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Name Colour Pedigreenumber Date of Birth
U Black v. Zirpen Unknown 73931 Unknown
U Kyzer of Shenandoah Creek Unknown LOF 74507 Unknown
Ubbaye Prisca du Domaine de la Louaterie Unknown 72271 Unknown
Uber di Stefusto (DS131002) Unknown DS131002 Unknown
Udana v. Fürstenfeld Unknown 109141 Unknown
Udart z Tureckich Stokow Unknown Unknown Unknown
Udine des Golden Unknown LOF 11012/1501 Unknown
Udine Du Vaudois Unknown LOF2DOB 031990/05370 Unknown
Udine v. Ruhetal Unknown DZB 39826 Unknown
Udo v. Argusblick Unknown SHSB 234007 1973-10-04
Udo v.d. Oder Unknown not reg. Unknown
Udo v.d. Wachtparade Unknown NHSB 83422 1943-10-10
Udor v. Argusblick Unknown SHSB 234008 1973-10-04
Uesca D'Illon du Castel Tolosane Unknown LOF 74130 Unknown
Uesi dei Nobili Nati Unknown ds064561 Unknown
Ugljesa del Naissus Unknown JR 708441 Unknown
Ugor di Casa Montenegro Unknown Unknown Unknown
Ugy du Charme de la Miosotiss Unknown Unknown Unknown
Uhla de Mercastel Unknown LOF 10809/1481 Unknown
Uhlan des Corybantes Unknown LOF 11409 Unknown
Uhland v. Bettenhofen Unknown Unknown Unknown
Uhlenfeldts Aurelia Unknown Unknown 1986-04-25
Uhll du Domaine de Keroual Unknown 74305 Unknown
Ukasan Zarina Unknown LOE556893 Unknown
Uko (LOI DS067202) Unknown DS067202 Unknown
Ukrene de Mercastel Unknown Unknown Unknown
Ula D Orlac (LOF 10832/1248) Unknown LOF 10832/1248 Unknown
Ula de la Sandrosiere Unknown LOF 10703/1294 Unknown
Ulan De Covalta Unknown 593669 1994-02-27
Ulan v. Fürstenfeld Unknown PKR 13526 Unknown
Ulboy della via Cona Unknown 73602 Unknown
Ulla (LOI DS105049) Unknown DS105049 Unknown
Ulla de Bettenhoffen Unknown LOF 11252/1191 Unknown
Ulla de la Norbière Unknown Unknown Unknown
Ulla de Logetabelle Unknown LOF 11460/1502 Unknown
Ulla v. Argusblick Unknown SHSB 234012 1973-10-04
Ulla v. Botsberg Unknown 160838 Unknown
Ullan v. Argusblick Unknown SHSB 234009 1973-10-04
Ulli v.d. Ruppertsburg (DZB 70280) Unknown DZB 70280 Unknown
Ulrich di Casa Montenegro Unknown Unknown Unknown
Ulrich v. Zierebeckhof Unknown LOSH 293637 Unknown
Ulrich v.d. Wachtparade Unknown NHSB 83423 1943-10-10
Ulsanne de Vaumarloups Unknown Unknown 1983-00-00
Ulse v. Edele Brabant Unknown LOSH 300077 Unknown
Ultima di Casa Montenegro Unknown Unknown Unknown
Ultina d'Aspremont Unknown Unknown 1983-00-00
Ultor (LOI ?) Unknown Unknown Unknown
Ultra v.d. Westkant Unknown LOSH 292628 Unknown
Ultrasound's Lady Alimar Unknown Unknown Unknown
Uma di Stefusto (DS131011) Unknown DS131011 1993-00-00
Umaya de la Tretoire Unknown LOF 10615/100 Unknown
Umbo Des Boucantes Unknown Unknown Unknown
Umea de la Tour de Boulancourt Unknown LOF 10502/1002 Unknown
Umea v. Edele Brabant Unknown LOSH 300078 Unknown
Umma di Casa Montenegro Unknown Unknown Unknown
Una (LT..........) Unknown Unknown Unknown
Una Fürstenfeld Poland Unknown Unknown Unknown
Unastia v. Waldwinkel Unknown DZB 129206 Unknown
Unau du Puy Redon Unknown LOF 11293/1455 Unknown
Unda Marris de la Palmeraie D'Elguy Unknown Unknown Unknown
Underhills Red Duchess Unknown Unknown Unknown
