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Graaf Questor v. Neêrlands Stam (NHSB 634954)
Name Graaf Questor v. Neêrlands Stam (NHSB 634954)
Owner Vera Knijff-Dermout
Breeder Vera Knijff-Dermout
Gender Stud
Pedigreebook NHSB
Pedigreenumber NHSB 634954
Colour Black
Sire Vico v.d. Brünoburg
Dam Gravin Faby v. Neêrlands Stam (NHSB 405104)
Date of birth 1972-12-25
Date deceased 1979-12-04
Cause of death 07-year / sudden death
Extra information SchH I, ZTP 1A V
International Champion
Dutch Champion
Amsterdam Youth Winner 1973
Amsterdam Winner 1974
Amsterdam Winner 1976
DVIN Clubwinner 1976

HD result Germany: HD A
HD Status HD: B-1
"von Willebrand" Unknown
Wobbler Syndrom (C.V.I.) Unknown
Cardiomyopathie Holter and Echo Unknown
Cardiomyopathie DNA Marker Unknown
Dilute Unknown
Inbred percentage 8.9439 %
Brothers and sisters
1972-12-25Graaf Qualis v. Neerlands StamUnknown
1972-12-25Graaf Quick v. Neerlands StamUnknown
1972-12-25Graaf Quino v. Neerlands Stam (NHSB 634960)Unknown
1972-12-25Graaf Quintus v. Neerlands Stam (NHSB 634959)Unknown
1972-12-25Graaf Quirinus v. Neerlands Stam (NHSB 634955)Unknown
1972-12-25Graaf Quit v. Neerlands Stam (NHSB 634957)Unknown
1976-11-26Aba v. CesarbergUnknown
1979-04-08Abrendo v. Eichen SumpfUnknown
1976-10-22Achita v.d. ZwaluwenhofUnknown
1977-05-22Acron v. HagerloUnknown
1978-02-16Ada v.h. LeydalUnknown
1976-03-03Aegar v.d. RidderduinenUnknown
1976-05-07Afra v.d. IlmenauHD: A-1
1976-10-22Aghar v.d. ZwaluwenhofUnknown
1976-04-14Agnes v.d. BonckenhaveUnknown
0000-00-00Aicha du Castel d'IrchonwelzUnknown
1976-05-07Aika v.d. IlmenauHD: A-1
1977-02-14Akim v. RosamillUnknown
1976-10-22Akim v.d. ZwaluwenhofUnknown
1978-02-16Aldo v.h. LeydalUnknown
1977-05-12Alex (NHSB 944518)Unknown
1977-07-14Alex (NHSB 974000)Unknown
1979-12-21Alexander (NHSB 1088203)Unknown
1978-02-16Ali v.h. LeydalUnknown
1976-04-14Alto v.d. BonckenhaveUnknown
1976-03-01Amanda v.d. Zwarte VleerUnknown
1976-04-21Amber (NHSB 887310)Unknown
1979-08-18Amber v. Poort HofUnknown
1976-03-03Amber v.d. RidderduinenUnknown
1979-04-08Amor-Pascha v. Eichen SumpfUnknown
1976-05-07Amsel v.d. IlmenauHD: B-1
1977-07-14Anauchka (NHSB 974004)Unknown
1978-02-16Anca v.h. LeydalUnknown
1978-07-28Andor v. Kunod Mesis (NHSB 1021855)Unknown
1976-04-14Andor v.d. BonckenhaveUnknown
1979-08-18Andra v. Poort HofUnknown
1979-12-21Andromeda (NHSB 1088208)Unknown
1977-12-23Andros v. HavesteinUnknown
1977-12-23Androso v. HavesteinUnknown
1979-04-08Andy v. Eichen SumpfUnknown
1979-08-18Angola v. Poort HofUnknown
1978-02-16Anita v.h. LeydalUnknown
1978-02-16Anja v.h. LeydalUnknown
1977-07-14Anka (NHSB 974007)Unknown
1976-10-22Anka v.d. ZwaluwenhofUnknown
1978-07-28Anne v. Kunod MesisUnknown
1979-12-21Anneliese (NHSB 1088209)Unknown
1979-08-18Annoe v. Poort HofUnknown
1979-08-18Anoechka v. Poort HofUnknown
1977-02-14Anoeska v. RosamillUnknown
1976-10-22Anouschka v.d. ZwaluwenhofHD: A-1
1979-08-18Arabella v. Poort HofUnknown
1978-02-16Aram v.h. LeydalUnknown
1976-04-14Aramis v.d. BonckenhaveUnknown
1975-04-24Arco v.d. ZuidermatenUnknown
1978-07-28Ardi v. Kunod MesisUnknown
1976-04-14Ardo v.d. BonckenhaveUnknown
1976-10-22Ares v.d. ZwaluwenhofUnknown
1979-05-17Argos (NHSB 1053467)Unknown
1977-05-12Argos (NHSB 944516)Unknown
1979-08-18Argos v. Poort HofUnknown
1976-10-22Ariska v.d. ZwaluwenhofUnknown
1977-07-14Arno (NHSB 974003)Unknown
1978-07-28Arno v. Kunod MesisUnknown
1978-02-16Arno v.h. LeydalUnknown
1979-04-08Aroek v. Eichen SumpfUnknown
1979-04-08Arona v. Eichen SumpfUnknown
1974-04-23Arro (NHSB 716654)Unknown
1976-04-14Artan v.d. BonckenhaveUnknown
1977-02-14Arthur v. RosamillUnknown
1979-12-30Arwin Questor v.d. Dobermann-BorghUnknown
1979-04-08Ascha v. Eichen SumpfUnknown
1977-12-05Aschja (NHSB 988508)Unknown
1979-08-18Asir v. Poort HofUnknown
1976-05-07Asko v.d. IlmenauUnknown
1976-05-07Assi v.d. IlmenauUnknown
1976-05-07Asso v.d. IlmenauHD: B-1
1974-04-23Asta (NHSB 716657)Unknown
1976-04-14Asta v.d. BonckenhaveUnknown
