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Name Colour Pedigreenumber Date of Birth
Ugor di Casa Montenegro Unknown Unknown Unknown
Ura v. Cesarberg Unknown LOSH 301808 Unknown
Urac des Corybantes Unknown LOF 11408/986 1971-10-27
Upsilom du Bois la Brune Unknown LOF 10674/1029 Unknown
Uphilou de Dossemetz Unknown LOF 12356/1012 1971-04-19
Uprilou de Dossemetz Unknown LOSH 294565 Unknown
Udo v.d. Wachtparade Unknown NHSB 83422 1943-10-10
Udo v.d. Oder Unknown not reg. Unknown
Unkas v. Ilm-Athen Unknown DZB Unknown
Unke v. Thüringen (DZB not reg. Abs x Hertha) Unknown DZB Unknown
Uno (LOF 74714) Unknown LOF 74714 2003-09-18
Uriane de Mercastel Unknown LOF 10819/1361 Unknown
Underhills Red Duchess Unknown Unknown Unknown
Udo v. Argusblick Unknown SHSB 234007 1973-10-04
Uran del Littorio Unknown Unknown Unknown
Urane de la Saussinette Unknown LOF 11279/1222 1971-10-27
Urda du Val Dieu Unknown LOF 1244 Unknown
Urby du Bois Aguet Unknown LOF 11371/1128 1971-11-20
Urane des Golden Unknown LOF 11013 1971-07-23
Urba du Cottage Lery Unknown LOF 10826/960 Unknown
Ugo du Moulin de la Cave Unknown LOF 11346/1116 Unknown
Uras di Campovalano Unknown ds115471 Unknown
Urano dei Due Laghi Unknown LO18159420 2018-08-18
Urane de Puy Redon Unknown LOF 11295/1114 1971-07-26
Ugo d'Orlac Unknown LOF 10829/859 1971-05-31
Urane de Merketty Unknown LOF 10927/1067 Unknown
Unno di Stefusto Unknown ds096481 Unknown
Uran del Rio Bianco Unknown DS099777 Unknown
Ura de Mercastel Unknown LOF 11450/1084 Unknown
Unirsa (RKF) Unknown Unknown Unknown
Unga del Nero Selvaggio Unknown DS064394 Unknown
Ulse v. Edele Brabant Unknown LOSH 300077 Unknown
Ulma des Boves de la Hulotte Unknown LOF 10803/1138 1971-06-06
Ulm du Pey Mouffa Unknown LOF 10641/1371 1971-02-02
Ulrick du Grune Eiche Unknown LOF 32250 1983-03-02
Ulo de Festiano Unknown LOF 10899/978 Unknown
Ulrich du Couvent de Gastines Unknown LOF 10774/900 1971-05-10
Ully (LOF 74713) Unknown LOF 74713 2003-09-18
Ulli v.d. Ruppertsburg (DZB 70280) Unknown DZB 70280 Unknown
Uber di Stefusto (DS131002) Unknown DS131002 1993-00-00
Ulla v. Botsberg Unknown 160838 Unknown
Ulla des Corybantes Unknown LOF 11413/1107 1971-10-27
Ussann dite Ultra de Saint Jean des Bords Unknown LOF 11197/1178 Unknown
Utzino v.d. Westkant Unknown LOSH 305724 Unknown
Ultra du Cottage Lery Unknown LOF 10821/1993 1971-05-21
Ultrasound's Lady Alimar Unknown Unknown Unknown
Unga (DS080136) Unknown DS080136 Unknown
Undra del Montaldo Unknown LO99109092 Unknown
Una Fürstenfeld Poland Unknown Unknown Unknown
Uncorso du Domaine de la Musau Unknown LOF 11358/1038 Unknown
Udine v. Ruhetal Unknown DZB 39826 Unknown
Una du Champ Humbert Unknown LOF 10598/931 Unknown
Udine du Couvent de Gastines Unknown LOF 10778/1043 1971-05-10
Una Dona Best of Sea Unknown Unknown Unknown
Una du Schamdar Unknown LOF 11527/1394 Unknown
Umea v. Edele Brabant Unknown LOSH 300078 Unknown
Uma di Stefusto (DS131011) Unknown DS131011 1993-00-00
Ulla de Rislestal Unknown LOF 11083/1057 1971-09-11
Udart z Tureckich Stokow Unknown Unknown Unknown
Uzelle de la Tourtilliere Unknown LOF 10742/2453 1971-05-26
Uva de la Morliere Unknown LOF 10953/1139 1971-07-22
Ustiane de la Font Goudray Unknown LOF 10466/974 Unknown
