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Ali v. Langenhorst
Name Ali v. Langenhorst
Owner K. H. Vöhl (v. Ohmtal)
Breeder S. Krüger (v. Langenhorst)
Gender Stud
Pedigreebook DZB
Pedigreenumber DZB 89464
Colour Black
Sire Guy's Hilo v. Norden Stamm
Dam Biene v. Niederkassel
Date of birth 1977-10-29
Date deceased 1992-00-00
Cause of death 14-year / Old age
Extra information SchH III , IPO III, FH
1984 Angekört 2-year / 1A
Angekört ZVA / 1A
International Champion
German Champion DV
German Champion VDH
Bundessieger 1982
DV Sieger 1983
Europasieger 1984
IDC Sieger 1982

Source: In the beginning.....A history of the Dobermann by J.M. v.d. Zwan

“This big black male (71 cm) is from German breeding. At the Worldwinner Show in Dortmund, judge Wiblishauser wrote: “a 3½ year old male with a good build and substance. He has the right size. The topline and tailset are correct. He stands right strong bones. The markings are dark enough, eyes are middle brown, the chest markings are not so clear. In the front movement the legs are turning out”.

In character he is outstanding. He is a courageous, hard dog with very high fighting and protecting spirit. He passed his Schutzhund III several times with 100 points for his manwork. At the 'Körung' he got 1A for life. In 1982 he became Bundessieger, in 1984, Europasieger and D.V. Sieger in 1983. He has his German Champion title as well as his International title.”

Ali lived with his owner, Heike Reitzner till he died of old age.

Ali lebte bis zuletzt bei seiner Besitzerin Heike Reitzner (ehem. Vöhl) und verstarb im Alter von 14 Jahren an Altersschwäche.
HD Status HD: B-1
"von Willebrand" Unknown
Wobbler Syndrom (C.V.I.) Unknown
Cardiomyopathie Holter and Echo Unknown
Cardiomyopathie DNA Marker Unknown
Dilute Unknown
Inbred percentage 5.8874 %
Brothers and sisters
1977-10-29Afra v. LangenhorstUnknown
1977-10-29Alf v. LangenhorstUnknown
1977-10-29Amboss v. LangenhorstHD: A-1
1977-10-29Amsel v. LangenhorstUnknown
1977-10-29Amur v. LangenhorstUnknown
1977-10-29Arpad v. LangenhorstUnknown
1977-10-29Assi v. LangenhorstHD: A-1
1979-01-26Barko v. LangenhorstUnknown
1979-01-26Barri v. LangenhorstUnknown
1979-01-26Bello v. LangenhorstUnknown
1979-01-26Biene v. LangenhorstUnknown
1979-01-26Boris v. LangenhorstUnknown
1979-01-26Boy v. LangenhorstUnknown
1979-01-26Brando v. LangenhorstHD: B-1
1981-04-16Dana v. OhmtalHD: B-1
1981-04-16Dasy v. OhmtalUnknown
1981-04-16Diana v. OhmtalUnknown
1981-04-16Dirk v. OhmtalUnknown
1981-04-16Dolf v. OhmtalUnknown
1981-04-16Donga v. OhmtalUnknown
1981-04-16Donn v. OhmtalHD: B-1
1981-04-16Donna v. OhmtalHD: A-1
1981-04-16Dux v. OhmtalUnknown
1983-12-07Aaron v. EifellandUnknown
1985-12-06Aaron v. RettenbachUnknown
1983-04-06Abbas v. FalkenseeUnknown
1984-03-29Acco v. Flandrischen LöwenUnknown
1983-09-15Acco v.d. TrenkelbachUnknown
