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Graaf Quirinus v. Neerlands Stam (NHSB 1550587)
Name Graaf Quirinus v. Neerlands Stam (NHSB 1550587)
Owner G. Müller ( v.d. Räuberhöhle)
Breeder J.M. van der Zwan
Gender Stud
Pedigreebook NHSB
Pedigreenumber NHSB 1550587
Colour Black
Sire Hertog Alpha v. Le Dobry
Dam Dea Dolores v. Franckenhorst
Date of birth 1987-09-15
Date deceased 1998-00-00
Cause of death 11-year / ?
Extra information Import Germany: DZB 100745
1989 ADpr.
1989 SchH I 98-72-96-266 G
BH, SchH III , FH,
Amsterdam Winner 1991
IDC Sieger 1992
DV Sieger 1991
Champion of Austria
Champion of Germany
International Champion
Dutch Winner

Source: In the beginning.....A history of the Dobermann by J.M. v.d. Zwan

Graaf Quirinus v. Neêrlands Stam passed the ZTP with 1B rating for character and V for conformation plus winner of numerous show titles. He lived to 11 years of age and tested clear for PHTVL/PHPV.

“This strong black male was exported to the vice-president of the German Dobermann Club, Mr. G. Müller, also the owner of von der Räuberhöhle Kennel. He and his brother Graaf Quinto are lovely specimens. Graaf Quirinus is a shorter and stronger dog than his litter brother. Graaf Quinto has the better head and has in the showring a better presence. That is the reason why in his youth Graaf Quirinus stood in the shadow of his litter brother at the shows. But as an adult dog Graaf Quirinus became very successful in both show and breeding activities. As a stud dog he has a lot to offer. Many breeders, like the Italian breeder, Mr. G. Prosperi (Kennel Campovalano) took advantage of his hereditary power. He has produced winning offspring at important shows.

Graaf Quirinus is a short dog with a very strong topline and excellent front angulation. He has a very deep chest, dark eyes and nice tan. His head is too coarse and the neck although well shaped, could be longer. Character wise he is a normal stable dog with a lot of self confidence. He has exhibited no special working ability but passed his Schutzhund III and his fit for breeding test (ZTP) with ease. He became a German and an International Champion. In 1991 he won the German Dobermann Champion Show and the title DV Sieger.

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HD Status HD: A-1
"von Willebrand" Unknown
Wobbler Syndrom (C.V.I.) Unknown
Cardiomyopathie Holter and Echo Unknown
Cardiomyopathie DNA Marker Unknown
Dilute Unknown
Inbred percentage 18.477 %
Brothers and sisters
1987-09-15Graaf Quinto v. Neêrlands Stam (NHSB 1550588)HD: B-1
1987-09-15Gravin Quinda v. Neerlands StamHD: A-1
1992-06-07Abas v. Leininger LandUnknown
1995-02-09Acito Quirono di MatarioUnknown
1995-02-09Acomo Quirono di MatarioHD: A-1
1992-05-28Afra v. RebenhangUnknown
1995-11-06Afra v. RolandseckUnknown
1996-09-03Aick v.d. KerpenburgHD: A-1
1990-04-04Aik v. Hause EdelhoffUnknown
1992-03-30Aika v. Gröninger SchlossUnknown
1992-02-02Aika v. HelfensteinHD: A-1
1993-05-02Aika v. HerrenbachtalUnknown
1992-06-07Aika v. Leininger LandUnknown
1992-05-03Aiko v. Markgräfler LandUnknown
1990-04-04Aileen v. Hause EdelhoffUnknown
1995-11-06Aischa v. RolandseckUnknown
1990-04-04Aisha v. Hause EdelhoffUnknown
1992-03-30Ajax v. Gröninger SchlossUnknown
1995-02-09Ajoko Quirono di MatarioHD: A-1
1992-02-02Akim v. HelfensteinUnknown
1994-01-17Akira v.d. KettenschmiedeUnknown
1995-02-09Akiro Quirono di MatarioUnknown
1992-03-30Akki v. Gröninger SchlossUnknown
1995-11-06Alexa v. RolandseckUnknown
1994-01-17Alexa v.d. KettenschmiedeUnknown
1993-03-24Alf GongUnknown
1992-06-07Ali v. Leininger LandUnknown
1994-01-17Ali v.d. KettenschmiedeUnknown
1992-02-02Alia v. HelfensteinUnknown
1995-11-06Alice v. RolandseckUnknown
1992-02-02Alida v. HelfensteinUnknown
1996-09-17Aline v. Filder ClanUnknown
1994-01-17Alisa v.d. KettenschmiedeUnknown
1994-01-17Alpha v.d. KettenschmiedeUnknown
1994-04-28Altis Dolce VitaUnknown
1990-12-21Amadeus v.d. PiratenburgUnknown
1990-04-04Amanda v. Hause EdelhoffUnknown
1992-02-02Amanda v. HelfensteinUnknown
1994-04-28Amant Dolce VitaUnknown
1995-07-29Amarel ImperatorUnknown
1995-07-29Amarel IzfrancheskaUnknown
1996-11-26Andok v. KarpatiaUnknown
1996-09-17Angelique v. Filder ClanUnknown
1992-05-28Angelo v. RebenhangUnknown
1992-02-02Angie v. HelfensteinUnknown
1994-01-17Anita v.d. KettenschmiedeUnknown
1993-03-24Anka GongUnknown
1992-03-30Anka v. Gröninger SchlossUnknown
1995-05-07Anka v.d. AchalmUnknown
1994-01-17Anka v.d. KettenschmiedeUnknown
1992-05-28Anke v. RebenhangUnknown
1994-01-17Annabel v.d. KettenschmiedeUnknown
1992-03-30Anne v. Gröninger SchlossUnknown
1993-03-24Anni GongUnknown
1992-05-28Anschy v. RebenhangUnknown
1994-04-28Antika Dolce VitaUnknown
1995-11-06Antje v. RolandseckUnknown
1996-09-17Antonia v. Filder ClanUnknown
