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Name Colour Pedigreenumber Date of Birth
O'Alphonse Capone de Gipeuca Unknown Unknown Unknown
O-Diana (NL 03-231/81) Unknown NL 03-231/81 Unknown
Oaks di Coldicania Unknown DS104162 1990-00-00
Obarah Braunia Frausin Unknown Unknown Unknown
Obel de Festiano Unknown LOF Unknown
Oberst v. Havelland Unknown DZB 129157 Unknown
Obi du Mont Leuze Unknown 1104 1978-00-00
Obiuankenobi della Via del Samurai Unknown DS155973 Unknown
Oborn de la Tretoire Unknown Unknown Unknown
Obszidian Giling Unknown MET DOB2359/89 Unknown
Obszidián Carlo Unknown Unknown Unknown
Obszidián Genny Unknown Unknown Unknown
Obszidián Henna Unknown Unknown Unknown
Occult Pepper v. Nollyzor Unknown JR 85235 2016-07-27
Ochsner's Frieda v. Ullbricht Unknown Unknown Unknown
Ocker Ipsos de Diemar Unknown Unknown 1998-00-00
Octavian's Erwin Rommel Unknown Unknown Unknown
Octavian's Friendly Boy Unknown IRL A11918 Unknown
Octavian's Furiosa Fulvia Unknown IRL A11922 Unknown
Oda de l'Oasis des Dobs Unknown Unknown 1998-00-00
Odana v. Edele Brabant Unknown LOSH 237708 Unknown
Odenhof's Fatal Attraction Unknown Unknown Unknown
Odenhof's Risky Business Unknown Unknown Unknown
Odessa di Casa Grasso Unknown ds132287 Unknown
Odette v. Batavodurum Unknown NHSB 434281 1968-02-01
Odette v.d. Hooghe Weide Unknown NHSB 746658 Unknown
Odiane v. Edele Brabant Unknown LOSH 237709 Unknown
Odie (NHSB 441295) Unknown NHSB 441295 1968-06-05
Odin D'Estelle de la Mar Unknown LOF 25138 Unknown
Odin de Rosylmark Unknown PKR.0-CCIII 49386 1978-09-27
Odin v. Hexenkessel Unknown not reg. Unknown
Odin v. Tihajo Unknown NHSB 87246 1944-04-10
Odin von Ryan's Luxus Unknown Unknown Unknown
Odina Mara II v. Aura Unknown Unknown Unknown
Odino di Casa Grasso Unknown DS 132289 Unknown
Odins Hort Unknown OHZB DP4465 Unknown
Odisey Tikrai Nauja Unknown Unknown 2012-01-02
Odo v. Thüringen Unknown not reg. Unknown
Odoacre d'Indiana Jones Unknown Unknown 1998-00-00
Odoma v. Claroma Unknown Unknown Unknown
Odos Daglas Unknown JR 80149 Unknown
Odos Dona Unknown Unknown Unknown
Odos Panama Unknown Unknown Unknown
Odrj dei Ferbas Unknown DS074180 Unknown
Odyll di Campovalano (DS100456) Unknown DS100456 Unknown
Oelga v.d. Hooghe Weide Unknown NHSB 746659 Unknown
Ofalui Ceda Bea Unknown Met 44/87 Unknown
Ofeliya Mayershtadt Unknown UKU.R.005380/00 Unknown
Ogar z Tomky Unknown Unknown 1995-04-28
Ohdeck v. Thüringen Unknown not reg. Unknown
Ohm di Casa Grasso Unknown DS 132290 Unknown
Ohre du Gue en Sologne Unknown Unknown Unknown
Oinone ze Psoluky Unknown Unknown Unknown
Oisel de L'Ile de la Sauvageonne Unknown Unknown Unknown
Ojax Vigirl de la Taniere d'Or Unknown Unknown 1998-00-00
Oka du Schamdar Unknown NHSB 1049285 1978-04-22
Okapi de l'Escaut Unknown Unknown Unknown
Oken Odin de Fieure Gueule Unknown Unknown Unknown
Oken Odin Iliadin de Fiere Gueule Unknown Unknown Unknown
Okita d'Indiana Jones Unknown Unknown 1998-00-00
Oklahoma de l'Hermitage d'Allauch Unknown 021378/03700 Unknown