Uster des Golden Unknown LOF 10732/936 1971-05-18
Ulex v.d. Groutte Unknown LOF 10484/1008 1971-01-29
Ussen Dit Ultor de Saint Jean des Bordes Unknown LOF 11193/953 Unknown
Ussana-Nausicaa dei Due Laghi Unknown LO18159424 2018-08-18
Usica del Rio Bianco Unknown DS099773 Unknown
Uscha di Villa Rossi Unknown DS063849 Unknown
Urian du Comte Tezos Unknown LOF 10534/1172 Unknown
Ulaure du Patiol Unknown LOF 11058/1127 1971-06-28
Uska di Stefusto Unknown DS096482 Unknown
Usi v. Porto en Waai Unknown LOSH 776038 Unknown
Ulan v. Fürstenfeld Unknown PKR 13526 Unknown
Uröm-Szépe Amara Unknown Unknown Unknown
Ulla (DS105049) Unknown DS105049 Unknown
Uta Uver Unknown Unknown Unknown
Ubalda-Assya dei Due Laghi Unknown LO18159421 2018-08-18
Uxmal du Landgrave Unknown LOF 11048/1101 1971-08-11
Uwenhouts Peregrine Unknown Unknown Unknown
Utta di Villa Castelli Unknown DS062121 Unknown
Uva de Merketty Unknown LOF 10930/953 Unknown
Uliana del Diamante Nero Unknown DS087868 1988-00-00
Ulia de Mercastel Unknown LOF 11067/1267 Unknown
Utopie v.d. Villa Silva-Mark Unknown OHZB DP10730 Unknown
Utah du Pey Mouffa Unknown LOF 10640/806 1971-02-02
Utiqua (LOF 10856) Unknown LOF 10856/1155 1971-06-05
Usty-Frida dei Due Laghi Unknown LO18159422 2018-08-18
Uteha Nans Unknown Unknown Unknown
Utah di Campovalano Unknown ds062159 Unknown
Urzo Marndol Unknown CSPKP 1140 1964-02-29
Urus du Bois la Brune Unknown LOF 10835/878 Unknown
Urk Dit Sabrack du Bettenhoffen Unknown LOF 11249/984 1971-09-10
Url de Plegamans Unknown Unknown Unknown
Urielle des Grandes Chasses Unknown LOF 11291/1126 Unknown
Ukeno v.'t Hof ter Helle Unknown LOSH 777413 Unknown
Ukasan Zarina Unknown LOE556893 Unknown
Uriel di Stefusto Unknown ds104462 1991-03-18
Uriane des Boves de la Hulotte Unknown LOF 10805/1014 Unknown
Uhlman di Villa Castelli Unknown Unknown Unknown
Urgehati Rita Unknown Unknown Unknown
Urane du Patiol Unknown LOF 10990/1090 1971-06-28
Urgehati Szépség Unknown COR 3110/143 Unknown
Uhlan des Corybantes Unknown LOF 11409 1971-10-27
Ugy du Charme de la Miosotiss Unknown LOF 10696/844 1971-04-12
Uko (DS067202) Unknown DS067202 Unknown
Uriel v. Herolhaim Unknown DZB Unknown
Ulai Chery de Fiere Gueule Unknown LOF 11366/1284 Unknown
Ursula v. Esting Unknown not reg. Unknown
Ursula des Corybantes Unknown LOF 11412/1154 1971-10-27
Ula de los Pinares Unknown LOF 10724/1255 1971-04-01
Ula de los Pinares Unknown LOF 16281/1981 1971-04-01
Ula d'Orlac Unknown LOF 10832/1248 1971-05-31
Ukso de Mercastel Unknown LOF 11085/879 Unknown
Urian des Boves de la Hulotte Unknown LOF 11116/1158 1971-09-05
Urraca de los Pinares Unknown LOF 10725/970 1971-04-01
Ursel v.d. Wachtparade Unknown NHSB 83424 1943-10-10
Ukraine de Rislestal (LOF 11082) Unknown LOF 11082/1177 1971-09-11
Urraca du Vieux Mas Unknown LOF 11126/1115 1971-09-11
Urschl v. Esting Unknown not reg. Unknown
Urgehati Rablo Unknown METDOB 3441 Unknown
Uz de la Vallee des Geants Unknown LOF 11390/1106 1971-12-30
Urbek de Bauchrisnie Unknown LOF 10506/858 Unknown
Uranie de Bellefois Unknown LOF 11761/1092 Unknown
U'djoke de Floriege Unknown LOF 11138/1091 Unknown
Upsa de la Denaie Unknown LOF 10624/1419 1971-04-04
Udor v. Argusblick Unknown SHSB 234008 1973-10-04
