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Name Colour Pedigreenumber Date of Birth
Q'Dobi de Los Valientes Unknown Unknown Unknown
Q-Belona (JR 711328) Unknown Unknown 2016-06-05
Qessy v. Landgraf Unknown AKC WS52850008 Unknown
Qoelet del Littorio Unknown ds139884 Unknown
Qrocco (ALSH 16390) Unknown ALSH 16390 Unknown
Quabri du Boccage Toccata Unknown Unknown Unknown
Quadar di Campovalano Unknown ds084447 Unknown
Quai v.d. Mosigkau Unknown SDG 3326/86 Unknown
Quaid v. Edele Brabant Unknown LOSH 256861 Unknown
Quaidi di Villa Castelli Unknown ds078423 Unknown
Quail del Dakarone Unknown DS145690 1994-00-00
Quaker della Bauta d'Oro Unknown ds132634 Unknown
Qual della Bauta d'Oro Unknown ds132631 Unknown
Quality Street of Quagga Unknown J5618808 Unknown
Quana di Stefusto Unknown DS083548 Unknown
Quandri's Bitter Lemon Unknown Unknown Unknown
Quandris Baroness Unknown Unknown Unknown
Quango v. Brunia Unknown DZB 40663 Unknown
Quanta v.h. Grenszicht (NHSB 416672) Unknown NHSB 416672 1967-09-16
Quantanamera di Casa Montenegro Unknown Unknown Unknown
Quarin de Los Valientes Unknown Unknown Unknown
Quark del Dakarone Unknown DS145693 1994-00-00
Quark della Bauta d'Oro Unknown ds132633 Unknown
Quartar del Dakarone Unknown DS145692 1994-00-00
Quarter v. Goriska Unknown LOSH 248753 Unknown
Quartz de la Tretoire Unknown Lof 7540/303 Unknown
Quarz del Dakarone Unknown DS145689 1994-00-00
Quarz della Bauta d'Oro Unknown ds132632 Unknown
Quarzo dei Nobili Nati Unknown ds129716 Unknown
Quasar di Stefusto Unknown DS083551 Unknown
Quasar du Vallon des Bonnes Herbes Unknown LOF 7552/237 Unknown
Quasar v. Asgard Unknown Unknown Unknown
Quassia de la Tretoire Unknown Unknown Unknown
Quatia du Val des Moulins Unknown LOF 9452/55 Unknown
Quaya v.'t Nevelsteen Unknown LOSH 702400 Unknown
Que Guay del Lleron Unknown LOE 1534351 Unknown
Queen da Casa Branca Unknown LOP 117332 Unknown
Queen di Campovalano Unknown DS070346 1984-07-19
Queen di Stefusto Unknown ds059812 Unknown
Queen Lady di Casa Montenegro Unknown Unknown Unknown
Queen of Black Diamonds Chelsey Unknown METDOB 100002/11 Unknown
Queen of Ebony Unknown Unknown Unknown
Queen of Shaba Ariell Unknown 5185/89 Unknown
Queen of Shaba Bigi Unknown METDOB 6258/90 Unknown
Queen v.d. Stolzreute Unknown OHZB DP8453 Unknown
Quelita of Louk-Kep Unknown BEK 142533 Unknown
Quelity di Casa Grasso Unknown DS 142287 Unknown
Quella di Campovalano Unknown ds059528 Unknown
Quelly del Dakarone Unknown DS145696 1994-00-00
Quelly del Guado Unknown ds111117 Unknown
Quelly Du Clos des Grognards Unknown Unknown 1992-10-13
Quende del Guado Unknown DS060874 Unknown
Quende di Villa Conte Unknown DS120837 Unknown
Quendy della Bauta d'Oro Unknown ds132629 Unknown
Quendy v.d. Edeltanne Unknown SDG 2283/83 Unknown
Quenn della Piancarda Unknown ds120316 Unknown
Quenotte des Golden Unknown LOF 7616/360 Unknown
Quenotte v. Edele Brabant Unknown LOSH 256868 Unknown
Quentin di Casa Montenegro Unknown Unknown Unknown
Quenty del Dakarone Unknown DS145697 1994-00-00
Quenty della Piancarda Unknown DS120315 Unknown