Okrista Ona du Clos des Grognards Unknown Unknown 1990-01-30
Oksana Tikrai Nauja Unknown Unknown 2012-01-02
Ola Altshtadt Unknown Unknown Unknown
Ola De Ukasan Unknown LOE432110 Unknown
Ola Tikrai Nauja Unknown Unknown 2012-01-02
Olaf (LOI DS089700) Unknown DS089700 Unknown
Olaf (NHSB 504036) Unknown NHSB 504036 1970-03-02
Olaf (NHSB 512156) Unknown NHSB 512156 1970-04-10
Olaf di Stefusto Unknown DS059792 Unknown
Olaf v. Philippsheim Unknown Unknown Unknown
Olaf z Tomky Unknown Unknown 1995-04-28
Old Sangro Dolce Unknown Unknown Unknown
Olden del Branco Intrepido Unknown Unknown Unknown
Olderhill Keyhole Kate Unknown Unknown Unknown
Oldi v.d. Heijdenpark Unknown NHSB 382048 1966-01-02
Oldon v.d. Heijdenpark Unknown NHSB 405433 1967-03-21
Olek de Festiano Unknown LOF 22984/3174 Unknown
Olen de la Basse des Grands Bois Unknown LOF 21528/3448 Unknown
Olenka Red v. Shoo Unknown RD 00567/95 Unknown
Olex (LOI DS120859) Unknown DS120859 Unknown
Olex di Stefusto Unknown ds065926 1983-00-00
Olga (favorit v.d. hohe x mary) Unknown Unknown Unknown
Olga (LOI DS064360) Unknown DS064360 Unknown
Olga (NHSB 420753) Unknown NHSB 420753 1967-07-21
Olga (NHSB 441293) Unknown NHSB 441293 1968-06-05
Olga (NHSB 447589) Unknown NHSB 447589 1968-09-14
Olga de Grifeu Unknown Unknown Unknown
Olga v. Edele Brabant Unknown LOSH 232544 Unknown
Olga v. Groenenhof Unknown NHSB 91942 1945-06-08
Olga v. Kirchweyhe Utbremen Unknown not reg. Unknown
Olga v. Tihajo Unknown NHSB 87241 1944-04-10
Olga v. Winkel Unknown not reg. Unknown
Olga v.d. Hooghe Weide (NHSB 746657) Unknown NHSB 746657 Unknown
Olga v.d. Völkerruhe Unknown Unknown Unknown
Olga v.d. Wolfsdonken Unknown NHSB 435943 1968-03-10
Olgierd v. Thüringen Unknown not reg. Unknown
Olien de la Tretoire Unknown Unknown Unknown
Oligarch Tikrai Nauja Unknown Unknown 2012-01-02
Olinda v.d. Lausitz Unknown 39305 Unknown
Oliver del Palatino Unknown ds077994 Unknown
Olivia del Palatino Unknown ds078002 Unknown
Olivia v. Haus Laurent Unknown Unknown Unknown
Olivier di Casa Grasso Unknown DS 132291 Unknown
Oliviya (UKU 571/89) Unknown UKU 571/89 Unknown
Olla Domeni Unknown Unknown Unknown
Olli (USSR...) Unknown Unknown Unknown
Olli dell'Urbe Unknown DS102918 Unknown
Olli v. Bütersburg Unknown 46958 Unknown
Olly de la Mertzau Unknown LOF 6688/334 Unknown
Olly di Torre Mozza Unknown ds009663 Unknown
Olly v. Hohenstein Unknown not reg. Unknown
Olly v.d. Lausitz Unknown DZB 36042 1925-01-30
Olma di Campovalano Unknown DS084286 Unknown
Olot's Terry Unknown Unknown Unknown
Oly v. Wittegraben Unknown 172241 Unknown
Oly v.d. Falkenau Unknown DZB 23650 Unknown
Olymp di Stefusto Unknown ds065920 1983-00-00
Olympia Red v. Belic House Unknown Unknown 2013-03-24
Olympic Gold v. Merlis Unknown WF 593740 Unknown
Olympic Silver Jubilee Unknown Unknown Unknown
Omar Chantal v. Doberlands Stam Unknown MET 5514/03 Unknown
Omar di Casa Grasso Unknown DS 132292 Unknown
Omar Orpheus Od Telepa Unknown JRSP81955 Unknown
Omayada Tikrai Nauja Unknown LSVKD 2729/12 2012-01-02
Ombra della Lungara Unknown DS062762 Unknown
