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Name Colour Pedigreenumber Date of Birth
Pablo (NHSB 502642) Unknown NHSB 502642 1970-01-28
Pablo della Piancarda Unknown DS119529 Unknown
Paccar de Beyne-Heusay Unknown LOSH 245239 Unknown
Pacefalvi Hella Unknown Unknown Unknown
Pacha du Boccage Toccata Unknown LOF 6973 Unknown
Paco (DS034760) Unknown DS034760 Unknown
Paco (DS143474) Unknown DS143474 Unknown
Paco de l' Oasis des Dobs Unknown 65753 1999-11-28
Pacy v. Breisgauer Land Unknown 117465 2001-01-30
Paczo Naxos (OHStB 535 H) Unknown OHStB 535 H Unknown
Paddy (NHSB 399966) Unknown NHSB 399966 1966-10-20
Paddy-Power-Alpha de la Cautele Unknown 64750 Unknown
Pade D'Arguiller D'Anjou Unknown 64347 Unknown
Padula´s Queen Shebah Unknown Unknown Unknown
Pajant's Encore v Rockelle Unknown Unknown Unknown
Pakir de Cuba Unknown dcc090 Unknown
Paldis (NL 029/82) Unknown NL 029/82 Unknown
Palklan Ansar Unknown METDOB 12296/91 Unknown
Pallach (N 3555/70) Unknown 3555/70 Unknown
Pallas v. Lutzelhof Unknown Unknown Unknown
Pallas v.d. Gallaswarte Unknown DZB 48 1903-07-30
Pallas-Athena (S 15407/65) Unknown 15407/65 Unknown
Palvölgyi Pikula Unknown DT626 Unknown
Pama v. Hopfengarten Unknown Unknown Unknown
Pamela de Festiano Unknown LOF 7146/445 Unknown
Pamela di Stefusto Unknown ds147331 1994-00-00
Pamela v.'t Sabbatsveld Unknown LOSH662312 Unknown
Pamelot's Casablanca Unknown Unknown Unknown
Pamelot's Garrett of Tournai Unknown WE 403428 Unknown
Pamelot's Scandal of Holly-Ky Unknown Unknown Unknown
Pamelot's Trinity Unknown Unknown Unknown
Pamelot's Turning Point Unknown Unknown Unknown
Pampa Unknown Unknown Unknown
Pamy v.'t Steendorp Unknown LOSH 664087 Unknown
Pan (N 218/70) Unknown 218/70 Unknown
Pan del Nero Selvaggio Unknown DS061537 Unknown
Panda Ikstriata Unknown PKR.II-XIV-2780 1987-11-09
Panda v. Backenhagen Unknown NHSB 310522 1963-04-02
Pandah (NHSB 471858) Unknown NHSB 471858 1969-02-25
Pandolph's Shady Lady Unknown WB736410 Unknown
Pandora's Evening Princess Unknown AKC SBWD 902743 Unknown
Pandora's Sunday Prince Unknown NHSB 1100038 1979-10-18
Panjaba (NHSB 454350) Unknown NHSB 454350 1968-09-03
Panka (LOF 23770/3787) Unknown LOF 23770/3787 Unknown
Pankration Doberklan Best Angel Unknown Unknown Unknown
Pankratz v. Thüringen Unknown not reg. Unknown
Pankraz (DPZ not reg.) Unknown not reg. Unknown
Pannonvére Black Babett Unknown METDOB 4142 Unknown
Pannonvére Black Dolly Unknown 2296/88 Unknown
Panormitanus Blasco Unknown ds002236 Unknown
Pansa (NHSB 482002) Unknown NHSB 482002 1969-09-12
Panter v.d. Westkant Unknown LOSH 243246 Unknown
Panther di Stefusto Unknown ds087344 Unknown
Paprik Thabata della Piancarda Unknown DS119530 Unknown
Papy degli Hanteroni Unknown DS105414 Unknown
Paquita du Vallon des Bonnes Herbes Unknown LOF 7105/350 Unknown
Para An-Ro-Ge Unknown Unknown Unknown
Paracelzus Bussyca Unknown 3163 Unknown
Paradigm Playing With Fire Unknown Unknown Unknown
Paradigm Pryzm Unknown Unknown Unknown
Paradigm Two to Tango Unknown WP75204601 1996-12-05
Paradise Sheila McQueen Unknown WP95872006 Unknown
