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Name Colour Pedigreenumber Date of Birth
G'Arias Black Blood Brown Unknown Unknown
G'Ritta de la Mertzau Black LOF1DOB 3466 Unknown
G'Sky v. Crowded House Unknown Unknown Unknown
Gabcyndog's Bad Lands Crazy Brown FCA 29677 Unknown
Gabcyndog's Bambam Black Black FCA 28270 Unknown
Gabcyndog's Fire Storm Black FCM P2241 Unknown
Gaber (LOI DS130174) Unknown DS130174 Unknown
Gabi (USSR...) Unknown Unknown Unknown
Gabi v. Bundestor Unknown 40180 Unknown
Gabi v. Hochzeitsturm Unknown 74541 Unknown
Gabir del Nero Selvaggio Unknown Unknown Unknown
Gabria v. Thüringen Unknown not reg. Unknown
Gabriel (RKF ?) Black Unknown Unknown
Gabriela v. Guten Haus Brown Unknown Unknown
Gabriela z Danova Black Unknown Unknown
Gabriele Gothi Cani Neri della Guerra Black Unknown Unknown
Gabuk della Favola Unknown ds067192 Unknown
Gaby (BHR 20036) Unknown BHR 20036 Unknown
Gaby of Pontchartrain Unknown AKC SB 553020 Unknown
Gaia dei Nobili Nati Black 084946 Unknown
Gaia di Stefusto Unknown ds062882 Unknown
Gaia Geraldine z Helfstyna Black Unknown Unknown
Gaia Gipsy dei Due Laghi Brown DS122804 Unknown
Gaia v. Bune Unknown Unknown Unknown
Gaichi Unknown Unknown Unknown
Gaida S-56 Black Unknown Unknown
Gaikir d'islamorada Unknown DS093342 Unknown
Gail Saxa Rubra Unknown DS147500 Unknown
Gaillarde du Carre d'As Unknown Unknown Unknown
Gaily Passo Doble Brown Unknown Unknown
Gaindyke Massina Von Coltregan Black Unknown Unknown
Gaindyke Tamarra at Vonedstram Brown KCSB 286CG Unknown
Gaindyke Tiger Lily Black Unknown Unknown
Gaja Serce Unknown Unknown Unknown
Gaja z Dáblického Unknown CSPKP 584/57/60 Unknown
Gajga Dwa Gangi Unknown EST02074/91 Unknown
Gal's Black Unknown Unknown
Gala de Swarlazd Brown LOE 0757233 Unknown
Gala dei Nobili Nati Unknown DS069246 Unknown
Gala Konasta Janara Black Unknown Unknown
Gala v. Sandberg Unknown 40964 Unknown
Galagad GC Downtown Ichimonji Black Unknown Unknown
Galahan's Sidney Black AKC SBWA 042440 Unknown
Galambfalvi Aida Unknown Unknown Unknown
Galambfalvi Aliz Unknown Unknown Unknown
Galambfalvi Betty Unknown Unknown Unknown
Galante Neri Coretta Black Unknown Unknown
Galateja iz Holodnoi Vezhi Brown Unknown Unknown
Galateya iz Legendi Brown RKF 0002430 Unknown
Galaxis v.d. Aichelburg Black OHZB DP10737 Unknown
Galaxy del Littorio Black Unknown Unknown
Galaxy's Princess Venus Black Unknown Unknown
Gale v. Frenger Black AKC SBW 019046 Unknown
Galeluna dei Due Laghi Black DS122802 Unknown
Galena (LOI ds184962) Black ds184962 Unknown
Galgbergets Branda III Unknown S413Y Unknown
Galia Cardoso's Dharma Black Unknown Unknown
Galia del Nero Selvaggio Unknown ds068893 Unknown
Galice du Chemin des Noues Black 047210/07451 Unknown
Galila Fayza dei Due Laghi Black ds090726 Unknown
Galla Kanasta Nikita Black Unknown Unknown
Galla Konasta Lavaletta Black Unknown Unknown
Galla Konasta Zerdok Brown Unknown Unknown
