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Name Colour Pedigreenumber Date of Birth
Aalesund Atlas Black Unknown Unknown
Aargus Adolf Black ANKC Q1096137 1989-09-27
Aargus Alex Black ANKC Q1096133 1989-09-27
Aargus Ali Black ANKC Q1096134 1989-09-27
Aargus Alpha Black ANKC Q1096139 1989-09-27
Aargus Anja Black ANKC Q1096141 1989-09-27
Aargus Anuschka Black ANKC Q1096140 1989-09-27
Aargus Apollo Black ANKC Q1096138 1989-09-27
Aargus Arko Black ANKC Q1096132 1989-09-27
Aargus Arno Black ANKC Q1096136 1989-09-27
Aargus Arro Black ANKC Q1096135 1989-09-27
Aargus Bonni Black ANKC Q1134059 1990-04-13
Aargus Brando Black ANKC Q1134061 1990-04-13
Aargus Brown Baron Brown ANKC Q1134058 1990-04-13
Aargus Calida Black ANKC Q1189294 1991-01-05
Aargus Camila Black ANKC Q1189295 1991-01-05
Aargus Carlo Black ANKC Q1189301 1991-01-05
Aargus Carlotta Black ANKC Q1189298 1991-01-05
Aargus Casandra Black ANKC Q1189296 1991-01-05
Aargus Catalina Black ANKC Q1189302 1991-01-05
Aargus Chiquita Black ANKC Q1189297 1991-01-05
Aargus Chogan Black ANKC Q1189300 1991-01-05
Aargus Consuela Black ANKC Q1189299 1991-01-05
Aargus Daluasa Brown ANKC Q1219756 1991-05-24
Aargus Daniela Brown ANKC Q1219755 1991-05-24
Aargus De Nykeeta Brown ANKC Q1219758 1991-05-24
Aargus Diabloe Black ANKC Q1219752 1991-05-24
Aargus Dion Brown ANKC Q1219754 1991-05-24
Aargus Domingo Brown ANKC Q1219753 1991-05-24
Aargus Earl Ebo Black ANKC Q1276507 1992-03-03
Aargus Early Storm Black ANKC Q1276510 1992-03-03
Aargus Easy Rider Black ANKC Q1276506 1992-03-03
Aargus Eboni Lady Black ANKC Q1276509 1992-03-03
Aargus Eduardo Black ANKC Q1276511 1992-03-03
Aargus Ember Black ANKC Q1276508 1992-03-03
Aargus Falko Brown ANKC Q1344155 1993-02-01
Aargus Femme Fatale Black ANKC Q1344160 1993-02-01
Aargus Fiery Farah Black ANKC Q1344156 1993-02-01
Aargus Foxy Lady Black Unknown 1993-02-01
Aarvak Birthday Card Black ANKC N189043 1970-10-25
Aarvak Black Buena Black ANKC N143664 1968-12-07
Aarvak Bonnie Black Unknown 1968-12-07
Abbu v. Liston Black Unknown 2008-04-12
Ackshun Aquedom Zoro Black ANKC N115157 1967-03-11
Ackshun Baron Damion Black ANKC N115381 1967-03-11
Ackshun Blue Angel Blue ANKC N154801 1969-08-11
Ackshun Sheba Black ANKC N114788 1967-03-11
Ackshun v. Richthove Black ANKC N128445 1968-03-13
Adbutna Allida Courage Unknown ANKC 5V77 Unknown
Adelwin Infrared Brown Unknown Unknown
Adlig Black Douglas Black ANKC N315132 1975-06-08
Adlig Calvados Brown ANKC N315169 1975-06-08
Adlig Grenadine Black ANKC N315170 1975-06-08
Adlig Lady Kirsch Brown ANKC N315172 1975-06-08
Adlig Martelle Black ANKC N314273 1975-06-08
Adlig Royal Cognac Black ANKC N314274 1975-06-08
Adlig Tantalus Brown ANKC N314275 1975-06-08
Adlig The Cavalier Black ANKC N391138 1977-01-19
Adlig The Charioteer Black ANKC N391139 1977-01-19
Adlig The Lancer Black ANKC N391141 1977-01-19
Adlig The Queens Equity Black ANKC N243168 1973-02-11
Adlig The Queens Guard Black ANKC N245797 1973-02-11
Adlig The Queens Knight Black ANKC N243164 1973-02-11