Pardi Loed Unknown Unknown Unknown
Parima Elmers Tune Unknown Unknown Unknown
Parima Great Mogul Unknown Unknown Unknown
Parima The Florentine Unknown Unknown Unknown
Parima The Phoenix Unknown Unknown Unknown
Parisenne of Klewko Unknown Unknown 1956-08-29
Parker di Stefusto Unknown ds101999 Unknown
Parna z Tureckich Stokow Unknown PKR,II-CIV-21112 1992-01-03
Parovari Argos Unknown Unknown Unknown
Parovari Fanny Unknown METDOB 9329/91 Unknown
Partos iz Osidla Penista Unknown Unknown Unknown
Pasca v. Kloster-Kamp (DZB ?) Unknown Unknown Unknown
Pascha (NHSB 497069) Unknown NHSB 497069 1970-02-02
Pascha de los Valientes Unknown Unknown Unknown
Pascha v. Batavodurum Unknown NHSB 460248 1969-01-05
Pascha v. Moerser Schloss Unknown DZB 102389 1989-06-24
Pascha v. Starkenfels Unknown 50324 Unknown
Pascha v.d. Doncksedreef Unknown NHSB 507129 1970-05-15
Paschaac (NHSB 313921) Unknown NHSB 313921 1963-03-26
Paschja (NHSB 409969) Unknown NHSB 409969 1967-05-13
Pasco (NHSB 396462) Unknown NHSB 396462 1966-07-19
Pasco (NHSB 462843) Unknown NHSB 462843 1969-01-05
Pasco (NHSB 481625) Unknown NHSB 481625 1969-08-16
Pasco v.d. Alem Commando's Unknown NHSB 411132 1967-05-13
Pasja (NHSB 429480) Unknown NHSB 429480 1968-01-21
Pasja (NHSB 459985) Unknown NHSB 459985 1968-08-29
Pasja (NHSB 471852) Unknown NHSB 471852 1969-06-01
Pasja (NHSB 504982) Unknown NHSB 504982 1970-03-31
Pasja (NHSB 786893) Unknown NHSB 786893 Unknown
Pasja v. Graaf Lodewijk Unknown NHSB 448464 1968-07-14
Pasja v.d. Dankershoeve Unknown 523986 Unknown
Pasjah (NHSB 424522) Unknown NHSB 424522 1967-10-20
Pasjah (NHSB 488536) Unknown NHSB 488536 1969-08-28
Paskal Oregon Rival's Unknown Unknown Unknown
Passa z Wietrzni Unknown Unknown 1991-07-06
Pastrid z Tureckich Stokow Unknown Unknown Unknown
Patrachellia Simba Unknown Unknown Unknown
Patrica (N 14468/72) Unknown 14468/72 Unknown
Patritsiya Doberkros Unknown Unknown Unknown
Patti v. Königstuhl fr. v.d. Hardt Unknown not reg. Unknown
Patton's Aristocrat Unknown Unknown Unknown
Pattrick (NHSB 371863) Unknown NHSB 371863 1965-05-20
Patty v. Viviparens Unknown not reg. Unknown
Patty v.d. Doberhoeve Unknown LOSH 676195 Unknown
Patty v.d. Doberhoeve Unknown Unknown Unknown
Paul v. Kimbertal Unknown Unknown Unknown
Paula Daniel Roh Unknown Unknown Unknown
Paula della Piancarda Unknown DS119532 Unknown
Paula v. Bergerhof Unknown not reg. Unknown
Paula v. Beyerhof Unknown not reg. Unknown
Paula v. Kaiserring Unknown not reg. Unknown
Paula v.d. Haardt Unknown not reg. Unknown
Paula v.d. Heijdenpark Unknown NHSB 416191 1967-05-25
Paulien v.d. Heijdenpark Unknown NHSB 416192 1967-05-25
Paulina Discovery Ranch Unknown Unknown Unknown
Pauline v.d. Boedhihoeve Unknown Unknown Unknown
Paulus v. Thüringen Unknown not reg. Unknown
Pavane de Balazene Unknown LOF 6999/260 Unknown
Pavo (S08171/68) Unknown S08171/68 Unknown
Pax Deorum Kalipso Unknown Unknown 2014-12-08
Pax Deorum Zarnitsa Unknown Unknown 2014-09-29
Paxie v. Kirschental Unknown 1648800 Unknown
Párkanyosi Szilla Athos Unknown Unknown Unknown
