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Name Colour Pedigreenumber Date of Birth
V Erica Red Huly Wind Magic Unknown Unknown Unknown
V Lewis de la Vallee de la Tendresse Unknown LOF2DOB-75423 Unknown
V'Zara v. Crowded House Unknown Unknown 1997-02-14
Vacer Fátum Unknown Unknown Unknown
Vacer Fátum Unknown 4552 Unknown
Vacer Jeriko Unknown Unknown Unknown
Vacer Kuruc Unknown Unknown Unknown
Vacer Odin Unknown Unknown 1992-10-21
Vae-Vichs v. Rauhenfeld Unknown 034607 Unknown
Vaeya (LOSH 0809103) Unknown LOSH 0809103 Unknown
Vahinee de la Vallee de la Tendresse (1984) Unknown Unknown 1984-00-00
Vaida (UKU ?) Unknown Unknown Unknown
Vaik de la Plaine Meric Unknown Unknown 1984-00-00
Vaillant v. Cesarberg Unknown LOSH 311323 Unknown
Val Mar Black Fury Unknown Unknown Unknown
Val Mar Southern Stop Unknown Unknown Unknown
Valano di Campovalano Unknown ds075069 1985-07-24
Valda (own. Soljankin) Unknown Unknown Unknown
Valdimora Alena Unknown METDOB 3682 Unknown
Valdimora Anita Unknown 3681 Unknown
Valdimora Borisz Unknown 3716 Unknown
Valdimora Efira Unknown METDOB 4095 Unknown
Valdimora Frida Unknown Unknown Unknown
Valdimora Gesa Unknown METDOB 2660 Unknown
Valdimora Guma Unknown 1408/94 Unknown
Valdimora Gvendolin Unknown METDOB 4836 Unknown
Valdimora Jasper Unknown 5035 Unknown
Valdimora Jenna Unknown METDOB 5038 Unknown
Valdimora Lardos Unknown 329/87 Unknown
Valdimora Lobo Unknown METDOB 331/87 Unknown
Valdimora Lyon Unknown Unknown Unknown
Valdimora Noko Unknown METDOB 2966 Unknown
Valdimora Olivia Unknown 3025 Unknown
Valdimora Ondra Unknown METDOB 3026 Unknown
Valdimora Patt Unknown METDOB 1364/88 Unknown
Valdimora Pett Unknown 1367/88 Unknown
Valdimora Quenn Unknown METDOB 3457 Unknown
Valdimora Sybill Unknown METDOB 3187 Unknown
Valdimora Unika Unknown METDOB 4780/89 Unknown
Valdimora Zappa Unknown METDOB 3314 Unknown
Valdo di Casa Montenegro Unknown Unknown Unknown
Valen de Covalta Unknown 1884400 2009-07-11
Valencia Verica Alary Aslar Unknown CMKU 10539/15 2015-10-18
Valencia Vitara iz Zoosfery Unknown Unknown Unknown
Valentia of Schippers Cottage Unknown LOSH 310694 Unknown
Valentin Prinz v. Julius Galle Unknown HR/DP 10456 Unknown
Valentine v. Nibelungenhort Unknown Unknown Unknown
Valerie di Stefusto Unknown ds071744 Unknown
Valf della Favola Unknown ds085946 Unknown
Vali-T's Kiri of Amulet Unknown Unknown Unknown
Valiant de Marigny Unknown Unknown Unknown
Valida Unknown Unknown Unknown
Valkie des Duches de Bar Unknown LOF 034815/05749 Unknown
Valli v.d. Westkant Unknown LOSH 316868 Unknown
Vally di Casa Ravasi Unknown DS070311 Unknown
Valourcrest Burning Amber Unknown KCQ 1763907Q02 Unknown
Valourcrest Solitaire Unknown KCR 4384403R04 Unknown
Valta de Correux Unknown LOSH 310539 Unknown
Valteena v. Troll Unknown Unknown Unknown
Valy de la Palmeraie d'Elguy Unknown LOF 13025/3090 Unknown
Vamp de la Gravosse de Regric Unknown Unknown Unknown
