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133 dogs match your request. Showing 1-133 (1 pages)
Name Colour Pedigreenumber Date of Birth
Abbygail Dancer (IKC AV0900756) Unknown IKC AV0900756 2016-07-22
Agnita Utah from Cooks Hands Brown IRZLV 9898*02 2001-11-27
Chancepixies Banshee for Fitzkin Black Unknown 2003-11-03
Chancepixies Merlina from Fitzkin Black Unknown 2006-04-22
Come As You Are Jurakan Black JR 79808 Dob 2003-01-11
Dobshangrila Magnum Black Unknown 2010-10-05
Dobshangrila Mauzer Black Unknown 2010-10-05
Dobshangrila Melefaro Black Unknown 2010-10-05
Dobshangrila Mia Kontessina Black Y94295 2010-10-05
Dobshangrila Nazar Black Unknown 2011-09-30
Dobshangrila Neptun Black Unknown 2011-09-30
Dobshangrila Neron Kaiser Black Unknown 2011-09-30
Dobshangrila Ronaldo Black Unknown 2015-05-19
Dobshangrila Ufo Black IKC A 53580 2018-08-29
Dobshangrila Ukos Black IKC A53579 2018-08-29
Dobshangrila Ultima Black IKC A53584 2018-08-29
Dobshangrila Ulysses The Great Black IKC A53578 2018-08-29
Dobshangrila Union Black IKC A53581 2018-08-29
Dobshangrila Unique Black IKC A53583 2018-08-29
Dobshangrila Universe Black IKC A53582 2018-08-29
Dobshangrila Ursa Black IKC A53585 2018-08-29
Eadestown Prospect Unknown Unknown 1951-08-21
Eddy from Cook's Hands Brown IRZLV-10744 2005-10-09
Eilan Dark Pheonix Black X66117 2006-10-07
Fitzkin Elite Brown Unknown 2008-05-03
Fitzkin Eternal Elegance Black Unknown 2008-05-03
Fitzkin Evita Black Unknown 2008-05-03
Fitzkin Explosion Black Unknown 2008-05-03
Fitzkin Expose Black Unknown 2008-05-03
Fitzkin External Influence Black Unknown 2008-05-03
Fitzkin Extravaganza Black Unknown 2008-05-03
Fitzkin Extreme Black Unknown 2008-05-03
Fitzkin Finesse Black Y42117 2009-01-30
Galanthia Bella Roama Black AK05010708 2009-10-14
Gama v. Feinsten Brown IRZLV 8024-98 Unknown
Haidi Ginga House Black Unknown 2006-09-23
Lunascura Nyko Black Unknown 2012-01-12
Lunascura Nyla Black Unknown 2012-01-12
Lunascura Nymo Black Unknown 2012-01-12
Lunascura Nyna Black Unknown 2012-01-12
Lunascura Nyo Black Unknown 2012-01-12
Lunascura Nytro Black Unknown 2012-01-12
Lunascura Pearl Black Unknown 2012-05-27
Lunascura Phantom Black Unknown 2012-05-27
Lunascura Pheonix Black Unknown 2012-05-27
Lunascura Polaris Black Unknown 2012-05-27
Lunascura Prometheus Black Unknown 2012-05-27
Lunascura Proton Black Unknown 2012-05-27
Octavian's Altacamani Allemania Black IKC Y85078 2010-01-13
Octavian's Amun-Re Black Unknown 2010-01-13
Octavian's Andrasta-Irish Beauty Black Unknown 2010-01-13
Octavian's Anubis-Aton Black Unknown 2010-01-13
Octavian's Apophis-Armageddon Black Unknown 2010-01-13
Octavian's Arlett Akarell Black IKC Y85068 2010-01-13
Octavian's Asgard-Odin Black Unknown 2010-01-13
Octavian's Askatari-Bad Omen Black Unknown 2010-01-13
Octavian's Augustus-Imperator Black Unknown 2010-01-13
Octavian's Avenery-Pearl Black Unknown 2010-01-13
Octavian's Bado-Bismarck Black IKC 04410 2011-01-01
Octavian's Basil Antares Black Unknown 2011-01-01
Octavian's Charlotte-Scarlett Black Unknown 2012-07-27
Octavian's Cocain-Chocolate Brown Unknown 2012-07-27
Octavian's Daemon-Diabolo Black Unknown 2013-02-22