Unke v. Thüringen (DZB not reg. Greif x Bella) Unknown DZB Unknown
Unkas v. Elbegrund Unknown not reg. Unknown
Unda Marris de la Palmeraie D'Elguy Unknown LOF 10682/1064 Unknown
Una (LT..........) Unknown Unknown Unknown
Udine de la Morlière (LOF 10947) Unknown LOF 10947/1128 1971-07-22
Ultra v.d. Westkant Unknown LOSH 292628 Unknown
Ulrich di Casa Montenegro Unknown Unknown Unknown
Ubert v.h. Halderbos Unknown LOSH 302726 Unknown
Urgehati Onyx Unknown METDOB 2879 Unknown
Uhland du Bettenhoffen Unknown LOF 11247/942 1971-09-10
Uvi di Stefusto Unknown ds067088 Unknown
Uto di Villa Castelli Unknown DS087840 Unknown
Utha d'Olbiche Unknown LOF 10876/1042 Unknown
Ulex de Sylvette Unknown LOF 11129/880 Unknown
Usnée du Val Dieu Unknown LOF 1245 Unknown
Ulay de la Plaine de Caen Unknown LOF 10554/935 1971-03-29
Urus du Domaine des Princes Unknown LOF 11201/985 1971-10-09
Ursula di Stefusto Unknown ds067091 1989-02-16
Ula de la Cheffia Unknown LOF 10771/1010 Unknown
Urry di Villa Rossi Unknown ds063852 Unknown
Urnoldo (LOSH 297071) Unknown LOSH 297071 Unknown
Uriel du Bois la Brune Unknown LOF 10675/984 Unknown
Uri de la Saussinette Unknown LOF 11275/1247 1971-10-27
Ulla du Vieux Mas Unknown LOF 11124/1167 1971-09-11
Uliet de la Touloubre Unknown LOF 123637/5717 Unknown
Ussel du Bois la Brune Unknown LOF 10841/1120 1971-05-08
Urselle du Morne Cybelle Unknown LOF 11387/1244 Unknown
Uriel des Golden Unknown LOF 10735/941 1971-05-18
Urania Dite Ghazni Unknown RI 26107 Unknown
Udo v. Nibelungenhort (Benno II x Hellwiega) Unknown DZB Unknown
Umma di Casa Montenegro Unknown Unknown Unknown
Ulla du Bettenhoffen Unknown LOF 11252/1191 1971-09-10
Ulex (LOF 10782) Unknown LOF 10782/1262 Unknown
Uri de Bregny Unknown LOF 10997/1050 1971-08-11
Uno v. Blücherblock Unknown DZB 40155 Unknown
Ulla de la Morliere Unknown LOF 10949/1134 1971-07-22
Urgos du Clos des Grognards Unknown LOSH 0782605 Unknown
Ubaye de l'Arachne Unknown LOF 10608/1005 Unknown
Uveronica (LOSH 304248) Unknown LOSH 304248 Unknown
Ulla v. Argusblick Unknown SHSB 234012 1973-10-04
Uti del Rio Bianco Unknown DS099776 Unknown
Ulex de Grand Poujeaux Unknown LOF 10939/1170 1971-07-02
Urzula Marudol Unknown CSPKP 1142 1964-02-29
Ursel v.d. Westkant Unknown Unknown Unknown
Urielle v. Edele Brabant Unknown LOSH 300079 Unknown
Uriel Dit Upsal d'Estelle de la Mar Unknown LOF 11242/1067 Unknown
Urgehati Max Unknown 2673 1979-03-25
Uranie du Moulin des Roques Unknown LOF 10587/1327 Unknown
Uquette du Moulin de la Bergerie Unknown LOF 10767/1105 Unknown
Up Dite Pin Up du Clos de la Fosse Gillot Richet Unknown LOF 10936/1272 1971-06-29
Undine v. Nibelungenhort Unknown DZB Unknown
Udine (LOF 11896) Unknown LOF 11896/1384 1971-12-05
Ulrich v.d. Wachtparade Unknown NHSB 83423 1943-10-10
Ulla de Festiano Unknown LOF 10602/898 Unknown
Ulka de Mercastel Unknown LOF 11077/1072 1971-07-12
Uttah des Corybantes Unknown LOF 11414/1060 1971-10-27
Ula de la Sandrosiere Unknown LOF 10703/1294 1977-04-29
Urselle des Golden Unknown LOF 11015/1073 1971-07-23
Ukrene de Mercastel Unknown LOF 11091/1166 Unknown
Ursel v. Ruhetal Unknown DZB 39825 Unknown
Urky du Bettenhoffen Unknown LOF 11250/1019 1971-09-10
