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15550 dogs match your request. Showing 751-1000 (63 pages)
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Name Colour Pedigreenumber Date of Birth
Solingen Alena Unknown METDOB 4643 Unknown
Solo v. Park Unknown 70945 Unknown
Solyomházi Ancsa Unknown Unknown Unknown
Somogyreme Bonzo Unknown METDOB 4444 Unknown
Sona del Mediano Unknown 9244/09 2009-05-25
Sona Kar-Mos Unknown PKR 22573 Unknown
Sonette (S 06586/48) Unknown S 06586/48 Unknown
Song de la Vallee de la Tendresse Unknown LOF 69630/11088 Unknown
Sonia de Festiano Unknown LOF 9174/1125 Unknown
Sonia dei Nobili Nati Unknown ds080064 Unknown
Sonia dei Prati Verdi Unknown ds062361 Unknown
Sonia Domecko Unknown Unknown 1990-09-23
Sonia od Stokrotka Unknown Unknown Unknown
Sonja (N 492/69) Unknown 492/69 Unknown
Sonja (NHSB 426840) Unknown NHSB 426840 1967-10-16
Sonja (NHSB 429481) Unknown NHSB 429481 1968-01-21
Sonja (NHSB 430564) Unknown NHSB 430564 1968-02-10
Sonja (NHSB 441294) Unknown NHSB 441294 1968-06-05
Sonja (NHSB 453812) Unknown NHSB 453812 1968-08-11
Sonja (NHSB 466616) Unknown NHSB 466616 1969-04-27
Sonja (NHSB 473730) Unknown NHSB 473730 1969-04-28
Sonja (NHSB 481425) Unknown NHSB 481425 1969-07-14
Sonja (NHSB 482009) Unknown NHSB 482009 1969-09-12
Sonja (NHSB 482020) Unknown NHSB 482020 1969-06-03
Sonja (NHSB 503483) Unknown NHSB 503483 1970-04-15
Sonja (NHSB 515696) Unknown NHSB 515696 1970-04-22
Sonja (NHSB 517483) Unknown NHSB 517483 1970-05-24
Sonja (NHSB 518429) Unknown NHSB 518429 1970-06-05
Sonja v. Belic House Unknown Unknown Unknown
Sonja v. Summushof Unknown NHSB 477883 1969-05-30
Sonja v.d. Boediehoeve Unknown NHSB 91292 1944-11-03
Sonja v.d. Schenkenschanz Unknown DZB 15553 Unknown
Sonja v.d. Sternallee Unknown 39911 Unknown
Sonja v.d. Wachtparade Unknown NHSB 105944 1946-09-25
Sonjadeb v. Graaf Lodewijk Unknown NHSB 503673 1970-02-10
Sonjadel (NHSB 396463) Unknown NHSB 396463 1966-07-19
Sonne v. Silberthal Unknown DZB 21116 Unknown
Sonny (DS109693) Unknown ds109693 Unknown
Sonny (N 67/8602) Unknown 67/8602 Unknown
Sonny Boy (Max x Inga) Unknown Unknown Unknown
Sonny di Casa Grasso Unknown DS 150694 Unknown
Sonny v.d. Hammaburg Unknown 74459 Unknown
Sony v. Weissensee Unknown Unknown Unknown
Sonya v. Felsengrund Unknown Unknown Unknown
Sophie Lauren (RKF ?) Unknown Unknown Unknown
Sophie of Boundway Unknown KCF 3196204G03 Unknown
Sora D'Arguiller D'Anjou Unknown LOF 68764 Unknown
Soraya di Casa Grasso Unknown DS 150697 Unknown
Sorbon z Tomky Unknown Unknown 1995-06-02
Sorbonna-Rona Unknown Unknown Unknown
Sorceress Glenmere Unknown Unknown 1959-01-02
Sorel Unknown Unknown Unknown
Sorkie Baron Tollbooth Unknown 3528BR 1978-12-26
Sorkie Baroness Kitty Unknown Unknown Unknown
Sorkie Faygeleigh Unknown B6261302C06 Unknown
Sorkie Minochka Unknown KC D1609204D04 1980-02-11
Sorma I v. Eckardstein Unknown not reg. Unknown
Sorma v. Wilhelmshorst Unknown DZB 17235 Unknown
South's Zues Unknown AKC SBWD 659136 Unknown
