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Name Colour Pedigreenumber Date of Birth
Wodan v.d. Rotmanshoeve (NHSB 440806) Black NHSB 440806 2068-06-05
Waldo Les Deux Peupliers Black NHSB 3128459 2018-07-06
Wandy Les Deux Peupliers Black NHSB 3128465 2018-07-06
Warley Les Deux Peupliers Black NHSB 3128457 2018-07-06
Wasco Les Deux Peupliers Black NHSB 3128458 2018-07-06
Watson Les Deux Peupliers Black NHSB 3128460 2018-07-06
Wembley Les Deux Peupliers Black NHSB 3128462 2018-07-06
Wester Les Deux Peupliers Black NHSB 3128461 2018-07-06
Whitney Les Deux Peupliers Black NHSB 3128464 2018-07-06
Winney Les Deux Peupliers Black NHSB 3128463 2018-07-06
Winningmood Incredibelle Black FI34016/18 2018-05-20
Way Out West Iceman Black FI28186/18 2018-04-05
Way Out West Incredible Hulk Black FI28184/18 2018-04-05
Way Out West Inferno Black FI28185/18 2018-04-05
Way Out West Infinity Black FI28182/18 2018-04-05
Way Out West Iron Maiden Black FI28181/18 2018-04-05
Way Out West Iron Man Black FI28183/18 2018-04-05
Whisper Wasylina Chagall Home Black JR 713915 2018-02-18
Weyermoor Edo Black LO1848623 2018-01-10
Weyermoor Elko Black LO1848622 2018-01-10
Weyermoor Elly Black LO1848625 2018-01-10
Weyermoor Emma Black LO1848629 2018-01-10
Weyermoor Eva Black LO1848628 2018-01-10
Winningmood Dragon Fire Black FI21325/17 2017-03-09
Winningmood Dragon Fly Black FI21324/17 2017-03-09
Winningmood Dragon Heart Black FI21322/17 2017-03-09
Winningmood Dragon Mind Black FI21326/17 2017-03-09
Winningmood Dragon Soul Black FI21323/17 2017-03-09
Winningmood Hasta La Vista Black FI22670/17 2017-03-05
Winningmood Hide and Seek Black FI22672/17 2017-03-05
Winningmood Hip Hooray Black FI22674/17 2017-03-05
Winningmood Hit and Run Black FI22671/17 2017-03-05
Winningmood Hopla Laa Black FI22673/17 2017-03-05
Way Out West Hole in One Brown EJ16170/17 2017-01-20
Wikinger v. Gerdautal Black DZB 129644 2017-01-03
Wallace v.d. Rheinaue Black DZB 129629 2016-12-10
Wandor v.d. Rheinaue Black DZB 129632 2016-12-10
Wanja v.d. Rheinaue Black DZB 129637 2016-12-10
Waranko v.d. Rheinaue Black DZB 129628 2016-12-10
Webster v.d. Rheinaue Black DZB 129633 2016-12-10
Willi v.d. Rheinaue Black DZB 129630 2016-12-10
William v.d. Rheinaue Black DZB 129631 2016-12-10
Wilma v.d. Rheinaue Black DZB 129634 2016-12-10
Wita v.d. Rheinaue Black DZB 129635 2016-12-10
Witney v.d. Rheinaue Black DZB 129636 2016-12-10
Wyona v.d. Rheinaue Black DZB 129638 2016-12-10
Wanero v. Warringhof Black DZB 129593 2016-11-15
Wargo v. Warringhof Black DZB 129595 2016-11-15
Warron v. Warringhof Black DZB 129596 2016-11-15
Wasabi v. Warringhof Black DZB 129592 2016-11-15
Wilhelm v. Warringhof Black DZB 129594 2016-11-15
Wito v. Warringhof Black DZB 129597 2016-11-15
Witsa v. Warringhof Black DZB 129598 2016-11-15
Wizard Ost Revolution Verzaska Black RKF 4767426 2016-11-15
Walldobes Apache Black FI55131/16 2016-11-04
Walldobes Avalanche Black FI55130/16 2016-11-04
Weyermoor Dalton Black LO16191767 2016-10-15
Weyermoor Dark Black LO16191768 2016-10-15
Weyermoor Don-Ali Black LO16191769 2016-10-15
Weyermoor Dori Black LO16191770 2016-10-15
Winningmood Fast'n Furious Dom Toretto Black FI48861/16 2016-09-16
Winningmood Fast'n Furious Elena Neves Black FI48870/16 2016-09-16
