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Name Colour Pedigreenumber Date of Birth
Fabia (NHSB 1230274) Unknown NHSB 1230274 1981-07-18
Fabiana Teby Unknown Unknown Unknown
Fabiola (NHSB 448440) Unknown NHSB 448440 1968-08-18
Fabiola (NHSB 471865) Unknown NHSB 471865 1969-02-25
Fabiola de Fercus Unknown Unknown Unknown
Fabiola du Castel Tolosane Unknown Unknown 1990-00-00
Fabjan Jokart (METDOB 19) Unknown METDOB 19 Unknown
Fabyfast di Casa Coppo Unknown DS094950 Unknown
Factor v. Nibelungenhort Unknown DZB 25749 Unknown
Faetlee Halit Pasa Unknown Unknown 2011-12-01
Fagor du Castel Tolosane Unknown Unknown 1990-00-00
Fahia (DS095325) Unknown DS095325 Unknown
Fair v.d. Weiherburg Unknown 40449 Unknown
Fairbairns heir Apparent Unknown 1991/006584 Unknown
Fairbrigg Pure Dead Brilliant Unknown Unknown Unknown
Fairlains Arleen Unknown Unknown Unknown
Fairlains Bill Brando Unknown DKK 18166 Unknown
Fairway di Campovalano Unknown ds130540 1993-02-08
Fairy (NL 131/81) Unknown NL 131/81 Unknown
Faisal Nuova Dolce Vita Unknown Unknown 2001-09-12
Faithful del Persifante Unknown LO0844402 Unknown
Faja (DS104665) Unknown DS104665 Unknown
Fajsz Kisligeti Ancsa Unknown Unknown Unknown
Fajsz Kisligeti Carmen Unknown 898… Unknown
Fakir v. Oberland Unknown DZB 21064 Unknown
Fakir z Rejowa Unknown PKR.I-LX-12284 1990-08-03
Fakt Nuova Dolce Vita Unknown Unknown 2001-09-12
Falbie (NHSB 1320400) Unknown NHSB 1320400 1981-09-15
Falco (JR 708295) Unknown JR 708295 Unknown
Falco (NHSB 441563) Unknown NHSB 441563 1968-04-20
Falco de Mercacel Unknown Unknown Unknown
Falco dei Ferbas Unknown ds067315 Unknown
Falco dei Nobili Nati Unknown ds057393 Unknown
Falco v.'t Zandbosch Unknown NHSB 503837 1970-03-26
Falcon della Piancarda Unknown DS099371 1992-03-08
Falcon delle Furie Nere Unknown ds110774 Unknown
Falcor (LOSH 468382) Unknown 468382 Unknown
Falcor di Campovalano Unknown ds130538 1993-02-08
Fales della Piancarda Unknown DS099369 1992-03-08
Falette di Stefusto Unknown ds073451 1985-00-00
Faline v.d. Pulvertoren Unknown NHSB 94920 1945-08-18
Falk (DPZ 46726) Unknown 46726 Unknown
Falk (DS075636) Unknown DS075636 Unknown
Falk del Nero Selvaggio Unknown DS067622 Unknown
Falk del Questor Unknown DS065231 Unknown
Falk v. Eckardstein Unknown not reg. Unknown
Falk v. Finkenerd Unknown Unknown Unknown
Falk v. Halver Unknown not reg. Unknown
Falk v. Herkules Unknown DZB 32773 1924-05-10
Falk v. Tannen Unknown SHSB 16182 Unknown
Falk v.d. Rheinperle Unknown 33158 Unknown
Falk v.d. Waldstatt Unknown SHSB 90943 Unknown
Falko di Casa Montenegro Unknown Unknown Unknown
Falko Felhai de la Taniere d'Or Unknown Unknown 1990-00-00
Falko im Feldelin Unknown SHSB 163268 Unknown
Falko v. Brabant Unknown 39894 Unknown
Falko v. Burgfried Unknown DZB 30364 Unknown
Falko v. Sternhof Unknown not reg. Unknown
Falko v. Timmersloh Unknown DZB 15573 Unknown
Falko v.h. Betuweland Unknown NHSB 397285 1966-08-16
Falstaff v. Stephanie Unknown Unknown Unknown
