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Arrow v. Harro's Berg
Name Arrow v. Harro's Berg
Owner G.R. & R.D. Tjong a Hung (v. Harro's Berg)
Breeder G.R. & R.D. Tjong a Hung (v. Harro's Berg)
Gender Stud
Pedigreebook NHSB
Pedigreenumber NHSB 1262862
Colour Black
Sire Salvador v. Franckenhorst
Dam Vitesse v. Franckenhorst
Date of birth 1983-03-26
Date deceased 1988-00-00
Cause of death 05-year / euthanised after behavioural problems
Extra information ZTP 1A V
DV Jugendsieger 1984
Amsterdam Winner 1984
World Winner 1984
DVIN Clubwinner 1984
DVIN Clubwinner 1985
DVIN Yearprice Winner Exterior 1985
Europasieger 1986
HD Status HD: A-1
"von Willebrand" Unknown
Wobbler Syndrom (C.V.I.) Unknown
Cardiomyopathie Holter and Echo Unknown
Cardiomyopathie DNA Marker Unknown
Dilute Unknown
Inbred percentage 19.0639 %
Brothers and sisters
1983-03-26Alexis v. Harro's BergUnknown
1983-03-26Alva v. Harro's BergUnknown
1983-03-26Amanda v. Harro's BergHD: B-1
1983-03-26Amarilda v. Harro's BergHD: A-1
1983-03-26Amiga v. Harro's BergHD: B-1
1983-03-26Amos v. Harro's BergUnknown
1983-03-26Anouskja v. Harro's BergUnknown
1983-03-26Arabella v. Harro's BergHD: A-1
1983-03-26Astra v. Harro's BergUnknown
1983-03-26Athena v. Harro's BergHD: B-1
1987-07-11Acha Alexis v. Schaffelaars StamUnknown
1986-09-06Akimo v.d. Twaalfde ProvincieUnknown
1986-09-03Akira v.d. AugustusburgUnknown
1986-09-03Alaska v.d. AugustusburgUnknown
1985-08-14All Black de FuriosoUnknown
1987-07-11Amair Rex v. Schaffelaars StamUnknown
1985-10-19Amanda v.d. CorinastamUnknown
1985-09-18Amora v.d. LansertHD: B-1
1986-09-06Andy v.d. Twaalfde ProvincieUnknown
1986-09-03Angel v.d. AugustusburgUnknown
1985-09-18Angela v.d. LansertUnknown
1986-09-06Anoeska v.d. Twaalfde ProvincieUnknown
1985-09-18Anouk v.d. LansertUnknown
1985-09-18Anoux v.d. LansertUnknown
1985-10-25Antares v.d. Mibaf's HoeveUnknown
1985-09-18Aphrodite v.d. LansertUnknown
1985-09-18Apolda v.d. LansertUnknown
1985-10-19Apollo v.d. CorinastamUnknown
1985-10-19Araab v.d. CorinastamUnknown
1987-07-11Arabasq Basco v. Schaffelaars StamUnknown
1985-08-14Arakis de FuriosoUnknown
1987-07-11Aranda Athena v. Schaffelaars StamUnknown
1987-07-11Aranka Angel v. Schaffelaars StamUnknown
1985-09-18Aranka v.d. LansertUnknown
1986-09-03Arco v.d. AugustusburgUnknown
1985-09-18Aringo v.d. LansertUnknown
1985-09-18Aristo v.d. LansertUnknown
1985-10-19Arrabel v.d. CorinastamUnknown
1987-07-11Arrow Atleet v. Schaffelaars StamUnknown
1986-09-06Artemis v.d. Twaalfde ProvincieUnknown
1986-09-03Arthos v.d. AugustusburgUnknown
1986-09-03Artus v.d. AugustusburgUnknown
1986-09-06Ashley v.d. Twaalfde ProvincieHD: A-1
1986-09-03Assi v.d. AugustusburgUnknown
