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139 dogs match your request. Showing 1-139 (1 pages)
Name Colour Pedigreenumber Date of Birth
Abbygail Dancer (IKC AV0900756) Unknown IKC AV0900756 2016-07-22
Agnita Utah from Cooks Hands Brown IRZLV 9898*02 2001-11-27
Chancepixies Banshee for Fitzkin Black Unknown 2003-11-03
Chancepixies Merlina from Fitzkin Black Unknown 2006-04-22
Come As You Are Jurakan Black JR 79808 Dob 2003-01-11
Dobshangrila Magnum Black Unknown 2010-10-05
Dobshangrila Mauzer Black Unknown 2010-10-05
Dobshangrila Melefaro Black Unknown 2010-10-05
Dobshangrila Mia Kontessina Black Y94295 2010-10-05
Dobshangrila Nazar Black Unknown 2011-09-30
Dobshangrila Neptun Black Unknown 2011-09-30
Dobshangrila Neron Kaiser Black Unknown 2011-09-30
Dobshangrila Ronaldo Black Unknown 2015-05-19
Dobshangrila Ufo Black IKC A 53580 2018-08-29
Dobshangrila Ukos Black IKC A53579 2018-08-29
Dobshangrila Ultima Black IKC A53584 2018-08-29
Dobshangrila Ulysses The Great Black IKC A53578 2018-08-29
Dobshangrila Union Black IKC A53581 2018-08-29
Dobshangrila Unique Black IKC A53583 2018-08-29
Dobshangrila Universe Black IKC A53582 2018-08-29
Dobshangrila Ursa Black IKC A53585 2018-08-29
Eadestown Prospect Unknown Unknown 1951-08-21
Eddy from Cook's Hands Brown IRZLV-10744 2005-10-09
Eilan Dark Pheonix Black X66117 2006-10-07
Eilan Wolverine Black Unknown 2006-10-07
Eryntar Ulysses v. Fitzkin Black Y01320 2007-02-07
Fitzkin Elite Brown Unknown 2008-05-03
Fitzkin Eternal Elegance Black Unknown 2008-05-03
Fitzkin Evita Black Unknown 2008-05-03
Fitzkin Explosion Black Unknown 2008-05-03
Fitzkin Expose Black Unknown 2008-05-03
Fitzkin External Influence Black Unknown 2008-05-03
Fitzkin Extravaganza Black Unknown 2008-05-03
Fitzkin Extreme Black Unknown 2008-05-03
Fitzkin Finesse Black Y42117 2009-01-30
Fitzkin Has It Black Unknown Unknown
Fitzkin High Voltage Black Unknown 2000-08-09
Fitzkin Hot & Heavy Black Unknown Unknown
Galanthia Bella Roama Black AK05010708 2009-10-14
Gama v. Feinsten Brown IRZLV 8024-98 Unknown
Haidi Ginga House Black Unknown 2006-09-23
Lunascura Nyko Black Unknown 2012-01-12
Lunascura Nyla Black Unknown 2012-01-12
Lunascura Nymo Black Unknown 2012-01-12
Lunascura Nyna Black Unknown 2012-01-12
Lunascura Nyo Black Unknown 2012-01-12
Lunascura Nytro Black Unknown 2012-01-12
Lunascura Pearl Black Unknown 2012-05-27
Lunascura Phantom Black Unknown 2012-05-27
Lunascura Pheonix Black Unknown 2012-05-27
Lunascura Polaris Black Unknown 2012-05-27
Lunascura Prometheus Black Unknown 2012-05-27
Lunascura Proton Black Unknown 2012-05-27
Octavian's Altacamani Allemania Black IKC Y85078 2010-01-13
Octavian's Amun-Re Black Unknown 2010-01-13
Octavian's Andrasta-Irish Beauty Black Unknown 2010-01-13
Octavian's Anubis-Aton Black Unknown 2010-01-13
Octavian's Apophis-Armageddon Black Unknown 2010-01-13
Octavian's Arlett Akarell Black IKC Y85068 2010-01-13
Octavian's Asgard-Odin Black Unknown 2010-01-13
Octavian's Askatari-Bad Omen Black Unknown 2010-01-13
Octavian's Augustus-Imperator Black Unknown 2010-01-13
Octavian's Avenery-Pearl Black Unknown 2010-01-13
Octavian's Bado-Bismarck Black IKC 04410 2011-01-01
Octavian's Basil Antares Black Unknown 2011-01-01
Octavian's Charlotte-Scarlett Black Unknown 2012-07-27
Octavian's Cocain-Chocolate Brown Unknown 2012-07-27