1978-06-11Astor (NHSB 1014057)Unknown
1974-04-23Astor (NHSB 716649)Unknown
1977-05-12Astor (NHSB 944517)Unknown
1977-06-30Astor (NHSB 961266)Unknown
1977-07-14Astor (NHSB 974001)Unknown
1977-02-14Astor v. RosamillUnknown
1976-04-14Astor v.d. BonckenhaveUnknown
1976-05-07Astor v.d. IlmenauUnknown
1978-06-24Astra v. L'AubergeUnknown
1976-03-01Astrid v.d. Zwarte VleerUnknown
1978-02-16Astrid v.h. LeydalUnknown
1977-07-14Astrit (NHSB 974006)Unknown
1976-05-07Atlas v.d. IlmenauUnknown
1977-05-22Atos v. HagerloUnknown
1978-02-16Aura v.h. LeydalHD: A-1
1977-02-14Avic v. RosamillUnknown
1977-01-14Axel (NHSB 933446)Unknown
1979-04-08Axel v. Eichen SumpfUnknown
1977-02-14Aya v. RosamillUnknown
1979-04-08Azita v. Eichen SumpfUnknown
1976-04-14Azorba v.d. BonckenhaveUnknown
1979-12-30Babette Claudia v.d. Dobermann-BorghUnknown
1976-06-16Barca v. WisadeUnknown
1976-06-16Barco v. WisadeUnknown
1979-06-27Barie v.h. LeydalUnknown
1979-12-16Baron Andy v. MaarssenveenUnknown
1979-12-16Baron Archie v. MaarssenveenUnknown
1979-12-16Baron Arson v. MaarssenveenUnknown
1977-05-07Barri v.d. IlmenauUnknown
1976-04-21Barry (NHSB 887304)Unknown
1977-10-05Barry Nestor v.d. ZwaluwenhofUnknown
1978-04-28Basco (NHSB 1006017)Unknown
1977-06-30Basco (NHSB 961269)Unknown
1976-06-16Basco v. WisadeHD: D
1979-06-27Basco v.h. LeydalUnknown
1979-07-21Bashou v. Kunod MesisUnknown
1976-06-16Bass v. WisadeUnknown
1977-11-08Bastor-Boy v.d. Hooghe WeideUnknown
0000-00-00Baya v.d. ViskeshoeveUnknown
1977-11-08Bea v.d. Hooghe WeideUnknown
1977-06-23Beatrijs v. L'AubergeUnknown
1977-10-05Beauty v.d. ZwaluwenhofUnknown
1976-06-16Becca v. WisadeUnknown
1976-03-01Bela v.d. Zwarte VleerUnknown
1977-05-22Belfegore v. HagerloUnknown
1975-02-10Belizza v. FerrolheimUnknown
1974-04-23Bella (NHSB 716655)Unknown
1977-05-07Bella v.d. IlmenauUnknown
1979-06-27Benno v.h. LeydalUnknown
1977-01-28Berdo v.d. RotmanshoeveUnknown
1977-11-08Berlinda v.d. Hooghe WeideUnknown
1979-06-27Berlinda v.h. LeydalUnknown
1979-06-27Bernice v.h. LeydalUnknown
1975-02-10Beryl v. FerrolheimUnknown
1979-07-21Besamusca v. Kunod MesisUnknown
0000-00-00Bessi v.d. ViskeshoeveUnknown
1976-06-16Bessie v. WisadeUnknown
1977-05-07Bessy v.d. IlmenauHD: B-1
1979-06-27Betta v.h. LeydalUnknown
1974-04-23Bianca (NHSB 716656)HD: C
1979-07-21Bianca v. Kunod MesisUnknown
1979-05-07Bianca v.d. DannenburghUnknown
1977-10-05Bianca v.d. ZwaluwenhofUnknown
1977-09-19Bianca v.h. IJsseldalUnknown
1977-05-07Biene v.d. IlmenauUnknown
1977-05-07Biggi v.d. IlmenauUnknown
1977-11-08Bijoux v.d. Hooghe WeideUnknown
1977-05-07Birka v.d. IlmenauUnknown
1977-10-05Birka v.d. ZwaluwenhofUnknown
1975-02-10Björn v. FerrolheimUnknown
1978-03-07Björn v.d. DannenburghHD: A-1
1977-10-05Björn v.d. ZwaluwenhofUnknown
1979-05-07Blacka v.d. DannenburghUnknown
1975-02-10Blue Boy v. FerrolheimUnknown
1979-06-27Bob v.h. LeydalUnknown
1978-04-28Boefje (NHSB 1006021)Unknown
1977-11-08Bonni v.d. Hooghe WeideUnknown
1977-05-07Bonny v.d. IlmenauUnknown
0000-00-00Bonny v.d. ViskeshoeveUnknown
1977-10-05Bor Raco v.d. ZwaluwenhofUnknown
1976-03-01Bora v.d. Zwarte VleerUnknown
1977-11-08Borah v.d. Hooghe WeideUnknown
1977-11-08Bores v.d. Hooghe WeideUnknown
1976-06-16Borinda v. WisadeUnknown
1977-10-05Boris Castor v.d. ZwaluwenhofUnknown
1975-02-10Boris v. FerrolheimUnknown
1976-06-16Boris v. WisadeHD: B-1
1979-07-21Borkan v. Kunod MesisUnknown
1979-07-21Boy v. Kunod MesisUnknown
1977-11-08Boy v.d. Hooghe Weide (NHSB 1001785)Unknown
1977-06-23Brak v. L'AubergeUnknown
1979-07-21Brandy v. Kunod MesisUnknown
1979-06-27Brascha v.h. LeydalUnknown
1975-02-10Brenda v. FerrolheimHD: B-1
1976-06-16Brenda v. WisadeUnknown
1977-11-08Brenda v.d. Hooghe WeideUnknown
1977-10-05Brendy v.d. ZwaluwenhofUnknown
1976-06-16Brenna v. WisadeUnknown
1975-02-10Breston v. FerrolheimUnknown
1979-06-27Brigitte v.h. LeydalUnknown
1977-05-07Britta v.d. IlmenauUnknown
1977-01-22Britta v.d. ViskeshoeveUnknown
1978-03-07Broncho v.d. DannenburghUnknown