1986-09-06Asta v.d. Twaalfde ProvincieHD: B-1
1985-10-25Astor v.d. Mibaf's HoeveUnknown
1986-09-06Astor v.d. Twaalfde ProvincieUnknown
1988-06-03Astra (NHSB 1608208)Unknown
1987-07-11Astra Alva v. Schaffelaars StamUnknown
1985-09-18Athos v.d. LansertUnknown
1986-09-03Atilla v.d. AugustusburgUnknown
1985-12-30Autmar de la GuelmoiseUnknown
1986-09-06Azar v.d. Twaalfde ProvincieUnknown
1987-07-11Azmir Alonia v. Schaffelaars StamUnknown
1985-01-07Baiga v.d. BarsborghUnknown
1987-09-17Baika v.d. LansertUnknown
1985-05-06Bansay v.d. ErjolihofUnknown
1987-07-12Baron v. WestfalenlandUnknown
1985-05-06Baroy v.d. ErjolihofUnknown
1985-01-07Barron-Vanity v.d. BarsborghUnknown
1988-06-03Barry (NHSB 1608205)Unknown
1987-07-12Barry v. WestfalenlandUnknown
1985-05-06Basco v.d. ErjolihofUnknown
1986-02-27Basra v. EschenhofUnknown
1985-05-06Bayka v.d. ErjolihofUnknown
1985-01-07Be-Tosca v.d. BarsborghUnknown
1985-05-06Berble Bejoy v.d. ErjolihofHD: A-1
1984-12-31Bergeline v.d. LetidorUnknown
1986-02-27Berline v. EschenhofUnknown
1987-07-12Berus v. WestfalenlandUnknown
1985-07-26Bianca Eliza v.h. OostdorpUnknown
1984-12-31Bianca v.d. LetidorUnknown
1986-02-27Birk v. EschenhofUnknown
1985-07-26Bjaera v.h. OostdorpUnknown
1985-07-26Bjora v.h. OostdorpUnknown
1985-07-26Bjorn Astor v.h. OostdorpUnknown
1985-01-07Björn-Arrow v.d. BarsborghHD: A-1
1985-07-26Black Beauty v.h. OostdorpUnknown
1985-01-07Blitz v.d. BarsborghUnknown
1985-01-07Bobby v.d. BarsborghUnknown
1985-07-26Body v.h. OostdorpUnknown
1985-01-07Bollux v.d. BarsborghUnknown
1987-07-12Bona v. WestfalenlandUnknown
1985-05-06Bonere v.d. ErjolihofUnknown
1987-09-17Boniqeu v.d. LansertUnknown
1987-09-17Bonita v.d. LansertUnknown
1987-07-12Bonny v. WestfalenlandUnknown
1986-02-27Boris v. EschenhofUnknown
1987-07-12Borris v. WestfalenlandUnknown
1985-07-30Bowie (NHSB 1429275)Unknown
1986-02-27Boy v. Eschenhof Unknown
1985-07-26Boy v.h. OostdorpUnknown
1987-09-17Bram v.d. LansertUnknown
1985-07-26Brando v.h. OostdorpUnknown
1985-01-07Brenda v.d. BarsborghUnknown
1984-12-31Brenda v.d. LetidorUnknown
1985-07-26Brenda v.h. OostdorpUnknown
1987-09-17Breno v.d. LansertUnknown
1986-02-27Brian v. EschenhofUnknown
1987-09-17Brigit v.d. LansertUnknown
1985-05-06Brijan v.d. ErjolihofHD: A-1
1985-01-07Brion v.d. BarsborghUnknown
1987-09-17Brit v.d. LansertUnknown
1987-07-12Britta v. WestfalenlandHD: A-1
1985-05-06Bruce Aron v.d. ErjolihofUnknown
1985-07-26Bruna v.h. OostdorpUnknown
1987-09-17Bryan v.d. LansertUnknown
1987-09-17Burley v.d. LansertUnknown
1985-07-30Carlo (NHSB 1429272)Unknown
1986-06-17Cash v. SandhügelUnknown
1985-10-25Castor v.d. Mibaf's HoeveUnknown
1985-07-30Cecear v.d. ErjolihofUnknown