Urlo (DS023471) Unknown DS023471 Unknown
Urian de Mercastel Unknown LOF 11072 1971-07-12
Urianne du Charme de la Miosotiss Unknown LOF 10699/913 Unknown
Ukarus v.d. Donauhoeve Unknown LOSH 772597 Unknown
Uhlenfeldts Aurelia Unknown Unknown 1986-04-25
Uhland v. Bettenhofen Unknown Unknown Unknown
Uhla de Mercastel Unknown LOF 10809/1481 Unknown
Ula des Deux Ormes Unknown LOF 11309/1241 Unknown
Ulady Van Sint Anna Pede Unknown LOSH 297444 1971-06-13
Ulan De Covalta Unknown 593669 1994-02-27
Utrek (DS140605) Unknown DS140605 1993-00-00
Uthor del Rio Bianco Unknown DS099779 Unknown
Ute v. Strengbach Unknown DZB SDG 2909/84 1993-02-23
Utah du Domaine des Princes Unknown LOF 11203/1469 1971-10-09
Ute dei Ferbas Unknown ds080123 Unknown
Ussi de Festiano Unknown LOF 10903/1082 Unknown
Ussann Dite Ultra de Saint Jean des Bordes Unknown LOF 11197/1178 Unknown
Ussi du Val Dieu Unknown LOF 1246 Unknown
Ussane de la Vallee du Lary Unknown LOF 11603/1076 Unknown
Ursi (NHSB 447591) Unknown NHSB 447591 1968-09-14
Uska v. Schwartzen Blitz Unknown LOF 12062/1832 1971-09-18
Ursus v. Argusblick Unknown SHSB 234011 1973-10-04
Urfa de Logetabelle Unknown LOF 11461/1597 Unknown
Umea de la Tour de Boulancourt Unknown LOF 10502/1002 Unknown
Unau de Puy Redon Unknown LOF 11293/1455 1971-07-26
Underhills Rock v. Warlock Unknown Unknown Unknown
Umbria Aynadi di Caresi Nice Unknown METDOB 1480/19 Unknown
Udine des Golden Unknown LOF 11012/1501 1971-07-23
Ulysse de Floriege Unknown LOF 11136/995 1971-09-01
Umaya de la Tretoire Unknown LOF 10615/100 Unknown
Ultor (LOI) Unknown DS Unknown
Ultima di Casa Montenegro Unknown Unknown Unknown
Ucella du Couvent de Gastines Unknown LOF 10777/1346 1971-05-10
Ulrich v. Zierebeckhof Unknown LOSH 293637 Unknown
Ulla de Quevrecourt D'Auzon Unknown LOF 11300/1087 Unknown
Ullan v. Argusblick Unknown SHSB 234009 1973-10-04
Ulla de Logetabelle Unknown LOF 11460/1502 Unknown
Udo II v. Berlin Unknown not reg. Unknown
Uniko-Nessi Unknown Unknown Unknown
Urano di Casa Montenegro Unknown Unknown Unknown
Ugo du Clos Jeannotte Unknown LOF 10973/928 Unknown
Ur de la Palmeraie d'Elguy Unknown LOF 10676/929 Unknown
Uran v. Argusblick Unknown SHSB 234010 1973-10-04
Uran v. Schifferstadt Unknown not reg. Unknown
Urac di Stefusto (DS076395) Unknown DS076395 Unknown
Uesi dei Nobili Nati Unknown ds064561 Unknown
Urao du Landgrave Unknown LOF 11049/1123 1971-08-11
Urgehati Kitty Unknown METDOB 2305 Unknown
Uporpusztai Ansa Unknown 680/87 Unknown
Uppe de la Morliere Unknown LOF 10951/1240 1971-07-22
Unna v. Frankenland Unknown DZB 81194 1968-06-28
Ulk of Hoffman House Brown Unknown 2018-02-07
Uljan di Carmina Burana Brown LO0027329 1999-08-10
Ulita-Sharm v. Heckendorf Brown LOF 74148 2003-05-26
Ulisse di Casa Rioda Brown LO06105948 2006-04-30
Ulk v. Baskerville Brown DZB 87510 1976-01-28
Uzzy v. Petranda's Hof Brown NHSB 1323303 1984-01-17
Ulisse (LO0381665) Brown LO0381665 2003-01-21
Ulisse z Padoku Brown Unknown 2011-03-12
Ulk des Dobs d'Arnoline Brown LOF 73169 2003-03-13
Ulk v. Rotbachtal Brown DZB 86112 1974-10-08
Ulk de la Foret de Chailluz Brown LOF 73792 2003-06-15
Ulk della Aquile di Eloro Brown LO1243283 2012-01-13
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