1976-04-21Bruce (NHSB 887303)Unknown
1975-02-10Brunhilde v. FerrolheimUnknown
1977-10-05Bruno Sandor v.d. ZwaluwenhofUnknown
1977-11-08Brutus v.d. Hooghe WeideHD: A-1
1977-11-08Bryanna v.d. Hooghe WeideUnknown
1977-10-05Bucco v.d. ZwaluwenhofUnknown
1977-10-05Buck v.d. ZwaluwenhofUnknown
1975-04-24Buco v.d. ZuidermatenUnknown
1975-02-10Bunny v. FerrolheimUnknown
1977-11-08Burga v.d. Hooghe WeideUnknown
1976-10-25Burggraaf Alva v. HaspengouwUnknown
1976-10-25Burggraaf Aska v. HaspengouwUnknown
1976-10-25Burggraaf Astor v. HaspengouwUnknown
1976-10-25Burggraaf Axel v. HaspengouwUnknown
1976-10-25Burggravin Amanda v. HaspengouwUnknown
1977-01-28Buster v.d. Rotmanshoeve (NHSB 933449)Unknown
1976-04-21Butros (NHSB 887307)Unknown
1979-06-27Byok v.h. LeydalUnknown
1979-08-05Caby v. HorsbornsandUnknown
1978-04-28Caesar (NHSB 1006022)Unknown
1977-01-13Caesar v. Zeeuws VlaanderenUnknown
1977-06-30Calesta (NHSB 961270)Unknown
1979-12-30Calla Claudia v.d. Dobermann-BorghUnknown
1974-04-23Camillo (NHSB 716650)Unknown
1975-12-05Candy v. BeelenUnknown
1977-01-13Cantor v. Zeeuws VlaanderenUnknown
1979-05-25Caos v.d. IlmenauUnknown
1978-05-12Carina v.d. Hooghe Weide (NHSB 1005995)Unknown
1978-04-10Carla v. Edele BrabantUnknown
1978-05-12Carlo v.d. Hooghe WeideUnknown
1978-09-19Carlo v.d. ZwaluwenhofUnknown
1976-03-01Carlo v.d. Zwarte VleerUnknown
1979-08-05Carmen v. HorsbornsandUnknown
1979-08-05Caro v. HorsbornsandUnknown
1978-04-10Caroline v. Edele BrabantUnknown
1978-05-12Caroline-Gya v.d. Hooghe WeideUnknown
0000-00-00Carrusel de CriseduandUnknown
1979-08-05Cas v. HorsbornsandUnknown
1978-09-19Cas v.d. ZwaluwenhofUnknown
1977-01-14Casimir (NHSB 933445)Unknown
1976-07-31Casper v. Kunod-MesisUnknown
1977-01-13Casra v. Zeeuws VlaanderenUnknown
1977-02-19Cassandra v. GannitaUnknown
1977-06-30Castor (NHSB 961268)Unknown
1977-07-14Castor (NHSB 974002)Unknown
1978-09-19Castor v.d. ZwaluwenhofUnknown
1976-03-01Castor v.d. Zwarte VleerUnknown
1979-05-07Catharina v.d. DannenburghUnknown
1978-09-19Cathy v.d. ZwaluwenhofUnknown
1976-07-31Caya v. Kunod-MesisUnknown
1978-06-09Cazan v. Edele BrabantUnknown
1977-02-19Ceasar v. GannitaUnknown
1978-05-12Ceasar-Tobias v.d. Hooghe WeideUnknown
1979-08-05Cento v. HorsbornsandUnknown
1979-12-21Ceres (NHSB 1088210)Unknown
1977-12-05Cesaer (NHSB 988504)Unknown
1977-02-19Cesar v. GannitaUnknown
1977-06-23Cetha v. L'AubergeUnknown
1977-01-28Chamy v.d. RotmanshoeveUnknown
1979-05-17Cheeta (NHSB 1053471)Unknown
1975-12-05Cherry v. BeelenUnknown
1977-01-13Chico v. Zeeuws VlaanderenUnknown
1978-06-09Choum v. Edele BrabantUnknown
1978-09-19Christa v.d. ZwaluwenhofUnknown
1976-07-31Cienska v. Kunod-MesisUnknown
1977-02-19Cilla v. GannitaUnknown
1975-12-05Cilli v. BeelenUnknown
1977-05-22Cindy v. HagerloUnknown
1978-06-24Cindy v. L'AubergeUnknown
1978-05-12Cindy v.d. Hooghe WeideUnknown
1977-06-23Cintho v. L'AubergeUnknown
1979-08-05Cintia v. HorsbornsandUnknown
1977-01-13Cisra v. Zeeuws VlaanderenUnknown
1976-07-31Cita v. Kunod-MesisUnknown
1977-01-13Cita v. Zeeuws VlaanderenUnknown
1978-09-19Cita v.d. ZwaluwenhofUnknown
1979-08-05Citha v. HorsbornsandUnknown
1978-09-19Cito v.d. ZwaluwenhofUnknown
1978-05-12Citta v.d. Hooghe WeideUnknown
1978-04-13Claudia Asca v.d. Dobermann-BorghUnknown
1977-03-13Claudia Cita v.d. Dobermann-BorghUnknown
1978-04-13Claudia Dobby v.d. Dobermann-BorghUnknown
1977-03-13Claudia Esther v.d. Dobermann-BorghUnknown
1977-03-13Claudia Joyce v.d. Dobermann-BorghHD: B-1
1978-04-13Claudia Sharon v.d. Dobermann-BorghHD: C
1977-03-13Claudia Tanja v.d. Dobermann-BorghUnknown
1977-03-13Claudia Tasja v.d. Dobermann-BorghUnknown
1978-05-12Claudia v.d. Hooghe WeideUnknown
1977-03-13Claudius v.d. Dobermann-BorghUnknown
1979-08-05Cleo v. HorsbornsandUnknown
1977-01-13Cleo v. Zeeuws VlaanderenUnknown
1977-09-19Cleo v.h. IJsseldalUnknown
1978-09-19Cleo Wodan v.d. ZwaluwenhofUnknown
1975-12-05Cliff v. BeelenUnknown
1977-12-23Clint v. HavesteinUnknown