1985-07-30Celesta v.d. ErjolihofUnknown
1986-06-17Ceny v. SandhügelUnknown
1986-06-17Cerry v. SandhügelUnknown
1986-06-17Champ v. SandhügelUnknown
1985-07-30Chanoek v.d. ErjolihofUnknown
1985-07-30Charik v.d. ErjolihofUnknown
1985-07-30Christo v.d. ErjolihofUnknown
1985-10-25Cilla v.d. Mibaf's HoeveHD: B-1
1986-06-17Cindy v. SandhügelUnknown
1985-07-30Cinta v.d. ErjolihofUnknown
1986-06-17Cliff v. SandhügelUnknown
1986-06-17Clint v. SandhügelUnknown
1986-06-17Cora v. SandhügelUnknown
1986-06-17Cox v. SandhügelUnknown
1984-07-01Daisy v.d. Oosting StateUnknown
1984-07-01Danga v.d. Oosting StateUnknown
1985-06-23Danica v. GoldschmiedingUnknown
1984-11-09Dara v. FranckenhorstUnknown
1987-08-12Darcy v.h. OostdorpUnknown
1985-06-23Dario v. GoldschmiedingUnknown
1984-11-09Davina v. FranckenhorstUnknown
1987-09-25Daylin Royal BellUnknown
1984-11-09Dea Dolores v. FranckenhorstHD: A-1
1985-06-23Debora v. GoldschmiedingUnknown
1987-08-12Deborah v.h. OostdorpUnknown
1987-08-12Dennis Bo v.h. OostdorpUnknown
1984-11-09Dexter v. FranckenhorstUnknown
1987-09-25Diana Royal BellUnknown
1984-07-01Diana v.d. Oosting StateUnknown
1984-11-09Diba v. FranckenhorstHD: C
1987-08-12Dio v.h. OostdorpUnknown
1985-06-23Dion v. GoldschmiedingUnknown
1984-11-09Diony v. FranckenhorstHD: A-1
1987-09-25Divina Royal BellUnknown
1984-07-01Django v.d. Oosting StateUnknown
1984-07-01Djengo v.d. Oosting StateUnknown
1987-08-12Dobby v.h. OostdorpUnknown
1984-07-01Doeschka v.d. Oosting StateUnknown
1984-11-09Dolly v. FranckenhorstUnknown
1984-07-01Dolly v.d. Oosting StateHD: B-1
1985-06-23Dominik v. GoldschmiedingUnknown
1987-08-12Donar Baddy v.h. OostdorpUnknown
1987-08-12Donja v.h. OostdorpHD: B-1
1984-07-01Donna v.d. Oosting StateUnknown
1987-08-12Donny v.h. OostdorpUnknown
1987-08-12Dono v.h. OostdorpUnknown
1985-10-25Dorcas-Tosca v.d. Mibaf's HoeveUnknown
1985-06-23Dorian v. GoldschmiedingUnknown
1985-06-23Dracon v. GoldschmiedingUnknown
1984-11-09Dunja v. FranckenhorstUnknown
1985-06-23Dustin v. GoldschmiedingUnknown
1984-07-01Dustin v.d. Oosting StateUnknown
1985-10-25Estelle v.d. Mibaf's HoeveUnknown
1985-07-06Fabienne v. VogelsangUnknown
0000-00-00Falcon di CampovalanoUnknown
0000-00-00Faltor di CampovalanoUnknown
0000-00-00Falworth di CampovalanoUnknown
1985-07-06Farah v. VogelsangUnknown
1985-07-06Fee v. VogelsangUnknown
1985-07-06Felice v. VogelsangUnknown
1985-12-15Felize v. OkdorpUnknown
1985-07-06Ferenc v. VogelsangUnknown
1985-07-06Fire v. VogelsangUnknown
1985-12-15Flipper v. OkdorpUnknown
1985-12-15Florian v. OkdorpHD: A-1
0000-00-00Flu di CampovalanoUnknown
1985-07-06Flynn v. VogelsangUnknown
1985-10-25Furore v.d. Mibaf's HoeveUnknown