Winningmood Fast'n Furious Han Lue Black FI48865/16 2016-09-16
Winningmood Fast'n Furious Harabo Black FI48869/16 2016-09-16
Winningmood Fast'n Furious Hobbs Black FI48864/16 2016-09-16
Winningmood Fast'n Furious Letty Ortiz Brown FI48866/16 2016-09-16
Winningmood Fast'n Furious Neela Black FI48868/16 2016-09-16
Winningmood Fast'n Furious O'Conner Black FI48862/16 2016-09-16
Winningmood Fast'n Furious Roman Pearce Black FI48863/16 2016-09-16
Winningmood Fast'n Furious Suki Brown FI48867/16 2016-09-16
Wanda del Cesenate Black LO16152928 2016-08-19
Welmon del Cesenate Black LO16152920 2016-08-19
Wendy del Cesenate Black LO16152931 2016-08-19
Weston del Cesenate Black LO16152922 2016-08-19
William del Cesenate Black LO16152925 2016-08-19
Willy del Cesenate Black LO16152924 2016-08-19
Wilma del Cesenate Black LO16152932 2016-08-19
Wilson del Cesenate Black LO16152918 2016-08-19
Wok del Cesenate Black LO16152915 2016-08-19
Woody del Cesenate Black LO16152919 2016-08-19
Winningmood Excellent Ecstacy Black FI44155/16 2016-07-24
Winningmood Excellent Effect Black FI44152/16 2016-07-24
Winningmood Excellent Elegance Black FI44157/16 2016-07-24
Winningmood Excellent Eminent Black FI44151/16 2016-07-24
Winningmood Excellent Energy Black FI44158/16 2016-07-24
Winningmood Excellent Enigma Black FI44154/16 2016-07-24
Winningmood Excellent Euforia Black FI44153/16 2016-07-24
Winningmood Excellent Excuse Black FI44156/16 2016-07-24
Way Out West Gangsta Brown FI40550/16 2016-06-03
Way Out West Genesis Black FI40547/16 2016-06-03
Way Out West Gin Tonic Black FI40548/16 2016-06-03
Way Out West Godfather Black FI40545/16 2016-06-03
Way Out West Gotta Rock Black FI40543/16 2016-06-03
Way Out West Grand Slam Brown FI40542/16 2016-06-03
Way Out West Guilty as Charged Black FI40546/16 2016-06-03
Way Out West Gumball Black FI40544/16 2016-06-03
Way Out West Gutsy Volume Brown FI40549/16 2016-06-03
Wilhelmina v. Nordsonne Black Unknown 2016-05-15
Wolverine v. Nordsonne Black Unknown 2016-05-15
Winningmood Dark Dominator Black FI23400/16 2016-03-15
Winningmood Dark Dramaqueen Black FI23401/16 2016-03-15
Way Out West Fantasia Black FI17526/16 2016-01-26
Way Out West Firestarter Black FI17527/16 2016-01-26
Way Out West Flake of Snow Brown FI17530/16 2016-01-26
Way Out West Forte Brown FI17529/16 2016-01-26
Way Out West Furioso Brown FI17528/16 2016-01-26
Waleria Wiona v. Liinika Stamm Black NO34248/16 2016-01-15
Wida Wildflower v. Liinika Stamm Black NO34247/16 2016-01-15
Wienna Wicari v. Liinika Stamm Brown NO34249/16 2016-01-15
Wiking Wallander v. Liinika Stamm Brown NO34246/16 2016-01-15
Wade (AKC WS 2307903) Black AKC WS 2307903 2015-12-24
Weyermoor Carin Black LO1618346 2015-11-29
Weyermoor Carl Black LO1618349 2015-11-29
Weyermoor Caspar Black LO1618348 2015-11-29
Weyermoor Clara Black LO1618345 2015-11-29
Weyermoor Connie Black LO1618347 2015-11-29
Wachtmeisterin Donna di Prisconte Black LO1614661 2015-11-10
Waglio di Prisconte Black LO1614685 2015-11-10
Waldo di Prisconte Brown LO1614674 2015-11-10
Walhalla Wicking di Prisconte Black LO1614650 2015-11-10
Waren di Prisconte Brown LO1614675 2015-11-10
Wendy di Prisconte Black LO1614676 2015-11-10
Wild Maya di Prisconte Black LO1614670 2015-11-10
William Aragon di Prisconte Black LO1614664 2015-11-10