Vamp di Campovalano Unknown ds151183 Unknown
Vampa (DS037689) Unknown DS037689 Unknown
Van Ehrbahn Debbie Unknown 07219/98 1998-03-15
Vancer Enkidu Unknown Unknown Unknown
Vanda (own. Dmitriev) Unknown Unknown Unknown
Vanderlend Impuls Unknown Unknown Unknown
Vandorszepe Anuiett Unknown METDOB 4364/89 1989-00-00
Vanessa (DS109145) Unknown DS109145 Unknown
Vanessa de los Valientes Unknown Unknown Unknown
Vanessa della Favola Unknown ds085942 Unknown
Vanessa della Favola (ds085942) Unknown ds085942 Unknown
Vango (DS004375) Unknown DS004375 Unknown
Vani' di Casa Ravasi Unknown ds055022 Unknown
Vanille (LOF 76618) Unknown 76618 Unknown
Vanina One Cherry de Fiere Gueule Unknown ds075911 Unknown
Vanina v. Loewenstein Unknown Unknown 1984-00-00
Vanity v. Weissensee Unknown Unknown Unknown
Vanlinberg Escape to Franckenheim Unknown Unknown 1999-07-24
Vannängens Barry Unknown S 04646/65 1965-00-00
Vannängens Bodil Unknown S 04650/65 1965-00-00
Vannängens Egall Unknown S 16406/65 1965-00-00
Vannängens Karmenzita Unknown S 23826/68 1968-00-00
Vannängens Liana Unknown S 28436/73 1973-00-00
Vannängens Ottzi Unknown S 03976/64 1964-00-00
Vannängens Salome Unknown S 16124/64 Unknown
Vannängens Unkas Unknown S 20733/64 Unknown
Vanta v. Zirpen Unknown Unknown 1984-00-00
Vanzeb di Montespino Unknown DS096364 Unknown
Varano della Favola Unknown ds085947 Unknown
Vargos di Campovalano Unknown ds151184 Unknown
Varizza (DS081476) Unknown DS081476 Unknown
Varo Merlin v. Druidenstein Unknown Unknown 1984-12-03
Varus v. Hohenstein Unknown not reg. Unknown
Varuschka One Cherry de Fiere Gueule Unknown Unknown Unknown
Vasco di Stefusto Unknown DS 089097 Unknown
Vasco di Villa Rossi Unknown DS087312 Unknown
Vasco du Bec de Mortagne Unknown 76241 Unknown
Vasco v. Aachen Unknown not reg. Unknown
Vasko v. Haiterbach Unknown not reg. Unknown
Vasko v. Reichenstein Unknown not reg. Unknown
Vaskuti Bernat Unknown DS097391 Unknown
Vaskuti Bruno Unknown Unknown Unknown
Vassa du Bettenhofen Unknown Unknown Unknown
Vax della Favola Unknown ds085941 Unknown
Vcheron (LO01121360) Unknown LO01121360 2001-03-08
Vea v. Bendienja Unknown Unknown Unknown
Veda di Stefusto Unknown DS 076398 Unknown
Vega (own. Vyshivkin) Unknown Unknown Unknown
Vega de la Morlière Unknown LOF 11948/1308 1972-07-30
Vega dei Nobili Nati Unknown DS080993 Unknown
Vega v. Loewenstein Unknown LOF 34590/5585 1984-00-00
Vegas des Gardiens de la Morliere Unknown 77373 Unknown
Vegis Prize Hektor Unknown INA01/E4658 Unknown
Vego-Alfa Unknown Unknown 1965-03-01
Veilchen v. Burgwall Unknown not reg. Unknown
Vel v.d. Mikjos Unknown 316831 Unknown
Velenberg Julfil David Unknown Unknown Unknown
Vell-Dzholli (UKU) Unknown Unknown Unknown
Vella del Nero Selvaggio Unknown DS082234 Unknown
Velvet de Lubagrupe Unknown LOP 145930 Unknown
Velvets Yasmine of Lenel Unknown Unknown Unknown
Venere (DS077973) Unknown DS077973 Unknown
Venno v. Friedewald Unknown DZB 24581 Unknown
Venus de Festiano Unknown LOF 12455 Unknown