Quenty di Casa Grasso Unknown DS 142285 Unknown
Querelle (DS149749) Unknown DS149749 Unknown
Querine di Stefusto Unknown DS083549 Unknown
Quero della Bauta d'Oro Unknown ds132630 Unknown
Querry di Stefusto Unknown DS070131 Unknown
Quesch di Casa Grasso Unknown DS 142284 Unknown
Questa di Casa Montenegro Unknown Unknown Unknown
Questor di Stefusto Unknown DS083547 Unknown
Queta (DS140829) Unknown DS140829 Unknown
Quetta di Stefusto Unknown ds083553 Unknown
Quiba di Stefusto Unknown DS083550 Unknown
Quick as Lightening Qahira v. Crowded House Unknown LOSH 1254596 2017-06-18
Quick v. Haus Giovanny Unknown Unknown Unknown
Quick v.h. Grenszicht Unknown NHSB 416671 1967-09-16
Quickie v. Rotdornweg Unknown RG/SPL/85/02667 Unknown
Quidi della Piancarda Unknown DS120314 Unknown
Quikzilver (NHSB 400608) Unknown NHSB 400608 1966-08-19
Quim (LOSH 253818) Unknown LOSH 253818 Unknown
Quina (DS115647) Unknown DS115647 Unknown
Quindsor Graz z Romaru Unknown 8840/09 Unknown
Quinella v. Dynasty Unknown Unknown 1990-04-27
Quinesta's Twilight Fancy Unknown Unknown Unknown
Quinette Graz z Romaru Unknown 8843/09 Unknown
Quinine v. Edele Brabant Unknown LOSH 256870 Unknown
Quinny di Casa Coppo Unknown Unknown Unknown
Quinny di Stefusto Unknown DS083555 Unknown
Quino (LOSH 247202) Unknown LOSH 247202 Unknown
Quinta de Covalta Unknown LOE 1778655 Unknown
Quinto di Casa Montenegro Unknown Unknown Unknown
Quinto v. Brunia Unknown DZB 41899 Unknown
Quinzia del Dakarone Unknown DS145695 1994-00-00
Quira v. Garval Unknown Unknown Unknown
Quirin della Piancarda Unknown DS120318 Unknown
Quirina II del Palatino Unknown DS080873 Unknown
Quirinal du Marais de Riez Unknown LOF 8094 Unknown
Quirinus di Casa Montenegro Unknown Unknown Unknown
Quiros della Piancarda Unknown DS120313 Unknown
Quita (urian v. grammont x thea v. jagerhof) Unknown Unknown Unknown
Quita de Boramorena Unknown LOE 1655613 Unknown
Quito della Piancarda Unknown DS120311 Unknown
Quito di Stefusto Unknown DS083546 Unknown
Quitta du Grand Poujeaux Unknown Unknown Unknown
Quitti v. Holziken Unknown SHSB 91999 Unknown
Quitz del Guado Unknown ds111115 Unknown
Quiz di Casa Montenegro Unknown Unknown Unknown
Quiz di Stefusto Unknown DS083545 Unknown
Quiz di Stefusto (DS083552) Unknown DS083552 Unknown
Quizzy della Bauta d'Oro Unknown ds132628 Unknown
Qunz (LO9953964) Unknown LO9953964 1998-09-05
Quoma di Casa Grasso Unknown DS 142286 Unknown
Quora (DS140828) Unknown DS140828 Unknown
Quorrj del Dakarone Unknown DS145691 1994-00-00
Quorry (DS081470) Unknown DS081470 Unknown
Quorton della Piancarda Unknown DS120310 Unknown
Quortz del Dakarone Unknown DS145694 1994-00-00
Quotar della Piancarda Unknown DS120312 Unknown
Quoto di Campovalano (DS084441) Unknown DS084441 Unknown
Quriss De Festiano Unknown LOF7770/389 Unknown
Q Diablo King v. Dobereich Brown RL025864 2005-06-04
Q-Tip di Casa Fox Brown LO1723823 2016-11-22
Q7 Quattro v. Schwarze Kraft Brown Unknown 2013-12-19
Qaila v Blitzkrieger Brown WS49897101 2010-05-04
Qandy v. Gerdautal Brown 125966 2011-01-20
Qanga v.d. Scheltheide Brown DZB 128071 2014-04-09