1992-02-02Aphrodite v. HelfensteinUnknown
1992-06-07Apoll v. Leininger LandUnknown
1990-12-21Apoll v.d. PiratenburgHD: A-1
1992-05-03Apollo v. Markgräfler LandUnknown
0000-00-00Apolon di Motta ViscontiUnknown
1996-09-17Aramis v. Filder ClanUnknown
1991-09-19Arany-Sarkany TerraHD: A-1
1991-09-19Arany-Sárkány TessUnknown
1991-09-19Arany-Sárkány TogoHD: A-1
1991-09-19Arany-Sárkány ToroUnknown
1991-09-19Arany-Sárkány TreffUnknown
1991-09-19Arany-Sárkány Tyra TitanellaUnknown
1992-03-30Aras v. Gröninger SchlossUnknown
1992-06-07Arcas v. Leininger LandUnknown
1992-05-03Arena v. Markgräfler LandUnknown
1995-02-09Areno Quirono di MatarioUnknown
1992-06-07Ares v. Leininger LandUnknown
1992-03-30Argos v. Gröninger SchlossUnknown
1995-02-09Arino Quirono di MatarioUnknown
0000-00-00Aristo Leo di Motta ViscontiHD: A-1
1992-05-03Arkas v. Markgräfler LandUnknown
1992-03-30Arko v. Gröninger SchlossUnknown
1993-05-02Arko v. HerrenbachtalUnknown
1992-05-03Arko v. Markgräfler LandUnknown
1995-05-07Arko v.d. AchalmUnknown
1994-04-28Armida Dolce VitaUnknown
1992-02-02Aron v. HelfensteinUnknown
1990-04-04Arthos v. Hause EdelhoffUnknown
1992-02-02Arthos v. HelfensteinHD: B-1
1996-11-26Artic Murphy v. KarpatiaUnknown
1992-06-07Ascan v. Leininger Land (DZB 106104)Unknown
1992-06-07Ascan v. Leininger Land (DZB 106105)Unknown
1990-04-04Askia v. Hause EdelhoffUnknown
1992-03-30Asko v. Gröninger SchlossUnknown
1990-04-04Assi v. Hause EdelhoffUnknown
1994-01-17Assi v.d. KettenschmiedeUnknown
1992-03-30Asta v. Gröninger SchlossHD: A-1
1992-05-28Asta v. RebenhangUnknown
1994-01-17Asta v.d. KettenschmiedeUnknown
1996-11-26Athene v. KarpatiaHD: B-1
1992-05-28Athene v. RebenhangUnknown
1994-01-17Athene v.d. KettenschmiedeUnknown
1990-12-21Athene v.d. PiratenburgUnknown
1992-06-07Athos v. Leininger LandUnknown
1993-01-14Athos v. MauritiusUnknown
1990-12-21Atilla v.d. PiratenburgHD: B-1
1996-09-17Atlanta v. Filder ClanUnknown
1993-05-02Atlanta v. HerrenbachtalUnknown
1996-11-26Atlanta v. KarpatiaHD: A-1
1990-12-21Atlanta v.d. PiratenburgHD: A-1
1994-04-28Atlas Dolce VitaUnknown
1996-11-26Atlas v. KarpatiaHD: A-2
1996-09-17Attila v. Filder ClanUnknown
1990-04-04Attila v. Hause EdelhoffUnknown
1992-05-28Attila v. RebenhangUnknown
1994-04-28Aura Dolce VitaUnknown
1992-02-02Ayla v. HelfensteinUnknown
1991-09-16Bajou v. ErlengrundUnknown
1994-02-28Balou v. DonariusUnknown
1992-02-22Banto v. Gaxhardter WaldHD: A-1
1994-02-28Baron v. DonariusUnknown
1991-09-16Baron v. ErlengrundUnknown
1994-03-01Baron v. HelfensteinUnknown
1994-02-28Barrish v. DonariusUnknown
1996-04-12Barry v. DeutschhofHD: A-1
1994-03-01Basco v. HelfensteinUnknown
1991-09-16Basko v. ErlengrundUnknown
1992-02-22Basko v. Gaxhardter WaldUnknown
1993-03-09Basko v. Leininger LandUnknown
1993-03-09Baxter v. Leininger LandUnknown
1994-02-28Bayou v. DonariusUnknown
1994-03-01Beatrice v. HelfensteinUnknown
1996-07-27Beatrice v.d. KettenschmiedeUnknown
1996-07-27Beauity v.d. KettenschmiedeUnknown
1992-02-22Beika v. Gaxhardter WaldUnknown
1993-03-09Bela v. Leininger LandUnknown
1992-02-22Ben v. Gaxhardter WaldUnknown
1993-03-09Ben v. Leininger LandUnknown
1996-05-10Benno v. JahnatalHD: A-1
1992-02-22Berry v. Gaxhardter WaldUnknown
1996-05-10Bessie v. JahnatalUnknown
1996-07-27Bianca v.d. KettenschmiedeUnknown
1991-09-16Biene v. ErlengrundHD: A-1
1994-02-28Bijou v. DonariusHD: A-1
1994-03-01Bimba v. HelfensteinUnknown
1992-02-22Bina v. Gaxhardter WaldHD: A-1
1994-03-01Blanca v. HelfensteinUnknown
1992-02-22Bodo v. Gaxhardter WaldUnknown
1993-03-09Bodo v. Leininger LandUnknown
1997-07-13Bonaparte di Motta ViscontiHD: A-1
1994-02-28Bonny v. DonariusUnknown
1996-06-29Bonny v. RolandseckUnknown
1996-07-27Boogie v.d. KettenschmiedeUnknown
1994-03-01Boss v. HelfensteinUnknown
1996-07-27Bougan v.d. KettenschmiedeUnknown
1996-07-27Brajan v.d. KettenschmiedeUnknown
1993-03-09Brando v. Leininger LandUnknown
1991-09-16Branka v. ErlengrundUnknown
1996-07-27Branka v.d. KettenschmiedeUnknown
1993-06-18Brasil v. Dunav StamUnknown
1993-03-09Brenda v. Leininger LandUnknown
1994-03-07Bronco GongUnknown
1996-04-12Bronco v. DeutschhofUnknown
1996-07-27Bronko v.d. KettenschmiedeUnknown
1996-05-10Bruno v. JahnatalUnknown
1991-09-16Brutus v. ErlengrundUnknown
1996-05-10Buck v. JahnatalUnknown
1994-02-28Buddy v. DonariusUnknown
1994-03-01Buddy v. HelfensteinUnknown
1996-06-29Butch v. RolandseckUnknown
1991-09-16Byron v. ErlengrundUnknown
1994-05-08Calid v. HelfensteinUnknown
1994-05-08Cando v. HelfensteinUnknown
1994-05-08Cassandra v. HelfensteinUnknown
1993-08-18Casso v. Leininger LandUnknown
1995-01-27Cato v. Spicherer BergUnknown
1993-08-18Cello v. Leininger LandUnknown
1994-05-08Chance v. HelfensteinUnknown
1994-05-08Chantal v. HelfensteinUnknown
