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Graaf Aristo v. Neêrlands Stam
Name Graaf Aristo v. Neêrlands Stam
Owner Vera Knijff-Dermout
Breeder Vera Knijff-Dermout
Gender Stud
Pedigreebook NHSB
Pedigreenumber NHSB 1053459
Colour Black
Sire Guy's Hilo v. Norden Stamm
Dam Gravin Wietske v. Neêrlands Stam (NHSB 831068)
Date of birth 1979-04-04
Date deceased Unknown
Cause of death Unknown
Extra information SchH I, ZTP 1A V
youth Champion Luxumbourgh

HD Status HD: A-1
"von Willebrand" Unknown
Wobbler Syndrom (C.V.I.) Unknown
Cardiomyopathie Holter and Echo Unknown
Cardiomyopathie DNA Marker Unknown
Dilute Unknown
Inbred percentage 7.0927 %
Brothers and sisters
1979-04-04Graaf Asch-Martial v. Neerlands StamUnknown
1979-04-04Graaf Atos v. Neerlands StamHD: A-1
1981-04-26Graaf Donar v. Neerlands Stam (NHSB 1152602)Unknown
1981-04-26Graaf Duco v. Neerlands StamUnknown
1979-04-04Gravin Aida v. Neerlands StamUnknown
1979-04-04Gravin Anita v. Neerlands Stam (NHSB 1053463)Unknown
1979-04-04Gravin Aranka v. Neerlands StamHD: A-1
1979-04-04Gravin Arda v. Neerlands StamUnknown
1981-04-26Gravin Dagmar v. Neerlands StamHD: A-1
1984-04-22Aaron-Dobran v.d. HavestateUnknown
1984-10-17Abeba v. Kunod MesisUnknown
1982-12-20Abel-Arep v.d. AvondwakeUnknown
1982-12-20Adeline-Arep v.d. AvondwakeUnknown
1984-10-17Adinda v. Kunod MesisUnknown
1986-03-14Adriana v. SforzandoHD: D
1982-04-14Afido v.h. JonkerlandUnknown
1984-10-17Akbar v. Kunod MesisUnknown
1982-04-14Aldith v.h. JonkerlandHD: A-1
1982-12-20Aldo-Arep v.d. AvondwakeUnknown
1983-10-07Alexander (NHSB 1298035)Unknown
1984-10-06Alexander Diana v.'t HekahofUnknown
1985-03-07Alfa (NHSB 1392633)Unknown
1986-03-14Alischja v. SforzandoUnknown
1985-03-07Alpha (NHSB 1392631)Unknown
1986-03-14Alpha v. SforzandoUnknown
1984-04-22Alpha v.d. HavestateUnknown
1983-04-03Amanda v. PerinhaUnknown
1984-04-22Amanda-Grebca v.d. HavestateUnknown
1984-04-24Amber (NHSB 1327579)Unknown
1983-12-16Amber v.d. Rameler MarkeUnknown
1984-03-21Amiek v.d. BarsborghHD: B-1
1986-03-14Amor v. SforzandoUnknown
1983-04-03Ananda v. PerinhaUnknown
1984-04-22Anchor v.d. HavestateUnknown
1986-03-17Anco v.h. LooikeUnknown
1985-07-28Andor (NHSB 1426459)Unknown
1984-10-17Andor v. Kunod Mesis (NHSB 1366544)Unknown
1984-02-08Andor v.d. WillaertUnknown
1984-04-22Angel v.d. HavestateUnknown
1983-05-27Anja v. Kunod MesisUnknown
1982-12-20Anka-Arep v.d. AvondwakeUnknown
1984-03-21Annika v.d. BarsborghUnknown
1983-05-27Anouck v. Kunod MesisUnknown
1983-11-20Anouk v. Onnutte VeldenUnknown
1984-03-21Anouk v.d. BarsborghUnknown
1981-03-09Anouk v.d. Rameler MarkeUnknown
1984-10-17Antares v. Kunod MesisUnknown
1983-07-05Antonio-Ceasar v.h. WieringerlandUnknown
1984-03-21Antwan v.d. BarsborghHD: B-1
1984-10-17Anubis v. Kunod MesisUnknown
1983-04-03Apasco v. PerinhaUnknown
1983-07-05Aphrodite v.h. WieringerlandUnknown
1983-05-27Apollo v. Kunod Mesis (NHSB 1279057)Unknown
1983-04-13Apollo v. Onnutte Velden (NHSB 1266837)Unknown
1983-11-20Apollo v. Onnutte Velden (NHSB 1313777)Unknown
1982-04-14Apollo v.h. JonkerlandUnknown
1983-07-05Apollo v.h. WieringerlandUnknown
1982-12-20Apollo-Arep v.d. Avondwake (NHSB 1245718)Unknown
1982-12-20Apollo-Arepp v.d. Avondwake (NHSB 1245722)Unknown
1982-12-20Apolloo-Arep v.d. AvondwakeUnknown
1985-03-07Apolo (NHSB 1392630)Unknown
1983-04-13Appie-Olle v. Onnutte VeldenUnknown
1984-04-22April-Iris v.d. HavestateUnknown
1984-04-22Aramis v.d. HavestateUnknown
1985-06-29Aranka (NHSB 1426398)Unknown
1984-03-21Aranka v.d. BarsborghUnknown
1982-04-14Aranka v.h. JonkerlandUnknown
1983-07-05Aranka v.h. WieringerlandHD: A-1
1984-03-05Archon v. Landgoed LindenheuvelUnknown
1987-04-04Arco (NHSB 1541281)Unknown
1983-05-27Arda-Arubis v. Kunod MesisUnknown
1984-02-08Ares v.d. WillaertHD: A-1
1982-04-14Ares v.h. JonkerlandUnknown
1983-04-13Argos v. Onnutte VeldenUnknown
1983-05-27Argus v. Kunod MesisUnknown
1983-07-05Argus v.h. WieringerlandUnknown
1983-04-03Arisca v. PerinhaUnknown
1984-10-17Ariska v. Kunod MesisUnknown
1983-02-05Aristo (NHSB 1256395)Unknown
1984-04-07Aristo (NHSB 1345179)Unknown
1985-07-07Aristo (NHSB 1412775)Unknown
1983-05-21Aristo of Kings RoadUnknown
1983-05-27Aristo v. Kunod Mesis (NHSB 1279055)Unknown
1984-10-17Aristo v. Kunod Mesis (NHSB 1366546)Unknown
1984-03-05Aristo v. Landgoed LindenheuvelUnknown
1983-04-03Aristo v. PerinhaUnknown
1984-03-21Aristo v.d. BarsborghUnknown
1981-03-09Aristo v.d. Rameler Marke (NHSB 1156042)Unknown
1982-11-17Aristo v.d. Rameler Marke (NHSB 1238706)Unknown