Adlig The Queens Sentry Black ANKC N243165 1973-02-11
Adlig The Tribune Black ANKC N391143 1977-01-12
Adlig The Tripos Black ANKC N391146 1977-01-12
Adlig The Trireme Black ANKC N391147 1977-01-12
Adonga Black Jumbok Black ANKC N497703 1979-01-22
Adonga Kainantu Kid Brown ANKC N497702 1979-01-22
Adonga Markham Lad Brown ANKC N497697 1979-01-22
Adonga Puppy Love Brown ANKC N497700 1979-01-22
Adonis v. Kopf Black ANKC N108932 1966-09-29
Adrea Cosmic Blaze Black ANKC V145289 1984-02-02
Adrea Cosmic Coven Black ANKC V75706 1981-01-28
Adrea Cosmic Elitist Black ANKC V175306 1985-04-11
Adrea Cosmic Powerpact Black ANKC V75699 1981-01-28
Adrea Cosmic Resolve Black ANKC V175308 1985-04-11
Adrea Cosmic Starlite Black ANKC V145295 1984-02-02
Adrea Virgo Vagabond Black ANKC V111726 1982-08-30
Adrea Virgo Valet Black Unknown 1982-08-30
Adrea Virgo Valor Black ANKC V111727 1982-08-30
Afrotaan Marcus Brown ANKC N320378 1975-08-15
Afrotaan Mister Jake Black ANKC N367712 1976-09-13
Afrotaan Riona Boss Black ANKC N367715 1976-09-13
Afrotaan Samson Brown ANKC N320379 1975-08-15
Afrotaan Satanus Brown ANKC N320380 1975-08-15
Afrotaan Striker Black ANKC N367718 1976-09-13
Afrotaan The Tzar Black Unknown 1975-08-15
Afrotaan Zurcoss Brown ANKC N320384 1975-08-15
Agresa Atomic Fire Black ANKC N320385 1975-07-29
Agresa Devil Fire Black ANKC N320386 1975-07-29
Agresa Flaming Star Black ANKC N320388 1975-07-29
Agresa Hot Rocket Black ANKC N320389 1975-07-29
Agresa Sky Rocket Black ANKC N320390 1975-07-29
Agresa The Fireball Black ANKC N320392 1975-07-29
Akilah Bonnie Lass Brown ANKC V136301 1983-10-09
Akilah Rusties Wish Black ANKC V136299 1983-10-09
Albrecht Der Kaiserin Black ANKC Q94023 1969-05-14
Albrecht Smaragd Black ANKC Q94022 1969-05-14
Aldorma Desert Fancy Black ANKC V57-73 1973-08-05
Aldorma Hifi Black Unknown 1970-10-13
Aldorma Hijacker Black Unknown 1970-10-13
Aldorma Imthe Greatest Black ANKC V36-74/1 1974-05-20
Aldorma Royal Reserve Black Unknown 1969-04-06
Aldorma Royal Rhapsody Black Unknown 1969-04-06
Aldorma Royal Saphire Black Unknown 1970-03-09
Aldorma Wild Rose Black Unknown Unknown
Alexson Freya Schoen Black Unknown Unknown
Alfheim Imric Black ANKC N340803 1976-02-26
Alfheim Paridell Black ANKC N340806 1976-02-26
Alfheim Wandor Black ANKC N340809 1976-02-26
Alfrick Arley Black ANKC V60501 1980-05-08
Alida v. Forell (Australia) Black Unknown Unknown
Alldobe grand Illusion Black Unknown Unknown
Aloa Moorea Black Unknown Unknown
Alphindale Dark Cassan Black ANKC NT355572 1976-05-21
Alphindale Dark Diadem Black ANKC NT3565 1974-09-09
Alphindale Rebel Rousa Black ANKC NT446185 1978-01-02
Alphindale Shaka Black ANKC NT3636 1974-09-09
Alsace Beaushow Black ANKC N72208 1963-11-12
Alsace Dobe Alindia Black Unknown Unknown
Alsace Dobe Andromeda Black ANKC N59623 1962-10-25
Alsace Dobe Arianne Black Unknown Unknown
Alsace Dobe Atlas Black ANKC N59419 1962-10-25
Alsace Dobe Blazette Black ANKC N72701 1963-11-12
Alsace Dobe Jetstar Black ANKC N82634 1964-09-21