1983-04-06Adda v. FalkenseeUnknown
1985-11-10Adonia v. PilgenhofUnknown
1983-03-31Afra v. HöhendorfUnknown
1988-09-09Afra v. WaltersteinUnknown
1983-09-15Afra v.d. TrenkelbachUnknown
1983-03-31Agent v. HöhendorfUnknown
1984-08-28Agile v. FeuersteinHD: A-1
1984-12-06Aida v. Griesinger MoorUnknown
1986-07-13Aira v. Linden-EckUnknown
1986-07-13Aischa v. Linden-EckUnknown
1989-05-13Aki v. Hause VetterUnknown
1983-09-15Aki v.d. TrenkelbachUnknown
1986-07-13Akira v. Linden-EckUnknown
1983-12-07Akischa v. EifellandUnknown
1985-12-06Albin v. RettenbachUnknown
1988-09-05Aldo v. BurgwaldUnknown
1983-03-31Alf v. HöhendorfUnknown
1984-02-24Alf v. Kesseldorfer RottUnknown
1988-09-09Alf v. WaltersteinUnknown
1983-09-15Alf v.d. TrenkelbachUnknown
1984-12-06Ali v. Griesinger MoorUnknown
1988-09-09Ali v. WaltersteinUnknown
1983-09-15Ali v.d. TrenkelbachUnknown
1984-03-29Alida v. Flandrischen LöwenHD: B-1
1988-09-05Alisa v. BurgwaldUnknown
1988-09-09Amanda v. WaltersteinUnknown
1988-09-05Amara v. BurgwaldUnknown
1984-12-06Amber v. Griesinger MoorUnknown
1985-11-10Ambio v. PilgenhofUnknown
1984-03-29Amida v. Flandrischen LöwenHD: B-1
1985-11-10Amindo v. PilgenhofUnknown
1983-04-06Amor v. FalkenseeUnknown
1986-12-20Andi v. WerratalUnknown
1983-04-06Andra v. FalkenseeUnknown
1984-02-24Andra v. Kesseldorfer RottHD: B-1
1988-09-09Andra v. WaltersteinUnknown
1985-03-17Andy v. PanburgUnknown
1988-09-09Andy v. WaltersteinUnknown
1986-12-20Angi v. WerratalHD: A-1
1989-05-13Angie v. Hause VetterUnknown
1983-03-31Anina v. HöhendorfUnknown
1983-04-06Anja v. FalkenseeUnknown
1984-03-29Anja v. Flandrischen LöwenUnknown
1985-11-10Anjou v. PilgenhofUnknown
1984-03-29Anka v. Flandrischen LöwenHD: A-1
1984-12-06Anka v. Griesinger MoorUnknown
1984-02-24Anka v. Kesseldorfer RottUnknown
1983-09-15Anka v.d. TrenkelbachHD: A-1
1985-12-06Annamirl v. RettenbachUnknown
1983-03-31Annette v. HöhendorfUnknown
1988-09-09Anuk v. WaltersteinUnknown
1985-11-10Apex v. PilgenhofUnknown
1988-09-09Apollo v. WaltersteinUnknown
1985-11-10Aramir v. PilgenhofUnknown
1988-09-05Arcas v. BurgwaldUnknown
1985-03-17Arcas v. PanburgUnknown
1983-12-07Arco v. EifellandUnknown
1983-04-06Arco v. FalkenseeUnknown
1988-09-09Arco v. WaltersteinUnknown
1986-12-20Arco v. WerratalUnknown
1983-09-15Arco v.d. TrenkelbachUnknown
1983-03-31Arcus v. HöhendorfUnknown
1985-11-10Ares v. PilgenhofUnknown
1985-03-17Argia v. PanburgUnknown
1985-11-10Argon v. PilgenhofUnknown
1988-09-05Aristo v. BurgwaldUnknown
1984-03-29Aristo v. Flandrischen LöwenHD: A-1
1984-03-29Arius v. Flandrischen LöwenUnknown
1984-12-06Arko v. Griesinger MoorUnknown
1986-07-13Arko v. Linden-EckUnknown
1984-03-29Armin v. Flandrischen LöwenHD: B-1
1983-02-26Arne v. EstetalHD: A-1
1988-09-05Aron v. BurgwaldUnknown
1984-03-29Aron v. Flandrischen LöwenUnknown
1985-03-17Aron v. PanburgUnknown
1984-08-28Arpad v. FeuersteinUnknown