1985-07-28Arko (NHSB 1426458)Unknown
1983-11-20Arkos v.d. Rameler MarkeUnknown
1985-07-28Arno (NHSB 1426457)Unknown
1983-05-27Aron v. Kunod MesisUnknown
1982-03-11Aron v. PauwenburchtUnknown
1983-04-13Aros v. Onnutte VeldenUnknown
1983-07-05Aroyak v.h. WieringerlandUnknown
1981-03-09Arristo v.d. Rameler MarkoUnknown
1983-04-03Arrow v. PerinhaUnknown
1984-04-22Artha v.d. HavestateUnknown
1984-04-22Arthur-Bings v.d. HavestateUnknown
1983-07-05Artista v.h. WieringerlandUnknown
1983-07-05Arto v.h. WieringerlandUnknown
1983-05-27Arusa v. Kunod MesisUnknown
1982-12-20Arvil-Arep v.d. AvondwakeUnknown
1982-04-14Asebo v.h. JonkerlandUnknown
1986-03-14Asja v. SforzandoUnknown
1982-07-19Asta (NHSB 1231649)Unknown
1984-10-17Asta v. Kunod MesisUnknown
1984-03-21Asta v.d. BarsborghUnknown
1986-03-14Astarte v. SforzandoUnknown
1984-04-07Astor (NHSB 1345177)Unknown
1985-07-28Astor (NHSB 1426460)Unknown
1984-03-05Astor v. Landgoed LindenheuvelUnknown
1982-10-22Astor v.'t RijkeUnknown
1984-04-07Astra (NHSB 1345181)Unknown
1983-04-13Astra v. Onnutte VeldenUnknown
1981-03-09Astra v.d. Rameler MarkeUnknown
1984-10-08Astra v.d. RidderduinenUnknown
1982-04-14Atara v.h. JonkerlandUnknown
1986-03-14Athos v. SforzandoUnknown
1982-12-20Athos-Arep v.d. AvondwakeUnknown
1982-04-14Atilla v.h. JonkerlandUnknown
1983-07-05Atleet v.h. WieringerlandUnknown
1983-04-13Atlika v. Onnutte VeldenUnknown
1983-04-13Attika v. Onnutte VeldenUnknown
1982-07-19Axel (NHSB 1231644)Unknown
1984-02-08Axel v.d. WillaertUnknown
1983-07-05Axel v.h. WieringerlandUnknown
1988-05-21Aziz v.d. Broeklander Horst Hoeve (NHSB 1592447)Unknown
1984-10-17Azor v. Kunod MesisUnknown
1983-10-12B? v. Vliet-HoeveUnknown
1983-09-22Baily-Lianka v.'t Wolf-HeeschUnknown
1983-07-09Balthe Epousse v.d. AvondwakeUnknown
1983-11-20Baron Apollo v. Onnutte VeldenUnknown
1984-03-05Baron Bic v. Landgoed LindenheuvelUnknown
1983-12-16Baron Ceasar v.d. Rameler MarkeUnknown
1985-06-23Baron v.h. OostenblauwUnknown
1981-02-12Barones Binga v. MaarssenveenUnknown
1983-02-05Barry (NHSB 1256392)Unknown
1988-05-21Barry v.d. Broeklander Horst Hoeve (NHSB 1592446)Unknown
1983-10-12Barry-Cliff v. Vliet-HoeveUnknown
1983-07-09Bartono Epousse v.d. AvondwakeUnknown
1984-05-19Basco v. Voorne's StamUnknown
1983-07-09Bastor Epousse v.d. AvondwakeUnknown
1984-05-19Beau v. Voorne's StamUnknown
1982-07-19Beaubeau (NHSB 1231653)Unknown
1983-10-12Beauty v. Vliet-HoeveUnknown
1983-10-12Belinda v. Vliet-HoeveHD: A-1
1983-10-12Bella v. Vliet-HoeveUnknown
1988-05-21Bennie v.d. Broeklander Horst HoeveUnknown
1985-06-23Berdien v.h. OostenblauwUnknown
1988-05-21Beth v.d. Broeklander Horst HoeveUnknown
1984-10-06Bianca Diana v.'t HekahofUnknown
1983-05-21Bianca of Kings RoadUnknown
1982-03-11Bianca v. PauwenburchtUnknown
1984-05-19Birca v. Voorne's StamUnknown
1983-07-09Bivo-Epousse v.d. AvondwakeHD: B-1
1983-07-09Bjarga Epousse v.d. AvondwakeUnknown
1985-06-23Björn v.h. OostenblauwUnknown
1983-10-12Blanche v. Vliet-HoeveUnknown
1983-10-07Bleu (NHSB 1298036)Unknown
1985-06-23Bo v.h. OostenblauwUnknown
1984-06-20Bobby (NHSB 1355076)Unknown
1983-10-12Boderk v. Vliet-HoeveUnknown
1983-07-09Boeddha Epousse v.d. AvondwakeUnknown
1984-12-25Boeli (NHSB 1388745)HD: B-1
1983-09-22Bonita v.'t Wolf-HeeschUnknown
1985-06-29Bonny (NHSB 1426400)Unknown
1984-05-19Bonny v. Voorne's StamUnknown
1983-09-22Bonny v.'t Wolf-HeeschUnknown
1988-05-21Bonny v.d. Broeklander Horst HoeveUnknown
1982-11-17Bonny v.d. Rameler MarkeUnknown
1985-06-23Bora v.h. OostenblauwUnknown
1985-06-23Borace v.h. OostenblauwUnknown
1985-06-23Borger v.h. OostenblauwUnknown
1984-04-24Boris (NHSB 1327577)Unknown
1981-03-09Boris v.d. Rameler MarkeUnknown
1985-06-23Boris v.h. OostenblauwUnknown
1984-06-09Bow of Kings RoadUnknown
1988-05-21Bowy v.d. Broeklander Horst HoeveUnknown
1987-04-04Boy (NHSB 1541278)Unknown
1984-05-19Boy v. Voorne's StamUnknown
1988-05-21Boy v.d. Broeklander Horst HoeveUnknown
1985-06-23Branca v.h. OostenblauwUnknown
1986-03-17Branco v.h. LooikeUnknown
1983-07-09Brenda Epousse v.d. AvondwakeUnknown
1984-05-19Brenda v. Voorne's StamUnknown
1986-03-17Brenda v.h. LooikeHD: B-1
1983-09-22Brenda-Duxk v.'t Wolf-HeeschUnknown
1983-10-12Brenda-Lady v. Vliet-HoeveUnknown
1984-05-19Bresto v. Voorne's StamUnknown
1983-09-22Bridt v.'t Wolf-HeeschUnknown
1983-07-09Bright Epousse v.d. AvondwakeUnknown
1983-09-22Britt v.'t Wolf-HeeschUnknown
1983-11-20Bruna v. Onnutte VeldenUnknown
1983-10-07Bruno (NHSB 1298034)Unknown
1983-11-20Bruno v. Onnutte VeldenUnknown
