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Name Colour Pedigreenumber Date of Birth
Zaalfeld Silver Shade Unknown ANKC 874846 Unknown
Zabina (S08360/68) Unknown S08360/68 Unknown
Zabine v. Edele Brabant Unknown LOSH 356321 Unknown
Zadra Naj-Pogo Unknown PKR.II-LIX-11902 1990-06-22
Zafi v. Felox Unknown Unknown Unknown
Zafir di Modello Unknown METDOB 9857/11 Unknown
Zafra de Covalta Unknown 1933281 Unknown
Zafto (NHSB 82657) Unknown NHSB 82657 1943-07-10
Zagal de Swarlazd Unknown LOE 1535815 2004-12-23
Zagor (DS063815) Unknown DS063815 Unknown
Zagyvaháti Belfegor Carmen Unknown METDOB 3207 Unknown
Zagyvaháti Belfegor Carol Unknown METDOB 3106 Unknown
Zagyvaháti Belfegor Chato Unknown 3200 Unknown
Zagyvaháti Belfegor Cinka Unknown METDOB 3204 Unknown
Zaina-Zeta van Hof ter Eeckhout Unknown Unknown Unknown
Zair (UKU 592) Unknown UKU 592 Unknown
Zakatek Norberta Unknown PKR 16130 Unknown
Zalma-Lady Roch Unknown EST 00889/91 Unknown
Zalphas Midland Miss Unknown Unknown 1977-12-22
Zalphas Treble Top Unknown Unknown Unknown
Zamba v. Deutz Unknown not reg. Unknown
Zamber (LOSH 363352) Unknown LOSH 363352 Unknown
Zambia del Valle de las Aguilas Unknown LOE 2323017 Unknown
Zambia Orion Julie v. Henik Unknown Unknown Unknown
Zambra (NHSB 82662) Unknown NHSB 82662 1943-07-10
Zambra v.d. Villa Silva Mark Unknown OHZB DP8379 Unknown
Zamdarke Special Envoy Unknown Unknown Unknown
Zampa v. Grammont (born before 1909) Unknown Unknown Unknown
Zampa v. Messina Unknown not reg. Unknown
Zampa v. Mooi Nieuweroord Unknown NHSB 81038 1943-01-14
Zampa v. Nibelungenhort Unknown not reg. Unknown
Zampa v. Siel Unknown not reg. Unknown
Zampa v. Thüringen Unknown not reg. Unknown
Zampie (NHSB 82659) Unknown NHSB 82659 1943-07-10
Zampo I (DZB not reg.) Unknown not reg. Unknown
Zan Klod Leokoba Unknown RKF 0009778 Unknown
Zana di Altobello Unknown Unknown Unknown
Zane v. Zinsendorf for Noiratan Unknown Unknown Unknown
Zanna (DS067175) Unknown DS067175 Unknown
Zanna (MKC.........) Unknown Unknown Unknown
Zanto (N 64/2248) Unknown 64/2248 Unknown
Zanzibarzen del Citone Unknown ds133301 1993-09-29
Zar (DS125535) Unknown DS125535 Unknown
Zar di Casa Fey Unknown LO01174653 2001-03-18
Zar-Omar Unknown LOE 0402940 Unknown
Zara (DS005907) Unknown DS005907 Unknown
Zara (DS030924) Unknown DS030924 Unknown
Zara (DS032714) Unknown DS032714 Unknown
Zara (DS053353) Unknown DS053353 Unknown
Zara (DS069089) Unknown DS069089 1984-00-00
Zara (DS090775) Unknown DS090775 Unknown
Zara (DS115069) Unknown DS115069 Unknown
Zara (DS132190) Unknown DS132190 Unknown
Zara (DS150380) Unknown DS150380 Unknown
Zarava (LOSH ?) Unknown Unknown Unknown
Zaravia v. Edele Brabant Unknown 352154 Unknown
Zargita (NHSB 82661) Unknown NHSB 82661 1943-07-10
Zarina (DS084240) Unknown DS084240 Unknown
Zarina (DS132730) Unknown DS132730 Unknown
Zarina (RKF0018134) Unknown RKF0018134 Unknown
Zarina del Guado (DS064340) Unknown DS064340 Unknown
Zarina v.'t Liethohof Unknown Unknown 2000-10-27