Ombre des Fils d'Odin Unknown LOF 64453 1998-12-08
Omer v. Haverstein Unknown LOF 6772/480 Unknown
Ona Alba Avis Unknown JR 708168 Unknown
Ona del Littorio Unknown Unknown 1981-09-30
Ona du Mont-Leuze Unknown Unknown 1978-00-00
Onda di Stefusto Unknown ds059795 Unknown
Onda di Stefusto (LOI DS127242) Unknown ds127242 Unknown
Ondra v. Kyffhäuser (DDR 81980) Unknown Unknown Unknown
One Cherry Tchiquita de Fiere Gueule Unknown Unknown Unknown
Onix di Casa Grasso Unknown DS 132285 Unknown
Onkel v. Friedewald Unknown Unknown Unknown
Only Me the Black Shadow Unknown Unknown Unknown
Onne v. Roveline Unknown Unknown 1990-08-01
Onnie de la Karine Unknown Unknown 1978-00-00
Onny (LOI DS101418) Unknown DS101418 Unknown
Ono v. Milano Home Unknown JR 705826 Unknown
Onyx du Pey Mouffa Unknown LOF 6383/409 Unknown
Onyx v.d. Scholle Unknown 1177/64/65 1964-04-02
Onyx-Orestes Unknown DZB 111003 1994-08-19
Opal Tikrai Nauja Unknown Unknown 2012-01-02
Opium v. Edele Brabant Unknown LOSH 230902 Unknown
Oppigårdens Heroic Hurin Unknown Unknown Unknown
Oppio di Casa Grasso Unknown DS 132286 Unknown
Optima iz Gratziano Unknown Unknown Unknown
Opus (DKK..) Unknown Unknown 1981-12-27
Ora (JRDO61689) Unknown JRDO61689 Unknown
Ora (LOI DS064361) Unknown DS064361 Unknown
Ora z Czarnej Jaskinii Unknown PKR.II-XXXIV-6649 1988-12-03
Orabella di Caresi Unknown METDOB 513/15 Unknown
Oracolo del Littorio Unknown DS173695 1996-09-02
Orang (NHSB 379736) Unknown NHSB 379736 1965-12-07
Orbost Jazz Unknown Unknown Unknown
Orchidea (LOI DS003856) Unknown DS003856 Unknown
Orchidea di Stefusto Unknown DS059796 Unknown
Ordogfulu Canis Unknown 5369/93 Unknown
Ordogyeru Botond Unknown Unknown Unknown
Ordwin v.d. Sternallee Unknown DZB 33421 Unknown
Ordögrokka Alba Unknown Unknown Unknown
Orea de la Vallee de la Tendresse Unknown Unknown 1998-00-00
Oree de la Tretoire Unknown Unknown Unknown
Orex v. Rinenols Unknown AKC SBWC 007201 1971-05-30
Orgedori v. Thüringen Unknown not reg. Unknown
Orgetorix v. Thüringen Unknown not reg. Unknown
Orgine (NHSB 80748) Unknown NHSB 80748 1943-02-01
Ori v. Hunglbrunn Unknown OHZB DP 07755 Unknown
Oriane de Rislestal Unknown Unknown Unknown
Orin z Celebes Unknown Unknown 1985-08-15
Orion (NHSB 481987) Unknown NHSB 481987 1969-09-20
Orion auf Frisch Unknown not reg. Unknown
Orion di Stefusto Unknown DS127239 Unknown
Orion di Villa Castelli Unknown DS059532 Unknown
Orion v. Bismarckstein Unknown not reg. Unknown
Orion-Star Lady Unknown DS088597 Unknown
Oris des Dobs d'Arnoline Unknown Unknown 1998-00-00
Orisa z Tureckich Stokow Unknown PKR.II-LXXX-16289 1991-04-07
Orka (LOF ?) Unknown Unknown Unknown
Orkan v. Klingbach Unknown DZB 129439 Unknown
Orla v. Stresow Unknown DZB 40927 Unknown
Orly dell'Astronascente Unknown ds102091 Unknown
Ornan del Littorio Unknown DS173696 1996-09-02
Oro do Cimarlu Unknown SCD 93/269 Unknown
Orphax (NHSB 504029) Unknown NHSB 504029 1970-02-28
Orphée du Cottage Lery Unknown LOF 6818/286 Unknown
Orphes du Moulin Roques Unknown Unknown Unknown