1985-02-26Gay v.'t Grünninger StamUnknown
1985-02-26Ghantor v.'t Grünninger StamHD: A-1
1985-02-26Ghita v.'t Grünninger StamUnknown
1985-02-26Gideon v.'t Grünninger StamUnknown
1985-02-26Gido v.'t Grünninger StamUnknown
1985-02-26Ginger v.'t Grünninger StamUnknown
1985-02-26Glendy v.'t Grünninger StamHD: A-1
1985-02-26Golda v.'t Grünninger StamUnknown
1985-10-25Gordon v.d. Mibaf's HoeveUnknown
1988-03-22Graaf Aaron v.d. AvondwakeUnknown
1988-03-22Graaf Allexander v.d. AvondwakeUnknown
1988-03-22Graaf Amber v.d. AvondwakeUnknown
1988-03-22Graaf Arco v.d. AvondwakeUnknown
1988-04-14Graaf Bartono v.d. AvondwakeUnknown
1988-04-14Graaf Bernard v.d. AvondwakeUnknown
1988-04-14Graaf Berry v.d. AvondwakeUnknown
1988-04-14Graaf Bingo v.d. AvondwakeUnknown
1988-04-14Graaf Bonafatius v.d. AvondwakeUnknown
1988-04-14Graaf Brutus v.d. AvondwakeUnknown
1986-11-28Graaf Sandor v.d. AvondwakeUnknown
1986-11-28Graaf Sean v.d. AvondwakeUnknown
1986-11-28Graaf Sharon v.d. AvondwakeUnknown
1986-11-28Graaf Silvester v.d. AvondwakeUnknown
1986-11-28Graaf Spicke v.d. AvondwakeUnknown
1987-07-31Graaf Valco v.d. AvondwakeUnknown
1987-07-31Graaf Varan v.d. AvondwakeUnknown
1987-07-31Graaf Vardo v.d. AvondwakeUnknown
1987-07-31Graaf Vasco v.d. AvondwakeUnknown
1987-07-31Graaf Vedor v.d. AvondwakeUnknown
1987-07-31Graaf Victor v.d. AvondwakeUnknown
1987-07-31Graaf Vidar v.d. AvondwakeUnknown
1987-07-31Graaf Vladimir v.d. AvondwakeUnknown
1987-11-10Graaf Willem v.d. AvondwakeUnknown
1987-11-10Graaf Wood v.d. AvondwakeUnknown
1988-03-22Gravin Agnes v.d. AvondwakeUnknown
1988-03-22Gravin Anica v.d. AvondwakeHD: B-1
1988-03-22Gravin Anka v.d. AvondwakeUnknown
1988-03-22Gravin Aquila v.d. AvondwakeUnknown
1988-03-22Gravin Aranka v.d. AvondwakeUnknown
1988-04-14Gravin Bianca v.d. AvondwakeUnknown
1988-04-14Gravin Bibiana v.d. AvondwakeUnknown
1988-04-14Gravin Bjarga v.d. AvondwakeUnknown
1986-11-28Gravin Sabine v.d. AvondwakeUnknown
1986-11-28Gravin Senna v.d. AvondwakeUnknown
1986-11-28Gravin Sushilla v.d. AvondwakeUnknown
1987-07-31Gravin Vabyh v.d. AvondwakeUnknown
1987-07-31Gravin Vergina v.d. AvondwakeUnknown
1987-07-31Gravin Viola v.d. AvondwakeHD: B-1
1987-07-31Gravin Virosa v.d. AvondwakeUnknown
1985-10-25Gunnar-Aristo v.d. Mibaf's HoeveUnknown
1986-09-13Halla v. VogelsangUnknown
1985-01-11Halvar Les Deux PeupliersUnknown
1985-01-11Harrow Les Deux PeupliersHD: B-1
1985-01-11Hasco Les Deux PeupliersUnknown
1985-01-11Hassan Les Deux PeupliersUnknown
1986-09-13Hazel v. VogelsangUnknown
1985-06-14Heer Björn v.d. Betuwe GaardeHD: A-1
1985-06-14Heer Brando v.d. Betuwe GaardeHD: A-1
1988-04-01Heer Caesar v.d. Betuwe GaardeUnknown
1988-04-01Heer Casander v.d. Betuwe GaardeUnknown