Southend Storm Unknown Unknown Unknown
Southern Cross Black Foot Unknown WP 2000-02-08
Southern Cross Mama Mia Unknown Unknown Unknown
SouthernBell Bellissimo Unknown Unknown Unknown
SouthernBell Gessie Unknown Unknown Unknown
SouthernBell Hero Unknown Unknown Unknown
SouthernBell Mara Unknown Unknown Unknown
SouthernBell Nero Unknown Unknown Unknown
SouthernBell Ranee Unknown Unknown Unknown
Sovaradi Anni (COR 1/143) Unknown COR 1/143 Unknown
Spacio's Treicy Unknown Unknown Unknown
Spana (S 5175/47) Unknown S 5175/47 Unknown
Spanish Steps of Miijoho Unknown DS010391 Unknown
Spartacus di Casa Grasso Unknown DS 150695 Unknown
Spatt v. Thüringen Unknown not reg. Unknown
Sphinx v. Schloss Grossau Unknown OHZBDP 8730 Unknown
Spitfire de la Morlière Unknown LOF 9414/667 Unknown
Spitz (DS011427) Unknown DS011427 Unknown
Spitz di Stefusto (DS087364) Unknown DS087364 Unknown
Spookij (NHSB 423269) Unknown NHSB 423269 1967-10-04
Spott v. Thüringen Unknown not reg. Unknown
St Michael's Krystall Unknown Unknown Unknown
St. Brandt's Black Magic Unknown Unknown 1999-09-11
Stalone di Altobello Unknown Unknown Unknown
Standoric Dougal Unknown Unknown Unknown
Staneska Good Luck Charm Unknown Unknown Unknown
Stangis Lady Unknown 6894/69 Unknown
Stangis Ringo Unknown 6891/69 Unknown
Stangis Sambo Unknown 6893/69 Unknown
Star (DS140897) Unknown DS140897 Unknown
Star (LOF2DOB 028925/04830) Unknown LOF2DOB 028925/04830 Unknown
Star Anakin's Pride of Pristina Unknown DK23121/2008 Unknown
Star dei Nobili Nati Unknown 071878 Unknown
Star du Comté d'Ornon Unknown Unknown Unknown
Star Performer Unknown Unknown Unknown
Star Tyme's Mountain Laurel Unknown Unknown 1987-08-21
Stark del Nero Selvaggio Unknown ds072490 1985-00-00
Starku II (NHSB 1149825) Unknown NHSB 1149825 1979-09-19
Starlaine Some Rainy Morning Unknown Unknown Unknown
Start (DS082382) Unknown DS082382 Unknown
Staubs Algernon Unknown Unknown Unknown
Steamrolling Smokey Unknown Unknown Unknown
Steb's Jennifer of County Cork Unknown Unknown Unknown
Steel Dragon Bluebery Unknown Unknown Unknown
Steel Dragon Naomi Unknown JR 705556 Unknown
Steele Angel Unknown Unknown Unknown
Steele Fidelity Unknown Unknown Unknown
Stef du Patriol Unknown Unknown Unknown
Steinway’s Paris is Burning Unknown AKC WS 22148901 2007-04-06
Stela Marudol Unknown CSPKP 501/55/59 Unknown
Stela v. Johannaaue Unknown not reg. Unknown
Stella (NHSB 488076) Unknown NHSB 488076 1969-10-04
Stella (NHSB 512162) Unknown NHSB 512162 1970-04-10
Stella (own. Junitckiy) Unknown Unknown Unknown
Stella fra Viborg Unknown DskHSB67951 Unknown
Stella Li (N 9300/71) Unknown 9300/71 Unknown
Stella v. Friesland Unknown not reg. Unknown
Stella v. Rheinpfalz Unknown Unknown Unknown
Stella v. Zervelin Unknown DZB 8755 1919-08-02
Stenz II v. Thüringen Unknown not reg. Unknown
Stillie (DS035970) Unknown DS035970 Unknown
Stin-Radoso (EST 04761/E92) Unknown EST 04761/E92 Unknown
Stirvy v. Edele Brabant Unknown LOSH 279468 Unknown
STO Alberto's Willwood Yalame Unknown Unknown Unknown