Pearland's Ericka Unknown Unknown Unknown
Pearly (LOF 065012/10302) Unknown LOF 065012/10302 Unknown
Pebusch (DPZ not reg.) Unknown not reg. Unknown
Pécsszabolcsi Mefiszto Alba Unknown 5416 Unknown
Pecsszabolcsi Mefiszto Asztra Unknown Unknown Unknown
Pedro di Stefusto (ds093983) Unknown ds093983 Unknown
Peg of Upend Unknown Unknown 1951-08-21
Peg's Pal Zipper Unknown WF8549649-87 Unknown
Pegasus of Klewko Unknown Unknown 1956-08-29
Pegelfalvi Groll Unknown Unknown Unknown
Peggi del Caimano Unknown ds014110 Unknown
Peggi z Celebes Unknown Unknown Unknown
Peggie (NHSB 490280) Unknown NHSB 490280 1969-08-29
Peggy (N 60/5342) Unknown 60/5342 Unknown
Peggy (N 60/5342) Unknown 60/5342 Unknown
Peggy (NHSB 481630) Unknown NHSB 481630 1969-08-16
Peggy (NHSB 512159) Unknown NHSB 512159 1970-04-10
Peggy (NHSB 515697) Unknown NHSB 515697 1970-04-22
Peggy (Roy x Laila) Unknown Unknown Unknown
Peggy Annes Pride Unknown Unknown Unknown
Peggy Annes Pride Unknown Unknown Unknown
Peggy Annes Pride Unknown Unknown Unknown
Peggy Annes Pride Unknown Unknown Unknown
Peggy di Mayga d'Alberg Unknown Unknown Unknown
Pegi Mit Turyngii Unknown Unknown Unknown
Pegor du Kirchberg Unknown LOF 7077/392 Unknown
Pehr (Dsk HSB 60168) Unknown DskHSB60168 Unknown
Peky (DS020742) Unknown DS020742 Unknown
Pele (NHSB 507517) Unknown NHSB 507517 1970-03-14
Pellavakasken Exi Unknown SF 00508/55 Unknown
Pellavakasken Saku Unknown SF 03358/57 Unknown
Penbar's Bonnie Belle Unknown WC 888906 1974-09-14
Penelope du Vallon des Bonnes Herbes Unknown LOF 7106/1052 Unknown
Penelope v. Figaro Unknown Unknown Unknown
Penni v. Ilm-Athen (DPZ not reg. Prinz x Schnuppe) Unknown not reg. Unknown
Penni v. Ilm-Athen (DZB not reg. Max x Suse) Unknown not reg. Unknown
Penny delle Saette Unknown ds027111 Unknown
Penny of Lacrosse Unknown Unknown Unknown
Pennylane di Campovalano Unknown ds084274 Unknown
Pentax Crystal Comet Unknown Unknown Unknown
Pep Best of Berlin Unknown JR 710911 Unknown
Pep Best of Berlin Unknown JR 710911 Unknown
Pepijn (NHSB 448597) Unknown NHSB 448597 1968-07-06
Pepita Big Pietra v. Henik Unknown PRD 83/61 Unknown
Pepsi di Casa Montenegro Unknown Unknown Unknown
Perfex Canis Major Unknown Unknown Unknown
Perihelias Madame Rochas Unknown Unknown 1977-05-10
Perla (DS062739) Unknown DS062739 Unknown
Perla (DS082098) Unknown DS082098 Unknown
Perla (DS138381) Unknown DS138381 Unknown
Perla della Piancarda Unknown DS119531 Unknown
Perla delle Aquile di Eloro Unknown LO10194466 Unknown
Perla di Stefusto Unknown DS084170 Unknown
Perlanera (DS123756) Unknown ds123756 Unknown
Perle Germania v. Hohenstein Unknown not reg. Unknown
Perle v.d. Schwarzwaldperle Unknown DZB 52932 1939-05-12
Perle v.d. Wasserburg Unknown not reg. Unknown
Perrinn Du Clos Des Grognards Unknown LOE49954 1991-11-03
Perro v.d. Schwarzen Garde Unknown Unknown Unknown
Perry (RKF ???) Unknown Unknown Unknown
Perry v. Hasenheidenberg Unknown 50542 Unknown
Peter (DPZ not reg.) Unknown not reg. Unknown
Peter (NHSB 513799) Unknown NHSB 513799 1970-05-01
