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Name Colour Pedigreenumber Date of Birth
Ambleside Minam Black Unknown Unknown
Angie Star v. Dunav Stam Unknown Unknown 2006-09-14
Aubade Tessa of v. Herrnhut Black BW006695 2004-10-13
Avenhof Anastasia of Von Herrnhut Black BU011339 2002-11-12
Avenhof Be A Trustdore Black BV017974 2004-03-09
Avenhof Ceasar of Von Herrnhut Black BW015415 2004-11-08
Avenhof Dakota of Von Herrnhut Black BX010024 2005-12-26
Avenhof Demeter Black Unknown 2005-12-26
Avenhof Desdemona Black Unknown 2005-12-26
Avenhof Diego Brown Unknown 2005-12-26
Baltana Rosita Black KUSA 434324 Unknown
Baltana Sandpit Black KUSA 382986 Unknown
Barrimilne Emerald Black Unknown Unknown
Battle Creeks Flight Black Unknown Unknown
Baynest Born To Be Wild Black BS016501 Unknown
Baynest El Diabolo Unknown Unknown Unknown
Bellstone Danger Zone Black BZ002613 2007-08-26
Bellstone Days of Thunder Black BZ002614 2007-08-26
Bellstone Decora Destiny Black BZ002618 2007-08-26
Bellstone Demmi Moorre of Trustdore Black BZ002621 2007-08-26
Bellstone Diesel 'n Dust Black BZ002615 2007-08-26
Bellstone Disco Dancer Black BZ002617 2007-08-26
Bellstone Dolce Vita Black BZ002616 2007-08-26
Bellstone Double Delight Black BZ002620 2007-08-26
Bellstone Dream Sensation Black BZ002619 2007-08-26
Bellstone Dunhill Derby Black BZ002611 2007-08-26
Bellstone Durango Destiny Black BZ002612 2007-08-26
Bellstone Kashmire Kisses Brown ZA015325B09 2009-04-20
Bellstone Keep It Wild Brown ZA015319B09 2009-04-20
Bellstone Keep On Rockin' Brown ZA015317B09 2009-04-20
Bellstone Keep The Change Black ZA015321B09 2009-04-20
Bellstone Kiss My Act Brown ZA015324B09 2009-04-20
Bellstone Kiss My Jazz Brown ZA015323B09 2009-04-20
Bellstone Kissin' Dynamite Brown ZA015322B09 2009-04-20
Bellstone Kit Kat Kisses Black ZA015320B09 2009-04-20
Bellstone Knock Ur Socks Off Brown ZA015315B09 2009-04-20
Bellstone Kool Runnings Black ZA015313B09 2009-04-20
Bellstone Kung Fu Panda Brown ZA015314B09 2009-04-20
Berne Rica's Trooper Black KUSA 383217 Unknown
Brunei Baginda Unknown Unknown Unknown
Candy Collin Aegida Black CT019752 2002-03-12
Chaldonee Ukira Brown Unknown 2001-11-16
Chaldonnay Dino at Marikate Brown Unknown Unknown
Chaldonne A'Zeus Brown Unknown 2006-12-27
Chaldonne Amadeus Black Unknown 2006-12-27
Chaldonne Artax Black Unknown 2006-12-27
Chaldonne Basra Black Unknown 2008-02-28
Chaldonne Bogart Black Unknown 2008-02-28
Chaldonne Catch Up Black Unknown 2008-03-15
Chaldonne Cesaur Black BZ 125917 2008-03-15
Chaldonne Chekpointcharli Brown BZ 125919 2008-03-15
Chaldonne Columbus Black Unknown 2008-03-15
Chaldonne Ice Black Unknown 2013-04-22
Chaldonne Icon Black ZA030632B13 2013-04-22
Chaldonne Igugu Black Unknown 2013-04-22
Chaldonne Inka Black Unknown 2013-04-22
Chaldonne Ringo Star Black Unknown Unknown
Chaldonne Rock Star Brown Unknown Unknown
Chaldonne Shaka Black Unknown 1999-11-27
