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Name Colour Pedigreenumber Date of Birth
Vondobe Dreamtime Brown ANKC N237039 1972-11-13
Vondobe Editor Nchief Black ANKC N357765 1976-05-11
Vondobe El Ricardo Black ANKC N229235 1972-07-25
Vondobe Enchantress Black ANKC N355487 1976-05-21
Vondobe Encourage Black ANKC N355488 1976-05-21
Vondobe Endeavour Brown ANKC N355489 1976-05-21
Vondobe Enhance Black ANKC N355491 1976-05-21
Vondobe Enrich Black ANKC N355494 1976-05-21
Vondobe Envoy Black ANKC N355496 1976-05-21
Vondobe Extra Extra Brown ANKC N357766 1976-05-11
Vondobe Faberge Brown ANKC N595790 1980-10-22
Vondobe Firefly Brown ANKC N420687 1977-05-19
Vondobe Gipsy Lovesong Black ANKC N270837 1974-01-15
Vondobe Givenchy Black ANKC N595788 1980-10-22
Vondobe Glowlight Brown ANKC N333934 1975-11-28
Vondobe Headliner Black ANKC N357768 1976-05-11
Vondobe Hermes Black ANKC N386550 1976-11-11
Vondobe Higgins Black ANKC N817436 1985-05-08
Vondobe Hilight Brown ANKC N333935 1975-11-28
Vondobe Hillcrest Black Unknown Unknown
Vondobe Hunter Black ANKC N350354 1976-04-03
Vondobe Hurricane Brown ANKC N420689 1977-05-19
Vondobe Impact Black ANKC N343499 1976-02-06
Vondobe Imperial Black ANKC N343501 1976-02-06
Vondobe Impetuous Black ANKC N343502 1976-02-06
Vondobe Implacable Brown ANKC N343503 1976-02-06
Vondobe Impresario Black ANKC N343504 1976-02-06
Vondobe Impressive Black ANKC N343505 1976-02-06
Vondobe Impromptu Brown ANKC N343506 1976-02-06
Vondobe International Black ANKC N243974 1973-07-12
Vondobe Investigator Black ANKC N817435 1985-05-08
Vondobe Jim Bean Black ANKC N443450 1977-01-09
Vondobe Johnnie Walker Black ANKC N443447 1977-01-09
Vondobe Juda K Brown ANKC N500552 1979-01-31
Vondobe Kado Brown ANKC N386551 1976-11-11
Vondobe Kaikoura Black Unknown Unknown
Vondobe Karlson Brown ANKC N386552 1976-11-11
Vondobe Kata Maran Black ANKC N539251 1979-09-18
Vondobe Ketch Black ANKC N539249 1979-09-18
Vondobe Krishna Black ANKC N173999 1970-05-04
Vondobe Limelight Brown ANKC N333936 1975-11-28
Vondobe Magnum Black ANKC N817437 1985-05-08
Vondobe Mahabali Black ANKC N173996 1970-05-04
Vondobe Marakesh Black ANKC N173998 1970-05-04
Vondobe Marcus Brown ANKC N386553 1976-11-11
Vondobe Mark Time Brown ANKC N237040 1972-11-13
Vondobe Martini Black ANKC N443446 1977-01-09
Vondobe Maximillian Black ANKC N386554 1976-11-11
Vondobe Meigre Brown ANKC N817439 1985-05-08
Vondobe Mi Melody Black Unknown Unknown
Vondobe Newyears Choice Black ANKC N449225 1978-01-01
Vondobe Newyears Dream Black ANKC N449224 1978-01-01
Vondobe Newyears Event Black ANKC N449221 1978-01-01
Vondobe Newyears Luck Black ANKC N449218 1978-01-01
Vondobe Pahari Black Unknown Unknown
Vondobe Panache Black ANKC N595789 1980-10-22
Vondobe Perfect Time Black ANKC N256613 1973-05-14
Vondobe Rajah Black ANKC N88205 1965-02-25
Vondobe Rajah Sahib Black ANKC N152525 1969-07-02
Vondobe Rajkumari Black ANKC N137211 1968-07-10
Vondobe Ramajana Black ANKC N173997 1970-05-04
