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Name Colour Pedigreenumber Date of Birth
Vondersha's Sharp Concept Black AA 997818 1992-01-27
Vondersha's Sister Act Black BW 152837 1993-11-24
Vondersha's Sound Machine Black EJ 279352 1995-05-09
Vondersha's Special Event Black EJ 279357 1995-05-09
Vondersha's Special Status Black BA 080040 1993-01-11
Vondersha's Spirit of Alazar Unknown Unknown 1992-01-27
Vondersha's Stand Pat Unknown BW 152839 1993-11-24
Vondersha's Status of Alazar Black AA 036547 1991-02-16
Vondersha's Sumer Eve of Alazar Black YC 923134 1991-02-16
Vondersha's Summer Edition Black YC 923126 1991-02-16
Vondersha's Summer Event Brown YC 923129 1991-02-16
Vondersha's Summer of Alazar Black WE 837339 1989-03-15
Vondersha's Summer Storm Black YC 923132 1991-02-16
Vondersha's Summer's Whisper Brown YC 923133 1991-02-16
Vondersha's Tell Me No Lie's Brown AA 997815 1992-01-27
Vondersha's Thea's Shadow Black FW428099 1996-11-27
Vondersha's Time Trial Black EJ 279339 1995-05-09
Vondersha's Titled Bout Black BA 069888 1993-01-11
Vondersha's Touchback Black CU 235692 1994-10-28
Vondersha's Touchback 2nd Black CU 235698 1994-10-28
Vondersha's Touche Black CL 202687 1994-06-18
Vondersha's Trump Tower Black CL 202800 1994-06-18
Vondersha's Two Sox of Alazar Brown AA 047637 1992-01-27
Vondersha's Up For Ransom Black FW 428097 1996-11-27
Vondersha's Victorian Spirit Black BA 069906 1993-01-11
Vondersha's Whitney Unknown BW 152838 1993-11-24
Vondersha's Work in Progress Black BA 069879 1993-01-11
Vondersha's Zachary of Alazar Black AA 010073 1992-01-27
Vondobe Always Active Black ANKC N773800 1984-05-26
Vondobe Ambassador Black ANKC N86656 1965-02-25
Vondobe Apache Black ANKC N420694 1977-05-19
Vondobe Armgarde Black ANKC N367036 1976-06-30
Vondobe Aviator Black ANKC N420692 1977-05-19
Vondobe Barquentine Black ANKC N539245 1979-09-18
Vondobe Black Mantilla Black ANKC N203294 1971-06-19
Vondobe Blackbird v. Andalucia Black Unknown 1988-10-02
Vondobe Blue Mink Blue ANKC N442091 1977-11-23
Vondobe Blue Velvet Blue ANKC N509908 1979-04-08
Vondobe Bon Amie Black ANKC N420699 1977-06-02
Vondobe Bon Feu Brown ANKC N420696 1977-06-02
Vondobe Bonaparte Black ANKC N420695 1977-06-02
Vondobe Bonvoyage Black ANKC N420698 1977-06-02
Vondobe Brut Black ANKC N595785 1980-10-22
Vondobe Caleche Brown ANKC N595787 1980-10-22
Vondobe Cantina Black ANKC N229240 1972-07-25
Vondobe Carrisima Black ANKC N216959 1972-02-04
Vondobe Castilla Black ANKC N229242 1972-07-25
Vondobe Chanele Black ANKC N595786 1980-10-22
Vondobe Chessman Black ANKC N350352 1976-04-03
Vondobe Cinzano Black ANKC N443444 1977-01-09
Vondobe Concorde Brown ANKC N420691 1977-05-19
Vondobe Copper Canyon Brown ANKC N270834 1974-01-02
Vondobe Copper Glow Brown ANKC N155187 1969-07-01
Vondobe Copper Plate Brown ANKC N199445 1971-05-13
Vondobe Dapta Black ANKC N443443 1977-01-09
Vondobe Delegate Black ANKC N243977 1973-07-12
Vondobe Destroyer Brown ANKC N539250 1979-09-18
Vondobe Detective Black ANKC N817441 1985-05-08
Vondobe Drambewie Black ANKC N443448 1977-01-09