Falto v.d. Dobbyhoeve Unknown 470271 Unknown
Falworth di Campovalano Unknown ds079569 Unknown
Famaico v.'t Zandbosch Unknown NHSB 503836 1970-03-26
Famäs Dinky Belle of Cobray Unknown Unknown Unknown
Fan di Stefusto Unknown ds117120 Unknown
Fanfan du Tiare Flamboyant Unknown Unknown Unknown
Fanfan Nuova Dolce Vita Unknown Unknown 2001-09-12
Fanni v. Pöltenhof Unknown ZB 81204 1969-01-01
Fanni z Velki Zlina Unknown CS 4202/49 Unknown
Fanny (LO0034906) Unknown LO0034906 Unknown
Fanny (NHSB 505433) Unknown NHSB 505433 1970-01-18
Fanny Braun (DZB 18832) Unknown DZB 18832 Unknown
Fanny dei Sette Camini Unknown ds020023 Unknown
Fanny Heterozja Unknown Unknown Unknown
Fanny II v. Haiterbach Unknown not reg. Unknown
Fanny Szatan Unknown Unknown Unknown
Fanny v. Castrop Unknown not reg. Unknown
Fanny v. Haiterbach (DZB not reg. Tell x Bertha) Unknown not reg. Unknown
Fanny v. Hillohof Unknown LOSH 469423 Unknown
Fanny v. Meeresstrand Unknown not reg. Unknown
Fanny v. Meineweh Unknown not reg. Unknown
Fanny v. Rehhütte Unknown 41384 Unknown
Fanny v. Warteberg Unknown not reg. Unknown
Fanny v. Weiselbachtal Unknown DZB 40379 Unknown
Fanny v. Westrich Unknown not reg. Unknown
Fanny v.d. Dorneburg Unknown not reg. Unknown
Fanny v.d. Kreuzhorst Unknown 15486 Unknown
Fanta An-Ro-Ge Unknown Unknown Unknown
Fanta di Stefusto Unknown DS073447 Unknown
Fantasy Island Aja Unknown WG249168 Unknown
Fantasy Island American Beauty Unknown WR07327901 Unknown
Fantasy Island Aziza Unknown WP63933407 Unknown
Fantasy Island Black Diamond Unknown WS18696602 2006-02-06
Fantasy Island Noble Talent Unknown WF531345 Unknown
Fantazia Nuova Dolce Vita Unknown Unknown 2001-09-12
Fanto (NHSB 1199499) Unknown NHSB 1199499 1981-07-08
Fantomas Nuova Dolce Vita Unknown Unknown 2001-09-12
Fara Unknown Ds 013220 Unknown
Fara (DS085577) Unknown DS085577 Unknown
fara (LOI.......) Unknown Unknown Unknown
Fara del Feudo Unknown ds130140 Unknown
Fara v. Zwanendorp Unknown Unknown Unknown
Fara v.d. Adelmatt Unknown 120598 Unknown
Fara-Dhiba v.'t Zandbosch Unknown NHSB 503840 1970-03-26
Farah (DS064236) Unknown DS064236 Unknown
Farah di Casa Montenegro Unknown Unknown Unknown
Farah du Bois de Lindthout Unknown LOSH 996687 Unknown
Farah Inca de Athanor Unknown Unknown Unknown
Farah v. Kyffhäuser Unknown SDG 2431/83 Unknown
Faraon Nuova Dolce Vita Unknown Unknown 2001-09-12
Farbio Akim Unknown MET.DOB.1060/87 1987-00-00
Fardo v. Hiltje Mouiswalden Unknown NHSB 509253 1970-04-23
Farell v. Zirpen Unknown Unknown 1990-00-00
Farida z Bydgoskiej Wenecji Unknown PKR.0-IV-846 Unknown
Farino v. Graaf Adolf Unknown NHSB 80830 1943-03-23
Farouk (Germain) Unknown SHSB 86218 Unknown
Farrah de la Vallee de Pissevin Unknown Unknown Unknown
Farrah di Torre Mozza Unknown ds040342 Unknown
Farrah di Villa Rossi Unknown DS040342 Unknown
Farrah of August Unknown AKC SBWD 480237 Unknown
Farry v. Friedrichshöh Unknown not reg. Unknown
Farsa z Tomky Unknown Unknown 1988-04-15
Fart z Baskerwillow Unknown Unknown 1987-05-21