Stolz del Rio Bianco Unknown DS092938 Unknown
Stolz v. Emschertal Unknown DZB 6387 Unknown
Stolz v. Jägerhof Unknown not reg. Unknown
Stolz v.d. Rose Unknown not reg. Unknown
Stopp Meyer (DZB 10216) Unknown DZB 10216 Unknown
Storm's Tempesta Unknown Unknown Unknown
Stormson's Star of Stars Unknown Unknown Unknown
Stormy Night Striker of Vonmills Unknown KCD 6499606E03 Unknown
Strathmill Always Unknown Unknown Unknown
Striks (NKKS 5758) Unknown NKKS 5758 Unknown
Strissi v. Kollberg Unknown not reg. Unknown
Strob v. Columbus Unknown not reg. Unknown
Strolch (DZB not reg.) Unknown not reg. Unknown
Strolch v. Eschebronn Unknown not reg. Unknown
Strolch v. Wesenberg Unknown not reg. Unknown
Strolch v.d. Knappenburg Unknown not reg. Unknown
Strolch v.d. Wartburg Unknown not reg. Unknown
Stropp (DPZ 45378) Unknown 45378 1929-04-15
Stropp Sausel (DZB not reg.) Unknown not reg. Unknown
Stropp v. Kirchweyhe Unknown not reg. Unknown
Stropp v. Mügeln Unknown not reg. Unknown
Stropp v. Pannewitz Unknown 46931 Unknown
Strupp v. Johannistal Unknown not reg. Unknown
Studbriar My Lady Unknown B704306C6 Unknown
Studbriar The Tzar Unknown E/4809 Unknown
Stupp v. Heiligenweg Unknown not reg. Unknown
Sturmfried Tasso v. Pramgau Unknown DZB 22113 Unknown
Stübs v. Stolzenberg Unknown not reg. Unknown
Style Cloto Unknown DS056897 Unknown
Style Fuck Unknown DS073164 Unknown
Style Gunther Unknown DS080773 Unknown
Suc (LOE 48925) Unknown LOE 48925 Unknown
Sudahr Color My Holiday At Skylocke Unknown Unknown Unknown
Sugar de Rio Alto Unknown Unknown 1999-02-09
Suhandro's Balkan Battle Unknown Unknown Unknown
Suits me at Jowendy's Unknown Unknown Unknown
Sula Mateja (DZB 14414) Unknown DZB 14414 Unknown
Sullivan's Glory Unknown NHSB 1200962 1980-06-30
Sully (DPZ not reg. Wolf x Bella) Unknown not reg. Unknown
Sultan Unknown 79681 Unknown
Sultan Barella Unknown Unknown Unknown
Sultan del Nero Selvaggio Unknown DS072488 Unknown
Sultan della Piancarda Unknown DS136974 Unknown
Sultan Nouky du Domaine de Palindra Unknown LOF 69891 Unknown
Sultan v. Thüringen Unknown not reg. Unknown
Sultan v. Wiesenfeld Unknown DZB 20845 Unknown
Sultry Silhoutte Unknown Unknown Unknown
Summer Storm Unknown Unknown 1959-07-19
Summer's Dawn Unknown Unknown Unknown
Summertime Abundance Unknown Unknown 1959-07-19
Sumo LOI unknown) Unknown Unknown Unknown
Sun Dance v. Torn Unknown W245888 Unknown
Sun Seldy Unknown Unknown Unknown
Suncountry's Hot Dogger Unknown WE 781597 Unknown
Sunny Allbright ??? Unknown Unknown Unknown
Sunset Toil N Trouble Unknown Unknown Unknown
Supeta's Can't Get Enuf Unknown Unknown Unknown
Supetas Chocachino Unknown Unknown Unknown
Supetas Future Legend of Diesult Unknown Unknown 2000-06-12
Supetas Starry Eyed Unknown Unknown Unknown
Supreme Guardians Anja Unknown S50074/81 1981-06-22
Surena v. Seniaheim Unknown Unknown Unknown
Surry v. Dom Unknown not reg. Unknown
Surry v. Dom Unknown not reg. Unknown
Survanna Just Cruisin Unknown Unknown Unknown