1979-05-25Clint v.d. IlmenauUnknown
1978-05-12Codex v.d. Hooghe WeideUnknown
1975-10-30Comte Arraw Chez La RoseUnknown
1975-10-30Comte Cearar Chez La RoseUnknown
1975-10-30Comte Dobson Chez La RoseUnknown
1975-10-30Comte Nero Chez La RoseUnknown
1975-10-30Comte Wodan Chez La RoseUnknown
1975-10-30Comtesse Alfi Chez La RoseUnknown
1975-10-30Comtesse Deborah Chez La RoseUnknown
1975-10-30Comtesse Furia Chez La RoseUnknown
1975-10-30Comtesse Pepper Chez La RoseUnknown
1977-02-19Condor v. GannitaUnknown
1976-07-31Condor v. Kunod-MesisUnknown
1976-03-01Connie v.d. Zwarte VleerUnknown
1978-05-12Conny-Gita v.d. Hooghe WeideUnknown
1977-01-14Cora (NHSB 933447)Unknown
1979-08-05Cora Leina v. HorsbornsandUnknown
1975-12-05Cora v. BeelenHD: A-1
1979-05-25Cora v.d. IlmenauUnknown
1975-12-05Corro v. BeelenUnknown
1979-05-25Corry v.d. IlmenauUnknown
1979-05-25Corso v.d. IlmenauUnknown
1978-06-09Cotty v. Edele BrabantUnknown
1979-08-05Cougar v. HorsbornsandUnknown
1978-06-09Crack v. Edele BrabantUnknown
1977-01-13Creso v. Zeeuws VlaanderenUnknown
1978-06-09Cri v. Edele BrabantUnknown
1977-01-13Cristo v. Zeeuws VlaanderenUnknown
1977-01-13Croca v. Zeeuws VlaanderenUnknown
1977-02-19Cuno v. GannitaUnknown
0000-00-00Cyclamen (LOSH 415707)Unknown
0000-00-00Cynnamon de CriseduandUnknown
1979-05-25Cäsar v.d. IlmenauUnknown
1979-04-17D'Amora v. SteenoUnknown
1979-04-17D'Houppe v. SteenoUnknown
1977-09-19Dagmar v.h. IJsseldalUnknown
1979-12-30Dago Questor v.d. Dobermann-BorghUnknown
1979-11-29Daisy v.d. Hooghe WeideHD: B-1
1979-04-17Damaer v. SteenoUnknown
1979-12-21Dana (NHSB 1088204)Unknown
1977-06-10Danko v.d. RäuberhöhleHD: A-1
1979-04-17Darco v. SteenoUnknown
1977-03-27Dave Inter Amnes TutaUnknown
1979-11-29Dayan v.d. Hooghe WeideHD: B-1
1977-03-27Dennis Inter Amnes TutaUnknown
1977-06-10Derby v.d. RäuberhöhleUnknown
1977-03-27Dero Inter Amnes TutaUnknown
1977-03-27Derry Inter Amnes TutaUnknown
1977-06-10Dewet v.d. RäuberhöhleUnknown
1977-06-10Dewi v.d. RäuberhöhleUnknown
1979-11-29Dezy v.d. Hooghe WeideUnknown
1977-03-27Diana Inter Amnes TutaUnknown
1977-06-10Diana v.d. RäuberhöhleHD: B-1
1977-01-14Diego (NHSB 933444)Unknown
1977-06-10Dina v.d. RäuberhöhleUnknown
1978-03-07Dirk v.d. DannenburghUnknown
1977-06-10Dixie v.d. RäuberhöhleUnknown
1979-05-17Djago (NHSB 1053470)Unknown
1977-09-19Doba v.h. IJsseldalUnknown
1977-12-23Dobie v. HavesteinUnknown
1977-03-27Dolly Inter Amnes TutaUnknown
1977-04-12Don Dibar v. Kunod MesisUnknown
1979-11-29Don Donar v.d. Hooghe WeideUnknown
1977-03-27Don Inter Amnes TutaUnknown
1979-11-29Don v.d. Hooghe WeideUnknown
1977-06-23Dona v. L'AubergeUnknown
1977-06-10Dona v.d. RäuberhöhleHD: A-1
1979-11-29Donar v.d. Hooghe WeideUnknown
1977-06-10Donar v.d. RäuberhöhleUnknown
1977-03-27Donja Inter Amnes TutaUnknown
1977-04-12Donna Djerada v. Kunod MesisUnknown
1977-04-12Donna Djerba v. Kunod MesisUnknown
1979-11-29Donna Tcheetha v.d. Hooghe WeideUnknown
1976-11-17Duchess Kanja v. OosterwijkUnknown
1976-11-17Duchess Kariene v. OosterwijkUnknown
1976-11-17Duchess Konny v. OosterwijkUnknown
1979-11-29Duka v.d. Hooghe WeideUnknown
1977-03-27Duke Inter Amnes TutaUnknown
1976-11-17Duke Kasper v. OosterwijkUnknown
1976-11-17Duke Kastan v. OosterwijkUnknown
1976-11-17Duke Kastor v. OosterwijkUnknown
1976-11-17Duke Kuno v. OosterwijkUnknown
1976-11-17Duke Kwanto v. OosterwijkUnknown
1976-11-17Duke Kwester v. OosterwijkUnknown
1978-02-16Duke v.d. Dannenburgh (NHSB 1002134)Unknown
1979-05-07Duke v.d. Dannenburgh (NHSB 1055034)Unknown
1977-03-27Dulcia Inter Amnes TutaUnknown
1979-11-29Dunja v.d. Hooghe WeideUnknown
1976-02-29Ebo v. KrassumUnknown
1976-02-29Edip v. KrassumUnknown
1976-02-29Edith v. KrassumUnknown
1976-02-29Edo v. KrassumUnknown
1977-04-14Ejensky Inter Amnes TutaUnknown
1977-04-14Elfi Inter Amnes TutaUnknown
1976-02-29Elise v. KrassumUnknown
1977-04-14Elissa Inter Amnes TutaUnknown
1976-02-29Els v. KrassumUnknown
1976-02-29Elsa v. KrassumUnknown
1977-04-14Elza Inter Amnes TutaUnknown