Chaldonne Shaniah at Marikate Black Unknown 1999-11-27
Chaldonne Shayla Black Unknown 1999-11-27
Chaldonne Solo Black Unknown 1999-11-27
Chaldonne Targa Black Unknown 2000-11-16
Chaldonne Tatum at Marikate Brown Unknown 2000-11-16
Chaldonne Teniel at Marikate Black Unknown 2000-11-16
Chaldonne Titan Black Unknown 2000-11-16
Chaldonne Uanika Black Unknown 2001-11-16
Chaldonne Udessa Brown Unknown 2001-11-16
Chaldonne Udo Black Unknown 2001-11-16
Chaldonne Udre Black Unknown 2001-11-16
Chaldonne Ulla Black Unknown 2001-11-16
Chaldonne Ullie Black Unknown 2001-11-16
Chaldonne Umax Black Unknown 2001-11-16
Chaldonne Unica Black Unknown 2001-11-16
Chaldonne Uranus Black Unknown 2001-11-16
Chaldonne Utz Black Unknown 2001-11-16
Chaldonne Uwe Black Unknown 2001-11-16
Chaldonne Vaghabond Black Unknown 2003-08-14
Chaldonne Vaghabond of Marikate Black Unknown Unknown
Chaldonne Vasco Brown Unknown 2003-08-14
Chaldonne Vicky Brown Unknown 2003-08-14
Chaldonne Visant Brown Unknown 2003-08-14
Chaldonne Vivaldi Black Unknown 2003-08-14
Chaldonne Wrangler Black Unknown 2005-02-10
Chaldonne X'Tycho Black Unknown 2005-08-11
Chaldonne Xara Black Unknown 2005-08-01
Chaldonne Xiagotti Black Unknown 2005-08-01
Chaldonne Yeltsin Black Unknown 2006-03-06
Chevindale Ozymandus of SouthernBell Black Unknown Unknown
Cliff Connor Aegida of v. Herrnhut Black CT019753 2002-03-12
D'Ardanville De L'Escaut Unknown Unknown Unknown
Dayrema El Cid Black BB 018780 1986-05-10
Dayrema Tosca of Beicani Black KUSA 546563 Unknown
De L'Escaut Asmar v. Bohemia Unknown Unknown Unknown
Dimini Peppella Black KUSA 77200250 Unknown
Dimini Quintain Black KUSA 377303 Unknown
Dimini Septem Black KUSA 409976 Unknown
Dona Italia v. Adlercrest Black Unknown 1999-08-11
Donnehaus A'Kyrah Black ZA007069B11 2011-02-05
Donnehaus After Dark Black ZA007065B11 2011-02-05
Donnehaus Alejandro Black ZA007064B11 2011-02-05
Donnehaus Alzu Black ZA007068B11 2011-02-05
Donnehaus Amadou Brown ZA007066B11 2011-02-05
Donnehaus Bali Hi Black Unknown 2000-06-19
Donnehaus Basic Instinct Black BS003388 2000-06-19
Donnehaus Baywatch Babe Brown Unknown 2000-06-19
Donnehaus Beckham Black ZA015586B11 2011-06-19
Donnehaus Bella Donna Black ZA015593B11 2011-06-19
Donnehaus Bentley Black ZA015589B11 2011-06-19
Donnehaus Benz Black ZA015590B11 2011-06-19
Donnehaus Big Spender Brown Unknown 2000-06-19
Donnehaus Bisart Brown Unknown 2000-06-19
Donnehaus Ble Route Brown Unknown Unknown
Donnehaus Blind Date Black Unknown 2000-06-19
Donnehaus Bourbon Brown ZA015591B11 2011-06-19
Donnehaus Bridgitte Brown ZA015595B11 2011-06-19
Donnehaus Bronski Black ZA015594B11 2011-06-19
Donnehaus Bronx-Diesel Black ZA015588B11 2011-06-19
Donnehaus Brooklyn Black ZA015592B11 2011-06-19
Donnehaus Budweizer Black ZA015587B11 2011-06-19
Donnehaus Bye Bye Boys Black Unknown 2000-06-19
Donnehaus Byte the Bullet Black Unknown 2000-06-19
Donnehaus Caboodle Black ZA006776B12 2012-01-22