Vondobe Dreamtime Brown ANKC N237039 1972-11-13
Vondobe Editor Nchief Black ANKC N357765 1976-05-11
Vondobe El Ricardo Black ANKC N229235 1972-07-25
Vondobe Enchantress Black ANKC N355487 1976-05-21
Vondobe Encourage Black ANKC N355488 1976-05-21
Vondobe Endeavour Brown ANKC N355489 1976-05-21
Vondobe Enhance Black ANKC N355491 1976-05-21
Vondobe Enrich Black ANKC N355494 1976-05-21
Vondobe Envoy Black ANKC N355496 1976-05-21
Vondobe Extra Extra Brown ANKC N357766 1976-05-11
Vondobe Faberge Brown ANKC N595790 1980-10-22
Vondobe Firefly Brown ANKC N420687 1977-05-19
Vondobe Gipsy Lovesong Black ANKC N270837 1974-01-15
Vondobe Givenchy Black ANKC N595788 1980-10-22
Vondobe Glowlight Brown ANKC N333934 1975-11-28
Vondobe Headliner Black ANKC N357768 1976-05-11
Vondobe Hermes Black ANKC N386550 1976-11-11
Vondobe Higgins Black ANKC N817436 1985-05-08
Vondobe Hilight Brown ANKC N333935 1975-11-28
Vondobe Hillcrest Black Unknown Unknown
Vondobe Hunter Black ANKC N350354 1976-04-03
Vondobe Hurricane Brown ANKC N420689 1977-05-19
Vondobe Impact Black ANKC N343499 1976-02-06
Vondobe Imperial Black ANKC N343501 1976-02-06
Vondobe Impetuous Black ANKC N343502 1976-02-06
Vondobe Implacable Brown ANKC N343503 1976-02-06
Vondobe Impresario Black ANKC N343504 1976-02-06
Vondobe Impressive Black ANKC N343505 1976-02-06
Vondobe Impromptu Brown ANKC N343506 1976-02-06
Vondobe International Black ANKC N243974 1973-07-12
Vondobe Investigator Black ANKC N817435 1985-05-08
Vondobe Jim Bean Black ANKC N443450 1977-01-09
Vondobe Johnnie Walker Black ANKC N443447 1977-01-09
Vondobe Juda K Brown ANKC N500552 1979-01-31
Vondobe Kado Brown ANKC N386551 1976-11-11
Vondobe Kaikoura Black Unknown Unknown
Vondobe Karlson Brown ANKC N386552 1976-11-11
Vondobe Kata Maran Black ANKC N539251 1979-09-18
Vondobe Ketch Black ANKC N539249 1979-09-18
Vondobe Krishna Black ANKC N173999 1970-05-04
Vondobe Limelight Brown ANKC N333936 1975-11-28
Vondobe Magnum Black ANKC N817437 1985-05-08
Vondobe Mahabali Black ANKC N173996 1970-05-04
Vondobe Marakesh Black ANKC N173998 1970-05-04
Vondobe Marcus Brown ANKC N386553 1976-11-11
Vondobe Mark Time Brown ANKC N237040 1972-11-13
Vondobe Martini Black ANKC N443446 1977-01-09
Vondobe Maximillian Black ANKC N386554 1976-11-11
Vondobe Meigre Brown ANKC N817439 1985-05-08
Vondobe Mi Melody Black Unknown Unknown
Vondobe Newyears Choice Black ANKC N449225 1978-01-01
Vondobe Newyears Dream Black ANKC N449224 1978-01-01
Vondobe Newyears Event Black ANKC N449221 1978-01-01
Vondobe Newyears Luck Black ANKC N449218 1978-01-01
Vondobe Pahari Black Unknown Unknown
Vondobe Panache Black ANKC N595789 1980-10-22
Vondobe Perfect Time Black ANKC N256613 1973-05-14
Vondobe Rajah Black ANKC N88205 1965-02-25
Vondobe Rajah Sahib Black ANKC N152525 1969-07-02
Vondobe Rajkumari Black ANKC N137211 1968-07-10
Vondobe Ramajana Black ANKC N173997 1970-05-04
Vondobe Red K Brown ANKC N500551 1979-01-31
Vondobe Red Knight Brown ANKC N270841 1974-01-15
Vondobe Red Sword Brown ANKC N350357 1976-04-03