1995-01-27Charles v. Spicherer BergUnknown
1995-01-27Cher v. Spicherer BergUnknown
1995-01-27Chico v. Spicherer BergUnknown
1996-09-29Chircana v. HeiligenwaldHD: A-1
1995-01-27Chliss v. Spicherer BergUnknown
1995-01-27Cim v. Spicherer BergUnknown
1995-01-27Cira v. Spicherer BergHD: A-1
1994-05-08Cleo v. HelfensteinUnknown
1993-08-18Cliff v. Leininger LandUnknown
1992-04-01Clinics ValentinaHD: A-1
1992-04-01Clinics ValerieHD: B-1
1992-04-01Clinics VanillaHD: A-1
1992-04-01Clinics VogliaUnknown
1992-04-01Clinics WallonUnknown
1992-04-01Clinics WellingtonHD: B-1
1992-04-01Clinics WilliamsHD: A-1
1992-04-01Clinics WoodooHD: A-1
1994-05-08Clint v. HelfensteinUnknown
1993-08-18Condor v. Leininger LandUnknown
1993-08-18Conny v. Leininger LandUnknown
1993-08-18Cyrus v. Leininger LandUnknown
1992-11-28Daika v. FrankenlandUnknown
1992-08-23Dalikan Lady OliviaHD: A-1
1992-08-23Dalikan Sir OliverHD: A-1
1992-08-23Dalikan Sir OrlandoUnknown
1992-08-23Dalikan Sir OscarHD: B-1
1992-04-16Dana di LatianoHD: A-1
1992-04-16Danika di LatianoHD: A-1
1993-03-29Danka v. BrenztalUnknown
1992-11-28Dartagnan v. FrankenlandUnknown
1992-03-20Dea di Villa CastelliUnknown
1994-02-07Deadolores v. Leininger LandUnknown
1992-02-21Deimus v.d. RitterburgUnknown
1995-00-00Démon DobgarHD: A-1
1992-04-16Desiree di LatianoUnknown
1993-03-29Dex v. BrenztalUnknown
1992-04-16Diablo di LatianoHD: A-1
1992-05-16Dictator's Kenya de NoireHD: A-2
1992-05-16Dictator's Kerry-Kirwan de NoireHD: B-1
1992-05-16Dictator's Kwela de NoireHD: B-2
1993-03-29Diego v. BrenztalUnknown
1993-09-02Diego v. Gaxhardter WaldHD: A-1
1992-02-21Diego v.d. RitterburgUnknown
1993-09-02Diesco v. Gaxhardter WaldUnknown
1992-02-21Dimitri v.d. RitterburgUnknown
1993-03-29Dino v. BrenztalUnknown
1993-09-02Dino v. Gaxhardter WaldUnknown
1992-02-21Dino v.d. RitterburgUnknown
1995-05-11Dior for Regent BlueHD: B-1
1992-04-16Diva di LatianoHD: A-1
1993-09-02Divius v. Gaxhardter WaldUnknown
1992-02-21Diwa v.d. RitterburgHD: A-1
1993-09-02Django v. Gaxhardter WaldUnknown
1993-09-02Dock v. Gaxhardter WaldUnknown
1992-02-21Dolly v.d. RitterburgHD: A-1
0000-00-00Dolores DobgarHD: A-1
1995-05-11Domenguin for Regent BlueHD: B-1
1993-03-29Don v. BrenztalUnknown
1993-09-02Don v. Gaxhardter WaldUnknown
1992-02-21Doni v.d. RitterburgUnknown
1990-04-15Doriental LadyUnknown
1990-04-15Doriental LanaUnknown
1990-04-15Doriental LeilaUnknown
1990-04-15Doriental LexUnknown
1990-04-15Doriental LiselUnknown
1990-04-15Doriental LolaUnknown
1994-02-07Doro v. Leininger LandUnknown
1992-11-28Dory v. FrankenlandUnknown
1992-11-28Dosko v. FrankenlandUnknown
1993-03-29Drago v. BrenztalUnknown
1994-02-07Drago v. Leininger LandUnknown
1992-04-16Dragomir di LatianoUnknown
1995-05-11Dylan for Regent BlueUnknown
1994-02-22Eagele v. Leininger LandUnknown
1994-02-22Earl v. Leininger LandUnknown
1994-09-09Earl-Wiking v. Alpha NordicHD: A-1
1995-02-09Ecco v. Rauhen BergUnknown
1995-02-09Echicco v. Rauhen BergUnknown
1993-07-21Egon z PadokuHD: A-1
1994-02-22Eiche v. Leininger LandUnknown
1993-07-27Eick v.d. RitterburgUnknown
1993-07-21Eick z PadokuUnknown
1995-02-09Eika v. Rauhen BergHD: A-1
1995-04-28Eileen v. HelfensteinUnknown
1993-07-27Eja v.d. RitterburgUnknown
1993-07-27Elaisa v.d. RitterburgUnknown
1995-04-28Elektra v. HelfensteinUnknown
1995-04-28Elena v. HelfensteinUnknown
1993-07-21Elvis z PadokuUnknown
1993-07-21Elza z PadokuHD: A-1
1993-07-21Emi z PadokuHD: A-1
1993-07-21Emir z Padoku (1993)Unknown
1993-07-27Enzo v.d. RitterburgUnknown
1993-07-21Era z PadokuUnknown
1993-07-21Erato z Padoku (1993)HD: A-1
1994-02-22Erda v. Leininger LandUnknown
1994-02-22Erina v. Leininger LandUnknown
1993-07-21Eris z Padoku (1993)HD: A-1
1993-07-21Ero z PadokuUnknown
1994-02-22Eros v. Leininger LandUnknown
1993-07-21Esther z PadokuUnknown
1996-11-07Etna v. FeloxUnknown
1994-02-22Eurike v. Leininger LandUnknown
1994-02-22Europa v. Leininger LandUnknown
1994-02-22Eurynome v. Leininger LandUnknown
1995-04-28Eve v. HelfensteinUnknown
1995-02-09Evita v. Rauhen BergUnknown
1993-07-21Evita z PadokuHD: A-1
1993-10-09Falco v. DeisterUnknown
1994-10-17Falco v. Gaxhardter WaldUnknown
1994-10-17Falk v. Gaxhardter WaldUnknown
1992-00-00Faltor del Rio BiancoUnknown
1994-10-17Fanny v. Gaxhardter WaldUnknown
1992-00-00Farah del Rio BiancoHD: B-1
1993-10-09Faro v. DeisterUnknown
1992-00-00Faruk del Rio BiancoUnknown
1993-10-09Fee v. Deister (DZB 108560)Unknown
1992-00-00Felix del Rio BiancoUnknown
1993-10-09Fidji v. DeisterUnknown
1992-00-00Flash del Rio BiancoUnknown
1992-00-00Flint del Rio BiancoUnknown
1992-00-00Flora del Rio BiancoUnknown
1994-10-17Franka v. Gaxhardter WaldUnknown
1994-10-17Fraxi v. Gaxhardter WaldUnknown
1994-10-17Freiherr v. Gaxhardter WaldUnknown
1995-04-07Friedrich's Face The ThruthUnknown
