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Larisa Afonina
Lastname Afonina
Firstname Larisa
Streetname Solnechnogorskaya
Housenumber 6-1-29
Postcode 125413
City Moscow
Telephonenumber 89036131580
Emailadres mishelstar@mail.ru
Website http://www.dar-real.ru
Owner of 2008-04-07 Delkon's Bina Bizarta
1994-05-04 Grinia iz Slavnoi Stai
2004-04-01 Korona Astralis Esmir
2001-09-08 Korona Astralis Mishel
Breeder of 2007-01-22 Delkon's Aleksis Aleksa
2007-01-22 Delkon's Anteus Amos
2007-01-22 Delkon's Arletta Alkona
2007-01-22 Delkon's Arnesto Arris
2007-01-22 Delkon's Avrora Aura
2008-04-07 Delkon's Baldr Bor
2008-04-07 Delkon's Bara Bakara
2008-04-07 Delkon's Bert Benno
2008-04-07 Delkon's Best Bayard
2008-04-07 Delkon's Bina Bizarta
2008-04-07 Delkon's Biya Blanka
2008-04-07 Delkon's Brend Brio
2008-04-07 Delkon's Bruno Braun
2011-08-05 Delkon's Diana D'Amour
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