Underhills Rock v. Warlock Unknown Unknown Unknown
Undine v. Nibelungenhort Unknown not reg. Unknown
Undra del Montaldo Unknown LO99109092 Unknown
Unedie de la Vallée de la Tendresse Unknown Unknown Unknown
Unedie de Rislestal Unknown Unknown 1983-00-00
Unga (LOI DS080136) Unknown DS080136 Unknown
Unga del Nero Selvaggio Unknown DS064394 Unknown
Unic du Carre d'As Unknown Unknown Unknown
Unick des Vierges Folles Unknown LOF 11620/1006 Unknown
Uniko-Nessi Unknown Unknown Unknown
Unirsa (RKF) Unknown Unknown Unknown
Unkas v. Elbegrund Unknown not reg. Unknown
Unkas v. Ilm-Athen Unknown not reg. Unknown
Unke de L'Isle en Touraine Unknown Unknown Unknown
Unke v. Thüringen (DZB not reg. Abs x Hertha) Unknown not reg. Unknown
Unke v. Thüringen (DZB not reg. Greif x Bella) Unknown not reg. Unknown
Unna v. Frankenland Unknown 81194 1968-06-28
Unno di Stefusto Unknown ds096481 Unknown
Uno v. Blücherblock Unknown 40155 Unknown
Unter v. Loewenstein Unknown Unknown 1983-00-00
Uporpusztai Ansa Unknown 680/87 Unknown
Upsy (LOF2DOB-74647) Unknown LOF 74647 Unknown
Ura v. Cesarberg Unknown LOSH 301808 Unknown
Urac des Corybantes Unknown LOF 11408/986 Unknown
Urac di Stefusto (DS076395) Unknown DS076395 Unknown
Uraca de los Pinares Unknown Unknown Unknown
Uracca de Festiano Unknown LOF 11098/1023 Unknown
Uran del Littorio Unknown Unknown Unknown
Uran del Rio Bianco Unknown DS099777 Unknown
Uran v. Argusblick Unknown SHSB 234010 1973-10-04
Uran v. Schifferstadt Unknown not reg. Unknown
Urane du Patriol Unknown LOF 10990/1090 Unknown
Urano di Casa Montenegro Unknown Unknown Unknown
Uras di Campovalano Unknown ds115471 Unknown
Urda du Val Dieu Unknown LOF 1244 Unknown
Urdina-Mylene (LOF2DOB-74048) Unknown LOF 74048 Unknown
Urfee Charmaine v. Stommachen Unknown Unknown Unknown
Urgehati Kitty Unknown METDOB 2305 Unknown
Urgehati Max Unknown 2673 1979-03-25
Urgehati Rablo Unknown METDOB 3441 Unknown
Urgehati Rita Unknown Unknown Unknown
Urgehati Szépség Unknown COR 3110/143 Unknown
Urgeháti Onyx Unknown METDOB 2879 Unknown
Urgos du Clos des Grognards Unknown Unknown Unknown
Uriane des Boves de la Hulotte Unknown Unknown Unknown
Uriel di Stefusto Unknown ds104462 Unknown
Uriel v. Herolhaim Unknown Unknown Unknown
Urielle v. Edele Brabant Unknown LOSH 300079 Unknown
Urielle V. Loewenstein Unknown Unknown 1983-00-00
Urk Dit Sabrack Unknown LOF 11249/984 Unknown
Url de Plegamans Unknown Unknown Unknown
Urlo (LOI DS023471) Unknown DS023471 Unknown
Urnoldo (LOSH 297071) Unknown LOSH 297071 Unknown
Urry di Villa Rossi Unknown ds063852 Unknown
Urschl v. Esting Unknown not reg. Unknown
Ursée du Val Dauphinois Unknown LOF 73951 Unknown
Ursel v. Ruhetal Unknown 39825 Unknown
Ursel v.d. Wachtparade Unknown NHSB 83424 1943-10-10
Ursel v.d. Westkant Unknown Unknown Unknown
Ursi (NHSB 447591) Unknown NHSB 447591 1968-09-14
Ursula di Stefusto Unknown ds067091 1989-02-16
Ursula v. Esting Unknown not reg. Unknown
Ursus de l'Isle en Touraine Unknown Unknown Unknown
Ursus v. Argusblick Unknown SHSB 234011 1973-10-04
Urvanne du Domaine de Keroual Unknown 74521 Unknown