1983-10-12Bruno Wodan v. Vliet-HoeveUnknown
1983-10-12Brutus v. Vliet-HoeveUnknown
1983-10-12Brändy v. Vliet-HoeveUnknown
1988-05-21Buck v.d. Broeklander Horst HoeveUnknown
1983-10-12Busta v. Vliet-HoeveUnknown
1981-07-07Cai v.h. LeydalUnknown
1984-11-12Calista v. Adel StolzHD: A-1
1985-01-07Canto Barjan v. MoorburgHD: B-1
1984-11-09Cara v. Voorne's StamUnknown
1981-07-07Cara v.h. LeydalUnknown
1981-07-07Carla v.h. LeydalHD: B-1
1981-07-07Carlo v.h. LeydalUnknown
1984-11-12Carlos v. Adel StolzUnknown
1984-01-05Castor Davina v.d. AvondwakeUnknown
1984-06-09Castor of Kings RoadUnknown
1984-10-08Castor v.d. RidderduinenUnknown
1981-07-07Castor v.h. LeydalUnknown
1980-07-04Castra v. Kunod MesisUnknown
1981-07-07Catharina v.h. LeydalUnknown
1980-07-04Catouche v. Kunod MesisUnknown
1980-07-04Catouchon v. Kunod MesisUnknown
1984-04-24Ceasar (NHSB 1327578)Unknown
1985-03-07Ceasar (NHSB 1392632)Unknown
1984-06-09Ceasar of Kings RoadUnknown
1984-11-09Ceasar v. Voorne's StamUnknown
1984-05-05Ceasar v.d. HeuvelhonkUnknown
1980-07-04Cecario v. Kunod MesisUnknown
1984-10-08Cecile v.d. RidderduinenUnknown
1980-07-04Centurion v. Kunod MesisUnknown
1984-10-08Ceres v.d. RidderduinenUnknown
1984-01-05Ceros Davina v.d. AvondwakeUnknown
1984-11-12Cerva v. Adel StolzUnknown
1984-01-05Chantalle Davina v.d. AvondwakeUnknown
1984-11-12Charley v. Adel StolzUnknown
1984-10-08Charon v.d. RidderduinenUnknown
1982-07-19Cheetah (NHSB 1231652)Unknown
1981-07-07Cheetha v.h. LeydalUnknown
1984-01-05Chester Davina v.d. AvondwakeUnknown
1984-11-09Chiby v. Voorne's StamUnknown
1981-07-07Chindarella v.h. LeydalUnknown
1982-03-11Chinook v. PauwenburchtHD: A-1
1984-01-05Chira Davina v.d. AvondwakeUnknown
1984-11-12Chira v. Adel StolzUnknown
1984-11-12Chiron v. Adel StolzUnknown
1984-11-12Christel v. Adel StolzUnknown
1984-03-05Christo v. Landgoed LindenheuvelUnknown
1984-01-05Cille Davina v.d. AvondwakeUnknown
1986-03-17Cindij v.h. LooikeUnknown
1984-11-12Cindy v. Adel StolzUnknown
1985-01-07Cindy v. MoorburgUnknown
1981-07-07Cindy v.h. LeydalUnknown
1983-10-07Cintha (NHSB 1298042)Unknown
1984-01-05Cito Davina v.d. AvondwakeUnknown
1984-11-12Citta v. Adel StolzUnknown
1981-07-07Cjasja v.h. LeydalUnknown
1981-03-09Cjerra v.d. Rameler MarkeUnknown
1985-01-07Clea v. MoorburgUnknown
1984-11-12Clemens v. Adel StolzUnknown
1984-11-09Cleopatra v. Voorne's StamUnknown
1985-01-07Clint v. MoorburgUnknown
1984-01-05Cochise Davina v.d. AvondwakeUnknown
1983-12-16Comtessa v.d. Rameler MarkeUnknown
1984-11-09Conal v. Voorne's StamUnknown
1984-01-05Condor Davina v.d. AvondwakeUnknown
1984-10-08Condor v.d. RidderduinenUnknown
1985-01-07Cora v. MoorburgUnknown
1984-11-12Coretta v. Adel StolzUnknown
1984-11-12Corinda v. Adel StolzUnknown
1985-01-07Crista v. MoorburgUnknown
1984-11-09Cristo v. Voorne's StamUnknown
1984-11-09Cuno v. Voorne's StamUnknown
1984-11-09Cynthia v. Voorne's StamUnknown
1984-11-12Cyrus v. Adel StolzUnknown
1981-07-07Cythia v.h. LeydalUnknown
1981-07-13Dailha v.h. LeydalUnknown
1986-03-17Daisij v.h. LooikeUnknown
1984-05-05Daisy v.d. Heuvelhonk (NHSB 1335245)Unknown
1983-11-20Danka v.d. Rameler MarkeHD: B-1
1984-06-20Danny (NHSB 1355077)Unknown
1984-05-05Danny v.d. HeuvelhonkUnknown
1984-05-05Darien v.d. HeuvelhonkUnknown
1984-06-09Dayan of Kings RoadUnknown
1984-06-27Dearc Ita Epousse v.d. AvondwakeHD: B-1
1981-07-13Def v.h. LeydalUnknown
1984-06-27Delsa Epousse v.d. AvondwakeUnknown
1981-07-13Desiree v.h. LeydalUnknown
1984-06-27Devil Epousse v.d. AvondwakeUnknown
1984-06-27Dex Epousse v.d. AvondwakeUnknown
1981-07-13Deziree v.h. LeydalUnknown
1983-10-07Diana (NHSB 1298039)Unknown
1987-04-04Diana (NHSB 1541286)Unknown
1981-07-13Diana v.h. LeydalUnknown
1981-07-13Dielle v.h. LeydalUnknown
1981-07-13Ditske v.h. LeydalUnknown
1984-03-05Django v. Landgoed LindenheuvelUnknown
1983-05-21Dobi of Kings RoadUnknown
1984-03-05Dobrina v. Landgoed LindenheuvelUnknown
1984-12-25Doenja (NHSB 1388743)Unknown
1984-06-27Doenja Epousse v.d. AvondwakeUnknown
1982-07-19Doerak (NHSB 1231648)Unknown
1982-03-11Don El Mastin v. PauwenburchtUnknown
1981-07-13Dora v.h. LeydalUnknown
1984-06-27Duce Epousse v.d. AvondwakeUnknown
1981-07-13Duco v.h. LeydalUnknown
1984-03-05Duke Vedor v. Landgoed LindenheuvelUnknown
1982-07-19Duscha (NHSB 1231656)Unknown
1984-06-27Dustun Epousse v.d. AvondwakeUnknown
1985-07-06Eagerly Ellis v. Voorne's StamUnknown
1983-05-21Eagle v.SantroshoeveUnknown
1980-12-05Ebart v. GannitaUnknown
1985-07-06Eboniet v. Voorne's StamUnknown
1982-09-21Ebony v.h. LeydalUnknown