Venus de L'Oasis des Dobs (LOF 76073) Unknown 76073 Unknown
Venus de la Morlière Unknown Unknown 1972-09-22
Venus v. Loewenstein Unknown Unknown 1984-00-00
Venus v.d. Waaiebeek Unknown LOSH 317505 Unknown
Venusvega di Coldicania Unknown DS136981 Unknown
Vera (LOF 12334/1261) Unknown LOF 12334/1261) Unknown
Vera (NHSB 300048) Unknown NHSB 300048 1962-08-19
Vera (NHSB 500432) Unknown NHSB 500432 1969-12-27
Vera v. Deutz Unknown not reg. Unknown
Vera v. Dörnen Unknown not reg. Unknown
Vera v. Ried Unknown not reg. Unknown
Vera v. Westerwald- St. Petersburg Unknown not reg. Unknown
Vera v.d. Eckardtsburg Unknown 46695 Unknown
Vera v.d. Hungerburg Unknown OHZB DP6174 Unknown
Vera v.d. Pleissenburg Unknown DZB 21984 Unknown
Verace (NHSB 310772) Unknown NHSB 310772 1962-09-12
Verdale de la Palmeraie D'Elguy Unknown LOF 11587/1519 Unknown
Verner della Favola Unknown ds085948 Unknown
Veronika Tremonia Unknown DZB 18311 Unknown
Verra v. Reinbeck Unknown not reg. Unknown
Verra v.d. Hohen Warte Unknown DZB 15393 Unknown
Versailles Magnifique Idol Unknown Unknown 2017-06-08
Vértes-Réme Alex Unknown Unknown Unknown
Vertessomloi Angi Unknown DS102490 Unknown
Verve of Tavey Unknown Unknown Unknown
Vesna iz Velikogo Knyazhestva Unknown Unknown Unknown
Vesta (DZB not reg. Junker Rex x Luxa) Unknown not reg. Unknown
Vesta (own. Kovaljev) Unknown Unknown Unknown
Vesta (RKF ? - Bort) Unknown Unknown Unknown
Vesta del Palatino Unknown DS101447 Unknown
Vesta du Vaudier Unknown LOF 012375/01776 Unknown
Vesta v. Nibelungenhort Unknown not reg. Unknown
Vesta v.d. Westkant Unknown LOSH 309780 Unknown
Veterinárius Elza Unknown Unknown Unknown
Veterinárius Engedetlen Unknown Unknown Unknown
Veto v. Friedewald Unknown DZB 22468 Unknown
Vetta di Montespino Unknown DS096367 Unknown
Vhadessa (NHSB 515701) Unknown NHSB 515701 1970-06-10
Vici of Tavey Unknown Unknown Unknown
Vicians Even's of Kenjean Unknown Unknown Unknown
Vickie (DS077950) Unknown DS077950 Unknown
Vickisfree Red Alert Unknown Unknown Unknown
Vicky de Troussencourt Unknown 12458 1972-10-01
Vicky di Torre Mozza Unknown DS109767 Unknown
Victoire del Branco Intrepido Unknown ds001388 Unknown
Victor (NHSB 481424) Unknown NHSB 481424 1969-07-14
Victor (NHSB 508163) Unknown NHSB 508163 1970-05-23
Victor (NHSB 517480) Unknown NHSB 517480 1970-05-24
Victor del Raffaello Unknown LO99173912 1999-05-23
Victor di Montespino Unknown DS096360 Unknown
Victor Vindi Daerin v. Henik Unknown Unknown Unknown
Victoria (BEK) Unknown Unknown Unknown
Victoria Cobra (JR 77345) Unknown JR 77345 Unknown
Victoria del Valle de las Aguilas Unknown LOE 2268584 Unknown
Victoria di Villa Castelli Unknown ds090358 Unknown
Vida del Naissus Unknown JR 709811 2015-03-01
Vida Loca Adrian Unknown EJ44399/11 2011-06-12
Vida Loca Alexander Unknown EJ44398/11 2011-06-12
Vida Loca Amor Unknown EJ44395/11 2011-06-12
Vida Loca Anastasia Unknown EJ44403/11 2011-06-12