Vondobe Red K Brown ANKC N500551 1979-01-31
Vondobe Red Knight Brown ANKC N270841 1974-01-15
Vondobe Red Sword Brown ANKC N350357 1976-04-03
Vondobe Revolution Unknown Unknown Unknown
Vondobe Rosencavalier Brown ANKC N270842 1974-01-02
Vondobe Royal Jasmin Black ANKC N155182 1969-07-02
Vondobe Royal Jedda Black ANKC N243972 1973-07-12
Vondobe Royal Mink Black ANKC N442090 1977-11-23
Vondobe Royal Sultan Black ANKC N154882 1969-07-02
Vondobe Royal Thor Black ANKC N243973 1973-07-12
Vondobe Royal Venus Black ANKC N243976 1973-07-12
Vondobe Saab Black Unknown Unknown
Vondobe Sarojini Black ANKC N182187 1970-07-17
Vondobe Scherezarde Black ANKC N128223 1968-03-14
Vondobe Shantamali Black ANKC N182186 1970-07-17
Vondobe Shipothe Line Brown ANKC N539244 1979-09-18
Vondobe Slavina Black ANKC N443441 1977-01-09
Vondobe Slueth Black ANKC N817442 1985-05-08
Vondobe Smarti K Black ANKC N500545 1979-01-31
Vondobe Sourabaya Black ANKC N207122 1971-07-17
Vondobe Special Edition Black ANKC N357769 1976-05-11
Vondobe Spirit of Victor Brown ANKC N773801 1984-05-26
Vondobe Stop Press Black ANKC N357770 1976-05-11
Vondobe Strellick Black ANKC N817438 1985-05-08
Vondobe Takesa K Black ANKC N500548 1979-01-31
Vondobe The Avenger Black ANKC N817440 1985-05-08
Vondobe The Hindustani Black ANKC N155184 1969-07-02
Vondobe The Maharajah Black ANKC N107463 1966-09-21
Vondobe The Maharanee Black ANKC N107898 1966-09-21
Vondobe The Matador Black ANKC N203298 1971-06-19
Vondobe The Matahari Black ANKC N199449 1971-05-13
Vondobe The Matchmaker Black ANKC N270844 1974-01-15
Vondobe The Parmelia Brown ANKC N539246 1979-09-18
Vondobe The Taradevi Black ANKC N127435 1968-03-14
Vondobe The Vagabond Black ANKC N305708 1975-02-27
Vondobe The Vamp Black ANKC N295873 1974-10-04
Vondobe The Varsha Black ANKC N229338 1972-05-29
Vondobe The Venetian Black ANKC N315421 1975-06-16
Vondobe The Vicar Brown ANKC N295874 1974-10-21
Vondobe The Victor Black ANKC N615783 1981-02-22
Vondobe The Viking Black ANKC N315422 1975-06-06
Vondobe The Villian Black ANKC N295875 1974-10-21
Vondobe The Viscount Black ANKC N315423 1975-06-16
Vondobe The Volcano Black ANKC N305710 1975-02-27
Vondobe Time Please Brown ANKC N255493 1973-05-14
Vondobe Time To Glow Brown ANKC N255494 1973-05-14
Vondobe Time To Rave Black ANKC N255495 1973-05-14
Vondobe Top Form Black ANKC N270845 1974-01-02
Vondobe Top Mark Black ANKC N270846 1974-01-02
Vondobe Tornado Black ANKC N350359 1976-04-03
Vondobe Tri Maran Brown ANKC N539248 1979-09-18
Vondobe Tri Victory Black ANKC N509909 1979-04-08
Vondobe Tristar Black ANKC N420688 1977-05-19
Vondobe Valhalla Black ANKC N350360 1976-04-03
Vondobe Valiant Brown ANKC N295876 1974-10-04
Vondobe Valletta Black ANKC N306316 1975-02-01
Vondobe Vandyke Black ANKC N350361 1976-04-03
Vondobe Vanemden Black ANKC N350362 1976-04-03
Vondobe Vanessa Black ANKC N315424 1975-06-16
Vondobe Vanity Fair Black ANKC N270848 1974-01-02
Vondobe Vanrijn Black ANKC N306317 1975-02-01
Vondobe Vassili Black ANKC N306318 1975-02-01