Galla Konasta Zintar Black Unknown Unknown
Galla z Oswieconej Doliny Brown PKR.II-CIV-21106 Unknown
Gallaburg Gordeliya Black Unknown Unknown
Gallant Lady III (AKC ?) Black Unknown Unknown
Gally du Clos des Feux Ardents Black LOF 48308/7744 Unknown
Galmi Kerri Black 0008131 Unknown
Galmi Kerry Unknown Unknown Unknown
Gama Gothi Cani Neri della Guerra Black Unknown Unknown
Gama King's Fire Brown FCA-024267 Unknown
Gama od Jędzy Unknown Unknown Unknown
Gama v. Feinsten Brown IRZLV 8024-98 Unknown
Gamalsaby dei Due Laghi Black ds090724 Unknown
Gamma Addivat Aldriache Black UKU.R000466/02 Unknown
Gamon Haiquin de la taniére d'or Unknown Unknown Unknown
Gamon Podhraz Brown Unknown Unknown
Ganan de Swarlazd Brown Unknown Unknown
Gandalfjfox di Torre Gave Black LO0751453 Unknown
Gando Gogh v. Freiburghaus Brown Unknown Unknown
Gandy da Casa das Cicas Black Unknown Unknown
Gangster's Bad Boy Black S43319/98 Unknown
Gangster's Beefeater Black S43322/98 Unknown
Gangster's Big Bite Black S43321/98 Unknown
Gangster's Billy Bristly Black S43323/98 Unknown
Gangster's Bitchiga Nettan Black S43318/98 Unknown
Gangster's Black Adder Black S43320/98 Unknown
Gangster's Coogan Girl Black S26778/99 Unknown
Gangster's Flirtige Knut Black S26774/99 Unknown
Gangster's Fran Fine Black S26777/99 Unknown
Gangster's Nicke Nyfiken Black S26773/99 Unknown
Gangster's Pansar Bertha Ii Black S26776/99 Unknown
Gangster's Pansar Bertil Black S26775/99 Unknown
Gangster's Zatmara Black S26779/99 Unknown
Ganna Mirel Geller Brown RKF 0013985 Unknown
Ganze Nick dei Due Laghi Black DS122796 Unknown
Gapa Kossakowna Unknown Unknown Unknown
Gapa Kossakowna Unknown Unknown Unknown
Garbary's Double Gold Unknown AKC SBWE 239350 Unknown
Garbe v. Zinsgut Unknown 40102 Unknown
Garde Etual Asandant Black Unknown Unknown
Gardist v. Thüringen Unknown not reg. Unknown
Garet Gero z Helfstyna Black Unknown Unknown
Garnel (UKU ?) Unknown Unknown Unknown
Garnet of Egleanburg Black AKC SBA 715461 Unknown
Garry v. Klosterholz Black AKC SBW 005409 Unknown
Garvi (own. Goldberg) Unknown Unknown Unknown
Gary Cooper d'Indiana Jones Unknown Unknown Unknown
Gaston Gaudeamus Camo Unknown PKR II-54711 Unknown
Gaston Podhraz Black 24/82/8 Unknown
Gaston z Tomky Unknown Unknown Unknown
Gastrosel v.d. Bärenburg Black SHSB 12110 Unknown
Gato v. Bahnhof Black Unknown Unknown
Gatsby di Acquanegra Black ds127793 Unknown
Gaul di Stefusto Black ds091876 Unknown
Gauner Zkanape Unknown Unknown Unknown
Gaura de Platania Black LOF1DOB 3393 Unknown
Gaura du Boccage Toccata Black LOF1DOB 3410 Unknown
Gavi v.d. Aracoururo Black Unknown Unknown
Gaweł od Niesfornej Black Unknown Unknown
Gay Girl Of Chaseshill Unknown Unknown Unknown
Gay of Dissington Unknown Unknown Unknown
Gay v. Titiana Unknown LOSH 478229 Unknown
Gaya (LOI DS073182) Unknown DS073182 Unknown
Gaya-Grace Des Duches De Bar Black LOF48130/07697 Unknown
Gayamon the Brandy Alexander Unknown Unknown Unknown