Peter Bremensia Unknown not reg. Unknown
Peter Pan v. Jahrestal Unknown Unknown Unknown
Peter v. Cellemuiden Unknown NHSB 312520 1963-03-10
Peter v. Frauenlob Unknown not reg. Unknown
Peter v. Friesland (Greif x Hilde) Unknown not reg. Unknown
Peter v. Friesland (Prinz x Lotte) Unknown not reg. Unknown
Peter v. Friesland (Wedigo x Freya) Unknown not reg. Unknown
Peter v. Goldberg Unknown not reg. Unknown
Peter v. Heydenburg Unknown not reg. Unknown
Peter v. Thüringen Unknown DZB 1912-10-14
Peter v. Uckerstrand Unknown not reg. Unknown
Peter v.d. Heijdenpark Unknown NHSB 416190 1967-05-25
Peter v.d. Strengbach Unknown not reg. Unknown
Peter v.d. Wartburg (DPZ not reg. Greif x Bella) Unknown not reg. Unknown
Peter v.d. Wartburg (DZB not reg. Greif x Hertha) Unknown not reg. Unknown
Petra (NHSB 453022) Unknown NHSB 453022 1968-10-20
Petra (NHSB 478086) Unknown NHSB 478086 1969-09-21
Petra della Piancarda Unknown DS119533 Unknown
Petra Pekro (NHSB 470479) Unknown NHSB 470479 1969-03-26
Petra v. Friesland Unknown not reg. Unknown
Petra v. Odo Rika's Weelde Unknown NHSB 115878 1947-04-23
Petra Val di Taro Unknown JR 709765 Unknown
Petraca (NHSB 398364) Unknown NHSB 398364 1966-11-11
Petrap Unknown LO0514631 Unknown
Petro (NHSB 317381) Unknown NHSB 317381 1963-07-15
Petronella of Klewko Unknown Unknown 1956-08-29
Petronella v. Thüringen Unknown not reg. Unknown
Petronella v.d. Wolfsdonken Unknown NHSB 411953 1967-07-06
Petrow (NHSB 455312) Unknown NHSB 455312 1968-09-13
Petrus Charleston Unknown Unknown Unknown
Petula v. Edele Brabant Unknown LOSH 245381 Unknown
Petula v. Schwartzen Blitz Unknown LOF 25325/4831 Unknown
Pfeffer dei Nobili Nati Unknown ds130396 1993-05-13
Pfeil v. Mohrthal Unknown not reg. Unknown
Pfiffchen v.d. Weidelsburg Unknown not reg. Unknown
Pflock v.d. Waterkant Unknown not reg. Unknown
Phalouv v. Roveline Unknown ds130455 Unknown
Phanatic Carin Unknown Unknown Unknown
Phantin v. Thüringen Unknown not reg. Unknown
Phantom's Flaxen Lass at Dobenar Unknown Unknown Unknown
Phedorfyre Di Campovalano Unknown ds141015 1994-03-08
Phedra da Cruz de Lys Unknown LOP 29271 Unknown
Philco del Rio Bianco Unknown ds086890 Unknown
Phileens Acrobat Unknown Unknown Unknown
Phileens Fleet Street Unknown Unknown Unknown
Philips (NHSB 513796) Unknown NHSB 513796 1970-05-01
Philmanns Aglaia Unknown Unknown Unknown
Philmans Amethyst of Viemar Unknown Unknown Unknown
Phocas Mayan Prize Unknown Unknown Unknown
Phylax v. Hartenfels Unknown not reg. Unknown
Phylax v.d. Mark Unknown not reg. Unknown
Pia (S 43244/71) Unknown 43244/71 Unknown
Pia (S 6154/50) Unknown S 6154/50 Unknown
Pia Laier (DPZ not reg.) Unknown not reg. Unknown
Pia v. Blankensee Unknown DZB 19654 Unknown
Pia v. Dammberg Unknown OHZB DP10364 Unknown
Pia v. Thüringen Unknown not reg. Unknown
Pia v.d. Winterburg (DPZ 50401) Unknown 50401 Unknown
Picador Forella Raja Unknown 4792/70 Unknown
Picador Hera Unknown 7012/70 Unknown
Picador Kæte Unknown &5931/72 Unknown
Picador Kibi Unknown &5925/72 Unknown
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