1986-12-20Arpad v. WerratalUnknown
1984-12-06Arras v. Griesinger MoorUnknown
1983-03-31Arras v. HöhendorfUnknown
1984-02-24Arras v. Kesseldorfer RottUnknown
1986-12-20Asco v. WerratalUnknown
1983-03-31Askan v. HöhendorfUnknown
1984-12-06Asko v. Griesinger MoorUnknown
1983-04-06Assi v. FalkenseeUnknown
1989-05-13Assi v. Hause VetterUnknown
1983-09-15Assi v.d. TrenkelbachUnknown
1983-12-07Asta v. EifellandUnknown
1983-03-31Asta v. HöhendorfUnknown
1988-09-05Astor v. BurgwaldUnknown
1983-12-07Astor v. EifellandUnknown
1988-09-09Astor v. WaltersteinUnknown
1983-03-31Athos v. HöhendorfUnknown
1984-03-29Atlas v. Flandrischen LöwenHD: B-1
1984-03-29Attila v. Flandrischen LöwenHD: B-1
1985-11-10Aura v. PilgenhofUnknown
1985-03-17Ax v. PanburgHD: A-1
1984-12-06Axel v. Griesinger MoorHD: A-1
1988-09-09Axel v. WaltersteinUnknown
1984-03-29Azura v. Flandrischen LöwenUnknown
1985-08-29Babtist v. Poppelsdorfer SchlossUnknown
1985-08-29Babuschke v. Poppelsdorfer SchlossHD: A-1
1984-03-08Baghera v. FischbechiHD: A-1
1984-08-24Balucca v. GrüntalUnknown
1982-05-09Bandur v. FüssjeUnknown
1984-02-12Banjo v. EstetalHD: B-1
1984-03-08Banty v. FischbechiUnknown
1983-06-27Bas v.h. Oude MolenzichtUnknown
1984-03-13Basco v. FalkenseeUnknown
1982-05-09Basje v. FüssjeUnknown
1984-02-12Basra v. EstetalUnknown
1984-03-08Basra v. FischbechiUnknown
1983-06-27Bayka v.h. Oude MolenzichtHD: B-1
1984-02-12Bea v. EstetalHD: A-1
1983-06-27Beauty v.h. Oude MolenzichtUnknown
1985-12-29Belami v.d. LogauHD: A-1
1984-03-08Ben v. FischbechiHD: B-1
1985-08-29Ben v. Poppelsdorfer SchlossUnknown
1984-02-12Berber v. EstetalUnknown
1984-03-08Berry v. FischbechiUnknown
1985-12-29Berry v.d. LogauUnknown
1986-04-30Bess v.d. Otten MühleUnknown
1984-03-08Bessy v. FischbechiUnknown
1986-04-30Bessy v.d. Otten MühleUnknown
1984-03-13Bianca v. FalkenseeUnknown
1984-02-12Biene v. EstetalHD: B-1
1985-08-29Biene v. Poppelsdorfer SchlossUnknown
1982-05-09Bijou v. FüssjeUnknown
1984-08-24Bijou v. GrüntalUnknown
1984-02-12Bingo v. EstetalUnknown
1984-08-24Bingo v. GrüntalUnknown
1985-08-29Bingo v. Poppelsdorfer SchlossUnknown
1985-12-29Binka v.d. LogauUnknown
0000-00-00Black-Dober Falko MaxUnknown
1984-08-24Blanche v. GrüntalUnknown
1984-02-12Bo v. EstetalHD: A-1
1984-08-24Bo v. GrüntalUnknown
1984-03-08Boa v. FischbechiHD: A-1
1987-07-24Bonnie v. WerratalUnknown
1984-02-12Bonny v. EstetalHD: A-1
1984-03-13Bonny v. FalkenseeUnknown
1984-03-08Bonny v. FischbechiUnknown
1985-08-29Bonny v. Poppelsdorfer SchlossUnknown
1984-02-12Boris v. EstetalUnknown
1985-08-29Boris v. Poppelsdorfer SchlossUnknown
1985-12-29Boris v.d. LogauUnknown
1985-12-29Bosco v.d. LogauUnknown
1984-03-08Bourbon v. FischbechiUnknown
1982-05-09Bowie v. FüssjeUnknown
1984-08-24Boy v. GrüntalUnknown
1986-03-20Brahms de l'Abbaye des LoupsUnknown
1984-03-08Brayn v. FischbechiUnknown