Urzo Marndol Unknown CSPKP 1140 1964-02-29
Urzula Marudol Unknown CSPKP 1142 1964-02-29
Uröm-Szépe Amara Unknown Unknown Unknown
Uscha di Villa Rossi Unknown DS063849 Unknown
Usi v. Porto en Waai Unknown 776038 Unknown
Usica del Rio Bianco Unknown DS099773 Unknown
Usnée du Val Dieu Unknown LOF 1245 Unknown
Ussan dite Ultra de Saint Jean des Bords Unknown Unknown Unknown
Ussane de la Vallee du Lary Unknown LOF1DOB 11603/1076 Unknown
Ussi du Val Dieu Unknown LOF 1246 Unknown
Ussia Rey Max du Mas D'If Unknown LOF 74243 Unknown
Usthon Preston v. Jahrestal Unknown Unknown Unknown
Ustiane de la Font Goudray Unknown Unknown Unknown
Ustrola de Shery Mazarif Unknown 76188 Unknown
Uta Uver Unknown Unknown Unknown
Utah di Campovalano Unknown ds062159 Unknown
Ute dei Ferbas Unknown ds080123 Unknown
Ute v. Strengbach Unknown SDG 2909/84 1993-02-23
Uteha Nans Unknown Unknown Unknown
Uthor del Rio Bianco Unknown DS099779 Unknown
Uti del Rio Bianco Unknown DS099776 Unknown
Uto di Villa Castelli Unknown DS087840 Unknown
Utopie v.d. Villa Silva-Mark Unknown OHZB DP10730 Unknown
Utta di Villa Castelli Unknown DS062121 Unknown
Uty v. Loewenstein Unknown Unknown 1983-00-00
Utzino v.d. Westkant Unknown LOSH 305724 Unknown
Uveronica (LOSH 304248) Unknown LOSH 304248 Unknown
Uvi di Stefusto Unknown ds067088 Unknown
Uwenhouts Peregrine Unknown Unknown Unknown
Ułan Bene Meritus Brown Unknown 2010-03-04
U'Britney-Stinza de la Villa de Channes Brown LOF 75099 2003-12-26
U'Kim des Landrys Brown LOF 33365/4732 1983-11-05
U'Kronos Son de la Villa de Channes Brown LOF 73335 2003-04-27
U'Madona-Stinza de la Villa de Channes Brown LOF 75097 2003-12-26
U'Rage-Pharos de la Villa de Channes Brown LOF 73645 2003-06-11
U'Shafton Utherking v. Rauberstolz Brown LOF 73570/9822 2003-04-04
U'Shakira-Stinza de la Villa de Channes Brown LOF 75098 2003-12-26
U'Whoopi-Stinza de la Villa de Channes Brown LOF 75096 2003-12-26
U'Xena Ursula v. Rauberstolz Brown LOF 75207 2003-09-22
Uamisi di Carmina Burana Brown LO0027331 1999-08-10
Uba of Shenandoah Creek Brown LOF2DOB 74548 2003-08-30
Ubano v. Frankenland Brown DZB 104140 1990-11-18
Ubas v.h. Wantishof Brown 2125719 1996-11-03
Ube'On-Tigr de la Villa de Channes Brown LOF 73636 2003-06-11
Uber del Giaile Brown LO03144132 2003-07-28
Uber del Tibur Brown LO0474123 2004-03-14
Uber della Divina Celeste Brown LO0370888 2003-02-21
Uber di Campovalano Brown DS182483 1997-01-25
Uberbett di Carmina Burana Brown LO0027332 1999-08-10
Uberettore della Divina Celeste Brown LO11108123 2011-05-29
Uberstein d'Islamorada Brown LO01146025 2001-04-29
Uboss Diablos Brown 074192/09814 2003-05-17
Ubrika (LOF 32722/5296) Brown LOF 32722/5296 Unknown
Uda v. Fürstenfeld Brown DZB 79333 1965-05-23
Udaachen Ulphya v. Rauberstolz Brown LOF 75208 2003-09-22
Udacha iz Galakuna Brown Unknown 2008-07-14
Udachny Vybor Miroslavna Brown RFK 2822178 Unknown
Udet v. Steigerwald Brown DZB 54299 1942-06-01
Udette Sophie dei Nobili Nati Brown LO1399548 2013-06-03
Udien v. Strengbach Brown DZB 106870 1993-02-23