Qardian Afterlife Alley Cat Brown FI25630/10 2010-03-13
Qardian Angel's Amulet Brown FI25631/10 2010-03-13
Qardian Beast in the Angel Brown FI24409/12 2012-03-09
Qardian Blade of the Beast Brown FI24404/12 2012-03-09
Qardian Born to be Beast Brown FI24407/12 2012-03-09
Qardian Bride of the Beast Brown FI24410/12 2012-03-09
Qarra du Sang Sacre Brown Unknown 2017-05-17
Qashqai Steinhage-Grad Brown Unknown 2018-03-09
Qassdob's Brown B-Atena Brown 17174/00 1999-12-12
Qassdob's Brown Bambi Spookye Brown 17173/00 1999-12-12
Qassdob's Brown Briska Brown 17172/00 1999-12-12
Qassdob's Brown Chikita Brown 18212/00 2000-07-05
Qassdob's Brown D-Conty Brown N 20019/00 2000-09-15
Qassdob's Brown Darwin Brown 20020/00 2000-09-15
Qassdob's Brown Dipsy Brown N 20027/00 2000-09-15
Qassdob's Brown Diva Brown N 20026/00 2000-09-15
Qassdob's Brown Dragon Brown 20021/00 2000-09-15
Qassdob's Brown Egon Brown 08638/02 2004-01-21
Qassdob's Brown Evita Brown 08643/02 2004-01-21
Qassdob's Brown Heyley Brown 19365/03 2003-09-22
Qeilah v. Utgard Brown 125035 2009-08-24
Qenzo v. Gerdautal Brown 125964 2011-01-20
Qeshet Steinhage-Grad Brown Unknown 2018-03-09
Qju v. Eschenbruch Brown Unknown 2018-09-30
Qondor v.d. Hochstede Brown OHZB 13598 2009-01-06
Qora v. Bayrischen Löwen Brown 127468 2013-04-21
Qregina di Prisconte Brown 00/34701 1999-07-18
Qron v.d. Groote Maat Brown NHSB 1595499 1988-04-14
Quad di Casa Fox Brown LO1723826 2016-11-22
Quade Opie v. Schwarze Kraft Brown Unknown 2013-12-19
Quade v. Glashof Brown DZB 103866 1990-07-09
Quadriga v. Marosk Brown DZB 117791 2001-05-16
Quadro v. Buchenhain Brown DZB 116229 1999-06-24
Quaid v. Cobra Brown Unknown 2002-04-30
Quailee v.d. Tidianshöhle Brown DZB 128603 2015-02-14
Quailway's Diana v.d. Partisan Brown Unknown Unknown
Quailway's Great Fancy Brown AKC SBWC 373159 1972-11-23
Quailway's Great Fury Brown AKC SBWC 373158 1972-11-23
Quamarquon del Citone Brown LO01118245 2000-10-13
Quan di Prisconte Brown DS156971 1995-04-10
Quan Secretariat di Campovalano Brown LO17113084 2017-05-06
Quana del Blu d'Assia Brown LO09130867 2008-11-21
Quanate v.d. Teufelskanzel Brown 115377 1998-10-04
Quanda v. Frankenland Brown DZB 95479 1983-10-05
Quanda v. Stadtwald Brown DZB 92548 1981-02-03
Quanda v.d. Hohen Mark Brown 98661 1986-03-27
Quando (NHSB 1722951) Brown NHSB 1722951 1990-08-07
Quando v. Baskerville Brown DZB 86300 1975-02-12
Quando v. Binselberg Brown DZB 92155 1980-08-12
Quando v. Edertal Brown 121165 2005-04-07
Quando v. Edertal Brown 121165 2005-04-07
Quando v. Herrnberg Brown DZB 92747 1981-04-10
Quando v. Tegernbach Brown 99511 1986-09-02
Quando v.'t Nordse Veld Brown 2253250 1999-06-14
Quandor (NHSB 1618772) Brown NHSB 1618772 1988-10-02
Quandor Quentin del Citone Brown LO01118229 2000-10-13
Quandor v.d. Hochstede Brown OHZB 13599 2009-01-06
Quanel v.d. Kusthoeve Brown Unknown 1992-12-24
Quanita Brown Unknown Unknown
Quanita del Fiorsilva Brown LO02114369 2002-03-05
Quanta v. Herrnberg Brown DZB 92750 1981-04-10
Quanta v. Wächtersberg Brown DZB 90657 1978-12-22
Quantas dei Sauli Grimaldi Brown LO99141566 1999-03-15