Vondobe Revolution Unknown Unknown Unknown
Vondobe Rosencavalier Brown ANKC N270842 1974-01-02
Vondobe Royal Jasmin Black ANKC N155182 1969-07-02
Vondobe Royal Jedda Black ANKC N243972 1973-07-12
Vondobe Royal Mink Black ANKC N442090 1977-11-23
Vondobe Royal Sultan Black ANKC N154882 1969-07-02
Vondobe Royal Thor Black ANKC N243973 1973-07-12
Vondobe Royal Venus Black ANKC N243976 1973-07-12
Vondobe Saab Black Unknown Unknown
Vondobe Sarojini Black ANKC N182187 1970-07-17
Vondobe Scherezarde Black ANKC N128223 1968-03-14
Vondobe Shantamali Black ANKC N182186 1970-07-17
Vondobe Shipothe Line Brown ANKC N539244 1979-09-18
Vondobe Slavina Black ANKC N443441 1977-01-09
Vondobe Slueth Black ANKC N817442 1985-05-08
Vondobe Smarti K Black ANKC N500545 1979-01-31
Vondobe Sourabaya Black ANKC N207122 1971-07-17
Vondobe Special Edition Black ANKC N357769 1976-05-11
Vondobe Spirit of Victor Brown ANKC N773801 1984-05-26
Vondobe Stop Press Black ANKC N357770 1976-05-11
Vondobe Strellick Black ANKC N817438 1985-05-08
Vondobe Takesa K Black ANKC N500548 1979-01-31
Vondobe The Avenger Black ANKC N817440 1985-05-08
Vondobe The Hindustani Black ANKC N155184 1969-07-02
Vondobe The Maharajah Black ANKC N107463 1966-09-21
Vondobe The Maharanee Black ANKC N107898 1966-09-21
Vondobe The Matador Black ANKC N203298 1971-06-19
Vondobe The Matahari Black ANKC N199449 1971-05-13
Vondobe The Matchmaker Black ANKC N270844 1974-01-15
Vondobe The Parmelia Brown ANKC N539246 1979-09-18
Vondobe The Taradevi Black ANKC N127435 1968-03-14
Vondobe The Vagabond Black ANKC N305708 1975-02-27
Vondobe The Vamp Black ANKC N295873 1974-10-04
Vondobe The Varsha Black ANKC N229338 1972-05-29
Vondobe The Venetian Black ANKC N315421 1975-06-16
Vondobe The Vicar Brown ANKC N295874 1974-10-21
Vondobe The Victor Black ANKC N615783 1981-02-22
Vondobe The Viking Black ANKC N315422 1975-06-06
Vondobe The Villian Black ANKC N295875 1974-10-21
Vondobe The Viscount Black ANKC N315423 1975-06-16
Vondobe The Volcano Black ANKC N305710 1975-02-27
Vondobe Time Please Brown ANKC N255493 1973-05-14
Vondobe Time To Glow Brown ANKC N255494 1973-05-14
Vondobe Time To Rave Black ANKC N255495 1973-05-14
Vondobe Top Form Black ANKC N270845 1974-01-02
Vondobe Top Mark Black ANKC N270846 1974-01-02
Vondobe Tornado Black ANKC N350359 1976-04-03
Vondobe Tri Maran Brown ANKC N539248 1979-09-18
Vondobe Tri Victory Black ANKC N509909 1979-04-08
Vondobe Tristar Black ANKC N420688 1977-05-19
Vondobe Valhalla Black ANKC N350360 1976-04-03
Vondobe Valiant Brown ANKC N295876 1974-10-04
Vondobe Valletta Black ANKC N306316 1975-02-01
Vondobe Vandyke Black ANKC N350361 1976-04-03
Vondobe Vanemden Black ANKC N350362 1976-04-03
Vondobe Vanessa Black ANKC N315424 1975-06-16
Vondobe Vanity Fair Black ANKC N270848 1974-01-02
Vondobe Vanrijn Black ANKC N306317 1975-02-01
Vondobe Vassili Black ANKC N306318 1975-02-01
Vondobe Venerdi Black ANKC N315426 1975-06-16
Vondobe Venture Brown ANKC N295877 1974-10-04
Vondobe Venus Black ANKC N306319 1975-02-01
Vondobe Verdi Black ANKC N315428 1975-06-16