Zarleon Heaven Scent Unknown Unknown Unknown
Zarosa Anocshka Unknown Unknown Unknown
Zarosa's Amber Gambler Unknown Unknown Unknown
Zarosa's Brown Sugar Unknown Unknown Unknown
Zaskia (LOSH 354285) Unknown LOSH 354285 Unknown
Zastra v.d. Westkant Unknown LOSH 356518 Unknown
Zaza (S16946/72) Unknown S16946/72 Unknown
Zea (DS105311) Unknown DS105311 Unknown
Zeazarina del Citone Unknown ds133300 1993-09-29
Zeb (DS087924) Unknown DS087924 Unknown
Zebzenith del Citone Unknown ds133303 1993-09-29
Zeda di Campovalano Unknown ds088003 1988-00-00
Zeila (S 4382/48) Unknown S4382/48 Unknown
Zeitgeist Night Evader Unknown Unknown Unknown
Zeitlin's Calypso v. Kerri Unknown Unknown Unknown
Zeitlin's Picaro Force v. Kerri Unknown 12657489 Unknown
Zelda di Villa Conte Unknown ds076852 Unknown
Zelilaki Anda Unknown COR 25/143 Unknown
Zelilaki Doni Unknown Unknown Unknown
Zella v. Joose Simbauer Unknown Unknown Unknown
Zemianzago del Citone Unknown ds133305 1993-09-29
Zen (DS086535) Unknown DS086535 Unknown
Zena v. Dias Berg Unknown Unknown 1998-03-26
Zenas Ebony Girl Unknown Unknown Unknown
Zenic v. Belic House Unknown Unknown 2010-01-03
Zeno (LO DS127194) Unknown LO DS127194 Unknown
Zeno (LOSH 369019) Unknown LOSH 369019 Unknown
Zenon di Zano v. Jahrestal Unknown SLR003015 2009-06-04
Zenta (N &60/4214) Unknown &60/4214 Unknown
Zenta (S 20802/66) Unknown 20802/66 Unknown
Zenta v. Allenstein Unknown not reg. Unknown
Zenzi v. Thüringen Unknown not reg. Unknown
Zerlinde v. Ruhetal Unknown 27412 Unknown
Zero v.d. Insberg Unknown Unknown Unknown
Zervia del Littorio Unknown WP 87551603 1998-03-17
Zeus (DS081469) Unknown DS081469 Unknown
Zeus (DS116638) Unknown DS116638 Unknown
Zeus (DS124816) Unknown DS124816 Unknown
Zeus di Torre Mozza Unknown DS027663 1977-00-00
Zeus v. Ables Unknown WP92148602 Unknown
Zeus v. Becker Unknown LOE 108342 Unknown
Zeus v.'t Liethohof Unknown DKK 08341/2003 2000-10-27
Zeus-(Hediger) Unknown Unknown Unknown
Zeuss v. Eichenbusch Unknown DZB 39276 Unknown
Zevia (DS105328) Unknown DS105328 Unknown
Zhaklin (RKF.......) Unknown Unknown Unknown
Zhako-Cliff (KGOLS 47/84) Unknown KGOLS 47/84 Unknown
Zhara (DS001487) Unknown DS001487 Unknown
Zhass Elsi Unknown Unknown Unknown
Zheina (own. Kucherova) Unknown Unknown Unknown
Zhelanna Ayssmit Ross Unknown Unknown Unknown
Zhemchuzhina Chernozemija Adam Unknown Unknown 1998-08-02
Zhemchuzhina Chernozemija Adan Unknown Unknown 1998-08-02
Zhemchuzhina Chernozemija Adel Unknown Unknown 1998-08-02
Zhemchuzhina Chernozemija Alex Unknown Unknown 1998-08-02
Zhemchuzhina Chernozemija Aliona Unknown Unknown 1998-08-02
Zhemchuzhina Chernozemija Anastasia Unknown Unknown 1998-08-02
Zhemchuzhina Chernozemija Arnold Unknown Unknown 1998-08-02
Zhemchuzhina Chernozemija Barhat Unknown Unknown 1999-09-12
Zhemchuzhina Chernozemija Baron Berkut Unknown Unknown 1999-09-12
Zhemchuzhina Chernozemija Boyan Unknown Unknown 1999-09-12
Zhemchuzhina iz Slavnoi Stai Unknown Unknown Unknown