Survanna Special Edition Unknown Unknown Unknown
Susa II v.d. Traun Unknown not reg. Unknown
Susan del Littorio Unknown DS095184 Unknown
Susanna v. Thüringen Unknown not reg. Unknown
Susanna v.d. Strengbach Unknown not reg. Unknown
Suse v. Elbtal Unknown not reg. Unknown
Suse v. Gronsdorf Unknown not reg. Unknown
Suse v. Ilm-Athen (NDPSt. 1460) Unknown not reg. Unknown
Suse v. Ilm-Athen (Prinz x Betty I) Unknown not reg. Unknown
Suse v. Ilm-Athen (Rappo x Moni) Unknown not reg. Unknown
Suse v. Ronneburg Unknown not reg. Unknown
Suse v. Thüringen (Graf Eberhard x Wanda) Unknown not reg. Unknown
Suse v.d. Klosterburg Unknown Unknown Unknown
Suse v.d. Wartburg Unknown not reg. Unknown
Susei v. Krugental Unknown not reg. Unknown
Susi (Wenger) Unknown SHSB 57865 1952-04-00
Susi Trampenau (DZB 9847) Unknown DZB 9847 Unknown
Susi-(Hummel) Unknown SHSB 12130 Unknown
Sussi v. Westerwald Unknown not reg. Unknown
Susy (DS018782) Unknown DS018782 Unknown
Susy (DS072009) Unknown DS072009 1984-00-00
Susy (DS097223) Unknown DS097223 Unknown
Suzanne (NHSB 457515) Unknown NHSB 457515 1968-09-11
Suze v.d. Wachtparade Unknown NHSB 105945 1946-09-25
Suzi (Poltéra) Unknown SHSB 53828 1951-03-21
Swanee's Scarlet Vixen Unknown Unknown Unknown
Swanhilt v. Thüringen Unknown not reg. Unknown
Swantewied v. Thüringen Unknown not reg. Unknown
Swarzbach's Orion v. Henik Unknown Unknown Unknown
Sweet Jasmine At Nytbonn Unknown Unknown Unknown
Sweet Sarah du Vallon des Herbes Unknown LOF 9507/714 Unknown
Sweet Sharon Stone di Casa Montenegro Unknown Unknown Unknown
Sweety (KCI 1999/001982) Unknown KCI 1999/001982 Unknown
Swift of Balbeggie Unknown KC 103299/70 Unknown
Sybilla v. Trail 'Em Unknown Unknown Unknown
Sydny (NHSB 482016) Unknown NHSB 482016 1969-06-03
Sydow (DPZ not reg.) Unknown not reg. Unknown
Sydow v. Ahnensaal Unknown DZB 6319 Unknown
Sylky dal Dente d Acciaio Unknown ds006585 Unknown
Sylva (DPZ not reg. Lord x Hella) Unknown not reg. Unknown
Sylva v. Altmannsdorf Unknown not reg. Unknown
Sylvia (NHSB 502647) Unknown NHSB 502647 1970-01-28
Sylvia II v. Goldberg Unknown Unknown Unknown
Sylvia v. Atrop Unknown DZB 19516 Unknown
Syras v. Hohenstein Unknown not reg. Unknown
Syrene v. Thüringen Unknown not reg. Unknown
Syria Briareus Unknown Unknown Unknown
Syriusz Briareus Unknown Unknown Unknown
Syron della Ripuaria Unknown DS078805 1985-12-15
Szabos Czar Francis Unknown NHSB 1100329 1979-01-23
Szabos Czar Gellert Unknown NHSB 1100331 1979-07-31
Szabos Czarina Rebecka Unknown Unknown Unknown
Szagma z Chatki Agnieszki Unknown PKR.II-XXVI-5190 Unknown
Szakron Bianka Unknown COR 727/143 Unknown
Szalfi-Kurta Cuki Unknown DS112652 Unknown
Szalkai Orpheus Astra Unknown 4111 Unknown
Szalkai Orpheus Gipsi Unknown 5046 Unknown
Szalkai Orpheus Lord Unknown 59978 Unknown
Szamba Esporai Unknown SLRDo002212 Unknown
Szamospati Bursi Caro Unknown Unknown Unknown
Szarvas Gyongye Ani Unknown 1531/8. Unknown
Szálfy Kurta Aliz Unknown Unknown Unknown
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