1977-04-14Emir Inter Amnes TutaUnknown
1976-02-29Emir v. KrassumUnknown
1977-04-14Emouscha Inter Amnes TutaUnknown
1977-04-14Eowijn Inter Amnes TutaUnknown
1977-04-14Esta Inter Amnes TutaUnknown
1977-04-14Esther Inter Amnes TutaUnknown
1977-09-19Esther v.h. IJsseldal (NHSB 985775)Unknown
1977-04-14Eva Inter Amnes TutaUnknown
1977-06-23Eva v. L'AubergeUnknown
1976-02-29Evangelin v. KrassumUnknown
1977-04-14Evita Inter Amnes TutaUnknown
1979-04-30Fabi v.d. Hooghe WeideUnknown
1979-04-30Falco-Oscar v.d. Hooghe WeideUnknown
1974-04-23Falko (NHSB 716651)Unknown
1976-11-03Farina v. BeelenUnknown
1979-04-30Faron v.d. Hooghe WeideUnknown
1979-04-30Farouk v.d. Hooghe WeideUnknown
1979-04-30Fasco v.d. Hooghe Weide (NHSB 1055040)Unknown
1979-05-17Faust (NHSB 1053468)Unknown
1976-04-21Faust (NHSB 887306)Unknown
1976-03-01Fausto v.d. Zwarte VleerUnknown
1979-04-30Ferdinand Nico v.d. Hooghe WeideUnknown
1976-11-03Ferry v. BeelenUnknown
1977-01-28Filette v.d. RotmanshoeveHD: A-1
1976-11-03Filou v. BeelenUnknown
1979-04-30Fiona v.d. Hooghe WeideUnknown
1979-04-30Firanda Nora v.d. Hooghe WeideUnknown
1978-05-16Flint Inter Amnes TutaUnknown
1979-04-30Flint v.d. Hooghe WeideUnknown
1976-11-03Flipper v. BeelenUnknown
1976-11-03Flora v. BeelenUnknown
1977-01-02Frida v.d. Jomonellen HoeveUnknown
1976-11-03Fridolin v. BeelenUnknown
1976-03-01Frija v.d. Zwarte VleerUnknown
1979-12-30Gaby Claudia v.d. Dobermann-BorghUnknown
1979-11-25Gaston v.d. Hooghe WeideUnknown
1979-11-25Gazan v.d. Hooghe WeideUnknown
1979-12-30Gento Questor v.d. Dobermann-BorghUnknown
1979-11-25Gento v.d. Hooghe WeideUnknown
1979-11-25Gero v.d. Hooghe WeideUnknown
1977-07-14Giena (NHSB 974005)Unknown
1979-11-25Gini v.d. Hooghe WeideUnknown
1979-11-25Giselle-Jorinda v.d. Hooghe WeideUnknown
1979-11-25Godfried v.d. Hooghe WeideUnknown
1977-03-13Golden Cheetah v. KrassumUnknown
1977-03-13Gonda v. KrassumUnknown
1977-03-13Gonja v. KrassumUnknown
1979-11-25Gosaibi v.d. Hooghe WeideUnknown
1977-03-13Goya v. KrassumUnknown
1978-04-12Graaf Aldo v.d. Edele StamUnknown
1977-07-08Graaf Alex v. WimpelzichtUnknown
1978-04-12Graaf Alfa v.d. Edele StamUnknown
1978-04-12Graaf Alfax Martial v.d. Edele StamUnknown
1977-07-08Graaf Argos v. WimpelzichtUnknown
1979-12-16Graaf Argus v. MaarssenveenUnknown
1979-08-18Graaf Aristo v. Poort HofUnknown
1979-12-16Graaf Astor v. MaarssenveenUnknown
1977-07-08Graaf Astor v. WimpelzichtUnknown
1979-12-16Graaf Azar v. MaarssenveenUnknown
1980-01-15Graaf Baldur v. Neerlands StamUnknown
1975-10-19Graaf Baltazar Je MaintiendraiHD: B-1
1979-08-07Graaf Basco v.d. Edele StamUnknown
1979-08-07Graaf Beowulf Ondie v.d. Edele StamUnknown
1975-10-19Graaf Blitz Je MaintiendraiUnknown
1979-08-07Graaf Boedha v.d. Edele StamUnknown
1975-10-19Graaf Bojan Je MaintiendraiUnknown
1975-10-19Graaf Bojar Je MaintiendraiUnknown
1979-08-07Graaf Bonny v.d. Edele StamUnknown
1977-04-15Graaf Boris de ParelUnknown
1979-08-07Graaf Boris v.d. Edele StamUnknown
1979-08-07Graaf Brando v.d. Edele StamUnknown
1975-10-19Graaf Brazil Je MaintiendraiHD: A-1
1979-08-07Graaf Brian v.d. Edele StamUnknown
1975-10-19Graaf Brutus Je MaintiendraiUnknown
1975-10-19Graaf Bula Je MaintiendraiUnknown
1977-04-15Graaf Donnay de ParelUnknown
1977-03-13Graaf Gento v. KrassumUnknown
1977-03-13Graaf Gunther v. KrassumUnknown
1977-03-13Graaf Gustaf v. KrassumUnknown
1977-04-15Graaf Olaf de ParelUnknown
1974-09-24Graaf Taco v. Neerlands Stam (NHSB 755290)HD: A-1
1974-09-24Graaf Tello v. Neerlands StamUnknown
1974-09-24Graaf Thor v. Neerlands StamUnknown
1974-09-24Graaf Timo v. Neerlands StamUnknown
1974-09-24Graaf Tristan v. Neerlands Stam (NHSB 755294)Unknown
1975-07-31Graaf Valbo v. Neerlands Stam (NHSB 820420)Unknown
1975-07-31Graaf Vasco v. Neerlands Stam (NHSB 820422)Unknown
1975-07-31Graaf Vello v. Neerlands StamUnknown
1975-07-31Graaf Vico v. Neerlands Stam (NHSB 820418)Unknown
1975-07-31Graaf Victor v. Neerlands Stam (NHSB 820421)Unknown
1975-07-31Graaf Vidoc v. Neerlands StamUnknown