1983-05-21Ecca v.SantroshoeveHD: A-1
1985-07-06Econdor v. Voorne's StamHD: C
1980-12-05Ecora v. GannitaUnknown
1980-12-05Egon v. GannitaUnknown
1983-05-21Elcho v.SantroshoeveUnknown
1983-05-21Elegance v.SantroshoeveHD: B-1
1980-12-05Elfi v. GannitaUnknown
1985-07-06Elroy v. Voorne's StamUnknown
1980-12-05Elsa v. GannitaHD: D
1982-09-21Elza v.h. LeydalUnknown
1983-05-21Elza v.SantroshoeveUnknown
1985-07-06Emar v. Voorne's StamUnknown
1982-09-21Emelij v.h. LeydalUnknown
1982-09-21Emiel v.h. LeydalUnknown
1982-09-21Emir v.h. LeydalUnknown
1985-07-06Emirzam v. Voorne's StamUnknown
1980-12-05Epasco v. GannitaUnknown
1985-07-06Equinta v. Voorne's StamUnknown
1982-11-17Eran v.d. Rameler MarkeUnknown
1982-09-21Eran v.h. LeydalUnknown
1985-07-06Erasmus v. Voorne's StamUnknown
1980-12-05Eris v. GannitaUnknown
1982-09-21Ero v.h. LeydalUnknown
1982-09-21Eron v.h. LeydalUnknown
1982-09-21Eros v.h. LeydalUnknown
1982-09-21Escha v.h. LeydalUnknown
1985-07-06Esprit v. Voorne's StamUnknown
1983-05-21Estelle Esmeralda v. SantroshoeveUnknown
1982-09-21Ester v.h. LeydalHD: B-1
1980-12-05Etienne v. GannitaUnknown
1983-05-21Etos v. SantroshoeveHD: A-1
1980-12-05Exita v. GannitaHD: A-1
1982-06-14Fabulus v. Westlands StamHD: B-1
1982-06-14Falco v. Westlands StamUnknown
1983-05-09Falco v.h. LeydalUnknown
1982-06-14Fanny v. Westlands StamUnknown
1981-12-27Farah v. GannitaHD: B-1
1981-12-27Farahnaz v. GannitaUnknown
1983-05-09Fardo v.h. LeydalUnknown
1982-06-14Fasco v. Westlands StamUnknown
1981-12-27Fedor v. GannitaUnknown
1983-05-09Felo v.h. LeydalUnknown
1981-12-27Femke v. GannitaHD: B-1
1982-06-14Fennya v. Westlands StamUnknown
1981-12-27Ferro v. GannitaUnknown
1982-06-14Ferro v. Westlands StamUnknown
1981-12-27Fidel v. GannitaUnknown
1981-12-27Fidunja v. GannitaUnknown
1981-12-27Fildunja v. GannitaUnknown
1986-02-21Flair (NHSB 1450009)Unknown
1981-12-27Floris Bonheur v. GannitaUnknown
1982-06-14Floris v. Westlands StamUnknown
1983-05-09Floris v.h. LeydalUnknown
1983-05-09Fore v.h. LeydalUnknown
1984-03-05Foristo v. Landgoed LindenheuvelUnknown
1983-05-09Forto v.h. LeydalUnknown
1982-06-14Freyja v. Westlands StamHD: D
1984-01-01Gaby v.h. LeydalUnknown
1983-01-05Galant v. GannitaUnknown
1983-01-05Garisto v. GannitaUnknown
1983-02-19Gavin v. Westlands StamUnknown
1983-01-05Geisha v. GannitaUnknown
1983-01-05Gento v. GannitaUnknown
1983-02-19Gento v. Westlands StamUnknown
1986-12-09Georgette v. Musenhof TiefurtUnknown
1986-12-09Gerold v. Musenhof TiefurtUnknown
1986-12-09Gerolf v. Musenhof TiefurtUnknown
1983-02-19Gerto v. Westlands StamUnknown
1984-01-01Getske v.h. LeydalUnknown
1982-08-17Ghita v.d. OostkantUnknown
1986-12-09Gico v. Musenhof TiefurtUnknown
1982-08-17Gida v.d. OostkantUnknown
1984-01-01Gina v.h. LeydalUnknown
1983-01-05Gina-Kim v. GannitaUnknown
1982-08-17Ginger v.d. OostkantUnknown
1984-01-01Ginger v.h. LeydalUnknown
1983-02-19Ginny v. Westlands StamUnknown
1983-02-05Gino (NHSB 1256394)Unknown
1982-08-17Giny v.d. OostkantUnknown
1982-08-17Gita v.d. OostkantUnknown
1984-01-01Gitana v.h. LeydalUnknown
1982-08-17Gitta v.d. OostkantUnknown
1983-01-05Govert v. GannitaUnknown
1984-04-08Graaf Aldo v.d. LeutingeUnknown
1981-08-26Graaf Alvarez v.d. DoberburghtUnknown
1981-08-26Graaf Apollo v.d. DoberburghtUnknown
1983-08-30Graaf Argos v. MaarseveenUnknown
1981-08-26Graaf Atilla v.d. DoberburghtUnknown
1981-02-12Graaf Basca v. MaarssenveenUnknown
1982-08-17Graaf Bordo v.d. OostkantUnknown
1981-02-12Graaf Bowy v. MaarssenveenUnknown
1981-02-12Graaf Boy v. MaarssenveenUnknown
1983-11-20Graaf Brutus v. Onnutte VeldenUnknown
1980-09-17Graaf Carlos v.d. Edele StamUnknown
1983-04-11Graaf Cayne v.d. DoberburghtUnknown
1983-04-11Graaf Chico v.d. DoberburghtUnknown
1980-09-17Graaf Chico v.d. Edele StamUnknown
1980-09-17Graaf Chubby v.d. Edele StamUnknown
1980-09-17Graaf Citto v.d. Edele StamUnknown
1984-04-08Graaf Conan v.d. LeutingeUnknown
1983-04-11Graaf Cormac v.d. DoberburghtUnknown
1980-09-17Graaf Cristo v.d. Edele StamUnknown
1984-04-08Graaf Dax v.d. LeutingeUnknown
1984-03-05Graaf Dino v. Landgoed LindenheuvelUnknown
1984-04-16Graaf Donar v.d. DoberburghtUnknown
1984-04-16Graaf Duc v.d. DoberburghtUnknown
1984-04-16Graaf Duran v.d. DoberburghtUnknown
1984-07-01Graaf Earron v.d. AvondwakeUnknown
1984-07-01Graaf Edgar v.d. AvondwakeUnknown
1984-07-01Graaf Edor v.d. AvondwakeUnknown
1984-07-01Graaf Elco v.d. AvondwakeUnknown
1984-10-06Graaf Elroy v.d. DoberburghtUnknown
1984-10-06Graaf Emir Sylvester v.d. DoberburghtUnknown
