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Pascale v. Roveline
Name Pascale v. Roveline
Owner Reet Kaus (Hainide)
Breeder R. & E. Beunekens-Breugelmans (v. Rove
Gender Bitch
Pedigreebook EST
Pedigreenumber EST 01859/93
Colour Black
Sire Graaf Quirinus v. Neerlands Stam (NHSB 1550587)
Dam Nathy v. Roveline
Date of birth 1991-08-08
Date deceased 2000-01-01
Cause of death 09-year / ?
Extra information INT CH, Est CH, Fin CH, Lv CH, Ltu CH, Estland Sieger -94,
Lithuania Sieger -93 & -97
HD Status HD: A-1
"von Willebrand" Unknown
Wobbler Syndrom (C.V.I.) Unknown
Cardiomyopathie Holter and Echo Unknown
Cardiomyopathie DNA Marker Unknown
Dilute Unknown
Inbred percentage 4.6238 %
Brothers and sisters
1991-08-08Paco v. RovelineUnknown
1991-08-08Pam v. RovelineHD: B-2
1991-08-08Pathy v. RovelineUnknown
1991-08-08Pemba v. RovelineUnknown
1991-08-08Petula v. RovelineUnknown
1991-08-08Purdy v. Roveline Unknown
1995-10-26Hainide Agda-AnelaHD: A-1
1995-10-26Hainide Alie ArleneUnknown
1995-10-26Hainide Arian ArmandoHD: A-1
1995-10-26Hainide Arro ArminUnknown
1995-10-26Hainide Assa-AlexaUnknown
1995-10-26Hainide Axa-ArinaUnknown
1996-10-16Hainide Darky-DarmerHD: C
1996-10-16Hainide Dasty-DalianHD: C
1996-10-16Hainide Deila-DerellaUnknown
1996-10-16Hainide Dinga-DeenahHD: B-1
1996-10-16Hainide Dorn-DonovanHD: A-1
1998-06-30Hainide Kara KarinaUnknown
1998-06-30Hainide Karla-KamillaHD: D
1998-06-30Hainide Kea-KleopatraHD: A-1
1998-06-30Hainide Keit-KarlosHD: B-1
1998-06-30Hainide Kent KirranUnknown
1998-06-30Hainide Kermo-KonanUnknown
1998-06-30Hainide Kerra-KaresseUnknown
1998-06-30Hainide Kiki-KorinnaUnknown
1998-06-30Hainide King KalisHD: B-1
1998-06-30Hainide Klea KelianaHD: A-1
2000-02-19Hainide Raina-RabellaUnknown
2000-02-19Hainide Rasty-RandelUnknown
2000-02-19Hainide Rhea-RavennaUnknown
2000-02-19Hainide Ringa-RaminaUnknown
2000-02-19Hainide Rolls-RoyceHD: B-1
2000-02-19Hainide Rondo-RobinUnknown
2000-02-19Hainide Ruby-RossUnknown
1994-06-28Hainide Waiko-WossUnknown
1994-06-28Hainide Weena-WerenaUnknown
2001-06-25Hainide Wergo-WarrenUnknown
1994-06-28Hainide Wiona-WigellaUnknown
2001-06-25Hainide Wix-WildorUnknown
Added by Simone
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