1995-04-07Friedrich's Faith For LoveUnknown
1995-04-07Friedrich's Fantastic FunUnknown
1995-04-07Friedrich's Feel The FeverUnknown
1995-04-07Friedrich's Feeling RomanticUnknown
1995-04-07Friedrich's Fight The FireUnknown
1995-04-07Friedrich's Find The KillerUnknown
1995-04-07Friedrich's Follow The StarUnknown
1995-04-07Friedrich's Free The WorldUnknown
1993-10-09Frosti v. DeisterUnknown
1990-11-22Gaby Girl du Clos des AndresisUnknown
1990-11-22Gaia Ghika du Clos des AndresisUnknown
1991-10-20Gaia-Gael v. HeckendorfUnknown
1990-01-01Gamon di CampovalanoHD: A-1
1993-04-11Gatsby v. WeibertreublickUnknown
1990-11-22Gelina Gillis du Clos des AndresisUnknown
1990-11-22Geode Gallia du Clos des AndresisUnknown
1990-01-01Gero di CampovalanoUnknown
1993-04-11Gero v. WeibertreublickUnknown
1991-10-20Gero-Gibson v. HeckendorfUnknown
1994-09-27Geronimo v.d. OrtenauUnknown
1990-11-22Gessy Grace du Clos des AndresisUnknown
1993-02-18Ghina v.d. RappenauUnknown
1993-04-11Ghost v. WeibertreublickUnknown
1993-02-18Gilda v.d. RappenauHD: A-1
1991-10-20Gildas Gzenia v. HeckendorfHD: A-1
1990-11-22Gina Gyde du Clos des AndresisUnknown
1993-04-11Gina v. WeibertreublickHD: A-1
1994-09-27Gina v.d. OrtenauHD: A-1
1990-01-01Ginga di CampovalanoHD: A-1
1993-04-11Gino v. WeibertreublickUnknown
1994-09-27Gino v.d. OrtenauUnknown
1993-02-18Ginza v.d. RappenauHD: A-1
1990-01-01Gioiel di CampovalanoUnknown
1993-04-11Gladys v. WeibertreublickUnknown
1991-05-08Glennblue del CordieHD: A-1
1990-01-01Gluk di CampovalanoUnknown
1991-10-20Gohr-Ghan v. HeckendorfUnknown
1990-11-22Gold Glen du Clos des AndresisUnknown
1992-02-19Gold-Drachen CanonHD: A-1
1992-02-19Gold-Drachen Comtesse CharmaineUnknown
1993-02-18Gonscha v.d. RappenauUnknown
1993-02-18Gordon v.d. RappenauUnknown
1993-04-13Graaf Boy v. Schieland' DobermannsUnknown
1991-10-12Graaf Gillian v. Neerlands StamUnknown
1991-10-12Graaf Gojak v. Neerlands StamHD: B-1
1991-10-12Graaf Günther v. Neerlands StamUnknown
1992-01-12Graaf Jacco v. Neerlands StamUnknown
1992-01-12Graaf Jakucev v. Neerlands StamHD: A-1
1992-01-12Graaf Jasso v. Neerlands StamHD: B-1
1992-01-12Graaf Joy v. Neerlands StamUnknown
1992-09-17Graaf Lido v. Neerlands StamUnknown
1990-01-01Grafin di CampovalanoUnknown
1990-01-01Granblu di CampovalanoUnknown
1991-10-12Gravin Gracia v. Neerlands Stam (NHSB 1786798)Unknown
1992-01-12Gravin Jade v. Neerlands StamUnknown
1992-01-12Gravin Joeska v. Neerlands StamHD: B-1
1992-01-12Gravin Julliet v. Neerlands StamUnknown
1992-09-17Gravin Laika v. Neerlands StamUnknown
1991-10-20Grazia-Gowa v. HeckendorfUnknown
1991-05-08Greg del CordieHD: A-1
1990-11-22Greg Grestoke du Clos des AndresisUnknown
1990-01-01Greif di CampovalanoUnknown
1990-01-01Gunter di CampovalanoUnknown
1991-10-20Gwenda v. HeckendorfUnknown
1993-04-11Gwenda v. WeibertreublickUnknown
1991-10-20Gwendy v. HeckendorfUnknown
1990-11-22Gyver Goliat du Clos des AndresisUnknown
1992-09-09H'Altesse de VertemuseHD: A-1
1995-01-14Haida Dobey v.'t Nordse VeldUnknown
1990-03-25Haigher di CampovalanoUnknown
1993-09-28Hainide Thea-ThalitaUnknown
1993-09-28Hainide Tor-TornadoUnknown
1993-09-28Hainide Toro-TodorUnknown
1995-01-14Haiter Maxim v.'t Nordse VeldUnknown
1994-09-09Haito v.d. RitterburgUnknown
1993-09-16Hajka v. StauferlandUnknown
1994-09-09Hajka v.d. RitterburgUnknown
1993-09-16Hakan v. StauferlandUnknown
1990-12-18Haloa v. ZuccoUnknown
1992-06-15Hani (HR 10137)Unknown
1992-05-10Hannah-Happy v. HeckendorfHD: A-1
1990-12-14Hanni v. BärenseeUnknown
1990-12-18Hannika v. ZuccoUnknown
1992-06-28Hanny v. OberfeldUnknown
1995-01-14Hargos Quinto v.'t Nordse VeldUnknown
1990-07-03Harina v.d. RäuberhöhleUnknown
1990-12-18Harlem v. ZuccoUnknown
1990-03-25Harmony di CampovalanoUnknown
1993-04-13Harmony v.d. Preussen-GardeUnknown
1992-05-02Harras v.d. WeininselUnknown
1992-05-02Harro v.d. WeininselUnknown
1992-05-02Hassan v.d. WeininselUnknown
1992-10-30Hasso v. Donnersberg (DZB 106701)Unknown
1992-06-28Hasso v. OberfeldUnknown
1994-09-09Hasso v.d. RitterburgUnknown
1994-09-09Hauser v.d. RitterburgUnknown
1993-09-16Hayt v. StauferlandUnknown
1992-09-09Heden' de VertemuseUnknown
1992-05-02Hedina v.d. WeininselUnknown
1992-05-02Hedy v.d. WeininselUnknown
1991-09-06Hega AgbetUnknown
1990-05-22Heico v.d. WeschnitzHD: A-1
1992-04-28Heiko Graf v. FürstenlohUnknown
1990-07-03Heiko v.d. RäuberhöhleUnknown
1992-05-10Heindrix v. HeckendorfUnknown
1990-12-14Helen v. BärenseeUnknown
1990-07-03Helena v.d. RäuberhöhleUnknown
1992-04-28Helga Gräfin v. FürstenlohUnknown
1992-09-09Helios de VertemuseUnknown
1992-05-10Heliot-Hector v. HeckendorfUnknown
1992-04-28Hella Gräfin v. FürstenlohHD: A-1
1992-05-02Hella v.d. WeininselUnknown
1992-05-10Hellas-Henthea v. HeckendorfUnknown
1991-09-02Hellena v. BrandenburgHD: A-1
