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11705 dogs match your request. Showing 1751-2000 (47 pages)
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Name Colour Pedigreenumber Date of Birth
Tano's Psyco Black LO13119845 2013-07-18
Tano's Venus Brown LO13119852 2013-07-18
Tano's Vlad Black LO13119837 2013-07-18
Tanre's Favorite d'Rehli Brown AKC SBWD 980051 1978-02-23
Tanre's Gilda v. Marienburg Brown S 299/79 1976-03-02
Tansy Toppet (KC ?) Black Unknown 1968-10-19
Tantalos v. Norden Stamm Black 17326/75 1975-08-01
Tante Jenny v. Bleck Brown DZB 2013 1910-09-04
Tante Lotte v. Neckarstrand Brown DZB 1011 1909-08-18
Tante Lotte v. Rheinpfalz Black DZB 162 1904-03-13
Tanto Talmente Akagera Black Unknown 2013-10-23
Tantor's Kris Kringle Brown AKC SBWC 757870 Unknown
Tantor's Tzarina Tatsiana Black Unknown Unknown
Tanubis v. Warringhof Black DZB 117918 2001-07-13
Tanunda Ace O Clubs Black ANKC N282070 1974-06-15
Tanunda Ace O Diamonds Black ANKC N282071 1974-06-15
Tanunda Ace O Hearts Black ANKC N282072 1974-06-15
Tanunda Ace O Spades Black ANKC N282073 1974-06-15
Tanunda Agua Brava Black ANKC N266617 1973-11-27
Tanunda Alcor Black ANKC N350238 1976-05-21
Tanunda All Action Black ANKC N851398 1986-01-10
Tanunda Anastasia Black ANKC N381274 1976-11-27
Tanunda Ardent Spirit Black ANKC N308727 1975-04-27
Tanunda Autumn Charm Black ANKC N338522 1976-02-29
Tanunda Autumn Drift Black ANKC N505487 1979-02-18
Tanunda Autumn Mist Black ANKC N338523 1976-02-29
Tanunda Autumn Sirocco Black ANKC N505488 1979-02-18
Tanunda Autumn Tornado Black ANKC N505482 1979-02-18
Tanunda Autumn Wonder Black ANKC N338525 1976-02-29
Tanunda Baccarat Black ANKC N439422 1977-11-22
Tanunda Beau Brummel Brown ANKC N381275 1976-11-27
Tanunda Black Douglas Black ANKC N621853 1981-05-07
Tanunda Black Jack Black ANKC N439423 1977-11-22
Tanunda Black Lucifer Black ANKC N680837 1982-08-01
Tanunda Black Shaman Black ANKC N680839 1982-08-01
Tanunda Black Zamiel Black ANKC N680838 1982-08-01
Tanunda Blackwood Black ANKC N756522 1984-03-08
Tanunda Blazing Spirit Black ANKC N308728 1975-04-27
Tanunda Bolero Black ANKC N729504 1983-08-18
Tanunda Brave Spirit Black ANKC N308729 1975-04-27
Tanunda Brut Black ANKC N266618 1973-11-27
Tanunda Cabernet Black ANKC N598482 1980-11-14
Tanunda Calypso Black ANKC N729501 1983-08-18
Tanunda Centaur Black ANKC N266619 1973-11-27
Tanunda Cha Cha Black ANKC N729500 1983-08-18
Tanunda Chance Action Black ANKC N851394 1986-01-10
Tanunda Chantilly Lace Unknown Unknown Unknown
Tanunda Chaos Unknown Unknown Unknown
Tanunda Chardonnay Black ANKC N598487 1980-11-14
Tanunda Chenin Black ANKC N598488 1980-11-14
Tanunda Chivas Regal Black ANKC N621857 1981-05-07
Tanunda Chrysaor Black ANKC N433316 1977-10-02
Tanunda Classy Action Black ANKC N851395 1986-01-10
Tanunda Colombard Black ANKC N598485 1980-11-14
Tanunda Corrouge Black ANKC N433312 1977-10-02
Tanunda Countdown Black ANKC N530497 1979-07-27
Tanunda Courtain Black ANKC N433313 1977-10-02
Tanunda Current Affair Black ANKC N530500 1979-07-27
Tanunda Curtana Black ANKC N429430 1977-10-02