1984-07-01Graaf Ero v.d. AvondwakeUnknown
1985-02-21Graaf Ferro v.d. DoberburghtUnknown
1985-02-21Graaf Forto v.d. DoberburghtUnknown
1985-08-28Graaf Gary O'Neill v.d. DoberburghtUnknown
1982-04-28Graaf Gido v. WimpelzichtUnknown
1982-04-28Graaf Glenn v. WimpelzichtHD: B-1
1982-04-28Graaf Gow v. WimpelzichtUnknown
1982-04-28Graaf Gregor v. WimpelzichtUnknown
1982-04-28Graaf Gyome v. WimpelzichtUnknown
1982-10-11Graaf Harold v. WimpelzichtUnknown
1982-10-11Graaf Hercules v. WimpelzichtUnknown
1986-01-06Graaf Hercules v.d. DoberburghtUnknown
1983-12-25Graaf Hero v. Neêrlands StamUnknown
1982-10-11Graaf Heros v. WimpelzichtUnknown
1982-10-11Graaf Hestor v. WimpelzichtUnknown
1986-01-06Graaf Higgens v.d. DoberburghtUnknown
1982-10-11Graaf Hijo v. WimpelzichtUnknown
1982-10-11Graaf Holm v. WimpelzichtUnknown
1984-07-27Graaf Igon v. Neêrlands Stam (NHSB 1345332)HD: B-1
1986-08-13Graaf Igon v.d. DoberburghtUnknown
1984-06-16Graaf Joeri v. ElsjonUnknown
1984-06-16Graaf Jonas v. ElsjonUnknown
1984-06-16Graaf Jorrit v. ElsjonUnknown
1985-07-01Graaf Kastro v. ElsjonUnknown
1985-07-01Graaf Kazan v. ElsjonUnknown
1985-07-01Graaf Kwestor v. ElsjonUnknown
1985-07-01Graaf Kyan v. ElsjonUnknown
1986-04-25Graaf Larzo v. Neerlands StamUnknown
1986-02-08Graaf Layos v. ElsjonUnknown
1986-02-08Graaf Leroy v. ElsjonUnknown
1986-02-08Graaf Lucas v. ElsjonUnknown
1986-02-08Graaf Luxor v. ElsjonUnknown
1984-04-08Graaf Magnum v.d. LeutingeUnknown
1986-07-12Graaf Manga v. ElsjonUnknown
1986-07-12Graaf Marco v. ElsjonUnknown
1984-04-08Graaf Mark v.d. LeutingeUnknown
1986-07-12Graaf Marko v. ElsjonUnknown
1986-08-30Graaf Marlowe v. Neerlands StamUnknown
1986-08-30Graaf Marnix v. Neerlands Stam (NHSB 1487187)Unknown
1986-08-30Graaf Marron v. Neerlands StamUnknown
1986-07-12Graaf Melvin v. ElsjonUnknown
1986-08-30Graaf Menno v. Neerlands Stam (NHSB 1487188)Unknown
1986-08-30Graaf Mentor v. Neerlands StamHD: A-1
1986-08-30Graaf Morion v. Neerlands StamUnknown
1987-03-07Graaf Nero v. ElsjonUnknown
1987-03-07Graaf Noah v. ElsjonHD: B-1
1987-02-10Graaf Odin v. Neerlands Stam (NHSB 1518482)Unknown
1987-02-10Graaf Onno v. Neerlands Stam (NHSB 1518483)Unknown
1987-02-10Graaf Orion v. Neerlands Stam (NHSB 1518481)HD: A-1
1987-07-01Graaf Oscar v. ElsjonUnknown
1982-03-11Graaf Ringo v. PauwenburchtUnknown
1984-04-08Graaf Sil v.d. LeutingeUnknown
1988-02-05Graaf Taco v. Neerlands Stam (NHSB 1574301)Unknown
1988-02-05Graaf Tibor v. Neerlands StamUnknown
1988-02-05Graaf Tristan v. Neerlands Stam (NHSB 1574300)HD: A-1
1988-02-05Graaf Troll v. Neerlands StamUnknown
1983-01-05Grace v. GannitaUnknown
1982-08-17Grace v.d. OostkantUnknown
1985-06-29Gracia (NHSB 1426399)Unknown
1983-01-05Gracia v. GannitaUnknown
1984-09-06Graf-Caspar v. Vliet-HoeveUnknown
1984-09-06Graf-Cassander v. Vliet-HoeveUnknown
1984-09-06Graf-Castor v. Vliet-HoeveUnknown
1984-09-06Graf-Cito v. Vliet-HoeveUnknown
1984-09-06Graf-Claud v. Vliet-HoeveUnknown
1984-09-06Graf-Clay v. Vliet-HoeveUnknown
1984-09-06Graf-Cospy v. Vliet-HoeveUnknown
1984-09-06Grafin-Chantal v. Vliet-HoeveUnknown
1984-09-06Grafin-Cheela v. Vliet-HoeveUnknown
1984-09-06Grafin-Chenda v. Vliet-HoeveUnknown
1984-09-06Grafin-Cicilie v. Vliet-HoeveUnknown
1986-12-09Graicia's Lady v. Musenhof TiefurtUnknown
1984-01-01Gratia v.h. LeydalUnknown
1983-04-03Gravin Ajutta v. PerinhaHD: B-1
1983-08-30Gravin Amber v. MaarseveenUnknown
1983-08-30Gravin Andante v. MaarseveenUnknown
1984-04-08Gravin Anka v.d. LeutingeUnknown
1981-08-26Gravin Anoya v.d. DoberburghtUnknown
1981-08-26Gravin Anquilla v.d. DoberburghtUnknown
1983-08-30Gravin Apollo v. MaarseveenUnknown
1983-12-16Gravin Aranka v.d. Rameler MarkeHD: B-1
1983-12-16Gravin Arina v.d. Rameler MarkeUnknown
1982-03-11Gravin Aroeska v. PauwenburchtUnknown
1981-08-26Gravin Athena v.d. DoberburghtUnknown
1981-02-12Gravin Bawuskje v. MaarssenveenUnknown
1981-02-12Gravin Biba v. MaarssenveenUnknown
1981-02-12Gravin Bionda v. MaarssenveenUnknown
1981-02-12Gravin Bonnie v. MaarssenveenUnknown
1982-04-20Gravin Bonnie v.d. DoberburghtUnknown
1983-04-11Gravin Candice v.d. DoberburghtUnknown
1980-09-17Gravin Cedy v.d. Edele StamUnknown
1980-09-17Gravin Chinta v.d. Edele StamUnknown
1980-09-17Gravin Cindor v.d. Edele StamUnknown
1980-09-17Gravin Cita v.d. Edele StamUnknown
1980-09-17Gravin Cleo v.d. Edele StamUnknown
1980-09-17Gravin Contessa v.d. Edele StamUnknown
1984-04-16Gravin Daisy v.d. DoberburghtUnknown
1984-04-16Gravin Debbie v.d. DoberburghtUnknown
1984-04-16Gravin Delphi v.d. DoberburghtUnknown