Fascito (NHSB 85852) Unknown NHSB 85852 1944-01-22
Fass del Dakarone Unknown DS 102087 Unknown
Fast del Dakarone Unknown DS 102084 Unknown
Fasta v. Havell-Luch Unknown DZB 21326 Unknown
Fasta v. Westend Unknown DZB 19907 Unknown
Fasta v.d. Zeeuwse Landen Unknown NHSB 518520 1970-06-27
Fata degli Hanteroni Unknown ds086599 Unknown
Father v. Shulz Unknown Unknown Unknown
Fatima Bohemia Gotika Unknown Unknown 1997-07-23
Fatuma v. Derema Unknown not reg. Unknown
Faun (DS080088) Unknown DS080088 Unknown
Faun del Palatino Unknown ds066102 1983-01-05
Faun della Piancarda Unknown DS099372 1992-03-08
Faust de Ferdibarr Unknown LOSH 473762 Unknown
Faust II v.d. Rübenburg Unknown not reg. Unknown
Faust v. Düsseltal Unknown DZB 10473 Unknown
Faust v. Elsterstrand Unknown DZB 40476 Unknown
Faust v. Seehagen Unknown DZB 25148 Unknown
Faust v. Stukenbrock Unknown 38676 Unknown
Faust v.d. Alexanderhöhe Unknown 29075 Unknown
Faust v.d. Pulvertoren Unknown NHSB 94914 1945-08-18
Faust v.d. Schwanenhöhe Unknown 40161 Unknown
Fausta v.'t Zandbosch Unknown NHSB 503838 1970-03-26
Fauster de la Vallee de la Tendresse Unknown Unknown Unknown
Faustiona's Sapho Unknown Unknown Unknown
Faustiona's Tanja Unknown Unknown Unknown
Favorita de los Valientes Unknown LOE 131493 Unknown
Favorite (Horst v. th x Flora) Unknown Unknown Unknown
Favory di Stefusto Unknown DS077304 Unknown
Fay Lenchen Indian Spring Unknown Unknown Unknown
Fayann du Castel Tolosane Unknown Unknown 1990-00-00
Fayer-Dingo Brenda Unknown DS121321 Unknown
Fearless Kim Unknown Unknown 1955-08-13
Febo del Coinor Unknown ds094280 Unknown
Fed-Le-Alrona Unknown EST 02952/91 Unknown
Fedor di Casa Montenegro Unknown Unknown Unknown
Fedor v. Auetal Unknown 40641 Unknown
Fedor v. Deutschen Sanitätshundzwinger Senta Unknown 31368 Unknown
Fedor v. Nibelungenring Unknown 46617 Unknown
Fedor v. Oststern Unknown DZB 21149 Unknown
Fedor v. Parthengrund Unknown not reg. Unknown
Fedor v.d. Engelsburg Unknown DZB 10298 Unknown
Fedor v.d. Wendenburg Unknown not reg. Unknown
Fedor v.d. Zeeuwse Landen Unknown NHSB 518518 1970-06-27
Fedra Best of Island Unknown Unknown Unknown
Fee v. Boerding Unknown 34978 Unknown
Fee v. Haus Viking Unknown KCP/16718 1959-10-19
Fee v. Hillohof Unknown 469431 Unknown
Fee v. Hoheneichen Unknown 39865 Unknown
Fee v. Sporthof Unknown 26832 Unknown
Fee v. Woogesstrand Unknown DZB 21156 Unknown
Fee v.d. Bärenwiese Unknown 40081 Unknown
Fee v.d. Goldschmied-Au Unknown Unknown Unknown
Fee-Faramere (S45624/72) Unknown S45624/72 Unknown
Feetin v. Strengbach Unknown not reg. Unknown
Fehér Akac Andi Unknown 426889 Unknown
Fehér-Cobra Amálka Unknown 621/87 Unknown
Feisal del Nero Selvaggio Unknown ds075827 Unknown
Feisal v. Hiltje Mouiswalden Unknown NHSB 509246 1970-04-23
Fekete Csaszar Alfred Unknown METDOB 3840/89 Unknown
Fekete-Anubisz Alain Unknown METDOB 10843/91 Unknown
Fekete-Démon Aliz Unknown METDOB 4306 Unknown
Fekete-Demon Cort Unknown METDOB 4774 Unknown