Wira Windsor di Prisconte Black LO1614666 2015-11-10
Wita Yaris di Prisconte Black LO1614652 2015-11-10
Wpablo di Prisconte Brown LO1614672 2015-11-10
Wizard Ost Revolution Banshee Black WS56922601 2015-11-06
Wizard Ost Revolution Aeris Queen Unknown Unknown 2015-09-25
Wizard Ost Revolution Africa Black Unknown 2015-09-25
Wizard Ost Revolution Alexander Black Unknown 2015-09-25
Wizard Ost Revolution Aloha Unknown Unknown 2015-09-25
Wasa Astra Unreachables Black Unknown 2015-09-13
Win Unreachables Black Unknown 2015-09-13
Wioleta Unreachables Black Unknown 2015-09-13
Weyermoor Betty Black LO15172140 2015-09-09
Waikito v.d. Treuen Seele Black DO 14032A 2015-08-23
Winningmood Captain Univers Black FI45916/15 2015-07-31
Winningmood Carmelita Fox Black FI45923/15 2015-07-31
Winningmood Cassandra Cain Black FI45921/15 2015-07-31
Winningmood Cheetara Black FI45924/15 2015-07-31
Winningmood Cloud Strife Black FI45918/15 2015-07-31
Winningmood Commander Shepard Black FI45917/15 2015-07-31
Winningmood Conan the Barbarian Black FI45915/15 2015-07-31
Winningmood Crimson Avanger Black FI45922/15 2015-07-31
Winningmood Crouching Tiger Black FI45919/15 2015-07-31
Winningmood Cutie Honey Black FI45920/15 2015-07-31
Wavila v. Utgard Black DZB 128777 2015-06-11
Whitney v. Utgard Black DZB 128779 2015-06-11
Wikthor v. Utgard Brown DZB 128778 2015-06-11
Willma v. Utgard Brown DZB 128781 2015-06-11
Willow v. Utgard Black DZB 128780 2015-06-11
Wasserfall del Rio Bianco Black LO15106267 2015-06-01
Wendy del Rio Bianco Black LO15106264 2015-06-01
Winningmood Double G G-man Black FI26049/15 2015-03-30
Winningmood Double G Glam Hot Black FI26050/15 2015-03-30
Winningmood Gallant Guardian Black FI26048/15 2015-03-30
Winningmood Gangnam Style Black FI26044/15 2015-03-30
Winningmood Gangsta Glory Black FI26046/15 2015-03-30
Winningmood Gangster's Paradise Black FI26052/15 2015-03-30
Winningmood Giddy Ghost Black FI26047/15 2015-03-30
Winningmood Gilbert Grape Black FI26045/15 2015-03-30
Winningmood Gimmick Ginger Black FI26051/15 2015-03-30
Winningmood Ginny Golddust Black FI26056/15 2015-03-30
Winningmood Giselle Glamour Black FI26053/15 2015-03-30
Winningmood Gladys Glimmer Black FI26054/15 2015-03-30
Winningmood Grace Gopher Black FI26055/15 2015-03-30
Winningmood Gremlins Gizmo Black FI26043/15 2015-03-30
Wizard of Wallaika Testarossa Brown LOE 2240961 2015-03-04
Wizard of Wallakia Tayra Brown LOE2240958 2015-03-04
Wizard of Wallakia Tornado Brown LOE 2240963 2015-03-04
Wizard of Wallakia Tsunami Black LOE2240964 2015-03-04
Weyermoor Ago Black LO1566956 2015-03-03
Weyermoor Alma Black LO1566959 2015-03-03
Weyermoor Anja Black LO1566957 2015-03-03
Weyermoor Asso Black LO1566955 2015-03-03
Wonder-Full Temptation Victory Black 516492 2015-02-21
Waikiky dell'Orgoglio Nero Black LO1544472 2015-02-14
Wasaby dell'Orgoglio Nero Black LO1544463 2015-02-14
Washoo dell'Orgoglio Nero Black LO1544468 2015-02-14
Wendy dell'Orgoglio Nero Black LO1544478 2015-02-14
Wiston dell'Orgoglio Nero Black LO1544454 2015-02-14
Wodka dell'Orgoglio Nero Black LO1544476 2015-02-14
Wolverin dell'Orgoglio Nero Black LO1544458 2015-02-14
Wonderfull dell'Orgoglio Nero Black LO1544474 2015-02-14
Wothan dell'Orgoglio Nero Black LO1544470 2015-02-14