Donnehaus Camarro Black ZA006762B12 2012-01-22
Donnehaus Camelot Black Unknown 2001-05-30
Donnehaus Camp David Black Unknown 2001-05-30
Donnehaus Carbonfootprint Black ZA006763B12 2012-01-22
Donnehaus Celebrity Black ZA006779B12 2012-01-22
Donnehaus Cherry Pepper Brown ZA00679B12 2012-01-22
Donnehaus Chippendale Black Unknown 2001-05-30
Donnehaus Choclate Orange Brown Unknown 2001-05-30
Donnehaus Claim to Fame Brown Unknown 2001-05-30
Donnehaus Coffee Time Brown ZA006766B12 2012-01-22
Donnehaus Confidential Black ZA006773B12 2012-01-22
Donnehaus Cool Hand Luke Black Unknown 2001-05-30
Donnehaus Cora Black Unknown 2001-05-30
Donnehaus Coyote Ugly Black Unknown 2001-05-30
Donnehaus Dakar Black Unknown 2012-02-10
Donnehaus Dancing Dervish Black Unknown 2002-05-20
Donnehaus Dancing Knight Black Unknown 2002-05-20
Donnehaus Duzi Black Unknown 2012-02-10
Donnehaus Ebony Wings Black Unknown 2002-05-24
Donnehaus Echo Black Unknown 2002-05-24
Donnehaus Edge Black ZA015998B12 2012-07-14
Donnehaus Eiko Black Unknown 2002-05-24
Donnehaus Ella Black Unknown 2002-05-24
Donnehaus Enya Black Unknown 2002-05-24
Donnehaus Enzo Black Unknown 2002-05-24
Donnehaus Eros Black Unknown 2002-05-24
Donnehaus Escobar Black Unknown 2002-05-24
Donnehaus Fabian Black Unknown 2004-10-29
Donnehaus Fallo Black Unknown 2004-10-29
Donnehaus Fleur de Lis Black Unknown 2004-10-29
Donnehaus Francheska Black Unknown 2004-10-29
Donnehaus Frankenwald Black Unknown 2004-10-29
Donnehaus Freya Black Unknown 2004-10-29
Donnehaus G'Zazu Black Unknown 2004-02-21
Donnehaus Gandolf Black Unknown 2004-02-21
Donnehaus Gianni Gipsy Black Unknown 2004-02-21
Donnehaus Gitta Black Unknown 2004-02-21
Donnehaus Gold Hunter Black Unknown 2004-02-21
Donnehaus Grimo Black Unknown 2004-02-21
Donnehaus H'Bun Black ZA024363B13 2012-12-16
Donnehaus Habana Black ZA024362B13 2012-12-16
Donnehaus Haibo Brown ZA023668B13 2012-12-16
Donnehaus Haikona Brown ZA024367B13 2012-12-16
Donnehaus Hannah Brown Unknown 2004-11-07
Donnehaus Harry Lime Black ZA024364B13 2012-12-16
Donnehaus Hassan Black Unknown 2004-11-07
Donnehaus Havana Brown Unknown 2004-11-07
Donnehaus Hellenica Black Unknown 2004-11-07
Donnehaus Hells Angel Brown Unknown 2004-11-07
Donnehaus Helluvafella Brown Unknown 2004-11-07
Donnehaus Herman T'German Black Unknown 2004-11-07
Donnehaus Holy Oak Brown Unknown 2004-11-07
Donnehaus Hoodat Black ZA024366B13 2012-12-16
Donnehaus Hotstuff Black Unknown 2004-11-07
Donnehaus Hussein Bolt Black ZA024361B13 2012-12-16
Donnehaus Hustler Brown Unknown 2004-11-07
Donnehaus Huxley Brown ZA024365B13 2012-12-16
Donnehaus Icarus Black Unknown 2005-05-13
Donnehaus Ile Tango Black Unknown 2005-05-13
Donnehaus Illustrador Black Unknown 2005-05-13
Donnehaus Indiana Black Unknown 2005-05-13
Donnehaus Indigo Black Unknown 2005-05-13
Donnehaus Jago Black Unknown 2005-08-08
Donnehaus Jallad Black Unknown 2005-08-08