1988-04-01Heer Castor v.d. Betuwe GaardeUnknown
1988-04-01Heer Chico v.d. Betuwe GaardeHD: A-1
1986-09-13Hektor v. VogelsangUnknown
1986-09-13Helena v. VogelsangUnknown
1986-09-26Hellen v. VogelsangUnknown
1986-09-13Hera v. VogelsangUnknown
1985-02-06Hertog Fabor v. StoltenborgUnknown
1985-02-06Hertog Falko v. Stoltenborg (NHSB 1392537)Unknown
1985-02-06Hertog Faro v. StoltenborgUnknown
1985-02-06Hertog Fellow v. StoltenborgHD: B-1
1985-02-06Hertog Ferro v. Stoltenborg (NHSB 1392539)Unknown
1985-02-06Hertog Ferrow v. StoltenborgUnknown
1985-02-06Hertogin Fabiene v. StoltenborgUnknown
1985-02-06Hertogin Faika v. StoltenborgUnknown
1985-02-06Hertogin Florence v. StoltenborgUnknown
1985-01-11Hischja Les Deux PeupliersHD: A-1
1985-01-11Hunter Les Deux PeupliersUnknown
1985-01-11Hush Les Deux PeupliersUnknown
1985-01-11Hydaja Les Deux PeupliersUnknown
1985-01-11Hyvanda Les Deux PeupliersUnknown
1985-07-30Iera (NHSB 1429273)Unknown
1985-10-25Ingmar-Sten v.d. Mibaf's HoeveUnknown
1985-07-30Ira (NHSB 1429274)Unknown
1985-07-30Jaga (NHSB 1429268)Unknown
1985-01-04Jazz v. Norden StammUnknown
1985-01-04Jessie v. Norden StammUnknown
1985-07-28Judifax Bacchus StentorUnknown
1985-07-28Judifax BaikaUnknown
1985-07-28Judifax Baltazar SultanUnknown
1985-07-28Judifax BarcoUnknown
1985-07-28Judifax Beau KantjilHD: B-1
1985-07-28Judifax BjouraUnknown
1985-07-28Judifax Boris SanderUnknown
1985-07-28Judifax BryanUnknown
1985-02-17Lady Diana v.'t GrönnigerlandUnknown
1985-02-17Lady Geisha v.'t GrönnigerlandUnknown
1985-02-17Lady Laica v.'t GrönnigerlandUnknown
1985-02-17Lady Laura v.'t GrönnigerlandUnknown
1987-12-10Lady Leslie v.h. WantijUnknown
1985-02-17Lady Lorna v.'t GrönnigerlandUnknown
1985-02-17Lady Ranka v.'t GrönnigerlandHD: B-1
1987-03-13Laila v. HolzbergerhofUnknown
1987-12-10Lara v.h. WantijHD: A-1
1987-12-10Larona v.h. WantijHD: B-1
1987-12-10Latoya v.h. WantijHD: A-1
1987-12-10Layka v.h WantijUnknown
0000-00-00Lexis v. Hof ter EeckhoutUnknown
0000-00-00Lita v. Hof ter EeckhoutUnknown
1987-12-10Liz Luna v.h. WantijUnknown
1985-02-17Lord Laudy v.'t GrönnigerlandUnknown
1985-02-17Lord Lobo v.'t GrönnigerlandUnknown
1987-12-10Lord Lobo v.h. WantijHD: A-1
1987-12-10Lord Lonar Ninja v.h. WantijUnknown
1985-02-17Lord Loubas v.'t GrönnigerlandUnknown
1985-02-17Lord Rocky v.'t GrönnigerlandUnknown
1985-02-17Lord Yuri v.'t GrönnigerlandUnknown
1987-12-10Lorenzo Macho v.h. WantijHD: A-1
1985-06-08Mabel v.'t GrönnigerlandUnknown
0000-00-00Maït du Clos des GrognardsUnknown
1985-06-08Mariska v.'t GrönnigerlandUnknown
1985-06-08Mariss v.'t GrönnigerlandUnknown
1985-06-08Marko v.'t GrönnigerlandUnknown
0000-00-00Marquise du Clos des GrognardsUnknown