1984-02-12Brenda v. EstetalHD: B-1
1986-04-30Brenda v.d. Otten MühleUnknown
1983-06-27Brenda v.h. Oude MolenzichtUnknown
1986-03-20Briska de L'Abbaye des LoupsUnknown
1983-06-24Britta v. SteinbachtalHD: B-1
1985-12-29Britta v.d. LogauUnknown
1986-04-30Brix v.d. Otten MühleUnknown
0000-00-00Bronco Ali des Hautes BarellesUnknown
1984-03-13Bronco v. FalkenseeUnknown
1985-08-29Bronco v. Poppelsdorfer SchlossUnknown
1983-06-27Bronco v.h. Oude MolenzichtUnknown
1984-03-08Bronko v. FischbechiUnknown
1986-04-30Bryan v.d. Otten MühleUnknown
1984-08-24Buddy v. GrüntalUnknown
1984-08-24Bunny v. GrüntalUnknown
1986-04-30Burga v.d. Otten MühleHD: A-1
1982-05-09Butsch v. FüssjeUnknown
1984-02-12Byron v. EstetalUnknown
1985-01-07Calyn v. LangenhorstUnknown
1986-05-22Canto v. BaunsbergUnknown
1985-01-07Caspar v. LangenhorstUnknown
1985-01-07Casso v. LangenhorstUnknown
1986-05-05Castor v.d. MooreicheHD: A-1
1983-06-14Cendy v. OdenwaldUnknown
1986-05-22Cento v. BaunsbergUnknown
1985-02-19Cero v. FalkenseeUnknown
1985-10-22Champ v. GeronatalUnknown
1986-05-22Charik v. BaunsbergUnknown
1986-05-22Charko v. BaunsbergHD: A-1
1985-01-07Charlyn v. LangenhorstUnknown
1986-05-22Chendo v. BaunsbergUnknown
1986-05-05Cheska v.d. MooreicheHD: A-1
1985-10-22Chesko v. GeronatalUnknown
1985-10-22Chico v. GeronatalUnknown
1983-06-14Chico v. OdenwaldUnknown
1983-06-14Chico v. OdenwaldUnknown
1983-06-14Chiela v. OdenwaldHD: A-1
1986-05-05Chiela v.d. MooreicheHD: A-1
1986-05-22Chiko v. BaunsbergUnknown
1985-01-07Chiko v. LangenhorstUnknown
1985-10-22Christo v. GeronatalUnknown
0000-00-00Cigi ElvaUnknown
1985-02-19Cinga v. FalkenseeUnknown
1986-05-22Cinjo v. BaunsbergUnknown
1985-01-07Cita v. LangenhorstHD: B-1
1983-06-14Cita v. OdenwaldHD: A-1
1986-05-05Cita v.d. MooreicheHD: A-1
1985-10-22Cliff v. GeronatalUnknown
1983-06-14Cliff v. OdenwaldHD: B-1
1985-10-22Clint v. GeronatalUnknown
1985-01-07Colt v. LangenhorstUnknown
1985-10-22Cona v. GeronatalUnknown
1986-05-05Condor v.d. MooreicheHD: A-1
1985-10-22Conny v. GeronatalUnknown
1986-05-22Cora v. BaunsbergHD: A-1
1985-02-19Cora v. FalkenseeUnknown
1985-01-07Cora v. LangenhorstUnknown
1983-06-14Cora v. OdenwaldUnknown
1986-05-05Cora v.d. MooreicheHD: A-1
1986-05-05Cyrus v.d. MooreicheUnknown
1985-10-30Dako v. EstetalUnknown
1985-10-30Danja v. EstetalUnknown
1986-01-29Dark v. FalkenseeUnknown
1985-10-30Dascha v. EstetalHD: A-1
1985-05-25David v.d. HexenbrückeUnknown
1985-10-30Dax v. EstetalUnknown
1987-05-04Demina v. BaunsbergUnknown
1987-05-04Denica v. BaunsbergUnknown
1987-05-04Dequero v. BaunsbergUnknown
1987-05-04Dequina v. BaunsbergHD: A-1
1983-04-10Derrik v. LindenhofUnknown
1983-04-10Desmond v. LindenhofUnknown
1987-05-04Dienna v. BaunsbergUnknown
1985-10-30Dina v. EstetalUnknown
1985-10-30Dino v. EstetalUnknown
1986-01-29Dino v. FalkenseeUnknown
1986-01-29Divina v. FalkenseeUnknown