Udine des Bois de Fromentelle Brown LOF 73406/11578 2003-03-28
Udine v. Binselberg Brown DZB 93680 1982-04-08
Udine v. Muckenbach Brown DZB 93997 1982-07-13
Udine-Pharos de la Villa de Channes Brown LOF 73642 2003-06-11
Udjy de Diemar Brown LOF 33120/4827 1983-08-19
Udjy-Ween de la Villa de Channes Brown LOF 73339 2003-04-27
Udo di Campovalano (1997) Brown DS182485 1997-01-25
Udo di Canpovalano (1999) Brown LO0115952 1999-01-28
Udo Nordeck v. Nibelungenhort Brown 6562 1919-09-12
Udo v. Geiersberg Brown DZB 6063 1915-05-13
Udo v. Haiterbach Brown DZB 808 1909-01-08
Udo v. Hellbachtal Brown DZB 78029 1962-08-21
Udo v. Langeloh Brown DZB 8725 1920-12-11
Udo v. Lindenhof Brown DZB 86659 1975-05-17
Udo v. Park Brown DZB 56651 1945-12-14
Udo v. Rheintal Brown DZB 3775 1912-04-20
Udo v.d. Stolzreute Brown SHSB 235310 1973-12-20
Udok v.'t Zandbosch Brown 679022 1973-08-01
Udra di Casa Grasso Brown DS170257 1996-02-24
Ufantel Astra Brown Unknown Unknown
Ugo Boss del Blu d'Assia Brown LO1238660 2011-12-15
Ugo du Fief des Kallistos Brown LOF 74362 2003-09-10
Ugo Unreachables Brown Unknown 2014-09-16
Ugo v. Druidenstein Brown LOF 32911/5265 1983-08-07
Ugor del Giaile Brown LO03144134 2003-07-28
Ugueborg Urphee v. Rauberstolz Brown LOF 75209 2003-09-22
Uhle v. Warringhof Brown DZB 128995 2015-12-06
Uhura (LOI LO0694540) Brown LO0694540 2006-04-02
Uhuru v.d. Rheinaue Brown DZB 128842 2015-08-24
Ujan d'Hati Gabi Brown NHSB 1460106 1983-08-26
Ukas v. Reichshain Brown 52132 1938-02-06
Uker di Casa Grasso Brown DS170253 1996-02-24
Uko des Portes d'Armor Brown LOF 74357 2003-06-19
Uko v.'t Zandbosch Brown 679023 1973-08-01
Ukrainka Bene Meritus Brown Unknown 2010-03-04
Ukrania du Goulet de L'Enfer Brown LOF 34050/5380 1983-08-12
Ukresse del Verdiano Brown LO0420348 2003-11-15
Uks-Akka Iutica Zeife des Sentiers Battus Brown LOF 73144 2003-02-26
Ula Duna of Devil Inside Brown LOF 74484 2003-04-04
Ula v. Arcoja Brown NHSB 1896043 1993-09-03
Ula v.d. Beemsterhoeve Brown NHSB 1223381 1982-06-12
Ulakenia di Villa Castelli Brown LO032159 2002-04-10
Ulan del Giaile Brown LO03144135 2003-07-28
Ulan v. Baskerville Brown DZB 87509 1976-01-28
Ulan v. Böhmetal Brown DZB 81497 1969-03-03
Ulan v. Falltor Brown DZB 91995 1980-06-19
Ulan v. Rotbachtal Brown 86111 1974-10-08
Ulan v. Stadtwald Brown 94746 1983-02-07
Ulan v. Stahlhelm Brown 51758 1937-07-21
Ulcia des Landrys Brown LOF 33374/5413 1983-11-13
Uleh v. Lindenhof Brown 119472 2003-10-17
Ulex v. Ellendonk Brown 82524 1970-07-18
Ulex v. Lindenhof Brown DZB 86658 1975-05-17
Ulf (LOI LO0066478) Brown LO0066478 1999-12-01
Ulf v. Binselberg Brown DZB 93678 1982-04-08
Ulf v. Falltor Brown DZB 91993 1980-06-19
Ulf v. Strengbach Brown DZB 106864 1993-02-23
Ulf v.d. Eger Brown DZB 100271 1987-04-24
Ulfas v. Ellendonk Brown 82525 1970-07-18
Uli Fender de' Andreoli Brown LO12159358 2012-09-12
Uli Shinji v.d. Astra Hoeve Brown 2430559 2002-10-06
Uli v. Geiersberg Brown DZB 6064 1915-05-13
Uli v. Hügel Brown DZB 44176 1929-06-10
Uli v. Mönchsberg Brown 42074 1927-07-04
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