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21 dogs match your request. Showing 1-21 (1 pages)
Name Colour Pedigreenumber Date of Birth
Alform Black Is Black Black MKC DOB/04/2004 2004-04-25
Anita del Monte Azzopardi Black MKC DOB/02/2018 2017-07-28
Apolda Illiena Black MKC DOB/09/2000 Unknown
Carsteve Black Devil Black MKC DOB/37/98 Unknown
Delaware Red October Unknown MKC DOB/25/95 Unknown
Dodi Bel Mondo Black MKC DOB/07/98 Unknown
Hess at Chebec Black MKC DOB/27/99 Unknown
Keep Moving Altea Unknown MKC 13/2016 2016-06-12
Keep Moving Anos Unknown MKC 12/2016 2016-06-12
Keep Moving Ayleen Unknown MKC 20/2016 2016-06-12
Lucky Dushka Black MKC DOB/01/99 Unknown
Lucky Nick at Carsteve Black MKC DOB/11/97 Unknown
Lunascura's Dragon Brown Unknown 2006-06-21
Naomi at Bently Black MKC DOB/26/95 Unknown
Nevada Brooke Black MKC DOB/45/99 1999-07-15
Red Chuck Black MKC DOB/11/99 Unknown
Sawteures Sweet at Bentley Unknown MKC DOB/0598 Unknown
Tequila (MKC DOB/14/95) Black MKC DOB/14/95 Unknown
Vasco v. Apoldaland Brown Unknown 2008-09-21
Verdi v. Apoldaland Black Unknown 2008-09-21
Viktor Krum v. Apoldaland Brown Unknown 2008-09-21