Gayka v.d. Kriesberg Unknown LOSH 490533 Unknown
Gaysy (N 62/2009) Unknown 62/2009 Unknown
Gaysy Blacky (N 67/3702) Unknown 67/3702 Unknown
Gayview's Black Warrior Black AKC SBW 150584 Unknown
Gazdagpataki Elsa Unknown 67465 Unknown
Gazelle des Récollets du Lude Black LOF1DOB 500018 Unknown
Gea (LOI DS054568) Unknown DS054568 Unknown
Gea del Nero Selvaggio Black ds037255 Unknown
Gea v.d. Hadespforte Unknown OHU 2831/92 Unknown
Gea v.d. Scholle Brown OHZB DP 7496 Unknown
Geba S-36 Black Unknown Unknown
Gebhard v. Thüringen Unknown not reg. Unknown
Gec (LOI 92481/52) Unknown 92481/52 Unknown
Gefest K-35 Black Unknown Unknown
Gehtse Mani v. Rauchernfeld Black LOF 47183/6517 Unknown
Geida (own. Alekseev) Unknown Unknown Unknown
Geika de Vlady Unknown dcc135 Unknown
Gein (LOI DS120021) Black DS120021 Unknown
Geira (RKF......) Black Unknown Unknown
Geisha (LOSH 476444) Black LOSH 476444 Unknown
Geisha de Castel d'Irchonwelz Black LOSH 490410 Unknown
Geisha Ginger z Helfstyna Black Unknown Unknown
Geisha v. Mühlheim (v. Main) Unknown not reg. Unknown
Geisha v.d. Stolzreute Black 168547 Unknown
Geisha v.d. Westkant Unknown Unknown Unknown
Geisha z Plantatsia Roz Unknown PKR.O-LVI-16011 Unknown
GelAreh Gothi Cani Neri della Guerra Black Unknown Unknown
Geli (EST ?) Unknown Unknown Unknown
Gella (193-71) Unknown 193-71 Unknown
Gella (RKF ???) Unknown Unknown Unknown
Gella v. Bergheim Unknown Unknown Unknown
Gella Victoria Unknown not reg. Unknown
Gelli (LOSH 481779) Unknown LOSH 481779 Unknown
Gelma (RKF ?) Black Unknown Unknown
Gelsina v. Ruhrberg Unknown DZB 40373 Unknown
Geltrude (LOI DS086534) Unknown DS086534 Unknown
Gem Kora Unknown Unknown Unknown
Gema Corona of Ichimonji Brown Unknown Unknown
Gemini's Christmas Chaos Black Unknown Unknown
Gemini's Raising Chaos Unknown AKCWP94341805 Unknown
Gemma by Opmela Black BEK 7486 Unknown
Gemma dei Due Laghi Black ds063784 Unknown
Gemma dei Nobili Nati Black DS 096609 Unknown
Gemma Gothi Cani Neri della Guerra Black Unknown Unknown
General of Todd's Unknown AKC SBA 521474 Unknown
Genny di Casa Coppo Black ds106601 Unknown
Genny di Casa Coppo (ds061027) Unknown ds061027 Unknown
Genta (own. Kuricyn) Unknown Unknown Unknown
Genuine-Risk of Kraft Hill Black BEK015888 Unknown
Geny v.h. Grasbos Unknown LOSH 491513 Unknown
Geoka's The Happy Bridgette Brown Unknown Unknown
Georgi v. Ebonaire's Touchdown Black Unknown Unknown
Georgina Roja del Ave Fenix Brown Unknown Unknown
Gera (own. Telegin) Unknown Unknown Unknown
Gera -Stern Unknown Unknown Unknown
Gera Marat Black 134/80 Unknown
Gera Marat (RKF134/80) Black 134/80 Unknown
Gera Mikaela Black 130/80 Unknown
Gera v. Nieder-Scheld Unknown not reg. Unknown
Gera v. Okerthal Unknown 30806 Unknown
Gera v. Schwarzburg Unknown not reg. Unknown
Gera v. Schwarzing Unknown Unknown Unknown
Gera v. Spring Unknown not reg. Unknown
Gera v. Wartenberg Unknown not reg. Unknown