Vondobe Venerdi Black ANKC N315426 1975-06-16
Vondobe Venture Brown ANKC N295877 1974-10-04
Vondobe Venus Black ANKC N306319 1975-02-01
Vondobe Verdi Black ANKC N315428 1975-06-16
Vondobe Verily Verily Black ANKC N295878 1974-10-21
Vondobe Verita Black ANKC N315430 1975-06-16
Vondobe Verity Brown ANKC N478564 1978-07-25
Vondobe Vermilion Brown ANKC N306320 1975-02-01
Vondobe Vermouth Black ANKC N443445 1977-01-09
Vondobe Veronica Black ANKC N315431 1975-06-06
Vondobe Veto Brown ANKC N295879 1974-10-04
Vondobe Vice Squad Black ANKC N295880 1974-10-04
Vondobe Victor Tribute Brown ANKC N615785 1981-02-22
Vondobe Victoria Black ANKC N615787 1981-02-22
Vondobe Victors Aloha Black ANKC N615784 1981-02-22
Vondobe Victors Charm Black ANKC N615788 1981-02-22
Vondobe Victors Dream Brown ANKC N615786 1981-02-22
Vondobe Victory Rommel Black ANKC N615782 1981-02-22
Vondobe Vigilante Black ANKC N243975 1973-07-12
Vondobe Vindicator Black ANKC N305714 1975-02-27
Vondobe Vip Brown ANKC N295882 1974-10-04
Vondobe Visa Black ANKC N315438 1975-06-16
Vondobe Vista Black ANKC N478561 1978-07-25
Vondobe Vittorio Black ANKC N295883 1974-10-04
Vondobe Viva Black ANKC N315439 1975-06-06
Vondobe Volare Black ANKC N305715 1975-02-27
Vondobe Voltare Black ANKC N305716 1975-02-27
Vondobe Volunteer Black ANKC N478565 1978-07-25
Vondobe Voyager Brown ANKC N295884 1974-10-04
Vondobe Waltztime Brown ANKC N237038 1972-11-13
Vondobe Warship Black ANKC N539247 1979-09-18
Vondobe World News Black ANKC N357771 1976-05-11
Vondura's Apollo of Marks-Tey Brown Unknown 1986-06-11
Vonedstram Arko v. Mirdale Brown Unknown Unknown
Vonedstram Kwattro Unknown Unknown Unknown
Vonedstram Kwinto Brown Unknown Unknown
Vonedstram the Viking Black Unknown 2003-02-05
Vonedstram The Vixen Brown Unknown 1999-04-15
Vonedstram Va Va Voom v. Mirdale Black Unknown 2003-02-05
Vonedstram Vador Brown S 13078/2000 1999-04-15
Vonedstram Vala Black S12962/2000 1999-04-15
Vonedstram Valliant del Animus Black ADO 1289012 2003-02-05
Vonedstram Vanny Black Unknown Unknown
Vonedstram Vanooska Brown S12963/2000 1999-04-15
Vonedstram Veeta Black S13060/2004 1999-04-15
Vonedstram Vijoko Black Unknown 2003-02-05
Vonedstram Viola of Chancepixies Black Unknown 2003-02-05
Vonex di Casa Giardino Black LO13131440 2013-07-15
Vonforell Acus Black Unknown 1990-05-04
Vonforell Alida Black KCR 1501005 1990-05-04
Vonforell Anka Black Unknown 1990-05-04
Vonforell Asta from Blitzgeist Black Unknown 1990-05-04
Vonforell Harachi Brown ANKC V1329198 1992-09-20
Vonforell Ike Black KCR 1501004 1990-05-04
Vonforell Illex Black KCR 1501002 1990-05-04
Vonforell Illoera Black Unknown 1990-05-04
Vonforell Illya Black Unknown 1990-05-04
Vonforell Lena Black KCR 1501006 1990-05-04
Vongernreit Graf Donar Unknown Unknown Unknown
Vonhellas Bullet Unknown Unknown Unknown
Vonhellas Olympia Unknown Unknown Unknown
Vonhellas Zeus Black Unknown 2004-12-18
Voni v. Drachenhaus Black 51794 1937-07-30
Vonie v. Wilsonia Black AKC 977948 1932-01-01