Quantas di Casa Fox Brown LO1723786 2016-11-22
Quante v. Frankenland Brown DZB 95477 1983-10-05
Quantico Steinhage-Grad Brown Unknown 2018-03-09
Quantico v. Residenzschloss Brown 121235 2005-11-28
Quanto Les Deux Peupliers Brown 2922480 2013-04-27
Quanto v. Lindenhof (DZB 91799) Brown DZB 91799 1980-03-28
Quanto v.d. Hochstede Brown OHZB 13600 2009-01-06
Quanto v.d. Stollburg Brown DZB 91084 1979-05-30
Quantum di Altobello Brown Unknown 2009-05-01
Quantus v. Donarius Brown 120569 2005-02-01
Quanty v.d. Ossweiler Höhe Brown 94670 1983-02-14
Quanzina v. Klingbach Brown DZB 114655 1998-05-18
Quara v.d. Burgstätte Brown 127523 2013-05-22
Quarita v. Stevinhage Brown NHSB 1444042 1985-09-27
Quark de Athanor Brown Unknown 1997-09-21
Quark Saxa Rubra Brown LO0640903 2005-10-03
Quarla v. Stevinhage Brown NHSB 1444041 1985-09-27
Quarlo Les Deux Peupliers Brown 2922483 2013-04-27
Quarlos v. Avendia Brown NHSB 2013508 1995-05-19
Quarlos v. Teutonia Brown 118592 2002-07-19
Quarloss v. Avendia Brown NHSB 2013509 1995-05-19
Quaron v. Tegernbach Brown 99510 1986-09-02
Quarria v. Hunnoterra Brown METDOB 6664/05 2005-05-16
Quarro v. Lindenhof Brown DZB 91800 1980-03-28
Quarro v. Strengbach Brown DZB 105758 1992-02-12
Quart v.d. Spree Brown DZB 59127 1947-08-23
Quarta v. Eschenhof Brown DZB 91269 1979-06-18
Quartana v. Marosk Brown DZB 117792 2001-05-16
Quarter v.d. Bruggenern Brown DZB 129118 2016-02-26
Quarto del Verdiano Brown LO0810536 2007-05-16
Quarto v.d. Schanzenhöhe Brown DZB 57175 1946-07-20
Quartz Steinhage-Grad Brown Unknown 2018-03-09
Quarzo di Palazzo Vecchio Brown LO0339292 2002-10-09
Quasar del Tibur Brown LO0369163 2003-02-20
Quasar della Ninfa Nobel Brown LO16176111 2016-08-12
Quasar v. Marosk Brown DZB 117786 2001-05-16
Quasco della Favola Brown LO10184410 2010-06-08
Quasimodo della Sciara Brown LO01136789 2001-04-20
Quasimodo v. Breisgauer Land Brown 117795 2001-07-01
Quasimodo v. Marosk Brown DZB 117788 2001-05-16
Quast v.d. Ruine Hohenberg Brown DZB 104619 1991-05-14
Quastor di Casa Fox Brown LO1723783 2016-11-22
Quato v. Hagenstern Brown 115002 1998-08-06
Quatta v. Beelen Brown DZB 85257 1973-12-13
Quattro Diesel v. Schwarze Kraft Brown Unknown 2013-12-19
Quattro Niki (LO1511660) Brown LO1511660 2014-11-02
Quattro Steinhage-Grad Brown Unknown 2018-03-09
Quattro v. Klingbach Brown DZB 114647 1998-05-18
Quattro v. Stevinhage Brown 1986907 1994-10-22
Quattro v.d. Bruggenern Brown DZB 129119 2016-02-26
Quax v. Eschenbruch Brown DZB 119608 2003-12-07
Quax v. Kloster-Kamp Brown DZB 100061 1987-03-04
Quax v.d. Alten Linde Brown DZB 96566 1984-10-09
Quaycabiria dei Monti Cimini Brown LO0332348 2002-10-23
Quazar de Athanor Brown Unknown 1997-09-21
Quazi Landgraf v. Kondorstrand Brown Unknown 2008-08-27
Qubo du Sang Sacre Brown LOSH1253387 2017-05-17
Qudina v. Bullerbü Brown 126738 2012-03-19
Que-Sera King of Darkness Brown 9350/10 2010-02-01
Quechs v.d. Schanzenhöhe Brown DZB 57174 1946-07-20
Quechua v.d. Horringhauser Höh Brown DZB 128903 2015-09-12
Quedo dei Sauli Grimaldi Brown LO99141565 1999-03-15
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