Octavian's Day-Dream Black Unknown 2013-02-22
Octavian's Deacon-Frost Black Unknown 2013-02-22
Octavian's Delicious-Desdemona Black Unknown 2013-02-22
Octavian's Devil-Dog Black Unknown 2013-02-22
Octavian's Diana-Demeter Black Unknown 2013-02-22
Octavian's Drago-Dajanus Black Unknown 2013-02-22
Octavian's Dragoul-Donatus Black Unknown 2013-02-22
Octavian's Edna Ubel Black Unknown 2014-07-05
Octavian's Elexia Euphorika Brown Unknown 2014-07-05
Octavian's Emma Peel Black Unknown 2014-07-05
Octavian's Emporia Exodus Black Unknown 2014-07-05
Octavian's Erwin Rommel Brown Unknown 2014-07-05
Octavian's Esther Eurydike Brown Unknown 2014-07-05
Octavian's Eva Brown Electra Brown Unknown 2014-07-05
Octavian's Friendly Boy Unknown IRL A11918 Unknown
Octavian's Furiosa Fulvia Unknown IRL A11922 Unknown
Octavian's Hope de Helene Unknown Unknown Unknown
Octavian's Horos Imperator Brown Unknown Unknown
Rokpinsch Achilles Black Unknown 2009-02-28
Rokpinsch Alexandra Black Unknown 2009-02-28
Rokpinsch Amaterasu Black Unknown 2009-02-28
Rokpinsch Angelina Black IRL Y46507 2009-02-28
Rokpinsch Aoife Black Unknown 2009-02-28
Rokpinsch Apache Black IRL Y46505 2009-02-28
Rokpinsch Assassin Black Unknown 2009-02-28
Rokpinsch Zayna Black Unknown 2010-05-09
Rokpinsch Zeus Black IRL Y79854 2010-05-09
Rokpinsch Zidane Black Unknown 2010-05-09
Rokpinsch Zivago Black Unknown 2010-05-09
Ruholfia Al Capone Black Unknown 2011-10-09
Ruholfia Alani Black Z18530 2011-10-09
Ruholfia Alfred Black Unknown 2011-10-09
Ruholfia Amalfi Black Unknown 2011-10-09
Ruholfia Angelo Black Unknown 2011-10-09
Ruholfia Aragorn Black Unknown 2011-10-09
Ruholfia Avanti Black Unknown 2011-10-09
Ruholfia Bardot Black Z28403 2012-01-20
Ruholfia Bellini Black Unknown 2012-01-20
Ruholfia Billion Dollar Bébé Brown Z28402 2012-01-20
Ruholfia Blitz Black Unknown 2012-01-20
Ruholfia Bobby Dark Black Unknown 2012-01-20
Ruholfia Bodhi Black Unknown 2012-01-20
Ruholfia Capone Black Unknown 2013-01-20
Ruholfia Capri Black Unknown 2013-01-20
Ruholfia Carlito Black Unknown 2013-01-20
Ruholfia Carmela Black Unknown 2013-01-20
Ruholfia Cassius Clay Black Unknown 2013-01-20
Ruholfia Chico Black Unknown 2013-01-20
Ruholfia el Drico Black IKC z70594 2014-01-21
Ruholfia Fantino Brown IKC Z91466 2015-03-03
Ruholfia Farabella Black IKC Z91465 2015-03-03
Ruholfia Figi Gigi Brown IKC Z91462 2015-03-03
Ruholfia Fiorella Brown IKC Z91464 2015-03-03
Ruholfia Fiorenzo Black IKC Z91468 2015-03-03
Ruholfia Fredo Reiko Black IKC Z91467 2015-03-03
Ruholfia Freyja Black IKC Z91463 2015-03-03
Ruholfia Gavriella Black IKC A11937 2016-04-15
Ruholfia Giorgia Black IKC A11936 2016-04-15
Ruholfia Jacko Brown IKC A46904 2018-04-18
Ruholfia James Dean Black IKC A46905 2018-04-18
Ruholfia Jasmine Brown IKC A46908 2018-04-18
Ruholfia Johnny Bravo Black IKC A46907 2018-04-18
Ruholfia Jovanna Black IKC A46911 2018-04-18
Ruholfia Julietta Black IKC A46910 2018-04-18
Ruholfia Julius Black IKC A46906 2018-04-18
Ruholfia Juno Brown IKC A46909 2018-04-18
Ruholfia Kastra Black IKC A50600 2018-06-18
Ruholfia Kendo Black IKC A 50599 2018-06-18
Ruholfia Kissy Black IKC A50602 2018-06-18
Ruholfia Koko Black IKC A50601 2018-06-18