Tanunda Defiant Spirit Black ANKC N308730 1975-04-27
Tanunda Desert Fox Brown ANKC N381277 1976-11-27
Tanunda Devils Choice Black ANKC N302879 1975-02-23
Tanunda Devils Fire Black ANKC N302870 1975-02-23
Tanunda Devils Fury Black ANKC N302871 1975-02-23
Tanunda Devils Heir Black ANKC N302872 1975-02-23
Tanunda Devils Magic Black ANKC N302873 1975-02-23
Tanunda Devils Power Black ANKC N302874 1975-02-23
Tanunda Devils Pride Black ANKC N302875 1975-02-23
Tanunda Devils Raider Black ANKC N302876 1975-02-23
Tanunda Devils Revenge Black ANKC N302877 1975-02-23
Tanunda Dictator Black ANKC N350239 1976-05-21
Tanunda Domossi Black ANKC N350240 1976-05-21
Tanunda Don Juan Black ANKC N530506 1979-07-25
Tanunda Don Quixote Black ANKC N530504 1979-07-25
Tanunda Emperor Black ANKC N350241 1976-05-21
Tanunda Excalibur Black ANKC N433310 1977-10-02
Tanunda Fahrenheit Unknown Unknown Unknown
Tanunda Fantasia Black ANKC N381278 1976-11-27
Tanunda Fashion Line Unknown Unknown Unknown
Tanunda Favoriet Black ANKC N350242 1976-05-21
Tanunda Fervent Spirit Black ANKC N308732 1975-04-27
Tanunda Fiery Affair Black ANKC N609921 1981-04-25
Tanunda Fiery Blaze Black ANKC N609923 1981-04-25
Tanunda Fiery Boy Black ANKC N609916 1981-04-25
Tanunda Fiery Dance Black ANKC N609919 1981-04-25
Tanunda Fiery Eclipse Black ANKC N609922 1981-04-25
Tanunda Fiery Onyx Black ANKC N609918 1981-04-25
Tanunda Fiery Rebel Black ANKC N609917 1981-04-25
Tanunda Fiery Spirit Black ANKC N308731 1975-04-27
Tanunda Fiery Star Black ANKC N609920 1981-04-25
Tanunda Fire Ball Brown ANKC N389641 1977-01-12
Tanunda Fire Chief Brown ANKC N389642 1977-01-12
Tanunda Fire Fighter Black ANKC N305687 1975-03-22
Tanunda Fire Glow Brown ANKC N389644 1977-01-12
Tanunda Fire Legend Black ANKC N389646 1977-01-12
Tanunda Fire Opal Black ANKC N389647 1977-01-12
Tanunda Fire Ritual Brown ANKC N389648 1977-01-12
Tanunda Fire Water Black ANKC N389649 1977-01-12
Tanunda Fluent Action Black ANKC N851393 1986-01-10
Tanunda Foxtrot Black ANKC N729507 1983-08-18
Tanunda Fun N Games Unknown Unknown Unknown
Tanunda Fun N Games Unknown Unknown Unknown
Tanunda Funny Girl Black ANKC N381279 1976-11-27
Tanunda Game Cock Black ANKC N359035 1976-06-17
Tanunda Get Smart Black ANKC N530499 1979-07-27
Tanunda Glen Grant Brown ANKC N621851 1981-05-07
Tanunda Glen Scotia Black ANKC N621858 1981-05-07
Tanunda Greenwood Black ANKC N756520 1984-03-08
Tanunda Grenache Black ANKC N598483 1980-11-14
Tanunda Hasty Action Black ANKC N851392 1986-01-10
Tanunda Haute Clair Black ANKC N433314 1977-10-02
Tanunda High Fashion Black ANKC N307500 1975-04-16
Tanunda High Flyer Black ANKC N307501 1975-04-16
Tanunda High Octane Black ANKC N307502 1975-04-16
Tanunda High Society Black ANKC N307503 1975-04-16
Tanunda High Style Black ANKC N307504 1975-04-16
Tanunda High Velocity Black ANKC N307505 1975-04-16
Tanunda Hot Chocolate Brown ANKC N724438 1983-07-16
Tanunda Hot Cinnamon Brown ANKC N724437 1983-07-16
Tanunda Hot Line Black ANKC N724442 1983-07-16
Tanunda Hot Pursuit Brown ANKC N724439 1983-07-16
Tanunda Hot Spice Brown ANKC N724440 1983-07-16
Tanunda Hot Stuff Brown ANKC N724441 1983-07-16