1985-10-30Django v. EstetalUnknown
1983-04-10Dobra v. Lindenhof (DZB 94872)HD: B-1
1985-10-30Dominique v. EstetalUnknown
1983-04-10Domino v. LindenhofHD: A-1
1985-10-30Don v. EstetalUnknown
1986-01-29Don v. FalkenseeUnknown
1983-04-10Donga v. Lindenhof (DZB 94874)Unknown
1987-05-04Donia v. BaunsbergHD: A-1
1983-04-10Donia v. Lindenhof (DZB 94875)Unknown
1986-01-29Donna v. FalkenseeHD: A-1
1983-04-10Donna v. Lindenhof (DZB 94873)HD: A-1
1987-05-04Doschina v. BaunsbergUnknown
1985-05-25Drago v.d. HexenbrückeHD: B-1
1987-05-04Drevor v. BaunsbergUnknown
1985-10-30Driver v. EstetalHD: A-1
1985-10-30Dunja v. EstetalUnknown
1985-05-25Dux v.d. HexenbrückeUnknown
1983-04-10Dyango v. LindenhofUnknown
1983-04-10Dyax v. Lindenhof (DZB 94870)Unknown
1986-12-12Effie v. FalkenseeUnknown
1982-10-21Ehea v.d. FliehburgUnknown
1983-05-14Eika v. Lindenhof (DZB 95147)Unknown
1982-10-21Ejanko v.d. FliehburgUnknown
1986-12-12Emir v. FalkenseeUnknown
1982-10-21Enka v.d. FliehburgUnknown
1983-05-14Erco v. LindenhofUnknown
1986-12-12Erina v. FalkenseeUnknown
1986-12-12Ero v. FalkenseeUnknown
1983-05-14Exe v. LindenhofHD: A-1
1986-12-12Eycha v. FalkenseeHD: B-1
1983-06-26Falco v. LindenhofUnknown
1983-06-26Falk v. Lindenhof (DZB 95151)Unknown
1982-09-08Falko v. AmtmannsgartenUnknown
1983-06-26Fanta v. LindenhofUnknown
1982-09-08Farro v. AmtmannsgartenUnknown
1983-06-26Fella v. Lindenhof (DZB 95155)Unknown
1983-06-26Festus v. LindenhofUnknown
1983-06-26Filou v. Lindenhof (DZB 95149)Unknown
1983-06-26Fiola v. LindenhofUnknown
1982-09-08Flaik v. AmtmannsgartenHD: A-1
1982-09-08Flash v. AmtmannsgartenHD: B-1
1982-09-08Flyn v. AmtmannsgartenUnknown
1983-09-14Gana v. PerftalUnknown
1983-09-14Gauner v. PerftalUnknown
1983-04-22Gero v. AmtmannsgartenHD: A-1
1983-09-14Gero v. PerftalUnknown
1983-09-14Gerry v. PerftalUnknown
1983-09-14Gibbsy v. PerftalUnknown
1983-04-22Gila v. AmtmannsgartenHD: B-1
1983-04-22Gildo v. AmtmannsgartenUnknown
1983-09-14Gilla v. PerftalUnknown
1983-04-22Gina v. AmtmannsgartenHD: A-1
1983-09-14Gina v. PerftalUnknown
1983-04-22Glenn v. AmtmannsgartenUnknown
1983-09-14Goja v. PerftalUnknown
1983-04-22Golf v. AmtmannsgartenUnknown
1983-04-22Greif v. AmtmannsgartenUnknown
1983-09-14Greif v. PerftalUnknown
1983-09-14Gringo v. PerftalUnknown
1983-09-14Gräfin v. PerftalUnknown
1983-04-22Gwendy v. AmtmannsgartenUnknown
1989-06-18Haik v.d. MooreicheUnknown
1985-03-25Hanni v. PfaffenbergHD: B-1
1985-03-25Hassan v. PfaffenbergUnknown
1989-06-18Hassan v.d. MooreicheHD: B-1
1985-03-25Hasso v. PfaffenbergUnknown
1983-08-27Heika v. LindenhofUnknown
1985-03-25Hektor v. PfaffenbergUnknown
1989-06-18Hektor v.d. MooreicheUnknown
1985-03-25Helena v. PfaffenbergUnknown
1989-06-18Helix v.d. MooreicheUnknown
1989-06-18Hera v.d. MooreicheHD: A-1
1983-08-27Heros v. Lindenhof (DZB 95415)Unknown
1989-06-18Hesta v.d. MooreicheUnknown