1975-08-03Graaf Waldo v. Neerlands Stam (NHSB 831065)HD: A-1
1975-08-03Graaf Widar v. Neerlands Stam (NHSB 831066)Unknown
1975-08-03Graaf Wodan v. Neerlands Stam (NHSB 831064)Unknown
1976-06-04Graaf Xander v. Neerlands StamUnknown
1976-06-04Graaf Xavier v. Neerlands Stam (NHSB 880484)Unknown
1976-06-04Graaf Xeno v. Neerlands StamUnknown
1976-06-04Graaf Xerxes v. Neerlands Stam (NHSB 880481)Unknown
1977-01-12Graaf Ydo v. Neerlands Stam (NHSB 922366)HD: D
1977-01-12Graaf Ymir v. Neerlands Stam (NHSB 922365)Unknown
1978-04-12Gravin Alexandra v.d. Edele StamUnknown
1977-07-08Gravin Alice v. WimpelzichtUnknown
1978-04-12Gravin Amanda v.d. Edele StamUnknown
1977-07-08Gravin Anija v. WimpelzichtUnknown
1979-12-16Gravin Anita v. MaarssenveenUnknown
1977-07-08Gravin Anka v. WimpelzichtUnknown
1978-04-12Gravin Anoeshka v.d. Edele StamUnknown
1978-04-12Gravin Anouschka v.d. Edele StamUnknown
1978-04-12Gravin Aranka v.d. Edele StamUnknown
1979-12-16Gravin Astra v. MaarssenveenUnknown
1979-12-16Gravin Astrid v. MaarssenveenUnknown
1977-07-08Gravin Astrid v. WimpelzichtUnknown
1975-10-19Gravin Barka Je MaintiendraiUnknown
1979-08-07Gravin Bea v.d. Edele StamUnknown
1979-08-07Gravin Beate Faby v.d. Edele StamUnknown
1975-10-19Gravin Bernadotte Je MaintiendraiUnknown
1977-04-15Gravin Bianca La Charde de ParelHD: A-1
1979-08-07Gravin Bianka v.d. Edele StamHD: B-1
1979-08-07Gravin Bora v.d. Edele StamUnknown
1979-08-07Gravin Briljant v.d. Edele StamUnknown
1975-10-19Gravin Byou Je MaintiendraiUnknown
1979-11-25Gravin Dewi v.d. Hooghe WeideUnknown
1977-04-15Gravin Isabella de ParelUnknown
1977-04-15Gravin Nanda de ParelUnknown
1974-09-24Gravin Thelma v. Neerlands Stam (NHSB 755297)Unknown
1974-09-24Gravin Titiana v. Neerlands StamHD: A-1
1974-09-24Gravin Tosca v. Neerlands Stam (NHSB 755296)HD: B-1
1975-07-31Gravin Vanessa v. Neerlands StamUnknown
1977-01-28Gravin Vanessa v.d. RotmanshoeveUnknown
1975-07-31Gravin Vilja v. Neerlands StamUnknown
1975-08-03Gravin Wanda v. Neerlands Stam (NHSB 831067)HD: A-1
1975-08-03Gravin Wietske v. Neêrlands Stam (NHSB 831068)HD: A-1
1976-06-04Gravin Xaviera v. Neerlands StamUnknown
1976-06-04Gravin Xenia v. Neerlands Stam (NHSB 880488)Unknown
1976-06-04Gravin Xera v. Neerlands StamUnknown
1976-06-04Gravin Xinthia v. Neerlands StamUnknown
1976-06-04Gravin Xira v. Neerlands Stam (NHSB 880485)Unknown
1977-01-12Gravin Yda v. Neerlands StamUnknown
1977-01-12Gravin Yma v. Neerlands StamUnknown
1977-01-12Gravin Ymie v. Neerlands Stam (NHSB 922367)Unknown
1977-01-12Gravin Yoko v. Neerlands Stam (NHSB 922370 )Unknown
1977-01-12Gravin Yvette v. Neerlands StamUnknown
1977-01-12Gravin Yvonne v. Neerlands Stam (NHSB 922372)Unknown
1979-11-25Gteiff v.d. Hooghe WeideUnknown
1977-03-13Guido v. KrassumUnknown
1979-11-25Guido v.d. Hooghe Weide (NHSB 1088180)Unknown
1976-12-05Hagar v.d. Grunneger TakUnknown
1976-12-05Haiko v.d. Grunneger TakUnknown
1976-12-05Harm v.d. Grunneger TakUnknown
1977-05-11Hasso v. BeelenUnknown
1976-12-05Hedy v.d. Grunneger TakUnknown
1976-12-05Heidy v.d. Grunneger TakUnknown
1977-05-11Heike v. BeelenUnknown
1977-05-11Heiko v. BeelenUnknown
1976-12-05Heini v.d. Grunneger TakUnknown
1977-05-11Hera v. BeelenUnknown
1979-05-11Hera v. L'AubergeUnknown
1977-05-22Heras v. HagerloUnknown
1976-12-05Herodes v.d. Grunneger TakUnknown
1976-12-05Hester v.d. Grunneger TakUnknown
1976-12-05Hestra v.d. Grunneger TakUnknown
1976-12-05Hiltje v.d. Grunneger TakUnknown
1978-03-07Igna v.d. DannenburghUnknown
1976-12-24Igor v.d. Grunneger TakHD: B-1
1979-12-30Ilja Questor v.d. Dobermann-BorghHD: A-1
1976-12-24Ilja v.d. Grunneger TakUnknown
1979-12-21Ingmar (NHSB 1088205)Unknown
1978-06-11Isabeau (NHSB 1014056)Unknown
1977-01-17Jack v.d. BrünoburgUnknown
1977-01-17Jago v.d. BrünoburgHD: B-1
1979-12-21Jaime (NHSB 1088206)Unknown
1976-10-02Jane v.h. RapenlandUnknown
1975-04-24Jarda v.d. ZuidermatenUnknown
1979-12-30Jarno Questor v.d. Dobermann-BorghUnknown
1977-01-17Jenny v.d. BrünoburgHD: B-1
