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Cecilia Andersson
Lastname Andersson
Firstname Cecilia
Streetname Krängsberg Hagen
Postcode 56791
City Vaggeryd
Telephonenumber +46 (0)7338938
Emailadres zizzi.belitza@tele2.se
Website http://www.zizziz.se
Owner of
Breeder of 2009-09-06 Zally (SKK S56056/2009)
2009-09-06 Zamba (SKK S56057/2009)
2009-09-06 Ziri (SKK S56055/2009)
2009-09-06 Zniper (SKK S56051/2009)
2009-09-06 Zolo (SKK S56053/2009)
2009-09-06 Zony (SKK S56052/2009)
2009-09-06 Zorro (SKK S56054/2009)
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