Tanunda Hotrod Black ANKC N724444 1983-07-16
Tanunda Hotspur Black ANKC N724443 1983-07-16
Tanunda Hypnotique Black ANKC N266621 1973-11-27
Tanunda Illena Black ANKC N350243 1976-05-21
Tanunda In The Fast Lane Unknown Unknown Unknown
Tanunda Jazz Waltz Black ANKC N729503 1983-08-18
Tanunda Jezebel Black ANKC N530508 1979-07-25
Tanunda Johnny Walker Black ANKC N621854 1981-05-07
Tanunda Joyeuse Black ANKC N433315 1977-10-02
Tanunda Kalana Black ANKC N590920 1980-10-06
Tanunda Kamras Brown ANKC N590916 1980-10-06
Tanunda Kazrak Black ANKC N590919 1980-10-06
Tanunda Knight Errant Black ANKC N530505 1979-07-25
Tanunda Knock Onwood Black ANKC N756524 1984-03-08
Tanunda Koroba Black ANKC N590918 1980-10-06
Tanunda Laras Finale Black ANKC N494337 1978-12-10
Tanunda Laras Heritage Black ANKC N254309 1973-06-28
Tanunda Laras Image Black ANKC N254310 1973-06-28
Tanunda Laras Intrigue Black ANKC N254311 1973-06-28
Tanunda Laras Legend Black ANKC N254312 1973-06-28
Tanunda Laras Link Black ANKC N254313 1973-06-28
Tanunda Laras Omega Black ANKC N494338 1978-12-10
Tanunda Laras Sequel Black ANKC N494336 1978-12-10
Tanunda Laras Theme Black ANKC N254315 1973-06-28
Tanunda Laras Wrath Black ANKC N254316 1973-06-28
Tanunda Lexia Black ANKC N598490 1980-11-14
Tanunda Lucky Strike Unknown Unknown Unknown
Tanunda Marsanne Black ANKC N598486 1980-11-14
Tanunda Mazurka Black ANKC N729505 1983-08-18
Tanunda More Action Black ANKC N851389 1986-01-10
Tanunda News Nightcast Black ANKC N813138 1985-02-25
Tanunda News Update Black ANKC N813137 1985-02-25
Tanunda Night Owl Black ANKC N359037 1976-06-17
Tanunda Old Suntory Brown ANKC N621852 1981-05-07
Tanunda Pagan Eclipse Black ANKC N752119 1984-01-26
Tanunda Pagan Fantasy Black ANKC N752118 1984-01-26
Tanunda Pagan Fire Brown ANKC N752115 1984-01-26
Tanunda Pagan Lover Black ANKC N752117 1984-01-26
Tanunda Pagan Pride Brown ANKC N752116 1984-01-26
Tanunda Pagan Warrior Brown ANKC N752114 1984-01-26
Tanunda Pagan Wonder Black ANKC N752120 1984-01-26
Tanunda Red Beret Brown ANKC N381280 1976-11-27
Tanunda Rigadoon Black ANKC N729508 1983-08-18
Tanunda Rival Action Black ANKC N851391 1986-01-10
Tanunda Road Runner Black ANKC N359038 1976-06-17
Tanunda Rosewood Black ANKC N756518 1984-03-08
Tanunda Royal Athene Black ANKC N197241 1971-06-05
Tanunda Royal Bacchus Black ANKC N197237 1971-06-05
Tanunda Royal Nemesis Black ANKC N197240 1971-06-05
Tanunda Royal Nike Black ANKC N197242 1971-06-05
Tanunda Royal Vulcan Black ANKC N197239 1971-06-05
Tanunda Samba Black ANKC N729506 1983-08-18
Tanunda Saphrar Brown ANKC N590915 1980-10-06
Tanunda Sauron Unknown Unknown Unknown
Tanunda Sea Breeze Black ANKC N250956 1973-04-25
Tanunda Sea Lord Black ANKC N250957 1973-04-25
Tanunda Sea Sprite Black ANKC N250959 1973-04-25
Tanunda Semillon Black ANKC N598489 1980-11-14
Tanunda Silkwood Black ANKC N756521 1984-03-08
Tanunda Snow Goose Black ANKC N359041 1976-06-17
Tanunda Sophisticat Black ANKC N266623 1973-11-27
Tanunda Sportsaction Black ANKC N530498 1979-07-27
Tanunda Sporty Lady Black ANKC N779255 1984-08-14
