
Adra v. Franzhof Black Unknown Unknown
Adrian (EST 01530/93) Black EST 01530/93 Unknown
Adrian-Adler Unknown SHSB 11100 Unknown
Ady (Jauschnegg) Unknown OHZB DP6410 Unknown
Adya v.d. Metropole Unknown DZB 12854 Unknown
Aegir of Donneridge Black Unknown Unknown
Aeolus Little bit of Gypsy Unknown Unknown Unknown
Aeskulap Flora Unknown DZB 39396 Unknown
Afelia (RKF ?) Black Unknown Unknown
Affra (Unreg.) Unknown Unreg. Unknown
Afra (DZB 66733) Unknown DZB 66733 Unknown
Afra (Melhorn) gen. Hertha Unknown 5082Y Unknown
Afra (Unreg.) Unknown Unknown Unknown
Afra Brass (DZB 29198) Unknown DZB 29198 Unknown
Afra Hoeger (DZB 28726) Unknown DZB 28726 Unknown
Afra od Hamefity Unknown Unknown Unknown
Afra Radtke (DZB 34144) Unknown DZB 34144 Unknown
Afra v. Bahr Black Unknown Unknown
Afra v. Braunschweig Black DZB 45936 Unknown
Afra v. Bötelsburg Unknown 29604 Unknown
Afra v. Ernabell Black 73160 Unknown
Afra v. Frankenwald Unknown 25364 Unknown
Afra v. Haverkamp Unknown 29599 Unknown
Afra v. Hillen Unknown DZB 28042 Unknown
Afra v. Kreuztor Unknown DZB 28542 Unknown
Afra v. Martinseck Unknown DZB 39878 Unknown
Afra v. Maxglan Unknown DZB 24572 Unknown
Afra v. Ohmsdorf Black Unknown Unknown
Afra v. Rheinstolz Unknown DZB 11897 Unknown
Afra v. Senefeldereck Unknown DZB 27470 Unknown
Afra v. Teufelskessel Unknown DZB 71600 Unknown
Afra v. Tiefensee Unknown Unknown Unknown
Afra v. Triftgrund Unknown DZB 20253 Unknown
Afra v. Vargula Unknown 30353 Unknown
Afra v.d. Dreilinden Unknown DZB 20466 Unknown
Afra v.d. Eichert Unknown DZB 24032 Unknown
Afra v.d. Eulenhütte Black Unknown Unknown
Afra v.d. Feldheimsburg Unknown 29697 Unknown
Afra v.d. Gesolei Unknown 40659 Unknown
Afra v.d. Königshöhe Unknown 29084 Unknown
Afra v.d. Rehhütte Unknown DZB 29118 Unknown
Afra v.d. Schanzenhöhe Black 50965 Unknown
Afra v.d. Schwand Unknown DZB 26266 Unknown
Afra v.d. Spillenburg Unknown DZB 30646 Unknown
Afra v.d. Traudenburg Unknown 31952 Unknown
Afra v.d. Wilhelmsquelle Unknown DZB 28833 Unknown
Afra v.d. Zukunft Unknown OHZB DP8344 Unknown
Africa de los Valientes Unknown Unknown Unknown
Africa Od Dukije Unknown JR 707386 Unknown
Afro American Black Novak Black BHR 321065 Unknown
Afrodita Bos (CKSP 2102/92/95) Unknown CKSP 2102/92/95 Unknown
Afya's Sun Bullt Unknown Unknown Unknown
Aga Pand z Saparti Unknown METDOB 1236 Unknown
Aga v. Hunglbrunn Unknown Unknown Unknown
Agat z Redłowskiego Cypla Unknown Unknown Unknown
Agata de Leticia Unknown Unknown Unknown
Agata Karolina Black Unknown Unknown
Agatha v.d. Sportvriend Unknown NHSB 111114 Unknown
Agbar z Osady Seriku Unknown CSPKP 743/59/62 Unknown
Agi v. Möschberg Unknown SHSB 12123 1925-11-27
Agi v. Säli Unknown SHSB 9164 Unknown
Agi-Schüss Unknown SHSB 9966 Unknown
Aglia Del Sandokan Unknown Unknown Unknown
Agnes v.d. Düsselquelle Unknown DZB 21837 Unknown
Agness v. st. Aness Valei Unknown Unknown Unknown
Agony Acre's Doctor Warlock Black WA831873 Unknown
Agony Acres Daphne Black WA791267 1966-07-07
Agony Acres Devious Dagmar Black WA801937 Unknown
Agony Acres Froelich Black WB112496 1967-07-25
Agony Acres Gib Black WB442507 Unknown
Agony Acres Hellzfire Brown WB895979 1970-05-02
Agony Acres Jalee Black WB635663 1969-12-20
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