Octavian's Daemon-Diabolo Black Unknown 2013-02-22
Octavian's Day-Dream Black Unknown 2013-02-22
Octavian's Deacon-Frost Black Unknown 2013-02-22
Octavian's Delicious-Desdemona Black Unknown 2013-02-22
Octavian's Devil-Dog Black Unknown 2013-02-22
Octavian's Diana-Demeter Black Unknown 2013-02-22
Octavian's Drago-Dajanus Black Unknown 2013-02-22
Octavian's Dragoul-Donatus Black Unknown 2013-02-22
Octavian's Edna Ubel Black Unknown 2014-07-05
Octavian's Elexia Euphorika Brown Unknown 2014-07-05
Octavian's Emma Peel Black Unknown 2014-07-05
Octavian's Emporia Exodus Black Unknown 2014-07-05
Octavian's Erwin Rommel Brown Unknown 2014-07-05
Octavian's Esther Eurydike Brown Unknown 2014-07-05
Octavian's Eva Brown Electra Brown Unknown 2014-07-05
Octavian's Friendly Boy Unknown IRL A11918 Unknown
Octavian's Furiosa Fulvia Unknown IRL A11922 Unknown
Octavian's Hope de Helene Unknown IRL A 31202 Unknown
Octavian's Horos Imperator Brown IRL A 31201 Unknown
Rokpinsch Achilles Black Unknown 2009-02-28
Rokpinsch Alexandra Black Unknown 2009-02-28
Rokpinsch Amaterasu Black Unknown 2009-02-28
Rokpinsch Angelina Black IRL Y46507 2009-02-28
Rokpinsch Aoife Black Unknown 2009-02-28
Rokpinsch Apache Black IRL Y46505 2009-02-28
Rokpinsch Assassin Black Unknown 2009-02-28
Rokpinsch Davidenko Giffenbul Black Unknown Unknown
Rokpinsch Zayna Black Unknown 2010-05-09
Rokpinsch Zeus Black IRL Y79854 2010-05-09
Rokpinsch Zidane Black Unknown 2010-05-09
Rokpinsch Zivago Black Unknown 2010-05-09
Ruholfia Al Capone Black Unknown 2011-10-09
Ruholfia Alani Black Z18530 2011-10-09
Ruholfia Alfred Black Unknown 2011-10-09
Ruholfia Amalfi Black Unknown 2011-10-09
Ruholfia Angelo Black Unknown 2011-10-09
Ruholfia Aragorn Black Unknown 2011-10-09
Ruholfia Avanti Black Unknown 2011-10-09
Ruholfia Bardot Black Z28403 2012-01-20
Ruholfia Bellini Black Unknown 2012-01-20
Ruholfia Billion Dollar Bébé Brown Z28402 2012-01-20
Ruholfia Blitz Black Unknown 2012-01-20
Ruholfia Bobby Dark Black Unknown 2012-01-20
Ruholfia Bodhi Black Unknown 2012-01-20
Ruholfia Capone Black Unknown 2013-01-20
Ruholfia Capri Black Unknown 2013-01-20
Ruholfia Carlito Black Unknown 2013-01-20
Ruholfia Carmela Black Unknown 2013-01-20
Ruholfia Cassius Clay Black Unknown 2013-01-20
Ruholfia Chico Black Unknown 2013-01-20
Ruholfia el Drico Black IKC z70594 2014-01-21
Ruholfia Fantino Brown IKC Z91466 2015-03-03
Ruholfia Farabella Black IKC Z91465 2015-03-03
Ruholfia Figi Gigi Brown IKC Z91462 2015-03-03
Ruholfia Fiorella Brown IKC Z91464 2015-03-03
Ruholfia Fiorenzo Black IKC Z91468 2015-03-03
Ruholfia Fredo Reiko Black IKC Z91467 2015-03-03
Ruholfia Freyja Black IKC Z91463 2015-03-03
Ruholfia Gavriella Black IKC A11937 2016-04-15
Ruholfia Giorgia Black IKC A11936 2016-04-15
Ruholfia Jacko Brown IKC A46904 2018-04-18
Ruholfia James Dean Black IKC A46905 2018-04-18
Ruholfia Jasmine Brown IKC A46908 2018-04-18
Ruholfia Johnny Bravo Black IKC A46907 2018-04-18
Ruholfia Jovanna Black IKC A46911 2018-04-18
Ruholfia Julietta Black IKC A46910 2018-04-18
Ruholfia Julius Black IKC A46906 2018-04-18
Ruholfia Juno Brown IKC A46909 2018-04-18
Ruholfia Kastra Black IKC A50600 2018-06-18
Ruholfia Kendo Black IKC A 50599 2018-06-18
Ruholfia Kissy Black IKC A50602 2018-06-18
Ruholfia Koko Black IKC A50601 2018-06-18