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B. Barturen Eguren (de Dashlut)
Lastname Barturen Eguren (de Dashlut)
Firstname B.
Streetname c/ dieciseis
Housenumber 16
Postcode 28514
City Nuevo Baztan.Madrid
Telephonenumber +34654101238
Emailadres begobarturen@yahoo.es
Website http://www.dashlut.com
Owner of 2002-09-17 Astrid de Dashlut
2006-12-31 Kalom Daker
2000-12-17 Nell de Grifeu
Breeder of 2002-09-17 Alyne de Dashlut
2002-09-17 Astrid de Dashlut
2006-01-28 Eros de Dashlut
2006-04-14 Fabian De Dashlut
2006-04-14 Fedra De Dashlut
2006-04-14 Frida De Dashlut
2007-01-26 H'Iron Maiden de Dashlut
2007-01-26 Hanna De Dashlut
2007-01-26 Huila de Dashlut
0000-00-00 Ingrid de Dashlut
0000-00-00 Ira de Dashlut
0000-00-00 Ishtar de Dashlut
2007-04-01 J'Areck De Dashlut
2007-04-01 Jaguar De Dashlut
2007-04-01 Janice De Dashlut
2007-04-01 Jerome De Dashlut
2007-04-01 Jocelyn De Dashlut
2007-04-01 Joker De Dashlut
2007-04-01 Julishcka De Dashlut
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