1992-09-09Hendrick de VertemuseUnknown
1990-12-18Heno v. ZuccoUnknown
1993-04-13Henrico v.d. Preussen-GardeHD: B-1
1990-07-03Henrik v.d. RäuberhöhleUnknown
1990-12-14Henry v. BärenseeUnknown
1992-06-28Henry v. OberfeldUnknown
1991-09-06Hera AgbetUnknown
1992-04-28Hera Gräfin v. FürstenlohUnknown
1992-06-28Hera v. OberfeldUnknown
1990-12-18Hera v. ZuccoUnknown
1994-09-09Hera v.d. RitterburgHD: B-1
1992-05-02Hera v.d. WeininselUnknown
1990-12-18Herkules v. ZuccoUnknown
1990-07-03Hermes v.d. RäuberhöhleUnknown
1992-05-10Hermes-Heros v. HeckendorfUnknown
1991-09-06Hero AgbetUnknown
1990-12-18Hero v. ZuccoUnknown
1990-07-03Hero v.d. RäuberhöhleUnknown
1992-05-02Hero v.d. WeininselUnknown
1990-07-03Heronimus v.d. RäuberhöhleUnknown
1993-09-16Heros v. StauferlandUnknown
1994-09-09Heros v.d. RitterburgUnknown
1992-05-10Herra-Haika v. HeckendorfUnknown
1992-04-28Hertog Graf v. FürstenlohUnknown
1995-01-14Hertog Zeus v.'t Nordse VeldUnknown
1991-09-02Herzog v. BrandenburgUnknown
1997-06-19Herzogin Esselthe Ertha vis AbsolutaHD: A-1
1995-01-14Hester v.'t Nordse VeldUnknown
1990-12-18Heti v. ZuccoUnknown
1990-12-14Hetty v. BärenseeUnknown
1991-09-06Hex AgbetUnknown
1991-09-06Hexa AgbetUnknown
1992-10-30Hexe v. Donnersberg (DZB 106702)Unknown
1993-09-16Hexe v. StauferlandUnknown
1990-12-18Hexe v. ZuccoUnknown
1994-09-09Hexe v.d. RitterburgHD: A-1
1992-05-02Hexe v.d. WeininselUnknown
1990-05-22Hexe v.d. WeschnitzUnknown
1992-09-09Heya de VertemuseUnknown
1993-04-13Hicarda v.d. Preussen-GardeUnknown
1993-04-13Higgis v.d. Preussen-GardeHD: A-1
1993-09-16Hillary v. StauferlandUnknown
1995-01-14Hillo Hero v.'t Nordse VeldUnknown
1992-05-02Hilo v.d. WeininselUnknown
1995-01-14Hintha v.'t Nordse Veld (NHSB 1987075)HD: B-1
1992-09-09Hipsy de VertemuseHD: A-1
1990-12-18Hiroito v. ZuccoUnknown
1995-01-14Hiska v.'t Nordse VeldHD: D
1990-07-03Hobo v.d. RäuberhöhleUnknown
1992-09-09Holane de VertemuseUnknown
1991-09-06Holly AgbetUnknown
1990-12-14Holly v. BärenseeUnknown
1992-09-09Holympe de VertemuseHD: A-1
1992-05-10Hombra-Henza v. HeckendorfUnknown
1993-09-16Honey v. StauferlandUnknown
1993-09-16Horus v. StauferlandUnknown
1992-06-28Hoss v. OberfeldUnknown
1995-01-14Hugo Boris v.'t Nordse VeldUnknown
1990-12-14Hugo v. BärenseeUnknown
1993-04-13Humphrey v.d. Preussen-GardeHD: A-1
1993-04-13Hunter v.d. Preussen-GardeUnknown
1995-01-14Hyancintha Nodey v.'t Nordse VeldUnknown
1993-01-02I'Linda Glinqui de la Taniere D'OrUnknown
0000-00-00Iago di Casa CoppoUnknown
1993-01-02Iago Glinqui de la Taniere D'OrUnknown
1996-11-06Idefix v. KlingbachUnknown
1993-01-02Idol de la Taniere d'OrUnknown
1993-11-25Idole-Isora v. HeckendorfHD: A-1
1993-01-02Idyl Glinqui de la Taniere D'OrUnknown
1993-05-17Igor v. DonnersbergUnknown
1993-02-13Igor v. MärchengartenUnknown
1993-11-14Ikarus v. MaroskUnknown
1993-11-14Ike v. MaroskUnknown
1993-09-12Ike v. OberfeldUnknown
1993-09-27Ike-Irwing v. RauberstolzUnknown
1993-11-25Ilex Ikarus v. HeckendorfHD: A-1
1993-11-25Ilona-Idea v. HeckendorfHD: A-1
1993-09-12Immel v. OberfeldUnknown
1993-11-14Imo v. MaroskUnknown
1993-11-14Ina v. MaroskUnknown
1993-02-13Ina v. MärchengartenUnknown
1991-05-10Indi CobraUnknown
1991-05-29Indiana Elva CSHD: A-1
1993-05-17Indo v. DonnersbergUnknown
1993-01-02Ines Glinqui de la Taniere D'OrUnknown
1993-01-02Inez Glinqui de la Taniere d'OrHD: B-1
1991-11-21Ingo v. BarbarossaUnknown
1993-05-17Ingo v. DonnersbergUnknown
1993-11-25Ingo-Igor v. HeckendorfUnknown
1993-01-02Ingos Glinqui de la Taniere D'OrUnknown
0000-00-00Ingrid di Casa Coppo (DS110037)Unknown
1993-05-17Inka v. DonnersbergUnknown
1993-02-13Inka v. MärchengartenUnknown
1993-11-25Ionna-Island v. HeckendorfHD: A-1
1993-01-26Ipsos de FerignisHD: A-1
1993-05-17Ira v. DonnersbergUnknown
1996-11-06Ira v. KlingbachUnknown
1993-01-26Irina-Line De FerignisHD: A-1
1993-01-26Irinus de FerignisHD: A-1
1993-02-13Iris v. MärchengartenUnknown
1992-02-03Irka DunaxaUnknown
1993-09-27Iron-Indigo v. RauberstolzUnknown
1992-10-01Isa Inez z HelfstynaHD: A-1
0000-00-00Isabela z HelfstynaHD: A-1
1993-02-13Isabell v. MärchengartenHD: A-1
1993-11-14Isabella v. MaroskUnknown
1993-11-25Isabella-Prinzess v. HeckendorfHD: A-1
1993-01-26Isis-Iris de FerignisUnknown
1993-11-14Isko v. MaroskUnknown
1993-01-02Ismyr Glinqui de la Taniere d'OrUnknown
1993-11-14Istan v. MaroskUnknown
1993-01-26Ivan de FerignisUnknown
1993-11-14Ive v. MaroskUnknown
1991-11-21Iven v. BarbarossaUnknown
0000-00-00Iwa Iveret z HelfstynaHD: A-1
1993-11-14Iwan v. MaroskUnknown
1993-02-13Iwan v. MärchengartenUnknown
1993-05-17Ixora v. DonnersbergUnknown
1993-11-25Iyoko Antillia v. HeckendorfUnknown
1993-05-26Jack v. MärchengartenUnknown
1994-07-10Jackie v. DruidensteinUnknown
1994-07-28Jacomo-Jason v. HeckendorfUnknown
1994-07-28Jafar-Jillo v. HeckendorfUnknown