Alsace Dominike Black Unknown Unknown
Alsace Topsy Mopsy Black ANKC N70727 1963-11-12
Ampress Admiral Black ANKC N366327 1976-08-31
Ampress Ambassador Black ANKC N855805 1986-02-06
Ampress Bright Diamond Black ANKC N742427 1983-11-10
Ampress Bright Dream Black ANKC N742426 1983-11-10
Ampress Bright Eyes Black ANKC N742425 1983-11-10
Ampress Conquistador Black ANKC N855803 1986-02-06
Ampress Dictator Heritage Brown ANKC N1004642 1988-07-11
Ampress Dominator Black ANKC N855804 1986-02-06
Ampress General Black ANKC N366329 1976-08-31
Ampress Goodwil Heritage Black ANKC N1004644 1988-07-11
Ampress Governor Black ANKC N855806 1986-02-06
Ampress Guardian Black ANKC N366330 1976-08-31
Ampress Imperator Black ANKC N366331 1976-08-31
Ampress Intercepter Black ANKC N366332 1976-08-31
Ampress Kismet Black ANKC N366333 1976-08-31
Ampress Mandator Black ANKC N855807 1986-02-06
Ampress Prelector Black ANKC N855808 1986-02-06
Ampress Rose Verity Black ANKC N614182 1981-03-16
Ampress Rose Victorian Black ANKC N614181 1981-03-16
Ampress Rose Victory Black ANKC N614180 1981-03-16
Ampress Sabrina Black ANKC N855809 1986-02-06
Ampress Senator Heritage Black ANKC N1004643 1988-07-11
Ampress Solar Amperor Black ANKC N549007 1979-12-22
Ampress Solar Ceasar Black ANKC N489579 1978-11-20
Ampress Solar Chief Black ANKC N489580 1978-11-20
Ampress Solar Ebonie Black ANKC N663226 1982-03-19
Ampress Solar Jewel Black ANKC N609336 1981-02-15
Ampress Solar Phoenix Black ANKC N489581 1978-11-20
Ampress Solar Princess Black ANKC N489583 1978-11-20
Ampress Solar Sentry Black ANKC N663225 1982-03-19
Ampress Solar Shine Black ANKC N609335 1981-02-15
Ampress Solar Solitude Black ANKC N489586 1978-11-20
Ampress Solar Sprite Black ANKC N549011 1979-12-22
Ampress Solar Thunder Black ANKC N549008 1979-12-22
Ampress Solar Vizard Black ANKC N549009 1979-12-22
Ampress Sunrise Belle Black ANKC N844959 1985-11-12
Ampress Sunrise Cherie Black ANKC N844954 1985-11-12
Ampress Sunrise Dianne Black ANKC N844958 1985-11-12
Ampress Sunrise Gloria Black ANKC N844955 1985-11-12
Ampress Sunrise Grace Black ANKC N844957 1985-11-12
Ampress Sunrise King Black ANKC N844951 1985-11-12
Ampress Sunrise Princ Black ANKC N844952 1985-11-12
Ampress Sunrise Rosane Black ANKC N844956 1985-11-12
Ampress Sunrise Ruler Black ANKC N844953 1985-11-12
Ampress Sunys Goodwill Black ANKC N772370 1984-06-29
Ampress Sunys Goodwish Black ANKC N772371 1984-06-29
Ampress The Corsair Black ANKC N742424 1983-11-10
Ampress Waltzing Star Black ANKC N1004647 1988-07-11
Ampress Waltzingbrook Brown ANKC N1004645 1988-07-11
Ampress Waltzingcharisma Brown ANKC N1004646 1988-07-11
Anderlong Gretta Black Unknown 1966-00-00
Anjason Stare Nwhisper Black ANKC V12844 1978-07-04
Anka v. Roth Black Unknown Unknown
Apolda Ajax Black ANKC N59046 1962-05-28
Apolda Ama Swazi Black ANKC N31258 1959-11-28
Apolda Ama Zulu Black ANKC N49488 1961-11-22
Apolda Amu Sheane Black ANKC N57236 1962-05-28
Apolda Camilla Black ANKC N44160 1961-01-17
Apolda Samt Black ANKC N55167 1962-05-28