Zherveza (RKF........) Unknown Unknown 1974-00-00
Zhessi (RKF.......) Unknown Unknown Unknown
Zheus (DS139643) Unknown ds139643 Unknown
Zhida (DS085610) Unknown DS085610 Unknown
Zhordan (RKF) Unknown Unknown Unknown
Zhosefina iz Velikogo Knyazhestva Unknown Unknown Unknown
Zhuan-Lir Unknown Unknown Unknown
Ziba (N 06161/68) Unknown N 06161/68 Unknown
Zibo (S21792/70) Unknown S21792/70 Unknown
Zida (DS077167) Unknown DS077167 Unknown
Ziena v. Steintor Unknown Unknown Unknown
Ziff (DS006921) Unknown DS006921 Unknown
Ziggy v. Priscilla's Home Unknown LOSH 0864473 Unknown
Ziki di Stefusto Unknown ds131683 Unknown
Zilla (LOSH 354288) Unknown LOSH 354288 Unknown
Zilla I v. Hörnsheim Unknown not reg. Unknown
Zilla I v. Lützellinden Unknown not reg. Unknown
Zilla II v. Hörnsheim Unknown not reg. Unknown
Zilla II v. Lützellinden Unknown Unknown Unknown
Zilla II v. Simmenau (DZB 65062) Unknown DZB 65062 Unknown
Zilla v. Dobermannhoeve Unknown NHSB 95425 1945-06-30
Zilla v. Mooi Nieuweroord Unknown NHSB 81040 1943-01-14
Zilla v. Rheintor Unknown not reg. Unknown
Zilla v. Westerwald Unknown not reg. Unknown
Zilli v. Weinberg Unknown DZB 60 1903-03-04
Zilly av Forsby Unknown Unknown Unknown
Zilma v.d. Woldpoort Unknown NHSB 102740 Unknown
Zima Unknown Unknown Unknown
Zina Unknown 80337 Unknown
Zinaida Sawages Unknown Unknown 2012-05-04
Zinda (S 23473/60) Unknown 23473/60 Unknown
Zindy (S 01777/64) Unknown S 01777/64 Unknown
Zingara Fiddler Calypso Henik Unknown Unknown Unknown
Zinko II v. Heiligenwald Unknown not reg. Unknown
Zinko v. Dudweiler Unknown not reg. Unknown
Zinko v. Heiligenwald Unknown not reg. Unknown
Zircon de l'Escaut Unknown Unknown Unknown
Zircon v. Edele Brabant Unknown LOSH 356320 Unknown
Ziro del Nero Selvaggio Unknown DS066207 Unknown
Ziske (NHSB 311968) Unknown NHSB 311968 1963-03-30
Zita (DS099765) Unknown DS099765 Unknown
Zita (own. Jurevich) Unknown Unknown Unknown
Zita (S 11260/68) Unknown S 11260/68 Unknown
Zita (S 21118/66) Unknown 21118/66 Unknown
Zita v.d. Beemsterhoeve (NHSB 396234) Unknown NHSB 396234 1966-08-11
Zita v.d. Woldpoort Unknown NHSB 97691 Unknown
Zita v.d. Wolfswaert Unknown NHSB 511520 1970-05-24
Zitrouille v. Edele Brabant Unknown LOSH 362778 Unknown
Zitta (own. Gribov) Unknown Unknown Unknown
Zitta v.d. Waaiebeek Unknown 362883 Unknown
Zitti v. Meeresstrand Unknown S 41 K Unknown
Ziu v.d. Oeden Unknown OHZB 566 Unknown
Zizzi (S 38642/69) Unknown S 38642/69 Unknown
Zlata-Fildt A'k Unknown EST 05252/92 Unknown
Zlato Skifov Vakonda Unknown Unknown Unknown
Zoe (DS153731) Unknown DS153731 Unknown
Zoe (LO1119215) Unknown LO1119215 2010-11-13
Zoe' (DS091295) Unknown DS091295 Unknown
Zoi's Dark Diamonds Ayra Unknown BEK 139984 Unknown
Zoira di Villa Conte Unknown DS076851 Unknown
Zol-Margit (NL 36/87) Unknown NL 37/87 Unknown
Zola v. Iserlohn Unknown not reg. Unknown
Zolli Derri Smail Unknown Unknown Unknown
Zolli Derri Smayl Unknown Unknown Unknown