1984-04-16Gravin Dihba v.d. DoberburghtUnknown
1984-04-16Gravin Dolly v.d. DoberburghtUnknown
1984-04-16Gravin Donja v.d. DoberburghtUnknown
1982-08-17Gravin Donna v.d. OostkantUnknown
1987-07-01Gravin Dusty v. ElsjonUnknown
1984-04-16Gravin Dörney v.d. DoberburghtUnknown
1984-10-06Gravin Eboney v.d. DoberburghtHD: B-1
1984-07-01Gravin Elan v.d. AvondwakeHD: A-1
1984-10-06Gravin Elle v.d. DoberburghtUnknown
1984-07-01Gravin Erna v.d. AvondwakeUnknown
1984-07-01Gravin Esprit v.d. AvondwakeUnknown
1984-10-06Gravin Estrada v.d. DoberburghtHD: B-1
1984-07-01Gravin Ethienne v.d. AvondwakeUnknown
1984-10-06Gravin Evita v.d. DoberburghtUnknown
1985-02-21Gravin Faby v.d. DoberburghtUnknown
1985-02-21Gravin Frida v.d. DoberburghtUnknown
1985-08-28Gravin Gaby v.d. DoberburghtUnknown
1982-04-28Gravin Gerda v. WimpelzichtUnknown
1984-04-08Gravin Ginger v.d. LeutingeUnknown
1985-08-28Gravin Ginger Zora v.d. DoberburghtUnknown
1985-08-28Gravin Ginny v.d. DoberburghtUnknown
1982-04-28Gravin Gizella v. WimpelzichtUnknown
1982-04-28Gravin Gonda v. WimpelzichtUnknown
1985-08-28Gravin Grace v.d. DoberburghtUnknown
1982-10-11Gravin Haidie v. WimpelzichtUnknown
1983-12-25Gravin Happy v. Neerlands Stam (NHSB 1307884)Unknown
1986-01-06Gravin Happy v.d. DoberburghtUnknown
1982-10-11Gravin Hayka v. WimpelzichtUnknown
1983-12-25Gravin Heidi v. Neerlands StamUnknown
1982-10-11Gravin Helga v. WimpelzichtUnknown
1983-12-25Gravin Hera v. Neêrlands Stam (NHSB 1307883)HD: A-1
1983-12-25Gravin Honey v. Neerlands StamHD: D
1983-12-25Gravin Honora v. Neerlands StamUnknown
1986-08-13Gravin Iris v.d. DoberburghtUnknown
1984-06-16Gravin Jorina v. ElsjonUnknown
1984-06-16Gravin Jozina v. ElsjonHD: D
1984-06-16Gravin Judie v. ElsjonUnknown
1984-06-16Gravin Juna v. ElsjonUnknown
1984-06-16Gravin Juventa v. ElsjonUnknown
1985-07-01Gravin Karin v. ElsjonUnknown
1985-07-01Gravin Kashiva v. ElsjonUnknown
1983-12-16Gravin Kim v.d. Rameler MarkeUnknown
1985-07-01Gravin Kora v. ElsjonHD: B-1
1985-07-01Gravin Kryshna v. ElsjonUnknown
1985-07-01Gravin Krysta v. ElsjonUnknown
1986-04-25Gravin Lady Daisy v. Neerlands StamUnknown
1986-04-25Gravin Leslie v. Neerlands StamUnknown
1986-04-25Gravin Lester v. Neerlands StamUnknown
1986-04-25Gravin Leva v. Neerlands StamUnknown
1986-02-08Gravin Linda v. ElsjonUnknown
1986-07-12Gravin Madona v. ElsjonUnknown
1986-07-12Gravin Mascha v. Elsjon (NHSB 1491730)Unknown
1986-07-12Gravin Masja v. ElsjonUnknown
1984-04-08Gravin Mira v.d. LeutingeUnknown
1987-03-07Gravin Nica v. ElsjonUnknown
1987-03-07Gravin Nika v. ElsjonUnknown
1987-03-07Gravin Nina v. ElsjonUnknown
1987-03-07Gravin Nora v. ElsjonUnknown
1987-07-01Gravin Nora v. ElsjonUnknown
1987-07-01Gravin Olivia v. ElsjonUnknown
1987-07-01Gravin Olva v. ElsjonUnknown
1987-02-10Gravin Onyx v. Neerlands StamUnknown
1987-07-01Gravin Orica v. ElsjonUnknown
1987-07-01Gravin Orly v. ElsjonUnknown
1988-07-13Gravin Reska v. ElsjonUnknown
1988-07-13Gravin Rianne v. ElsjonUnknown
1988-02-05Gravin Tanja v. Neerlands Stam (NHSB 1574306)Unknown
1988-02-05Gravin Tessa v. Neerlands StamUnknown
1988-02-05Gravin Thelma v. Neerlands Stam (NHSB 1574303)Unknown
1988-02-05Gravin Tosca v. Neerlands Stam (NHSB 1574305)Unknown
1984-01-01Greets v.h. LeydalUnknown
1983-02-19Grisja v. Westlands StamUnknown
1984-01-01Guapa v.h. LeydalUnknown
1984-01-01Guido v.h. LeydalUnknown
1986-12-09Guiness Topy v. Musenhof TiefurtUnknown
1982-08-17Gusta v.d. OostkantUnknown
1984-01-01Gwen v.h. LeydalUnknown
1983-02-19Gwendy v. Westlands StamUnknown
1983-05-20Hagar v. Belling-HomeUnknown
1983-05-20Haifa v. Belling-HomeUnknown
1985-10-10Haiko v. SyljamUnknown
1983-09-11Haristo v.d. OostkantUnknown
1985-10-10Harold Boy v. SyljamUnknown
1983-05-20Hatifa v. Belling-HomeUnknown
1985-10-10Hazel v. SyljamUnknown
1983-09-11Hazel v.d. OostkantUnknown
1985-10-10Heidi v. SyljamHD: B-1
1983-09-11Heidi v.d. OostkantUnknown
1985-10-10Helma v. SyljamHD: B-1
1982-03-11Helmoed v. PauwenburchtUnknown
1983-05-20Heronimo v. Belling-HomeUnknown
1985-09-30Hester v.h. LeydalUnknown
1983-09-11Hestia v.d. OostkantUnknown
1985-09-30Hestia v.h. LeydalUnknown
1983-09-11Hestor v.d. OostkantUnknown
1985-09-30Hidda v.h. LeydalUnknown
1983-05-20Higgins v. Belling-HomeUnknown
1985-09-30Hildo v.h. LeydalUnknown
1985-09-30Hilke v.h. LeydalUnknown
1983-05-20Hiskandar v. Belling-HomeUnknown
1985-10-10Humphrey Satim v. SyljamUnknown
1985-10-10Hunter v. SyljamUnknown
1983-05-20Hurby v. Belling-HomeUnknown
1983-05-20Hurry v. Belling-HomeUnknown