1989-06-18Hexe v.d. MooreicheHD: A-1
1989-06-18Heyko v.d. MooreicheUnknown
1989-06-18Hobre v.d. MooreicheUnknown
1989-06-18Hummel v.d. MooreicheUnknown
1983-08-05Igor v. Belling-HomeUnknown
1986-03-11Igor v. PfaffenbergUnknown
1986-07-31Igor v.d. IlmenauUnknown
1986-07-31Ike v.d. IlmenauUnknown
1986-07-31Iko v.d. IlmenauUnknown
1984-06-06Ilk v. LindenhofUnknown
1984-06-06Ille v. LindenhofUnknown
1984-06-06Ilo v. Lindenhof (DZB 96269)Unknown
1986-07-31Imo v.d. IlmenauUnknown
1986-03-11Ina v. PfaffenbergUnknown
1983-08-05Indo v. Belling-HomeUnknown
1983-08-05Indra v. Belling-HomeUnknown
1986-03-11Ingo v. PfaffenbergUnknown
1983-08-05Inka v. Belling-HomeUnknown
1984-06-06Inka v. Lindenhof (DZB 96271)Unknown
1986-03-11Inka v. PfaffenbergUnknown
1986-07-31Inka v.d. IlmenauHD: A-1
1986-03-11Intra v. PfaffenbergHD: A-1
1986-07-31Ion v.d. IlmenauUnknown
1984-06-06Ira v. LindenhofUnknown
1986-03-11Ira v. PfaffenbergUnknown
1983-08-05Iras v. Belling-HomeUnknown
1984-06-06Iris v. Lindenhof (DZB 96272)Unknown
1986-03-11Iris v. PfaffenbergUnknown
1983-08-05Irisch v. Belling-HomeHD: A-1
1984-06-06Isabell v. LindenhofUnknown
1983-08-05Isehia v. Belling-HomeUnknown
1983-08-05Isolda v. Belling-HomeUnknown
1986-07-31Ivan v.d. IlmenauUnknown
1986-07-31Ivo v.d. IlmenauUnknown
1985-04-22Jenna v.'t MenehofUnknown
1987-01-26Kai v. GlashofUnknown
1987-01-26Kali v. GlashofUnknown
1987-02-04Kascha v. PfaffenbergUnknown
1987-02-04Kelly v. PfaffenbergUnknown
1987-02-04Kendi v. PfaffenbergUnknown
1987-01-26Kenia v. GlashofUnknown
1987-02-04Kero v. PfaffenbergUnknown
1987-01-26Kerry v. GlashofUnknown
1987-02-04Kessy v. PfaffenbergHD: A-1
1987-01-26Kim v. GlashofUnknown
1987-01-26Kira v. GlashofUnknown
1987-02-04Konny v. PfaffenbergUnknown
1987-02-04Kora v. PfaffenbergUnknown
1987-02-04Krambo v. PfaffenbergUnknown
1987-03-18Lady Levina v. RovelineHD: A-1
1983-01-28Lady v. HessenlandUnknown
1987-03-13Lady v. OhmtalUnknown
1983-01-28Laika v. HessenlandUnknown
1986-05-03Lake v. ZennUnknown
1986-05-03Lamirka v. ZennUnknown
1987-03-13Lana v. OhmtalUnknown
1989-09-30Larkan v. AmtmannsgartenUnknown
1983-01-28Leif v. HessenlandUnknown
1986-05-03Lena v. ZennUnknown
1986-05-03Lester v. ZennUnknown
1984-04-12Lex v. KirnburgblickUnknown
1987-03-13Lex v. OhmtalUnknown
1987-03-18Lia Lorena v. RovelineUnknown
1986-05-03Lino v. ZennUnknown
1989-09-30Liroy v. AmtmannsgartenUnknown
1983-01-28Lisa v. HessenlandUnknown
1983-08-02Lislas KlaudiusUnknown
1983-08-02Lislas KassoUnknown
1983-08-02Lislas KastellaUnknown
1983-08-02Lislas KeaUnknown
1983-08-02Lislas KevinUnknown
1983-08-02Lislas KiriUnknown
1983-08-02Lislas KirseUnknown
1983-08-02Lislas KlemensUnknown
1983-08-02Lislas KlotildeUnknown
1983-08-02Lislas KonstanceUnknown
1983-08-02Lislas KorfitzUnknown
1983-08-02Lislas KorneliaUnknown
1986-05-03Lissy v. ZennUnknown
1987-00-00Lobbe Lot v. RovelineUnknown