Zolli Dzhjuna Smail Unknown Unknown Unknown
Zolly (RKF ?) Unknown 093/76 Unknown
Zolotaya Dinastiya Tibalt Unknown Unknown Unknown
Zoltan v. Londersheide Unknown LOSH 361139 Unknown
Zomero (NHSB 82658) Unknown NHSB 82658 1943-07-10
Zonneglans v. Mooi Nieuweroord Unknown NHSB 81039 1943-01-14
Zoomp v. Weissensee Unknown Unknown Unknown
Zooro degli Hanteroni Unknown DS141355 Unknown
Zora (DS009802) Unknown DS009802 Unknown
Zora (DS069267) Unknown DS069267 1984-00-00
Zora v. Noorderhof Unknown NHSB 470567 1969-01-22
Zora v. Strengbach Unknown SDG 3640/87 Unknown
Zora z Lazů Unknown ČS 4306/50 Unknown
Zorba (N 66/8862) Unknown Unknown Unknown
Zorba (NHSB 471866) Unknown NHSB 471866 1969-02-25
Zorba (S 09000/66) Unknown S 09000/66 Unknown
Zorba (S 43074/69) Unknown S 43074/69 Unknown
Zorba v.d. Viskeshoeve Unknown Unknown 1975-05-26
Zorda Unknown Unknown Unknown
Zordom-Bordom Aszonygya Unknown METDOB 9768/91 Unknown
Zorea (NHSB 515712) Unknown NHSB 515712 1970-05-27
Zorin's Castor Unknown S33085/75 Unknown
Zorn v. Ruhetal Unknown DZB 27411 Unknown
Zoron from Lipar Land Unknown Unknown Unknown
Zorra's Jason Unknown Unknown Unknown
Zorra's Sabrina Unknown Unknown Unknown
Zorro (NHSB 498930) Unknown NHSB 498930 1970-01-20
Zorro (S 10542/74) Unknown S 10542/74 Unknown
Zorro v. Mooi Nieuweroord Unknown NHSB 81037 1943-01-14
Zosja (UKU ?) Unknown Unknown Unknown
Zozo Ani Aliz Unknown MET 6112/04 Unknown
Zpartick v. Edele Brabant Unknown LOSH 366228 Unknown
Zsanavari Aurora Unknown METDOB 4575/89 Unknown
ZseniliaiI Alma Unknown Unknown Unknown
Zsirosdombi Bella Arzén Unknown METDOB 2224 Unknown
Zues (DS136523) Unknown DS136523 Unknown
Zuiderster v. Edele Brabant Unknown 356333 Unknown
Zultan v.d. Westkant Unknown LOSH 356511 Unknown
Zumba del Mediano Unknown METDOB 10252/11 Unknown
Zundra (NHSB 82660) Unknown NHSB 82660 1943-07-10
Zunia dei Nobili Nati Unknown DS138351 Unknown
Zunneke (NHSB 82663) Unknown NHSB 82663 1943-07-10
Zurica (DS005589) Unknown DS005589 Unknown
Zurna (USSR...) Unknown Unknown Unknown
Zuwella v.d. Donken Unknown 354070 Unknown
Zwartglans (NHSB 117408) Unknown NHSB 117408 Unknown
Zwartjelda (NHSB 124375) Unknown NHSB 124375 1948-06-28
Zwezda Domerona Loed Unknown Unknown Unknown
Züsi-(Beerli) Unknown SHSB 27613 Unknown
Zäta (S12890/68) Unknown S12890/68 Unknown
Zaïra v. Ferrolheim Isabel NHSB 1496920 1986-10-11
Zona's Blondy Isabel NHSB 1432639 1985-10-12
Zumaris Red Fawn Isabel Unknown 1964-06-16
Z'bruno v.d. Westkant Brown LOSH363356 1975-08-23
Z'Ferra v. Crowded House Brown Unknown 2000-01-26
Z'Icaro Zeitaridis Iz Doma Liuvira Brown Unknown 2004-06-24
Z'James v. Crowded House Brown Unknown 2000-01-26
Z'Mokka v. Crowded House Brown Unknown 2000-01-26
Za'potocky's Seachra'n Krokhäl Brown S 32681/88 1988-05-05
Za'potocky's Sega Sune Brown S32682/88 1988-05-05
Za'potocky's Signe Solbrun Brown S32684/88 1988-05-05
Za'potocky's Sigrid Storråda Brown S32683/88 1988-05-05
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