Orpo v. Bütersburg Unknown DZB 46956 Unknown
Orron z Tureckich Stokow Unknown PKR.II-LXXX-16292 1991-04-07
Orsa Gabriella Golden Pack Unknown Unknown 2010-03-01
Orso (LOI ds061449) Unknown ds061449 Unknown
Ortancia'Olga dus Clos des Grognards Unknown LOSH 640436 1990-01-30
Ortansia Olga du Clos des Grognards Unknown Unknown 1990-01-30
Ortega Omen Unknown KC 92422/68 Unknown
Ortlinde v. Nibelungenhort (Siegfried x Hertha) Unknown not reg. Unknown
Ortrud Pommerania (DZB not reg.) Unknown not reg. Unknown
Ortrud v. Sachsen Unknown not reg. Unknown
Ortud v. Stahlhelm Unknown DZB 50648 Unknown
Orvi Pekro Unknown NHSB 470480 1969-03-26
Orville v. Ferrolheim Unknown Unknown 1981-11-22
Osberte v. Nibelungenhort (DPZ not reg. Siegfried x Flosstil Unknown not reg. Unknown
Osberte v. Nibelungenhort (Pr. Arnim x Hertha) Unknown not reg. Unknown
Oscar (LOI DS141797) Unknown DS141797 Unknown
Oscar (NHSB 481986) Unknown NHSB 481986 1969-09-20
Oscar (NHSB 507136) Unknown NHSB 507136 1970-04-25
Oscar (NHSB 518427) Unknown NHSB 518427 1970-06-05
Oscar Di Villa Castelli Unknown DS59533 Unknown
Oschaka (LOSH 0656407) Unknown LOSH 0656407 Unknown
Oschira Do Monte Unknown Unknown Unknown
Osiris (LOF 6351/253) Unknown LOF 6351/253 Unknown
Osiriss del Valle de las Aguilas Unknown Unknown Unknown
Oski v. Haiterbach Unknown DZB 40068 Unknown
Ossa v. Edele Brabant Unknown LOSH 232551 Unknown
Ostrit (NHSB 312527) Unknown NHSB 312527 1963-06-22
Osty v.d. Edeltanne Unknown Unknown Unknown
Ot v.d. Heijdenpark Unknown NHSB 405431 1967-03-21
Otago Rico Chico Unknown Unknown Unknown
Otello (LOI DS089488) Unknown DS089488 Unknown
Otello (NHSB 494396) Unknown NHSB 494396 1969-11-10
Otello v.d. Eckardtsburg Unknown DZB 38865 Unknown
Otero di Stefusto Unknown ds113277 Unknown
Otfay Bea Unknown 410/87 Unknown
Othello de la Morliere Unknown Unknown Unknown
Othello v. Isenburg Unknown not reg. Unknown
Othello v. Main Unknown DZB 43 1903-04-08
Othello v. Philippsheim Unknown OHZB DP7336 Unknown
Othello v.d. Tolhof Unknown NHSB 494966 1969-09-18
Otherton Pure Illusion at Otago Unknown Unknown Unknown
Othertons Country Gent Unknown Unknown Unknown
Othertons Ladies Man Unknown Unknown Unknown
Othertons Machoman Unknown Unknown Unknown
Othertons Zetor Unknown Unknown Unknown
Othon Charleston Unknown Unknown Unknown
Otlson de Festiano Unknown Unknown Unknown
Otniel del Littorio Unknown DS173697 1996-09-02
Otti v. Knipperdolling Unknown 74957 Unknown
Ottilie v. Bütersburg Unknown 46959 Unknown
Ottilie v. Grönland Unknown not reg. Unknown
Otto ( 32/77 Leningrad) Unknown 32/77 Leningrad Unknown
Otto de la Morlière Unknown 6472/113 Unknown
Otty v. Sparrenburg Unknown not reg. Unknown
Oxa della Ripuaria Unknown ds068089 Unknown
Oykumena Unknown RKF 1295140 2001-08-13
Ottos v.d. Heijdenpark Unknown NHSB 405432 1967-03-21
Oxane du Village aux Potiers Unknown LOF2DOB 02821/03532 Unknown
Ovide v. Beukenhage Unknown LOSH 649510 Unknown
Oxford Glinvit de la Taniere d'Or Unknown Unknown 1998-00-00
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