1977-01-17Jerry v.d. BrünoburgUnknown
1974-04-23Jessica (NHSB 716653)Unknown
1977-08-27Jim (NHSB 967150)Unknown
1977-01-17Joe v.d. BrünoburgUnknown
1977-05-22Joep v. HagerloUnknown
1977-06-30Jorinda (NHSB 961271)Unknown
1977-01-17Jorinda v.d. BrünoburgHD: A-1
1976-10-02Juan v.h. Rapenland (NHSB 910714)HD: A-1
1979-05-07Judy v.d. Dannenburgh (NHSB 1055037)Unknown
1976-04-21Juno (NHSB 887308)Unknown
1977-06-23Juta v.l'Auberge (NHSB 953516)Unknown
1976-11-29Kasper v.h. Rapenland (NHSB 920647)Unknown
1976-11-29Kastor v.h. Rapenland (NHSB 920649)Unknown
1976-11-29Kay v.h. RapenlandUnknown
1977-08-27Kazan (NHSB 967149)Unknown
1977-12-05Kazan (NHSB 988505)Unknown
1976-11-29Kazan v.h. Rapenland (NHSB 920652)Unknown
1978-04-28Kestor (NHSB 1006018)Unknown
1976-11-29Kim v.h. Rapenland (NHSB 920654)Unknown
1976-11-29Kimber v.h. RapenlandUnknown
1978-06-11Kimberley (NHSB 1014061)Unknown
1978-06-24King v. L'AubergeUnknown
1976-11-29King-Hobie v.h. RapenlandUnknown
1979-05-11Kira v. L'AubergeUnknown
1977-12-23Koran v. HavesteinUnknown
1976-11-29Koran v.h. RapenlandUnknown
1976-11-29Krista v.h. RapenlandUnknown
1976-08-22Lady v. WelfengartenUnknown
1976-08-22Laika v. WelfengartenUnknown
1977-09-19Lakka v.h. IJsseldalUnknown
1977-02-02Lancer v.h. RapenlandUnknown
1976-08-22Larry v. WelfengartenUnknown
1977-02-02Laura v.h. RapenlandUnknown
1976-08-22Leila v. WelfengartenUnknown
1977-02-02Levin v.h. RapenlandUnknown
1976-08-22Lex v. WelfengartenUnknown
1976-03-03Leyla v.d. RidderduinenUnknown
1976-08-22Lizzy v. WelfengartenUnknown
1977-02-02Lola v.h. RapenlandUnknown
1977-05-22Lona v. HagerloUnknown
1976-08-22Lord v. WelfengartenUnknown
1976-08-22Lump v. WelfengartenUnknown
1977-02-02Luschka v.h. RapenlandUnknown
1976-08-22Lux v. WelfengartenUnknown
1977-02-02Macha v.h. RapenlandUnknown
1978-06-11Magest (NHSB 1014060)Unknown
1977-02-02Maike v.h. RapenlandUnknown
1976-03-01Manja v.d. Zwarte VleerUnknown
1977-02-02Marco v.h. RapenlandUnknown
1979-05-07Marnix v.d. DannenburghHD: B-1
1976-03-03Marona v.d. RidderduinenUnknown
1977-02-02Miko v.h. RapenlandUnknown
1976-07-14Minos de L'Isle en TouraineUnknown
1977-02-02Mira v.h. RapenlandUnknown
1977-02-02Miriam v.h. RapenlandUnknown
0000-00-00Morgan de L'Isle en TouraineUnknown
0000-00-00Morgan de la MorlièreUnknown
1977-01-27Natacha du JaiskibelUnknown
1977-12-05Natascha (NHSB 988509)Unknown
1978-03-07Natascha v.d. DannenburghUnknown
1979-12-30Nero Questor v.d. Dobermann-BorghUnknown
0000-00-00Nicky de l'Eperon d'Argent Unknown
1978-06-24Nike v. L'AubergeUnknown
1977-01-27Noisette du JaiskibelUnknown
1977-01-27Noria du JaiskibelUnknown
1978-06-11Norton (NHSB 1014059)Unknown
1978-06-11Nouschka (NHSB 1014062)Unknown
1978-06-11Nubar (NHSB 1014058)Unknown
1979-12-30Nuschka Claudia v.d. Dobermann-BorghUnknown
1977-02-09Nyassa de L'Isle en TouraineUnknown
1977-01-24Oda v.d. BeemsterhoeveUnknown
1977-01-24Odet v.d. BeemsterhoeveUnknown
1977-01-24Odetta v.d. BeemsterhoeveUnknown
1977-01-24Odettah v.d. BeemsterhoeveUnknown
1978-03-07Odin v.d. DannenburghUnknown
1977-11-10Odin v.d. WestfalenhalleUnknown
1977-01-24Olaf v.d. BeemsterhoeveUnknown
1977-11-10Olaf v.d. WestfalenhalleHD: C
1977-01-24Olga v.d. BeemsterhoeveUnknown
1977-01-24Oliver Duke v.d. BeemsterhoeveUnknown
0000-00-00Olympe de l'Eperon d'ArgentUnknown
1977-01-24Omar v.d. BeemsterhoeveUnknown
1977-12-05Orion (NHSB 988507)Unknown
1974-04-23Oscar (NHSB 716652)Unknown
1977-01-24Oscar v.d. BeemsterhoeveUnknown
1979-05-17Oskar (NHSB 1053466)Unknown
1977-03-23Pablo v.d. BeemsterhoeveUnknown
1977-03-09Pallieter Dobran v.d. HaymostamUnknown
1977-03-23Panda v.d. BeemsterhoeveUnknown
1977-03-09Pandit Ruffeno v.d. HaymostamUnknown
1977-03-09Parel v.d. HaymostamHD: A-1
1977-03-23Pascal v.d. BeemsterhoeveUnknown
1977-03-23Pascha v.d. BeemsterhoeveUnknown
1979-05-17Pasja (NHSB 1053472)HD: D
1977-03-09Paulus v.d. HaymostamUnknown
1977-03-23Peggy v.d. BeemsterhoeveHD: B-1
1977-03-23Penny v.d. BeemsterhoeveUnknown