Vida Loca Arabella Unknown EJ44402/11 2011-06-12
Vida Loca Aramea Unknown EJ44401/11 2011-06-12
Vida Loca Aramias Unknown EJ44397/11 2011-06-12
Vida Loca Asterix Unknown EJ44396/11 2011-06-12
Vida Loca Aurum Unknown EJ44400/11 2011-06-12
Vidal's Boscowan Unknown Unknown Unknown
Vidocq de Sayonara Unknown LOSH 311068 Unknown
Vidrique v. Rauhenfeld Unknown 034606 Unknown
Viga z Baskerwillow Unknown Unknown Unknown
Viki (DS073648) Unknown DS073648 Unknown
Viktor I. Goldberg Unknown not reg. Unknown
Viktoria Vexi Ginga House Unknown JR 75978 2011-12-30
Vilja v. Erp Unknown not reg. Unknown
Vilja v. Felsenmeer Unknown DZB 18817 Unknown
Vilje de l'Ile aux Saules Unknown LOF 1282 Unknown
Vilma v. Breitenstein-Däbersee Unknown not reg. Unknown
Vinay v. Warringhof Unknown DZB 129208 Unknown
Vindicator Daerin v. Henik Unknown Unknown Unknown
Vindo de Festiano Unknown LOF 12239/1241 1972-01-01
Vinia dei Ceppi Unknown Unknown Unknown
Vinko S Nike v. Engelthal Unknown LOF 76600 Unknown
Vinnie v. Wasser Unknown Unknown Unknown
Viola Vetti Unknown Unknown Unknown
Vira (DS121349) Unknown DS121349 Unknown
Virago Ajet of Ernesford Unknown KCRA 341727C10 Unknown
Virgile de la Morlière Unknown Unknown 1972-07-30
Virginia (RKF 0004056) Unknown RKF 0004056 Unknown
Virginia v. Westerwald Unknown not reg. Unknown
Virn della Favola Unknown ds085940 Unknown
Virna del Chifente Unknown DS026318 Unknown
Virna di Montespino Unknown DS072347 Unknown
Virna v. Zierebeckhof Unknown LOSH 312231 Unknown
Visa di Stefusto Unknown ds076399 Unknown
Viska de Piscop Unknown Unknown 1984-00-00
Vita (EST 04891/92) Unknown EST 04891/92 Unknown
Vita-Assi Unknown Unknown Unknown
Vitalux Carola Unknown Unknown Unknown
Vitalux Copelia Unknown Unknown Unknown
Vitalux Illone Unknown Unknown Unknown
Vitalux Storm Unknown Unknown Unknown
Vitalux Sunlight Unknown Unknown Unknown
Vitalux Titina Unknown Unknown Unknown
Vitalux Violette Unknown Unknown Unknown
Vitalux Zirocco Unknown Unknown Unknown
Vitez Hrdina Unknown 1010/62/63 1962-00-00
Vito de Clermont Tonnere Unknown LOF 34430 Unknown
Vito v.d. Wümme Unknown not reg. Unknown
Vitus v. Rottal Unknown 11644 Unknown
Vivaro di Casa Montenegro Unknown Unknown Unknown
Vivian Elias de Fiere Gueule Unknown ds074431 Unknown
Viviana di Stefusto Unknown ds080547 Unknown
Vizar della Favola Unknown ds085944 Unknown
Vizonto Bogi Unknown ds162445 Unknown
Vlana Unknown Unknown Unknown
Vodolej Katran Unknown Unknown Unknown
Voeller della Favola Unknown ds085943 Unknown
Volfi v. Zirpen Unknown 75972 Unknown
Volga de la Bauchrisnie Unknown LOF 11501 Unknown
Vollmond Arko Unknown Unknown Unknown
Volna (LOSH 304642) Unknown LOSH 304642 Unknown
Volphia de Rislestal Unknown Unknown 1984-00-00
Volt da Cruz de Lys Unknown LOP 57653 Unknown
Vom dei Ceppi Unknown ds003696 Unknown
Von Borgen Nordsonne Unknown Unknown Unknown
Von Dobes Lizbeth Unknown Unknown Unknown
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