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Mia v. Norden Stamm
Name Mia v. Norden Stamm
Owner M. Kelb (Novalis)
Breeder J. Kollenberg (v. Norden Stamm)
Gender Bitch
Pedigreebook DZB
Pedigreenumber DZB 100138
Colour Brown
Sire Ebo v.d. Groote Maat
Dam Anka v. Flandrischen Lwen
Date of birth 1987-04-21
Date deceased 1994-01-01
Cause of death 07-year / DCM
Extra information ZTP 1A SG
1989 SchH II 97-97-85-279 SG
1989 SchH III 94-94-85-273 SG
International Champion
Bundessiegerin 1988
Bundessiegerin 1990
Europa Siegerin 1990
Amsterdam Winster 1990
DDR DV Siegerin 1990
DV Siegerin 1989
IDC Siegerin 1989
German Champion DV
German Champion VDH
Spanish Champion

Source: A hundred Dobermann Bitches by mr. J.M. v.d. Zwan.

This red female was bred in Germany. She is a full sister of the German Champion Kalina v. Norden Stamm.

The Dutch judge and breeder mr. H. Mencke wrote about her:

'a very well built bitch with many advantages. Nobility in order. Very good substances, good head that is beautifully long. Front is angulated enough and hindquarters normally. Topline is very good. Deep chest and a very good croup, strong bones and very beautiful markings, good coat. A bitch with a lot of temperament that showed herself well. Moves out well and front is sufficently firm. Full mouth'.

Mia is a German Champion and won the Bundessiegerin title in 1988. Her character is reckoned to be an excellent blend of her parents.
She had her SchH I at 14 months. The latter was remarkable in that she was the High in Trial at one of the largest SchH competitions in Northern Germany.

Her ZTP was a curious event, because although receiving the best grading for her character, she only received a second grading (SG) for her conformation. Judge mr. H. Wiblishauser cited that his reason was she had at the time a freshly stitched wound over her head.

This didn't affect her showmanship, as the same week she was best Bitch at a show, at the same time defeating her blood sister Kalina v. Norden Stamm making her the only bitch to have done so.
HD Status HD: A-1
"von Willebrand" Unknown
Wobbler Syndrom (C.V.I.) Unknown
Cardiomyopathie Holter and Echo Unknown
Cardiomyopathie DNA Marker Unknown
Dilute Unknown
Inbred percentage 10.1989 %
Brothers and sisters
1987-04-21Manda v. Norden StammUnknown
1987-04-21Marlboro v. Norden StammHD: A-1
1987-04-21Melba v. Norden StammUnknown
1987-04-21Mephisto v. Norden StammUnknown
1987-04-21Mercedes v. Norden StammUnknown
1987-03-15Morgan v. Norden StammUnknown
1991-12-27Beersheva NovalisUnknown
1991-12-27Behiyya NovalisHD: A-1
1991-12-27Belphegor NovalisUnknown
1991-12-27Benito NovalisUnknown
1991-12-27Beryll NovalisUnknown
1991-12-27Bethane NovalisUnknown
1991-12-27Bethesda NovalisUnknown
1991-12-27Brandino NovalisUnknown
1993-08-21Cartoon NovalisUnknown
1993-08-21Chapoura NovalisUnknown
1993-08-21Chendra NovalisHD: B-1
1993-08-21Chiara NovalisUnknown
1989-10-19Quallas v. Norden StammHD: A-1
1989-10-19Quartro v. Norden StammUnknown
1989-10-19Quattra v. Norden StammUnknown
1989-10-19Quessy v. Norden StammUnknown
1989-10-19Questa v. Norden StammHD: D
1989-10-19Quinto v. Norden StammUnknown
1989-10-19Quirina v. Norden StammUnknown
1989-10-19Quno v. Norden stammUnknown
1989-10-19Qwendy v. Norden StammUnknown
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