1983-01-28Lola v. HessenlandUnknown
1989-09-30Lord v. AmtmannsgartenUnknown
1984-04-12Lord v. KirnburgblickUnknown
1987-02-19Lorretta-Lynn v. RovelineUnknown
1986-05-03Lou v. ZennUnknown
1987-03-18Loyal-Lad v. RovelineHD: A-1
1986-05-03Lucy v. ZennUnknown
1983-01-28Lux v. HessenlandUnknown
1984-04-12Lux v. KirnburgblickUnknown
1987-03-13Lux v. OhmtalUnknown
1984-09-20Madjor v. Belling-HomeUnknown
1984-09-01Maik v. HessenlandUnknown
1984-04-21Maika v. KirnburgblickUnknown
1984-04-21Mara v. KirnburgblickUnknown
1984-09-01Marco v. HessenlandUnknown
1984-09-20Margreet v. Belling-HomeUnknown
1984-04-21Marko v. KirnburgblickUnknown
1987-09-15Maudo v. OhmtalUnknown
1984-09-01Max v. HessenlandUnknown
1987-09-15Max v. OhmtalUnknown
1984-09-20Maxwil v. Belling-HomeUnknown
1984-04-21Medi v. KirnburgblickHD: A-1
1984-09-20Melvin v. Belling-HomeUnknown
1984-09-20Menta v. Belling-HomeUnknown
1984-04-21Merry v. KirnburgblickUnknown
1984-09-20Michel v. Belling-HomeHD: A-1
1987-09-15Milan v. OhmtalUnknown
1984-04-21Minka v. KirnburgblickUnknown
1987-09-15Mirka v. OhmtalUnknown
1984-04-21Mirko v. KirnburgblickUnknown
1984-09-20Monique v. Belling-HomeUnknown
1987-09-15Mousachi v. OhmtalUnknown
1984-09-20Murdog v. Belling-HomeUnknown
1984-09-01Mylord v. HessenlandUnknown
1987-09-15Mylord v. OhmtalUnknown
1984-09-20Myrah v. Belling-HomeUnknown
1983-10-17Nadja v. Gaxhardter WaldHD: A-1
1983-10-17Napoleon v. Gaxhardter WaldUnknown
1985-07-21Natalie v. Hause EhrlichUnknown
1985-07-21Natascha v. Hause EhrlichUnknown
1985-07-21Nena v. Hause EhrlichHD: A-1
1983-10-17Nero v. Gaxhardter WaldUnknown
1985-07-21Nero v. Hause EhrlichUnknown
1985-07-21Nicki v. Hause EhrlichUnknown
1983-10-17Nicky v. Gaxhardter WaldUnknown
1985-07-21Nicole v. Hause EhrlichUnknown
1985-07-21Niklas v. Hause EhrlichUnknown
1985-07-21Nina v. Hause EhrlichHD: B-1
1985-07-21Norbert v. Hause EhrlichUnknown
1985-08-19Obianca v. Belling-HomeHD: D
1985-08-19Oboy v. Belling-HomeUnknown
1985-08-19Odin v. Belling-HomeUnknown
1985-08-19Orambo v. Belling-HomeUnknown
1985-08-19Orocky v. Belling HomeUnknown
1985-08-19Oskar v. Belling-HomeUnknown
1985-08-19Osquar v. Belling-HomeUnknown
1985-08-19Otesca v. Belling-HomeUnknown
1985-08-19Othor v. Belling-HomeUnknown
1985-08-25Packo v. LindenhofUnknown
1985-08-25Palma v. Lindenhof (DZB 98025)Unknown
1984-10-13Panja v. Gaxhardter WaldUnknown
1984-10-13Panther v. Gaxhardter WaldHD: B-1
1985-08-25Paola v. LindenhofUnknown
1985-08-25Pascha v. Lindenhof (DZB 98023)Unknown
1986-01-19Pasja v.d. ElandUnknown
1984-10-13Peggy v. Gaxhardter WaldHD: A-1
1986-01-19Perc v.d. ElandUnknown
1985-08-25Perla v. LindenhofUnknown
1985-08-25Perro v. Lindenhof (DZB 98020)Unknown
1984-10-13Petro v. Gaxhardter WaldUnknown
1984-10-13Pia v. Gaxhardter WaldUnknown
1986-01-19Pinschy v.d. ElandHD: A-2
1986-01-19Pita v.d. ElandUnknown