Vonjoli Vindicate at Yeovale Black Unknown Unknown
Vonklebong Raja Muda Unknown Unknown Unknown
Vonklebong Solo Surprise Brown 2375309 2001-01-09
Vonmac Babtista Unknown Unknown Unknown
Vonmac Beringer Unknown Unknown Unknown
Vonmac Keegan Black KC 3848BQ 1979-07-07
VonMermar Anouska Black Unknown Unknown
VonMermar Helga Black Unknown Unknown
VonMermar Neeva Black BE 034120 1989-03-27
Vonmills Alexa Black Unknown Unknown
Vonmills Arrow Unknown Unknown Unknown
Vonmills Asta Black SF 03907/91 1990-09-28
Vonmills Athena Brown Unknown Unknown
Vonmills Black Pearl Black KCSB 5526BT Unknown
Vonmills Charlie Girl of Maharb Black Unknown Unknown
Vonmills Kirsty Unknown Unknown Unknown
Vonmills Miss Indigo of Maharb Black Unknown Unknown
Vonmills Night Owl Black Unknown 1995-11-07
Vonmills Vanessa Unknown KCL 19670M 1986-09-23
Vonmutig Vedanta Black Unknown Unknown
Vonray van Helga Black Unknown 1961-05-25
Vonremco v.'t Zandbosch Black NHSB 691174 1973-09-20
Vonrotmunster Warlock Black ANKC Q112940 1970-12-20
Vonsaxony Cirto Black ANKC N136357 1968-10-02
Vonsaxony Citta Black ANKC N136353 1968-10-02
Vonsaxony Citto Black ANKC N136358 1968-10-02
Vonsaxony Dorf Black ANKC N286310 1974-07-14
Vonsaxony Heidi Black ANKC N185625 1970-08-19
Vonsaxony Hellena Brown ANKC N187019 1970-07-11
Vonsaxony Hera Black ANKC N187020 1970-07-11
Vonsaxony Hobo Black ANKC N187016 1970-07-11
Vonsaxony Septre Black ANKC N286312 1974-07-14
Vonset Ginga House Black Unknown 1999-11-11
Vontor's Black Powder Black AKC SBWB 271155 1968-11-24
Vontor's Crimson Commando Brown AKC SBWB 094140 1967-10-03
Vontor's Fighting Baron Black AKC SBWB 294927 1968-11-24
Vontor's High Velocity Black AKC SBWB 271156 1968-11-24
Vontor's Magnum Shot Brown AKC SBWB 268703 1968-11-24
Vontor's Random Shot Black Unknown 1968-11-24
VonWynjo Perreguin Black BX013405 2006-01-08
Vonzennith Baroness Unknown ANKCSB 1240677 Unknown
Vonzennith Egor Black ANKC V1209517 1991-04-23
Vonzennith Iva Unknown ANKCSB 1320200 Unknown
Vonzennith Johns Unknown Unknown Unknown
Vonzennith Kane Unknown ANKCSB 1407188 Unknown
Vonzennith Priska Unknown Unknown Unknown
Vonzennith Thaner Unknown Unknown Unknown
Voodoo Black de Wolffire Black LOF 75625 2004-04-04
Voodoo Pearl Amadeus Black Unknown 2012-01-08
Voodoo Pearl Astra Black Unknown 2012-01-08
Voodoo Pearl Basel Black Unknown 2012-11-03
Voodoo Pearl Bosco Brown Unknown 2012-11-03
Voodoo Pearl Brutus Black Unknown 2012-11-03
Voodoo Pearl Caracas Black Unknown 2013-04-23
Voodoo Pearl Carlo Cavarro Brown Unknown 2013-04-23
Voodoo Pearl Cassius Black Unknown 2013-04-23
Voodoo Pearl Ceasar Black Unknown 2013-04-23
Voodoo Pearl Ciara Black Unknown 2013-04-23
Voodoo Pearl Contessa Black Unknown 2013-04-23
Voodoo Pearl Cornelia Cloe Brown Unknown 2013-04-23
Voodoo Pearl Costarica Cortny Brown Unknown 2013-04-23
Voodoo Pearl Curacao Black Unknown 2013-04-23
Voodoo v. Crowded House Black Unknown 1997-07-06
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