Apolda Schonhiet Black ANKC N50368 1961-11-22
Apolda Schwarzhund Black ANKC N31257 1959-11-28
Apolda Zulu Princess Black ANKC N50310 1961-11-22
Apoldo Red Riley Brown Unknown Unknown
Ardries Classic Image Black Unknown 1973-02-06
Ardries Famous Duel Black ANKC V41-72/1 1972-05-22
Ardries Regal Melody Black Unknown Unknown
Ardries The Auctioneer Black Unknown 1972-05-22
Ardries Windstorm Black ANKC V41-72 1972-05-22
Argo v. Rheinadler Black AKC 791021 1930-08-20
Armagh Carielo Black ANKC N153047 1969-07-19
Armagh Duenna Black ANKC N153044 1969-07-19
Armin v. Forell (Australia) Black Unknown Unknown
Artemus Action Master Black ANKC N753010 1983-11-22
Artemus Aphrodite Black ANKC N684988 1982-08-04
Artemus Caryatid Black ANKC N753012 1983-11-22
Artemus Celestial Black ANKC N753013 1983-11-22
Artemus Collaborator Black ANKC N753009 1983-11-22
Artemus Cracklin Rosie Brown ANKC N806154 1985-02-08
Artemus Cryptonym Black ANKC N753014 1983-11-22
Artemus Darkin Bold Black ANKC N684983 1982-08-04
Artemus Femme Fatale Black ANKC N684986 1982-08-04
Artemus Flamingo Black ANKC N753011 1983-11-22
Artemus Highin Mighty Black ANKC N684982 1982-08-04
Artemus Illustrious Black ANKC N684987 1982-08-04
Artemus Miss Dior Black ANKC N684985 1982-08-04
Artemus Quo Vadis Black ANKC N684984 1982-08-04
Artemus Sportsmaster Black ANKC N753008 1983-11-22
Arviro Appollonia Black ANKC N197844 1971-05-26
Arviro Pluto Black ANKC N197841 1971-05-26
Asiago Cavey Lem Black ANKC V5576 1978-04-06
Asiago Lynall Yorga Black ANKC V5570 1978-04-06
Askaig Justin Brown Unknown Unknown
Askaig Regal Duke Black ANKC N135365 1968-09-17
Asta v. Norden Stamm Black Unknown Unknown
Astra v. Kopf Black ANKC N108047 1966-09-29
Astra v. Liston Black Unknown 2008-04-12
Astrakhan Augustus Black ANKC N275952 1973-09-14
Astrakhan Bon Marche Black ANKC N291874 1974-03-20
Astrakhan Claudius Black ANKC N291875 1974-03-20
Astrakhan Conneta Black ANKC N275954 1973-09-14
Atchison Baron Black ANKC N151278 1969-02-23
Athenian Saxony Black ANKC N125529 1966-04-23
Atunga Tranquil Blue Unknown ANKC 660540 Unknown
Aureus Olly Black ANKC N119578 1967-05-11
Aureus Twiggy Black ANKC N149799 1967-05-11
Auslander Chantilly Lace Unknown Unknown Unknown
Auslander Dark Jester Black Unknown Unknown
Auslander Let´s Elope Black Unknown Unknown
Auslander Light Fingers Black Unknown Unknown
Auslander Lord Fury Black Unknown Unknown
Auslander Mood Indigo Black Unknown 1999-11-26
Auslander Sultan of Swing Black Unknown Unknown
Auslander Tiger Rag Black Unknown 1999-11-26
Auslander Wired for Sound Black Unknown Unknown
Austoria Blue Moon Unknown Unknown Unknown
Aviva Greta Anna Black ANKC N101331 1966-02-25
Aviva Rio Rita Black ANKC N101124 1966-02-25
Aviva v. Hoerselthal Black ANKC N101332 1966-02-25
Awina Blue Diamond Blue ANKC V69V73 Unknown
Babbakymore Brandy Black Unknown Unknown
Badenhof Apollo Black ANKC N60139 1962-10-07
Bajimbi Ben Brown ANKC N701748 1982-12-06
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