1985-08-25Plato v. LindenhofUnknown
1986-01-19Princess Amber v.d. ElandUnknown
1986-01-19Prinz Chico v.d. ElandHD: A-1
1985-08-25Puma v. LindenhofUnknown
1984-10-13Pussy v. Gaxhardter WaldUnknown
1985-05-08Quanto v. Gaxhardter WaldUnknown
1985-05-08Quax v. Gaxhardter WaldHD: A-1
1985-05-08Queen v. Gaxhardter WaldHD: A-1
1985-05-08Questor v. Gaxhardter WaldUnknown
1985-05-08Quick v. Gaxhardter WaldUnknown
1985-05-08Quinn v. Gaxhardter WaldUnknown
1985-05-08Quinta v. Gaxhardter WaldUnknown
1985-05-08Quintus v. Gaxhardter WaldUnknown
1983-06-15Ronda v.d. RussheideUnknown
1982-11-09Senta v.d. EgerUnknown
1982-11-09Sina v.d. EgerHD: A-1
1982-11-09Sira v.d. EgerUnknown
0000-00-00Sophie del Rio BiancoUnknown
1982-11-09Stella v.d. EgerUnknown
0000-00-00Sting del Rio BiancoUnknown
0000-00-00Stolz del Rio BiancoUnknown
1983-12-22Taiga v. WächtersbergUnknown
1983-12-22Tebor v. WächtersbergUnknown
1983-12-22Thekla v. WächtersbergUnknown
1983-12-22Timo v. WächtersbergUnknown
1983-12-22Tina v. WächtersbergUnknown
1983-12-22Tom v. WächtersbergUnknown
1983-12-22Troll v. WächtersbergUnknown
1983-12-22Tunja v. WächtersbergUnknown
1983-04-09Ukas v. DruidensteinHD: B-1
1983-04-09Ulrich v. DruidensteinUnknown
1987-11-26Uncas v. Gaxhardter Wald (DZB 100729)Unknown
1985-01-07Unkas v. WächtersbergUnknown
1983-04-09Uriel v. DruidensteinUnknown
1983-04-09Urkha v. DruidensteinUnknown
1987-11-26Ursus v. Gaxhardter WaldUnknown
1983-04-09Urus v. DruidensteinUnknown
1983-04-09Uschika v. DruidensteinUnknown
0000-00-00Vae-Victis v. RauchernfeldUnknown
0000-00-00Vidrique v. RauchernfeldUnknown
0000-00-00Virgo v. RauchernfeldUnknown
0000-00-00Viva v. RauchernfeldUnknown
1983-09-12Waco v.d. WestfalenhalleUnknown
1984-01-22Walko v. BinselbergUnknown
1984-01-22Wanda v. BinselbergHD: A-1
1984-01-22Wasko v. BinselbergHD: A-1
1983-09-12Wello v.d. WestfalenhalleUnknown
1984-01-22Wendy v. BinselbergUnknown
1984-01-22Wenke v. BinselbergUnknown
1983-09-12Wera v.d. WestfalenhalleUnknown
1983-09-12Wiggi v.d. WestfalenhalleUnknown
1983-09-12Wilma v.d. WestfalenhalleUnknown
1983-09-12Wim v.d. WestfalenhalleUnknown
1983-09-12Witzke v.d. WestfalenhalleHD: B-1
1984-01-22Wodan v. BinselbergUnknown
1984-01-22Wolf v. BinselbergUnknown
1983-09-12Wolga v.d. WestfalenhalleUnknown
1984-01-22Wolke v. BinselbergHD: B-1
1983-09-12Wotan v.d. WestfalenhalleUnknown
1981-12-12Xandro v. LindenhofUnknown
1981-12-12Xorris v. Lindenhof (DZB 93380)Unknown
1981-12-12Xyla v. LindenhofUnknown
1981-12-12Xylas v. LindenhofUnknown
1984-08-31Yasan v. BinselbergUnknown
1984-08-31Yessika v. BinselbergUnknown
1984-08-31York v. BinselbergUnknown
1984-08-31Yoscha v. BinselbergUnknown
1984-08-31Yoster v. BinselbergUnknown
1984-08-31Yourk v. BinselbergUnknown
1984-08-31Yuka v. BinselbergUnknown
1984-08-31Yuna v. Binselberg (DZB 96530)HD: A-1
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