1993-05-26Jago v. MärchengartenUnknown
1996-07-04Jago v.d. RäuberhöhleUnknown
1994-06-12Jago-Jorg v. RauberstolzUnknown
1991-00-00Jaguar di Casa CoppoUnknown
1994-07-28Jaguar-Jaron v. HeckendorfUnknown
1990-07-01Jana v. Mooi OaveltUnknown
1996-05-19Jana v.d. RitterburgUnknown
1990-07-01Janne Sanne v. Mooi OaveltUnknown
1994-06-12Jara-Jamaiqua v. RauberstolzUnknown
1994-08-26Jargo-Jafar v. RauberstolzHD: A-1
1994-08-26Jari-Jocker v. RauberstolzUnknown
1996-05-19Jasen v.d. RitterburgUnknown
1994-07-28Jasko-Jump v. HeckendorfUnknown
1993-05-26Jason v. MärchengartenUnknown
1994-02-06Jazz du Duche de WurtembergHD: A-1
1996-07-05Jean Dark Faconnabel-FernandoHD: A-1
1996-07-05Jean Dark Ferox-FahrenheitHD: A-1
1996-05-07Jean Dark Fidji-FuirinusHD: A-1
1994-06-12Jean-Jacques v. RauberstolzUnknown
1994-06-12Jeep-Jirus v. RauberstolzUnknown
1993-05-26Jenny v. MärchengartenUnknown
1994-06-12Jenny-Jennifer v. RauberstolzUnknown
1993-05-26Jens v. MärchengartenUnknown
1996-07-04Jeronimo v.d. RäuberhöhleUnknown
1994-07-28Jeronimo-Junker v. HeckendorfHD: A-1
1990-07-01Jerry v. Mooi OaveltUnknown
1996-05-19Jessica v.d. RitterburgUnknown
1993-05-26Jessy v. MärchengartenUnknown
1995-01-12Jillja v.h. WantijHD: B-1
1994-07-28Jills-Jolie v. HeckendorfUnknown
1995-01-12Jivago v.h. WantijHD: A-1
1994-07-10Jo v. DruidensteinUnknown
1990-04-07Jocker v. Breisgauer LandUnknown
1990-07-01Jody v. Mooi OaveltUnknown
1994-02-06Joedryck du Duche de WurtembergUnknown
1990-07-01Joeska v. Mooi OaveltUnknown
1994-07-10Johanna v. DruidensteinUnknown
1994-06-12Johanna-Jessica v. RauberstolzUnknown
1994-07-28Johanna-Jildas v. HeckendorfHD: A-1
1996-07-04Joker v.d. RäuberhöhleHD: A-1
1994-06-12Jolkos-Jordao v. RauberstolzUnknown
1994-08-26Jordan's-Jagger v. RauberstolzUnknown
1994-07-10Jordi v. DruidensteinUnknown
1990-07-01Josja v. Mooi OaveltUnknown
1992-06-15Josneyp HaitoUnknown
1992-06-15Josneyp HelaUnknown
1992-06-15Josneyp HiyaUnknown
1990-04-07Joy v. Breisgauer LandUnknown
1994-07-28Juddy-Jarina v. HeckendorfUnknown
1994-07-10Judi v. DruidensteinUnknown
1990-06-14Judifax FanthomasHD: B-1
1990-06-14Judifax FarahUnknown
1990-06-14Judifax FarizadeUnknown
1990-06-14Judifax FaushaUnknown
1990-06-14Judifax FayenomeenHD: B-1
1990-06-14Judifax FeusUnknown
1994-03-15Judith v. FürstenlohHD: A-1
1993-05-26Judy v. MärchengartenUnknown
1994-05-31Judyt DunaxaHD: A-1
1994-06-12Julia-Junon v. RauberstolzUnknown
1994-07-10Julia-Sans v. DruidensteinUnknown
1994-06-12Julius-Jupiter v. RauberstolzUnknown
1990-07-01July Tara v. Mooi OaveltUnknown
1994-06-12Jumper-Jordan v. RauberstolzUnknown
1994-07-28Jupiter Judifax v. HeckendorfUnknown
1994-07-28Jupiter-Joska v. HeckendorfUnknown
1990-07-01Jura Coco v. Mooi OaveltUnknown
1994-06-12Jurgen's-Jäger v. RauberstolzHD: A-1
1996-05-19Juri v.d. RitterburgUnknown
1995-06-03Kalina Kvirina from splendid familyUnknown
1990-06-17Kalina v. Breisgauer LandUnknown
1990-06-17Kambo v. Breisgauer LandUnknown
1997-05-28Kando v. LindenhofUnknown
1990-06-17Kanto v. Breisgauer LandUnknown
1993-08-24Kappo v. DonnersbergUnknown
1992-11-04Kara v. BarbarossaUnknown
1997-05-28Kara v. Lindenhof (DZB 114848)Unknown
1990-06-17Karlo v. Breisgauer LandUnknown
1993-08-24Karlo v. DonnersbergUnknown
1990-06-17Karto v. Breisgauer LandUnknown
1990-06-17Kastor v. Breisgauer LandUnknown
1990-06-17Kay v. Breisgauer LandUnknown
1997-05-28Kay v. Lindenhof (DZB 114843)Unknown
1997-05-28Kena v. LindenhofUnknown
1997-05-28Kesch v. LindenhofHD: A-1
0000-00-00Kevin Elva CSUnknown
1995-06-04Kevin Kermis from Splendid FamilyUnknown
1994-12-26Kevin v.d. WeininselUnknown
1990-06-17Kim v. Breisgauer LandUnknown
1993-08-24Kim v. Donnersberg (DZB 107745)Unknown
1997-05-28Kim v. Lindenhof (DZB 114850)Unknown
1990-06-17Kimba v. Breisgauer LandUnknown
1994-12-26Kimba v.d. WeininselUnknown
1997-05-28Kimbo v. Lindenhof (DZB 114846)Unknown
1990-06-17King v. Breisgauer LandUnknown
1997-05-28King v. Lindenhof (DZB 114845)Unknown
1994-12-26King v.d. WeininselUnknown
1992-11-04Kira v. BarbarossaUnknown
1995-06-03Kiya Kaliforniya from Splendid FamilyHD: A-1
1997-05-28Kleo v. LindenhofHD: A-1
1990-06-17Kliff v. Breisgauer LandUnknown
1995-03-24Lady Laureen des LandrysUnknown
1994-07-09Lady v. MärchengartenUnknown
1995-03-24Lakan des LandrysUnknown
1991-11-30Lale v. Haus HelgaUnknown
1994-07-09Lappos v. MärchengartenUnknown
1994-08-27Lara v. BarbarossaUnknown
1995-08-14Lara v. DruidensteinUnknown
1994-07-09Larry v. MärchengartenUnknown
1995-08-14Latanya Lisa v. DruidensteinHD: A-1
1995-03-24Lauder des LandrysUnknown
1995-02-22Laxoon-Laika v. RauberstolzUnknown
1991-11-30Leander v. Haus HelgaUnknown
1991-11-30Leila v. Haus HelgaUnknown
1991-11-30Lenox v. Haus HelgaUnknown
1994-07-09Leo v. MärchengartenUnknown