Donnehaus Jayde Black Unknown 2005-08-08
Donnehaus Jazzmatazz Black Unknown 2005-08-08
Donnehaus Jezebel Black Unknown 2005-08-08
Donnehaus Jinny Black Unknown 2005-08-08
Donnehaus K'Gemma Black Unknown 2005-10-20
Donnehaus Katja Black Unknown 2005-10-20
Donnehaus Katrushka Black Unknown 2005-10-20
Donnehaus Kieck Brown Unknown 2005-10-20
Donnehaus Klu Klux Klan Black Unknown 2005-10-20
Donnehaus Lanza Luca Black Unknown 2006-09-01
Donnehaus Lay Lady Lay Black Unknown 2006-09-01
Donnehaus Le Juno Black Unknown 2006-09-01
Donnehaus Levi Five O One Black Unknown 2006-09-01
Donnehaus Leyla Brown Unknown 2006-09-01
Donnehaus Mac Asher Black Unknown 2006-09-03
Donnehaus Mamzelle Roxy Black Unknown 2006-09-03
Donnehaus Maxima Black Unknown 2006-09-03
Donnehaus Maximillian Black Unknown 2006-09-03
Donnehaus Mazarati Black ZA046433B14 2014-03-26
Donnehaus Monet Black Unknown 2006-09-03
Donnehaus Morgan Black Unknown 2006-09-03
Donnehaus Moulin Rouge Black Unknown 2006-09-03
Donnehaus N'Votan Brown Unknown 2007-02-14
Donnehaus Nebraska Black Unknown 2007-02-14
Donnehaus Ninja Bob Black Unknown 2007-02-14
Donnehaus O'Pollo Black Unknown 2007-12-13
Donnehaus Octopussy 007 Black Unknown 2007-12-13
Donnehaus Okidoki Black Unknown 2007-12-13
Donnehaus Ola Black Unknown 2007-12-13
Donnehaus Only One Bella Black Unknown 2007-12-13
Donnehaus Onyx Black Unknown 2007-12-13
Donnehaus Oscar Black Unknown 2007-12-13
Donnehaus Otis Black Unknown 2007-12-13
Donnehaus Out of Africa Black Unknown 2007-12-13
Donnehaus Pagan Black Unknown 2008-03-09
Donnehaus Pepper Black Unknown 2008-03-09
Donnehaus Pessoa Black Unknown 2008-03-09
Donnehaus Phendra Black Unknown 2008-03-09
Donnehaus Picasso Black Unknown 2008-03-09
Donnehaus Playboy Black Unknown 2008-03-09
Donnehaus Polo Sport Black Unknown 2008-03-09
Donnehaus Prada Black Unknown 2008-03-09
Donnehaus Taylormade Black ZA008230B16 2016-02-29
Donnehaus V'Atacus Atlas Black ZA032407B10 2009-10-10
Donnehaus V'Dexter Brown ZA032405B10 2009-10-10
Donnehaus V'Jette Black ZA032406B10 2009-10-10
Donnehaus V'Uzi Black ZA032413B10 2009-10-10
Donnehaus Va Va Voom Black ZA032408B10 2009-10-10
Donnehaus Valentina Black ZA032415B10 2009-10-10
Donnehaus Versace Black ZA032414B10 2009-10-10
Donnehaus Windwalker Black ZA038319B10 2009-12-05
Donnehaus Xaran Black ZA050155B10 2010-05-13
Donnehaus Xaxa Black ZA050159B10 2010-05-13
Donnehaus Xclusiv Black ZA050160B10 2010-05-13
Donnehaus Xtra Special Black ZA050161B10 2010-05-13
Donnehaus Xtravaganza Black ZA050158B10 2010-05-13
Donnehaus Xtreem Diesel Black ZA050157B10 2010-05-13
Donnehaus Xtreem Machine Black ZA050156B10 2010-05-13
Donnehaus Y Not Brown ZA050523B10 2010-06-10
Donnehaus Yatagan Black ZA050518B10 2010-06-10
Donnehaus Yiannis Lily Black ZA050521B10 2010-06-10
Donnehaus Yitza Black ZA050519B10 2010-06-10
Donnehaus Yoshi Black ZA050522B10 2010-06-10
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