Fekete-Demon Csibi Unknown MET DOB4775 Unknown
Fekete-Felho Andi Unknown 1318/88 Unknown
Fekete-Felhö Ali Unknown Unknown Unknown
Fekete-Ordog Ixon Unknown Unknown Unknown
Fekete-Orpheus Anzo Unknown METDOB 4080 Unknown
Fekete-Orpheus Cayena Unknown Unknown Unknown
Fekete-Orpheus Dido Unknown MET DOB2584/88 Unknown
Fekete-Sarkany Bella Unknown 3057 Unknown
Fekete-Ördög Edina Unknown Unknown Unknown
Fekete-Ördög Iris Unknown Unknown Unknown
Fela (DS095321) Unknown DS095321 Unknown
Felby v. Afrika Unknown Unknown Unknown
Feldwebel Athena Unknown Unknown Unknown
Félegyházi-Sátán Belinda Unknown Unknown Unknown
Felfoldi Orzo Cecil Unknown 7515/90 Unknown
Felföldi Axel Unknown 3113 Unknown
Felicitas Plato (DPZ 20815) Unknown DZB 20815 Unknown
Feline di Stefusto Unknown DS111296 Unknown
Felisity di Casa Montenegro Unknown Unknown Unknown
Felita iz Russkogo Doma Unknown RKF 0005616 Unknown
Felita v.d. Residenz Unknown DZB 30785 Unknown
Felix (NHSB 507519) Unknown NHSB 507519 1970-03-14
Felix v. Bad Heidelberg Unknown Unknown Unknown
Felix v. Stuttgart Unknown not reg. Unknown
Felix v.d. Woldpoort Unknown NHSB 83011 1943-08-12
Fella v. Frankeneck Unknown 31875 Unknown
Fella v.d. Winterburg (DPZ 34428) Unknown 34428 Unknown
Fellow du Tiare Flamboyant Unknown Unknown Unknown
Fellow v.'t Zandbosch Unknown 767433 1974-12-22
Felma v. Bogislav Unknown DZB 11680 Unknown
Fels v. Drachenhaus Unknown DZB 40051 Unknown
Fels v. Grimmen Unknown not reg. Unknown
Fels v. Merseburg Eisenhof Unknown not reg. Unknown
Fels v. Nibelungenhort Unknown not reg. Unknown
Felso-Budakalaszi Vera Unknown 130/93 Unknown
Felso-Budakalászi Hedda Unknown Unknown Unknown
Felsopatvai-Hektor Akita Unknown ds131188 Unknown
Felsö Budakalaszi Ulla Unknown Unknown Unknown
Felsö Budakalaszi Valdemar Ivan Unknown Unknown Unknown
Felsö-Budakalászi Csoki Unknown Unknown 1993-10-28
Felsö-Budakalászi Abigél Unknown Unknown Unknown
Felsö-Budakalászi Dareiosz Unknown METDOB 3193 Unknown
Felsö-Budakalászi Dézi Unknown Unknown Unknown
Felsö-Budakalászi Gloria Viki Unknown Unknown Unknown
Felsö-Budakalászi Margo Unknown Unknown Unknown
Felsöpatvai-Hektor Akilla Unknown MET DOB8436/90 Unknown
Felven Avrora Unknown Unknown Unknown
Femi Iwa Obłuże Unknown Unknown Unknown
Femina (NHSB not reg.) Unknown not reg. Unknown
Femke (NHSB 424619) Unknown NHSB 424619 1967-12-12
Femme fatale de Muralba Unknown Unknown Unknown
Fend Fey Sendi Unknown Unknown Unknown
Fendi del Montaldo Unknown DS140643 Unknown
Fendi della Ripuaria Unknown DS110333 Unknown
Fenia di Casa Balestrieri Unknown DS139408 Unknown
Fenris Abbey Unknown Unknown Unknown
Fenris Dare To Rule of Baynest Unknown BP002368 Unknown
Fenris Dare To Rule of Baynest Unknown BP002368 Unknown
Fenris v. Asgard Unknown Unknown Unknown
Fensy (RUS 409-B) Unknown RUS 409-B Unknown
Fényes-Hold Alfa Unknown Unknown Unknown
Fenylocsillag Amir Unknown 383189 Unknown
Fenyomenti Bianca Unknown 4710 Unknown
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