1983-05-20Hurrycane v. Belling-HomeHD: C
1983-05-20Hylo v. Belling-HomeUnknown
1981-02-21Igor v.h. Rapenland (NHSB 1146841)Unknown
1981-02-21Ika v.h. RapenlandUnknown
1982-09-30Ilex v.d. MühlenbirkeHD: A-1
1984-05-13Ilja v. Westlands StamUnknown
1981-02-21Ilja v.h. RapenlandUnknown
1982-09-30Ilk v.d. MühlenbirkeUnknown
1984-05-13Ilona v. Westlands StamUnknown
1984-05-13Imar v. Westlands StamUnknown
1982-09-30Imo v.d. MühlenbirkeUnknown
1982-09-30Ina v.d. MühlenbirkeUnknown
1982-09-30Ines v.d. MühlenbirkeUnknown
1982-09-30Inga v.d. MühlenbirkeHD: B-1
1981-02-21Ingo v.h. Rapenland (NHSB 1146843)Unknown
1982-09-30Ino v.d. MühlenbirkeUnknown
1982-07-19Ira (NHSB 1231650)Unknown
1982-09-30Ira v.d. MühlenbirkeUnknown
1981-02-21Iran v.h. RapenlandUnknown
1981-02-21Iris v.h. Rapenland (NHSB 1146847)Unknown
1981-02-21Isidoor v.h. RapenlandUnknown
1984-05-13Isis v. Westlands StamUnknown
1981-02-21Ivo v.h. RapenlandUnknown
1984-05-13Iwan v. Westlands StamUnknown
1981-02-21Iwan v.h. RapenlandUnknown
1981-02-21Izegrim v.h. RapenlandUnknown
1983-05-21Jack of Kings RoadUnknown
1983-11-24Javelyn v. Belling-HomeUnknown
1985-03-07Joline (NHSB 1392635)Unknown
1981-07-28Kalligyna v. Karo-SesanderUnknown
1981-07-28Karen v. Karo-SesanderUnknown
1983-10-07Kashmir (NHSB 1298040)Unknown
1981-07-28Kastor v. Karo-SesanderUnknown
1981-03-09Kawan v.d. Rameler MarkeUnknown
1984-06-09Kazan of Kings RoadUnknown
1981-07-28Kazan v. Karo-SesanderUnknown
1981-07-28Kelly v. Karo-SesanderUnknown
1981-07-28Kendo v. Karo-SesanderUnknown
1984-04-07Kim (NHSB 1345180)Unknown
1984-06-09Kim of Kings RoadUnknown
1983-02-05Kima (NHSB 1256396)Unknown
1982-07-19King (NHSB 1231646)Unknown
1981-07-28King v. Karo-SesanderUnknown
1984-10-08Kira v.d. RidderduinenUnknown
1981-07-28Kirsten-Karen v. Karo-SesanderUnknown
1984-03-05Kleo v. Landgoed LindenheuvelUnknown
1981-07-28Krista-Guusje v. Karo-SesanderUnknown
1987-04-04Kyra (NHSB 1541283)Unknown
1981-07-16La Chita v.d. Hooghe WeideUnknown
1983-11-20Lady Anne v.d. Rameler MarkeUnknown
1985-06-23Lady v.h. OostenblauwUnknown
1984-05-02Laicke v. Belling-HomeUnknown
1981-07-16Laika v.d. Hooghe Weide (NHSB 1170094)Unknown
1982-11-17Laika v.d. Rameler Marke (NHSB 1238713)Unknown
1983-12-16Laika v.d. Rameler Marke (NHSB 1305169)HD: B-1
1984-12-25Lara (NHSB 1388746)Unknown
1981-07-16Lard-Castor v.d. Hooghe WeideUnknown
1984-05-02Largo v. Belling-HomeUnknown
1984-05-02Larko v. Belling-HomeUnknown
1981-07-16Layka v.d. Hooghe WeideUnknown
1984-05-02Lee v. Belling-HomeHD: B-1
1984-05-02Lesly v. Belling-HomeUnknown
1984-10-06Linda Diana v.'t HekahofUnknown
1981-07-16Lloyd v.d. Hooghe Weide (NHSB 1170092)Unknown
1984-05-02Lord v. Belling-HomeUnknown
1984-05-02Lorean v. Belling-HomeUnknown
1984-05-02Louie v. Belling-HomeUnknown
1984-12-25Luc (NHSB 1388742)Unknown
1984-05-02Lyca v. Belling-HomeUnknown
1984-05-02Lyk v. Belling-HomeUnknown
1982-04-07Mabel Inter Amnes TutaUnknown
1982-04-07Magnum Inter Amnes TutaUnknown
1981-09-16Maick v.'t RijkeUnknown
1981-09-16Majesta v.'t RijkeUnknown
1982-07-19Mandy (NHSB 1231654)Unknown
1984-04-24Mandy (NHSB 1327580)Unknown
0000-00-00Manon v. Schloss GrossauHD: A-1
1985-03-07Maran (NHSB 1392636)Unknown
1981-09-16Margo v.'t RijkeUnknown
1982-04-07Maroeska Inter Amnes TutaUnknown
1981-09-16Mastrop v.'t RijkeUnknown
1984-04-07Max (NHSB 1345176)Unknown
1982-04-07Max Inter Amnes TutaUnknown
1981-09-16Max v.'t RijkeUnknown
1984-05-05Medres v.d. HeuvelhonkUnknown
1985-03-07Meerza (NHSB 1392634)Unknown
1982-04-07Meta Inter Amnes TutaUnknown
1982-04-07Mila Inter Amnes TutaUnknown
1981-09-16Mimi v.'t RijkeUnknown
1981-09-16Mimous v.'t RijkeUnknown
1982-10-22Min v.'t RijkeUnknown
1982-04-07Minos Inter Amnes TutaHD: A-1
1982-03-11Mira v. PauwenburchtUnknown
1981-09-16Mira v.'t RijkeUnknown
1981-09-16Misja v.'t RijkeUnknown
1982-04-07Modan Inter Amnes TutaUnknown
1981-09-16Molly v.'t RijkeUnknown
1981-09-16Monica v.'t RijkeUnknown
1982-04-07Mork Inter Amnes TutaUnknown
1982-07-19Murk (NHSB 1231645)Unknown
1981-09-17Nadia v.'t RijkeUnknown
1981-09-17Nancy v.'t RijkeHD: B-1
1981-09-17Natasja v.'t RijkeUnknown
1983-02-05Nero (NHSB 1256393)Unknown
1984-04-07Nero (NHSB 1345175)Unknown
1984-10-06Nero Diana v.'t Hekahof (NHSB 1366480)Unknown
1984-06-09Nero of Kings RoadUnknown
1981-09-17Nilson v.'t RijkeUnknown
1981-09-17Nita v.'t RijkeUnknown
1981-09-17Nodij v.'t RijkeUnknown
1981-03-09Noeska v.d. Rameler MarkeUnknown
1981-09-17Nora v.'t RijkeUnknown
1983-02-05Odin (NHSB 1256397)Unknown
1984-04-24Odin (NHSB 1327584)Unknown