Gera v.d. Röder Unknown DZB 30181 Unknown
Gera z Pisecneho Ostrova Black Unknown Unknown
Geraldine v. Nibelungenhort Unknown not reg. Unknown
Gerar Ko-3 Black PGKS 02-163/80 Unknown
Gerd v.d. Neckarspitze Black SHSB 34080 Unknown
Gerda (RKF ?) Black Unknown Unknown
Gerda (DZB not reg. Blitz x Dora) Unknown not reg. Unknown
Gerda (EST 01845/93) Black EST 01845/93 Unknown
Gerda (LOF1DOB 3429) Black LOF1DOB 3429 Unknown
Gerda (RKF 594 ) Brown 594 Unknown
Gerda Colonia Unknown not reg. Unknown
Gerda di Stefusto Black LO DS086087 Unknown
Gerda II v. Thüringen Unknown not reg. Unknown
Gerda v. Friesland (born before 1907) Unknown Unknown Unknown
Gerda v. Juareg Unknown Unknown Unknown
Gerda v. Kirchdorf Unknown not reg. Unknown
Gerda v. Langerode Unknown DZB 17595 Unknown
Gerda v. Lauderbach Black AKC 992708 Unknown
Gerda v. Lloydacker Unknown DZB 68709 Unknown
Gerda v. Nibelungenhort (Hagen x Hertha) Unknown not reg. Unknown
Gerda v. Ronneburg Unknown not reg. Unknown
Gerda v. Rothenkirchen Unknown not reg. Unknown
Gerda v. Rufienenschlössl Unknown DZB 31934 Unknown
Gerda v. Ruhrberg Unknown 40372 Unknown
Gerda v. Schleyerhof Black Unknown Unknown
Gerda v. Schloss Droyssig Black 50477 Unknown
Gerda v. Sigalsburg Unknown DZB 40443 Unknown
Gerda v. Stätzlino Unknown Unknown Unknown
Gerda v. Thüringen Unknown not reg. Unknown
Gerda v. Thüringen (Landgraf x Adele v. Thüringen) Unknown Not reg. Unknown
Gerda v. Titiana Unknown LOSH 478234 Unknown
Gerda v. Verwandtschaft Unknown Unknown Unknown
Gerda v.d. Körnereiche Unknown 39914 Unknown
Gerda v.d. Schanzenhöhe Unknown 50219 Unknown
Gerdina (DZB not reg.) Unknown not reg. Unknown
Gerdina v. Silberthal Unknown DZB 9850 Unknown
Gerdine v. Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt Unknown not reg. Unknown
Gerdine v. Thüringen (born before 1900) Unknown not reg. Unknown
Gerett Quart Graham Black Unknown Unknown
Gerhardt v. Thüringen Unknown not reg. Unknown
Gerhilde (DZB not reg.) Unknown not reg. Unknown
Gerhilde v. Apolda Unknown Unknown Unknown
Gerhilde v. Eckardstein Unknown not reg. Unknown
Gerhilde v. Kalk Unknown not reg. Unknown
Gerhilde v. Nibelungenhort Unknown not reg. Unknown
Gerhilde v. Sachsenland Unknown not reg. Unknown
Gerhilde v. Schloss Droyssig Black 50478 Unknown
Gerhilde v. Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt Unknown not reg. Unknown
Gerhilde v.d. Goldenen Höhe Unknown DZB 40262 Unknown
Gerhilde v.d. Rehhütte Black 45681 Unknown
Gerione del Bosco di Giano Black ds006083 Unknown
Gerlind v. Nibelungenhort Unknown not reg. Unknown
Gerlinda v. Thüringen Unknown not reg. Unknown
Gerlinde (Greif Edler x Cilly v. Th) Unknown Unknown Unknown
Gerlinde v. Kalk Unknown not reg. Unknown
Germa v. Schurwald Unknown 28000 Unknown
German Ghin Hellfire Black Unknown Unknown
Gero (own. Goncharov) Black Unknown Unknown
Gero del Diamante Nero Black DS097560 Unknown
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