0000-00-00Lia Lara (Loi)Unknown
1991-11-30Linda v. Haus HelgaUnknown
1994-07-09Lisa v. MärchengartenHD: A-1
1991-11-30Litron v. Haus HelgaUnknown
1995-02-22Little Legende v. RauberstolzUnknown
1994-07-09Lobo v. MärchengartenHD: A-1
1991-11-30Lola v. Haus HelgaUnknown
1995-03-24Lolli-Pop des LandrysUnknown
1994-08-27Lona v. BarbarossaUnknown
1991-11-30Lopi v. Haus HelgaUnknown
1995-08-14Lord v. DruidensteinUnknown
1994-07-09Lord v. MärchengartenHD: A-1
1995-02-22Lord-Logan v. RauberstolzUnknown
1995-02-22Lorenzo-Lobo v. RauberstolzUnknown
1995-02-22Love-Love v. RauberstolzUnknown
1995-02-22Lowna-Lowane v. RauberstolzUnknown
1995-08-14Luba v. DruidensteinUnknown
1995-03-24Lucas des LandrysUnknown
1994-07-09Lump v. MärchengartenUnknown
1995-02-22Lump-Lowell v. RauberstolzUnknown
1994-08-27Lupo v. BarbarossaUnknown
1995-03-24Luther des LandrysHD: A-1
1995-06-03Luther King de FerignisUnknown
1994-08-27Lux v. BarbarossaUnknown
1995-02-22Lyndie-Lia v. RauberstolzUnknown
1994-02-17Madonna v. BrandenburgUnknown
1994-02-17Magister v. BrandenburgHD: A-1
1994-02-17Malvina v. BrandenburgUnknown
1994-02-17Mandy v. BrandenburgUnknown
1996-08-09Manureva de RocadamourUnknown
1994-02-17Marlon v. BrandenburgUnknown
1994-02-17Marquis v. BrandenburgUnknown
1996-01-03Max (LOI DS167113)Unknown
0000-00-00Melika di StefustoUnknown
1994-02-17Mercedes v. BrandenburgUnknown
1994-02-17Merlin v. BrandenburgUnknown
0000-00-00Metaxa EllaUnknown
1996-08-09Midnight de RocadamourUnknown
1996-08-09Mighty de Rocadamour (LOF 58117)Unknown
0000-00-00Milaya Magnoliya Zolotoye NaslediyeUnknown
1996-03-26Mirca du Mont d'OnixUnknown
1990-09-12Moby-Dick Arrimann SchwarzenbergUnknown
1994-02-17Monique v. BrandenburgUnknown
1996-08-09Murphy de RocadamourUnknown
1996-07-31Murphy-Maserati v. RauberstolzHD: B-1
1996-08-09Mustang de RocadamourUnknown
1994-02-17Mylord v. BrandenburgUnknown
1997-08-09Nabis v. DruidensteinUnknown
1997-01-19Nando Negus v. HeckendorfUnknown
1997-01-19Napoleon Ninjo v. HeckendorfUnknown
1997-08-09Natacha v. DruidensteinUnknown
1997-08-09Nausicaa v. DruidensteinUnknown
1993-02-12Nemesis Fedra v. KoepselHD: A-1
1993-02-12Nemesis Feo v. KoepselUnknown
1993-02-14Nemesis Figi v. KoepselHD: A-1
1993-07-04Nemesis GadisHD: B-1
1993-07-04Nemesis GilliUnknown
1993-07-04Nemesis GottUnknown
0000-00-00Nhanter di CampovalanoUnknown
1997-01-19Niels Nilann v. HeckendorfUnknown
1997-01-19Nikita Nemea v. HeckendorfHD: A-1
1997-08-09Niko v. DruidensteinUnknown
1997-01-19Ninette Francia v. HeckendorfHD: A-1
0000-00-00Niuba di CampovalanoUnknown
1990-00-00Oaks di ColdicaniaUnknown
1990-00-00Obruk di ColdicaniaUnknown
1995-05-01Odette v. HagensternUnknown
1994-09-12Odin v. Donnersberg (DZB 109068)Unknown
1995-05-01Oery v. HagensternUnknown
1995-05-01Ojan v. HagensternHD: A-1
1995-05-01Okita v. HagensternUnknown
1990-09-18Olanda v. Zeller SeeUnknown
1995-05-01Ole v. HagensternUnknown
1990-00-00Olga di ColdicaniaUnknown
1990-09-18Olivia v. Zeller SeeUnknown
1995-04-17Olli v.d. DobermannstadtUnknown
1995-04-17Olymp v.d. DobermannstadtHD: A-1
1990-09-18Omir v. Zeller SeeUnknown
1994-09-12Ona v. DonnersbergUnknown
1994-09-12Onso v. DonnersbergUnknown
1990-09-18Onyx v. Zeller SeeUnknown
1990-09-18Orella v. Zeller SeeUnknown
1990-09-18Orff v. Zeller SeeUnknown
1995-05-01Oriana v. HagensternUnknown
1995-04-17Orka v.d. DobermannstadtUnknown
1994-09-12Orlando v. DonnersbergUnknown
1995-05-01Orlando v. HagensternUnknown
1995-05-01Ornett v. HagensternHD: A-1
1990-09-18Orphee v. Zeller SeeUnknown
1994-09-12Orso v. DonnersbergUnknown
1990-09-18Oscha v. Zeller SeeUnknown
1994-09-12Otello v. DonnersbergUnknown
1990-00-00Oxer di ColdicaniaUnknown
1990-00-00Oyaska di ColdicaniaUnknown
1995-04-20Paco v. DonnersbergUnknown
1991-08-08Paco v. RovelineUnknown
1991-08-08Pam v. RovelineHD: B-2
1995-04-20Pan v. DonnersbergUnknown
1995-04-20Paron v. DonnersbergUnknown
1991-08-08Pascale v. RovelineHD: A-1
1991-08-08Pathy v. RovelineUnknown
1991-08-08Pemba v. RovelineUnknown
0000-00-00Penelope dei Nobili NatiHD: A-1
1995-04-20Peppi v. DonnersbergUnknown
1991-08-08Petula v. RovelineUnknown
1995-04-20Pina v. DonnersbergUnknown
1995-04-20Polly v. DonnersbergHD: B-1
1992-08-13Princ Jason AgbetUnknown
1992-08-13Prince Jason AgbetUnknown
1992-08-13Prince Jocker AgbetUnknown
1992-08-13Princessa Jassy AgbetUnknown
1992-08-13Princessa Jenny AgbetUnknown
1992-08-13Princessa Jona AgbetUnknown
1991-08-08Purdy v. Roveline Unknown
0000-00-00Pusa ZkanapeUnknown
1992-09-01Qalina v.d. DonkenHD: A-1
1992-09-01Qandy v.d. DonkenHD: A-1
1992-09-01Qastra v.d. DonkenHD: A-1
1992-09-01Qondor v.d. DonkenHD: A-1
1995-10-29Quardro v. BrandenburgUnknown
1995-10-29Quarz v. BrandenburgUnknown
1995-10-29Querido v. BrandenburgUnknown
1995-10-29Quintana v. BrandenburgUnknown