1977-03-23Pepita v.d. BeemsterhoeveUnknown
1977-03-09Pepite v.d. HaymostamUnknown
1978-06-24Pepper v. L'AubergeUnknown
1977-03-09Pieternel v.d. HaymostamUnknown
1977-03-09Pimpernel Spock v.d. HaymostamUnknown
1977-06-30Pluto (NHSB 961267)Unknown
1978-06-24Poncho v. L'AubergeUnknown
1979-05-11Posta v. L'AubergeUnknown
1978-04-28Prasco (NHSB 1006020)Unknown
1977-03-23Prins v.d. BeemsterhoeveUnknown
1975-12-17Prinz Gento v. ZechenheimUnknown
1975-12-17Prinz Geronimo v. ZechenheimUnknown
1975-12-17Prinz Gino v. ZechenheimUnknown
1975-12-17Prinz Gregor v. ZechenheimUnknown
1975-12-17Prinzessin Gaby v. ZechenheimUnknown
1975-12-17Prinzessin Ganga v. ZechenheimUnknown
1975-12-17Prinzessin Gerra v. ZechenheimUnknown
1975-12-17Prinzessin Gipsy v. ZechenheimUnknown
1975-12-17Prinzessin Gittah v. ZechenheimUnknown
1977-03-23Purdey v.d. BeemsterhoeveUnknown
1976-04-21Questor (NHSB 887302)Unknown
1978-04-13Questor Cochise v.d. Dobermann-BorghUnknown
1978-04-13Questor Hoss v.d. Dobermann-BorghUnknown
1978-04-13Questor Oskar v.d. Dobermann-BorghUnknown
1978-04-13Questor Quintus v.d. Dobermann-BorghUnknown
1977-03-13Questor Sjah v.d. Dobermann-BorghHD: C
1977-03-13Questor Thor v.d. Dobermann-BorghUnknown
1978-06-24Questor v. L'AubergeUnknown
1979-05-07Questor v.d. DannenburghUnknown
1977-03-13Questor Zorba v.d. Dobermann-BorghUnknown
1979-12-30Quinto Questor v.d. Dobermann-BorghHD: B-1
1978-06-24Quintor v. L'AubergeUnknown
1976-04-21Rado (NHSB 887305)Unknown
1975-04-24Rado v.d. ZuidermatenUnknown
1978-03-14Ramses v.d. BeemsterhoeveUnknown
1978-03-14Ranka v.d. BeemsterhoeveUnknown
1978-03-14Rebecca v.d. BeemsterhoeveUnknown
1978-06-24Reddy v. L'AubergeUnknown
1978-03-14Rem v.d. BeemsterhoeveUnknown
1977-12-23Remy v. HavesteinUnknown
1978-03-14Rex v.d. BeemsterhoeveUnknown
1977-06-30Reza (NHSB 961265)Unknown
1978-03-14Rick v.d. BeemsterhoeveUnknown
1978-03-14Rins v.d. BeemsterhoeveUnknown
1976-03-03Roeanka v.d. RidderduinenUnknown
1978-03-14Rona v.d. BeemsterhoeveUnknown
1978-03-14Rouscka v.d. BeemsterhoeveUnknown
1977-05-22Roy v. HagerloHD: B-1
1978-03-14Ruby v.d. BeemsterhoeveUnknown
1976-03-03Rufa v.d. RidderduinenUnknown
1977-06-23Sandor v. l'Auberge (NHSB 953513)Unknown
1977-12-05Sara (NHSB 988511)Unknown
1976-04-21Scheba (NHSB 887309)Unknown
1976-03-01Sedap v.d. Zwarte VleerUnknown
1977-05-22Sheila v. HagerloUnknown
1977-12-23Sindie v. HavesteinUnknown
1977-12-05Sita (NHSB 988510)Unknown
1978-04-28Sjors (NHSB 1006019)Unknown
1977-12-05Smoke (NHSB 988503)Unknown
1978-03-07Tacha Blanca v.d. DannenburghUnknown
1976-03-03Tacita v.d. RidderduinenUnknown
1977-06-30Tamara (NHSB 961273)Unknown
1979-12-21Tanja (NHSB 1088207)Unknown
1980-01-17Targa v.d. BeemsterhoeveUnknown
1975-04-24Tasja v.d. ZuidermatenUnknown
1980-01-17Tbor v.d. BeemsterhoeveUnknown
1977-06-30Tessa (NHSB 961272)Unknown
1978-06-24Tessa v. L'AubergeUnknown
1978-03-07Thamar v.d. Dannenburgh (NHSB 1002138)Unknown
1979-05-07Thamar v.d. Dannenburgh (NHSB 1055031)Unknown
1980-01-17Tia Maria v.d. BeemsterhoeveHD: B-1
1977-12-23Tosca v. HavesteinUnknown
1977-05-22Troeska v. HagerloUnknown
1980-01-17Typhoon v.d. BeemsterhoeveUnknown
1979-05-07Urban v.d. Dannenburgh (NHSB 1055032)Unknown
1977-12-23Wanda v. HavesteinUnknown
1977-05-22Wendy v. HagerloUnknown
1977-12-05Wico (NHSB 988506)Unknown
1979-05-17Wodan (NHSB 1053469)Unknown
1976-06-06Xaby v.d. Hooghe WeideHD: C
1976-06-06Xagar v.d. Hooghe WeideUnknown
1976-06-06Xanthos v.d. Hooghe WeideUnknown
1976-06-06Xavlof v.d. Hooghe WeideUnknown
1976-06-06Xenia v.d. Hooghe WeideUnknown
1976-06-06Xerxes v.d. Hooghe WeideUnknown
1976-06-06Xitta v.d. Hooghe WeideUnknown
1976-06-06Xivry v.d. Hooghe WeideUnknown
1976-06-06Xjeffry v.d. Hooghe WeideUnknown
1976-03-03Zaïda v.d. RidderduinenUnknown
1977-02-14Zirda v.d. Hooghe WeideHD: A-1
1978-06-24Zita v. L'AubergeUnknown
1977-02-14Zorro v.d. Hooghe WeideUnknown
1977-02-14Zosma v.d. Hooghe WeideHD: B-1
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