1985-07-30Maurits (NHSB 1429269)Unknown
1985-06-08Minou v.'t GrönnigerlandUnknown
1985-06-08Mr. Nero v.'t GrönnigerlandUnknown
1985-06-08Murphy v.'t GrönnigerlandUnknown
1985-07-30Odessa (NHSB 1429276)Unknown
1985-10-25Pepper v.d. Mibaf's HoeveUnknown
1985-11-29Prins Dax v.h. Biltse MeertjeUnknown
1985-11-29Prins Nathan v.h. Biltse MeertjeUnknown
1985-11-29Prinses Hinda v.h. Biltse MeertjeUnknown
1985-11-29Prinses Kwan Yin v.h. Biltse MeertjeUnknown
1985-11-29Prinses Lona v.h. Biltse MeertjeHD: B-1
1988-06-03Prinsses (NHSB 1608210)Unknown
1985-12-13Queen Aranka v.h. Biltse MeertjeUnknown
1985-12-13Queen Shiba v.h. Biltse MeertjeUnknown
1985-12-13Quick Dillenger v.h. Biltse MeertjeUnknown
1984-09-02Rachel v. Oranien StolzUnknown
1985-10-25Rambo v.d. Mibaf's HoeveHD: C
1984-09-02Reina v. Oranien StolzUnknown
1985-07-30Rex (NHSB 1429271)Unknown
1984-09-02Rex v. Oranien StolzUnknown
1988-06-03Rico (NHSB 1608206)Unknown
1984-09-02Rita v. Oranien StolzUnknown
1985-07-30Robbie (NHSB 1429270)Unknown
1984-09-02Rockij v. Oranien StolzUnknown
1984-09-02Roco v. Oranien StolzUnknown
1985-03-02Romina v. Wilden MarkgrafUnknown
1985-03-02Romy v. Wilden MarkgrafUnknown
1984-09-02Rondo v. Oranien StolzUnknown
1984-09-02Rosita v. Oranien StolzUnknown
1984-09-02Rover v. Oranien StolzUnknown
1984-09-02Rufus v. Oranien StolzUnknown
1984-09-02Ruskha v. Oranien StolzUnknown
1985-05-01Sabena Inter Amnes TutaUnknown
1985-05-01Sanny Inter Amnes TutaUnknown
1985-05-01Scylla Inter Amnes TutaUnknown
1985-05-01Sella Inter Amnes TutaUnknown
1985-05-01Sharif Vilas Inter Amnes TutaHD: A-1
1985-05-01Sheila Inter Amnes TutaUnknown
1985-05-01Sirius Inter Amnes TutaUnknown
1985-05-01Sonny Socrates Inter Amnes TutaUnknown
1985-05-01Sultan Inter Amnes TutaUnknown
1985-05-01Sylvana Inter Amnes TutaUnknown
1985-10-25Tamara v.d. Mibaf's HoeveUnknown
1988-06-03Tara (NHSB 1608209)Unknown
1988-06-03Tosca (NHSB 1608211)Unknown
1985-06-14Vrouwe Belouska v.d. Betuwe GaardeHD: B-1
1985-06-14Vrouwe Björka v.d. Betuwe GaardeUnknown
1985-06-14Vrouwe Bonita v.d. Betuwe GaardeUnknown
1988-04-01Vrouwe Charlene v.d. Betuwe GaardeUnknown
1988-04-01Vrouwe Chica v.d. Betuwe GaardeUnknown
1988-04-01Vrouwe Cila v.d. Betuwe GaardeUnknown
1988-04-01Vrouwe Cita v.d. Betuwe GaardeUnknown
1988-04-01Vrouwe Claire v.d. Betuwe GaardeHD: B-1
1988-04-01Vrouwe Czarda v.d. Betuwe GaardeUnknown
0000-00-00Xida del GuadoUnknown
1986-12-05Zandor v.d. Hooghe WeideUnknown
1986-12-05Zendie v.d. Hooghe WeideUnknown
1986-12-05Zia Kim v.d. Hooghe WeideUnknown
1986-12-05Zilla v.d. Hooghe WeideUnknown
1988-06-03Zito (NHSB 1608207)Unknown
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