Tanunda Sporty Madam Black ANKC N779252 1984-08-14
Tanunda Sporty Miss Black ANKC N779253 1984-08-14
Tanunda Sporty Rogue Black ANKC N779251 1984-08-14
Tanunda Sporty Spirit Black ANKC N779254 1984-08-14
Tanunda Staunch Spirit Black ANKC N308733 1975-04-27
Tanunda Strike A Light Unknown Unknown Unknown
Tanunda Strike it Hot Unknown Unknown Unknown
Tanunda Sure Action Black ANKC N851390 1986-01-10
Tanunda Tabac Black ANKC N266624 1973-11-27
Tanunda Talena Brown ANKC N590914 1980-10-06
Tanunda Tallow Wood Black ANKC N756523 1984-03-08
Tanunda Tango Black ANKC N729502 1983-08-18
Tanunda Tapestry Unknown Unknown Unknown
Tanunda Tayside Robroy Black ANKC N621855 1981-05-07
Tanunda The Ecstatica Black ANKC N680840 1982-08-01
Tanunda The Medium Black ANKC N680842 1982-08-01
Tanunda The Sorceress Black ANKC N680841 1982-08-01
Tanunda Time to Tango Unknown Unknown Unknown
Tanunda Top Award Black ANKC N359042 1976-07-15
Tanunda Top Brass Black ANKC N359043 1976-07-15
Tanunda Top Class Black ANKC N359044 1976-07-15
Tanunda Top Fibre Black ANKC N359045 1976-07-15
Tanunda Top Flight Black ANKC N359046 1976-07-15
Tanunda Top Gloss Black ANKC N359047 1976-07-15
Tanunda Top Premium Black ANKC N359048 1976-07-15
Tanunda Top Security Black ANKC N359050 1976-07-15
Tanunda Torrid Spirit Black ANKC N308734 1975-04-27
Tanunda Tullamore Dew Black ANKC N621856 1981-05-07
Tanunda Uranus Black ANKC N350245 1976-05-21
Tanunda Valient Spirit Black ANKC N308735 1975-04-27
Tanunda Verdelho Black ANKC N598484 1980-11-14
Tanunda Windangel Black ANKC N813145 1985-03-27
Tanunda Windchant Brown ANKC N813147 1985-03-27
Tanunda Windfall Black ANKC N813144 1985-03-27
Tanunda Windfire Brown ANKC N813146 1985-03-27
Tanunda Windforce Black ANKC N813141 1985-03-27
Tanunda Windjammer Black ANKC N813139 1985-03-27
Tanunda Windsong Black ANKC N813142 1985-03-27
Tanunda Windstar Black ANKC N813143 1985-03-27
Tanunda Windstorm Black ANKC N813140 1985-03-27
Tanunda Winterwood Black ANKC N756519 1984-03-08
Tanus v. Kuxwinkel Brown 117306 2000-11-16
Tanusharrab (LO01204675) Black LO01204675 2001-09-04
Tanuska de Rizzi Brown Unknown 2007-11-23
Tanya (N 23994/85) Brown 23994/85 1985-03-07
Tanya (NHSB 1351129) Black NHSB 1351129 1984-07-11
Tanya (NHSB 2121132) Black 2121132 1997-04-01
Tanya (NHSB 528117) Black NHSB 528117 1970-06-15
Tanya Dainty Miss Devil Black Unknown 1984-11-04
Tanya delle Aquile di Eloro Black LO0415318 2003-09-30
Tanya di Campovalano Black ds085938 Unknown
Tanya du Furioso Black Unknown Unknown
Tanya iz Galakuna Black Unknown 2008-07-10
Tanya Liza Black Unknown 1968-12-17
Tanya Nicky v.d. Dobermann-Borgh Black NHSB 1598770 1988-05-16
Tanya of Birch Way Black Unknown 1960-08-11
Tanya of Derry Unknown Unknown 1955-03-16
Tanya of Strathmore Unknown Unknown Unknown
Tanya of Strathmore Black Unknown 1967-02-12
Tanya v. Bassewitz Black 49095 1933-12-22
Tanya v. Dammberg Black OHZB DP10866 1995-03-25
Tanya v. Highbriar Black AKC SBWC 694113 Unknown
Tanya v. Norden Stamm Black DZB 103861 1990-10-15
Tanya v.d. Birkenrinde Black SF 03758Q/85 1985-02-12
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