Vondobe Verily Verily Black ANKC N295878 1974-10-21
Vondobe Verita Black ANKC N315430 1975-06-16
Vondobe Verity Brown ANKC N478564 1978-07-25
Vondobe Vermilion Brown ANKC N306320 1975-02-01
Vondobe Vermouth Black ANKC N443445 1977-01-09
Vondobe Veronica Black ANKC N315431 1975-06-06
Vondobe Veto Brown ANKC N295879 1974-10-04
Vondobe Vice Squad Black ANKC N295880 1974-10-04
Vondobe Victor Tribute Brown ANKC N615785 1981-02-22
Vondobe Victoria Black ANKC N615787 1981-02-22
Vondobe Victors Aloha Black ANKC N615784 1981-02-22
Vondobe Victors Charm Black ANKC N615788 1981-02-22
Vondobe Victors Dream Brown ANKC N615786 1981-02-22
Vondobe Victory Rommel Black ANKC N615782 1981-02-22
Vondobe Vigilante Black ANKC N243975 1973-07-12
Vondobe Vindicator Black ANKC N305714 1975-02-27
Vondobe Vip Brown ANKC N295882 1974-10-04
Vondobe Visa Black ANKC N315438 1975-06-16
Vondobe Vista Black ANKC N478561 1978-07-25
Vondobe Vittorio Black ANKC N295883 1974-10-04
Vondobe Viva Black ANKC N315439 1975-06-06
Vondobe Volare Black ANKC N305715 1975-02-27
Vondobe Voltare Black ANKC N305716 1975-02-27
Vondobe Volunteer Black ANKC N478565 1978-07-25
Vondobe Voyager Brown ANKC N295884 1974-10-04
Vondobe Waltztime Brown ANKC N237038 1972-11-13
Vondobe Warship Black ANKC N539247 1979-09-18
Vondobe World News Black ANKC N357771 1976-05-11
Vondura's Apollo of Marks-Tey Brown Unknown 1986-06-11
Vonedstram Arko v. Mirdale Brown Unknown Unknown
Vonedstram Kwattro Unknown Unknown Unknown
Vonedstram Kwinto Brown Unknown Unknown
Vonedstram the Viking Black Unknown 2003-02-05
Vonedstram The Vixen Brown Unknown 1999-04-15
Vonedstram Va Va Voom v. Mirdale Black Unknown 2003-02-05
Vonedstram Vador Brown S 13078/2000 1999-04-15
Vonedstram Vala Black S12962/2000 1999-04-15
Vonedstram Valliant del Animus Black ADO 1289012 2003-02-05
Vonedstram Vanny Black Unknown Unknown
Vonedstram Vanooska Brown S12963/2000 1999-04-15
Vonedstram Veeta Black S13060/2004 1999-04-15
Vonedstram Vijoko Black Unknown 2003-02-05
Vonedstram Viola of Chancepixies Black Unknown 2003-02-05
Vonex di Casa Giardino Black LO13131440 2013-07-15
Vonforell Acus Black Unknown 1990-05-04
Vonforell Alida Black KCR 1501005 1990-05-04
Vonforell Anka Black Unknown 1990-05-04
Vonforell Asta from Blitzgeist Black Unknown 1990-05-04
Vonforell Harachi Brown ANKC V1329198 1992-09-20
Vonforell Ike Black KCR 1501004 1990-05-04
Vonforell Illex Black KCR 1501002 1990-05-04
Vonforell Illoera Black Unknown 1990-05-04
Vonforell Illya Black Unknown 1990-05-04
Vonforell Lena Black KCR 1501006 1990-05-04
Vongernreit Graf Donar Unknown Unknown Unknown
Vonhellas Bullet Unknown Unknown Unknown
Vonhellas Olympia Unknown Unknown Unknown
Vonhellas Zeus Black Unknown 2004-12-18
Voni v. Drachenhaus Black 51794 1937-07-30
Vonie v. Wilsonia Black AKC 977948 1932-01-01
Vonjoli Vindicate at Yeovale Black Unknown Unknown
Vonklebong Raja Muda Unknown Unknown Unknown
Vonklebong Solo Surprise Brown 2375309 2001-01-09
Vonmac Babtista Unknown Unknown Unknown
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