Willis (LO1514092) Black LO1514092 2014-11-25
Wakana Widad Akagera Black Unknown 2014-11-24
Walkiria Wia Akagera Black Unknown 2014-11-24
Wendetta Woltera Akagera Black Unknown 2014-11-24
Wild Wifi Akagera Black Unknown 2014-11-24
Wild Wind Akagera Black Unknown 2014-11-24
Wild Wirus Akagera Black Unknown 2014-11-24
Wild Wish Akagera Black Unknown 2014-11-24
Wild Wolf Akagera Black Unknown 2014-11-24
Wild Woody Akagera Black Unknown 2014-11-24
Winstroll Pride of Hunnoterra Black Unknown 2014-11-15
Wild Crime dei Monti Cimini Black LO14174333 2014-09-17
Wild Green dei Monti Cimini Black LO14174349 2014-09-17
Wild Rose dei Monti Cimini Black LO14174330 2014-09-17
Wild Walker dei Monti Cimini Black LO14174352 2014-09-17
Wild Wanted dei Monti Cimini Black LO14174355 2014-09-17
Wild War dei Monti Cimini Black LO14174351 2014-09-17
Wild Wave dei Monti Cimini Black LO14174329 2014-09-17
Wild Way dei Monti Cimini Black LO14174338 2014-09-17
Wild Wind dei Monti Cimini Black LO14174345 2014-09-17
Wild Winner dei Monti Cimini Black LO14174342 2014-09-17
Wild Witch dei Monti Cimini Black LO14174335 2014-09-17
Wild Wizard dei Monti Cimini Black LO14174359 2014-09-17
Wild Word dei Monti Cimini Black LO14174327 2014-09-17
Walldobes Inez Infinity Brown FI36192/14 2014-05-25
Walldobes Iriz Imperica Brown FI36191/14 2014-05-25
Walldobes Iron Imperator Black FI36193/14 2014-05-25
Walldobes Ixos Invictus Black FI36194/14 2014-05-25
Walldobes Izis Izabell Brown FI36190/14 2014-05-25
Winningmood Beau Bagheera Black FI32603/14 2014-05-03
Winningmood Bold Baloo Black FI32602/14 2014-05-03
Warden Halit Pasa Black Unknown 2014-03-18
Wayana Halit Pasa Brown Unknown 2014-03-18
Wendy Halit Pasa Brown Unknown 2014-03-18
Whiskey Halit Pasa Brown Unknown 2014-03-18
Wifi Halit Pasa Brown Unknown 2014-03-18
Wild Armin Halit Pasa Black Unknown 2014-03-18
Wulfric Halit Pasa Black Unknown 2014-03-18
Winona Wiga z Helfstyna Brown CMKU/DB/ 10125/14 2014-03-05
Willow v. Kondorstrand Black Unknown 2014-02-24
Walkiry del Verdiano Black LO1446228 2014-01-26
Wally del Verdiano Black LO1446218 2014-01-26
Wanetta del Verdiano Black LO1446205 2014-01-26
Waritza del Verdiano Brown LO1446229 2014-01-26
Wilo del Verdiano Black LO1446200 2014-01-26
Winny del Verdiano Brown LO1446252 2014-01-26
Winona del Verdiano Black LO1446206 2014-01-26
Witney del Verdiano Black LO1446202 2014-01-26
Witta del Verdiano Brown LO1446248 2014-01-26
Work del Verdiano Black LO1446197 2014-01-26
Winningmood Acrobatic Ashley Black FI56780/13 2013-11-09
Winningmood Addictive Andy Black FI56782/13 2013-11-09
Winningmood All-round Al Black FI56781/13 2013-11-09
Winningmood Angelina Amour Black FI56779/13 2013-11-09
Winningmood Ardent Antonio Black FI56784/13 2013-11-09
Winningmood Arrogant Anthony Black FI56783/13 2013-11-09
Way Out West Elegia Brown FI10911/14 2013-11-01
Way Out West Emerald Black FI10912/14 2013-11-01
Wizard of Wallakia Wilma Brown 2150551 2013-07-17
Wizard of Wallakia Waddy Brown Unknown 2013-07-17
Wizard of Wallakia Wayra Walkyria Brown Unknown 2013-07-17
Wizard of Wallakia Wild Fire Brown LOE 2150550 2013-07-17
Wizard of Wallakia Wouldubeloved Brown LOE 2150552 2013-07-17
Windsong's Fame N Fortune v Shelian Black WS44734801 2013-07-10
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