1982-10-22Oscar v.'t RijkeUnknown
1982-08-04Patricia v.d. Hooghe WeideUnknown
1984-04-24Pien (NHSB 1327581)Unknown
1982-08-04Pierina v.d. Hooghe WeideUnknown
1983-11-20Pluto v.d. Rameler MarkeUnknown
1985-05-17Princess (NHSB 1398376)Unknown
1981-02-12Princess Beryl v. MaarssenveenUnknown
1985-03-07Prinz (NHSB 1392629)Unknown
1984-04-24Puck (NHSB 1327583)Unknown
1981-03-09Quinta v.d. Rameler MarkeUnknown
1981-03-09Rado v.d. Rameler MarkeUnknown
1986-03-17Rambo v.h. Looike (NHSB 1457291)Unknown
1985-06-29Ranka (NHSB 1426396)Unknown
1983-10-07Raya (NHSB 1298037)Unknown
1984-04-24Reza (NHSB 1327582)Unknown
1983-01-17Riska v.d. Hooghe WeideUnknown
1987-04-04Risto (NHSB 1541280)Unknown
1984-10-08Risto v.d. RidderduinenUnknown
1984-03-05Ristor v. Landgoed LindenheuvelUnknown
1984-04-07Rob (NHSB 1345178)Unknown
1984-06-20Robi (NHSB 1355075)Unknown
1984-06-09Rocky of Kings RoadUnknown
1983-05-21Rodan of Kings RoadUnknown
1985-03-07Romero (NHSB 1392628)Unknown
1983-01-17Roxy Denise v.d. Hooghe WeideUnknown
1987-04-04Roy (NHSB 1541279)Unknown
1985-06-29Sabar (NHSB 1426397)Unknown
1984-06-09Sando of Kings RoadUnknown
1984-10-06Sandra Diana v.'t HekahofUnknown
1988-05-21Sanne v.d. Broeklander Horst HoeveHD: B-1
1981-03-09Sascha v.d. Rameler MarkeUnknown
1984-06-09Scooby of Kings RoadUnknown
1982-03-11Sharon v. PauwenburchtUnknown
1985-03-16Sheaba-Pepper v.d. LeutingeUnknown
1984-12-25Sheila (NHSB 1388744)HD: A-1
1983-05-21Sheila of Kings RoadUnknown
1982-11-17Shiba Melati v.d. Rameler MarkeUnknown
1984-12-25Solitair (NHSB 1388747)Unknown
1982-03-11Spider v. PauwenburchtUnknown
1982-07-19Taiga (NHSB 1231655)Unknown
1987-04-04Tanja (NHSB 1541285)Unknown
1984-05-05Tanja v.d. HeuvelhonkUnknown
1987-04-04Tara (NHSB 1541284)Unknown
1983-10-07Tarzan (NHSB 1298038)Unknown
1983-08-07Thea v.d. Hooghe WeideUnknown
1983-08-07Thunder-Dayan v.d. Hooghe WeideUnknown
1983-08-07Tia-Roxanne v.d. Hooghe WeideUnknown
1983-08-07Tiara-Doré v.d. Hooghe WeideUnknown
1984-06-09Tibor of Kings RoadUnknown
1982-07-19Tiger (NHSB 1231647)Unknown
1985-05-17Tiny (NHSB 1398377)Unknown
1982-02-25Tjaika FamagrafinUnknown
1982-02-25Tjaika FannchuUnknown
1982-02-25Tjaika FanncyHD: A-1
1982-02-25Tjaika FeliciaUnknown
1982-02-25Tjaika FenjaUnknown
1982-02-25Tjaika FonzieUnknown
1982-02-25Tjaika ForellUnknown
1982-11-17Toean Gibby v.d. Rameler MarkeUnknown
1983-10-07Tosca (NHSB 1298041)Unknown
1984-10-08Tula v.d. RidderduinenUnknown
1982-06-12Ubald v.d. BeemsterhoeveUnknown
1982-06-12Udo v.d. BeemsterhoeveUnknown
1982-09-13Udo v.d. WestfalenhalleHD: A-1
1982-06-12Ula v.d. BeemsterhoeveUnknown
1983-12-16Ulan v.d. Rameler MarkeUnknown
1982-09-13Ulan v.d. WestfalenhalleUnknown
1982-06-12Ulco v.d. BeemsterhoeveUnknown
1982-09-13Ulex v.d. WestfalenhalleUnknown
1982-09-13Ulf v.d. WestfalenhalleUnknown
1982-09-13Ulla v.d. WestfalenhalleUnknown
1982-06-12Ulrik v.d. BeemsterhoeveUnknown
1982-06-12Una v.d. BeemsterhoeveUnknown
1982-09-13Unkas v.d. WestfalenhalleUnknown
1982-06-12Urana v.d. BeemsterhoeveUnknown
1982-06-12Urban v.d. BeemsterhoeveUnknown
1982-09-13Uri v.d. WestfalenhalleUnknown
1982-06-12Urion v.d. BeemsterhoeveUnknown
1982-06-12Ursela v.d. BeemsterhoeveUnknown
1982-09-13Uta v.d. WestfalenhalleUnknown
1982-06-12Utilla v.d. BeemsterhoeveUnknown
1982-09-13Utz v.d. WestfalenhalleUnknown
1982-07-19Vanessa (NHSB 1231651)Unknown
1983-08-17Vanka v.d. BeemsterhoeveUnknown
1983-08-17Vera v.d. BeemsterhoeveUnknown
1983-08-17Verity v.d. BeemsterhoeveUnknown
1983-08-17Vesper v.d. BeemsterhoeveUnknown
1983-08-17Vesta v.d. BeemsterhoeveUnknown
1984-06-09Vicky of Kings RoadUnknown
1985-05-17Victor (NHSB 1398375)Unknown
1983-08-17Victor v.d. BeemsterhoeveUnknown
1983-08-17Vira v.d. BeemsterhoeveUnknown
1983-08-17Vivid v.d. BeemsterhoeveUnknown
1983-08-17Vivien v.d. BeemsterhoeveUnknown
1983-08-17Vulco v.d. BeemsterhoeveUnknown
1984-03-27Waldo v.d. BeemsterhoeveUnknown
1984-03-27Wallis v.d. BeemsterhoeveUnknown
1984-03-27Wanda v.d. BeemsterhoeveUnknown
1984-03-27Wendy v.d. BeemsterhoeveHD: B-1
1984-03-27Wesly v.d. BeemsterhoeveUnknown
1984-03-27Wieger v.d. BeemsterhoeveUnknown
1984-03-27Wieke v.d. BeemsterhoeveHD: B-1
1984-03-27Winny v.d. BeemsterhoeveUnknown
1984-03-27Wisha v.d. BeemsterhoeveUnknown
1987-04-04Wodan (NHSB 1541282)Unknown
1982-11-17Wodan v.d. Rameler MarkeUnknown
1984-03-27Wodon v.d. BeemsterhoeveUnknown
1984-03-27Wonder Boy v.d. BeemsterhoeveHD: B-1
1984-12-25Zeus (NHSB 1388741)Unknown
1982-11-17Zeus v.d. Rameler MarkeUnknown
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