1995-10-29Quinto v. BrandenburgUnknown
1995-10-29Quinton v. BrandenburgUnknown
1996-01-03Quirin (LOI DS167115)Unknown
1995-10-29Quirina v. BrandenburgHD: A-1
1995-10-29Quorry v. BrandenburgUnknown
1991-10-13Rebecca v. Zeller SeeUnknown
1991-10-13Reni v. Zeller SeeUnknown
1991-10-13Riccy v. Zeller SeeUnknown
1991-10-13Rimo v. Zeller SeeUnknown
1991-10-13Rocco v. Zeller SeeUnknown
1991-10-13Romy v. Zeller SeeUnknown
1991-10-13Ronny v. Zeller SeeUnknown
1991-10-13Roxy v. Zeller SeeUnknown
1996-10-08S'Lichobor Lady GoldenUnknown
1990-10-27Sabana v. DeisterUnknown
1994-04-03Sade du Clos des GrognardsUnknown
0000-00-00Sahib di MontespinoUnknown
1991-12-12Sancho v. Zeller SeeUnknown
1990-10-27Santo v. DeisterUnknown
1990-10-27Santor v. DeisterUnknown
1993-08-23Santos v.d. HeerstrasseUnknown
1990-10-27Sarah v. DeisterUnknown
1994-04-03Scott du Clos des Grognards Unknown
0000-00-00Selene di MontespinoUnknown
1990-10-27Shari v. DeisterHD: B-1
1990-10-27Shark v. DeisterUnknown
1994-04-03Sindy du Clos des GrognardsUnknown
1990-10-27Sira v. DeisterUnknown
1993-08-23Sky v.d. HeerstrasseUnknown
1994-03-03Socrate du Clos des GrognardsHD: A-1
1990-10-27Souma v. DeisterUnknown
1993-08-23Sultan v.d. HeerstrasseUnknown
1993-08-23Swenja v.d. HeerstrasseUnknown
1992-05-16Tagus v. Zeller SeeUnknown
1996-08-30Tahi-Réme CaramelHD: A-1
1996-08-30Tahi-Réme CasperUnknown
1996-08-30Tahi-Réme ClydeUnknown
1996-08-30Tahi-Réme CockUnknown
1996-08-30Tahi-Réme ColombusUnknown
1997-01-29Tahi-Réme Dia DellaUnknown
1997-01-29Tahi-Réme Diva DanielleUnknown
1997-01-29Tahi-Réme DominoUnknown
1997-01-29Tahi-Reme Donna-DianaUnknown
1990-05-07Tahi-Reme GinaHD: A-1
1995-05-04Tahi-Reme VajenUnknown
1995-05-04Tahi-Reme VandaUnknown
1995-05-04Tahi-Réme VickyUnknown
1995-05-04Tahi-Reme VinchicoUnknown
1995-05-04Tahi-Reme WallyUnknown
1995-05-04Tahi-Reme WandaHD: A-1
1995-05-04Tahi-Reme WelloUnknown
1995-08-27Tarek v. StevinhageUnknown
1992-05-16Taris v. Zeller SeeUnknown
1995-08-27Tayga v. StevinhageUnknown
0000-00-00Tharga v.d. DonkenUnknown
1995-08-27Thor v. StevinhageUnknown
1995-08-27Thorson v. StevinhageUnknown
1995-08-27Thorvald v. StevinhageHD: A-1
1991-03-21Thyross v. Schloss GrossauHD: A-1
1995-08-27Tiara v. StevinhageUnknown
1992-05-16Tillo v. Zeller SeeUnknown
1995-08-27Timmerland v. StevinhageUnknown
1992-05-16Timo v. Zeller SeeUnknown
1992-05-16Tina v. Zeller SeeUnknown
1995-08-27Tjaari v. StevinhageUnknown
0000-00-00Toninjo Teo CobraUnknown
1993-09-12Toscanina's Tanan-TatjanaHD: A-1
1993-09-12Toscanina's Theba-TheodoraUnknown
1993-09-12Toscanina's Theo-TerroristoUnknown
1993-09-12Toscanina's Toron-TorreroUnknown
1993-09-12Toscanina's Toy TolstoiHD: A-1
1993-09-12Toscanina's Toyan-TopasHD: C
1993-09-12Toscanina's Tsar-TsardasHD: A-1
1991-03-21Toy Boy v. Schloss GrossauUnknown
1992-05-16Trixi v. Zeller SeeUnknown
1995-08-27Trofee v. StevinhageHD: B-1
1995-08-27Trojan v. StevinhageHD: A-1
1995-08-27Typisch v. StevinhageUnknown
1995-08-27Tysvaer v. StevinhageUnknown
1996-02-21Ulan v. AmtmannsgartenUnknown
1996-02-21Ulck v. AmtmannsgartenUnknown
1991-03-05Uline v. DeisterUnknown
1991-03-05Una v. DeisterUnknown
1996-02-21Uran v. AmtmannsgartenUnknown
1996-11-17Urfee du Clos des GrognardsUnknown
1991-03-05Ursus v. DeisterUnknown
1991-03-05Uschika v. DeisterUnknown
1991-03-05Usies v. DeisterUnknown
1991-03-05Uskah v. DeisterUnknown
1991-03-05Utor v. DeisterUnknown
1997-08-24Valdes del Jardin de ElfosUnknown
1991-11-29Valliant di CampovalanoHD: A-1
1997-08-24Varon del Jardin de Elfos HD: A-1
1992-06-25Velvet v. Schloss GrossauHD: A-1
1997-08-24Vincens del Jardin de ElfosUnknown
1997-08-24Vitesse del Jardin de ElfosUnknown
1990-11-04Vitesse v. NibbasUnknown
1997-08-24Vivien del Jardin de ElfosUnknown
1997-08-24Vivre del Jardin de ElfosUnknown
0000-00-00Vodolej Rus VivienUnknown
0000-00-00Vodoley Vagner WurtembergUnknown
1993-08-21Wanko v. StrengbachUnknown
1993-08-21Warissa v. StrengbachHD: A-1
1993-08-21Wasko v. StrengbachUnknown
1993-08-21Wicko v. StrengbachUnknown
1990-12-26Yanina v. Gaxhardter WaldUnknown
1990-12-26Yara v. Gaxhardter WaldHD: A-1
1990-12-26Yaro v. Gaxhardter WaldUnknown
1990-12-26Yeus v. Gaxhardter WaldUnknown
1990-12-26Ykon v. Gaxhardter WaldUnknown
1990-12-26Ynka v. Gaxhardter WaldUnknown
1990-12-26Yrko v. Gaxhardter WaldUnknown
1990-12-26Yvo v. Gaxhardter WaldHD: A-1
0000-00-00Zalinda de Los ValientesUnknown
1992-03-23Zanuk v. Weisen HausUnknown
1992-03-23Zarina v. Weisen HausHD: A-1
1992-03-23Zatra v. Weisen HausUnknown
0000-00-00Zingfried de los ValientesUnknown
1992-03-23Zitta v. Weisen HausUnknown
1992-03-23Zombo v. Weisen HausUnknown
1992-03-23Zora v. Weisen HausUnknown
1992-03-23Zoro v. Weisen HausUnknown
1992-03-23Zuma v. Weisen HausUnknown
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