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Gadis Geromy del Citone
Name Gadis Geromy del Citone
Owner Unknown
Breeder Dr. Pierluigi Pezzano (del Citone)
Gender Stud
Pedigreebook LOI
Pedigreenumber LO9842930
Colour Black
Sire Astor del Citone
Dam Arielle d'Amour Del Citone
Date of birth 1997-09-01
Date deceased 2003-00-00
Cause of death 05-year / DCM
Extra information Import to Switserland: SHSB 588000
HD Status HD: A-1
"von Willebrand" Unknown
Wobbler Syndrom (C.V.I.) Unknown
Cardiomyopathie Holter and Echo Unknown
Cardiomyopathie DNA Marker Unknown
Dilute Unknown
Inbred percentage 30.6914 %
Brothers and sisters
1997-09-01Gemielle D'Amour del CitoneHD: B-1
1997-09-01Gertrudgaia del CitoneUnknown
1997-09-01Ginalollo del CitoneUnknown
1997-09-01Gino Gomez del CitoneHD: A-1
1997-09-01Gordon Gold del CitoneUnknown
2002-11-28Adalina d'IslamoradaUnknown
2002-08-20Alfa v. BismarckHD: B-2
2002-11-28Alidea d'IslamoradaUnknown
2002-11-28Alpheius Godriver d'IslamoradaUnknown
1999-05-25Amaru v. ZwillingUnknown
2002-11-28Aphrodite d'IslamoradaUnknown
1999-05-25Apophis v. ZwillingUnknown
2000-01-01Ardens Mahogany MullerUnknown
2000-01-01Ardens MargotUnknown
2000-01-01Ardens MarleyUnknown
2000-01-01Ardens MoliereUnknown
2000-01-01Ardens MoonlightUnknown
2000-01-01Ardens MyriamUnknown
2002-08-20Arielle v. BismarckUnknown
1999-05-25Asmodeus v. ZwillingUnknown
2002-11-28Asso d'IslamoradaUnknown
2002-08-20Astor v. BismarckUnknown
2002-11-28Athena d'IslamoradaUnknown
2001-06-21Carlos Maximilian v. BrandemateUnknown
2001-06-21Cass-Raun v. BrandemateUnknown
2001-06-21Castello Amber v. BrandemateUnknown
2001-06-21Chester Dyarro v. BrandemateUnknown
2001-06-21Chippendales Rambo v. BrandemateUnknown
2001-06-21Chris Jamas v. BrandemateUnknown
2001-06-21Cira v. BrandemateUnknown
2001-06-21Citha v. BrandemateUnknown
2001-06-21Con-Gina v. BrandemateUnknown
2001-06-21Cora Noa v. BrandemateUnknown
2000-04-04Dafne della LungaraUnknown
1999-09-12Daisy di CampovalanoHD: A-1
1999-09-12Daisymarron di CampovalanoUnknown
2000-04-04Dalila della LungaraHD: A-1
1999-09-12Danko di CampovalanoUnknown
1999-09-12Delhy di CampovalanoUnknown
2000-04-04Denise della LungaraUnknown
1999-09-12Diablo di CampovalanoUnknown
1999-09-12Dirba di CampovalanoUnknown
2000-04-04Doriana della LungaraUnknown
1999-09-12Duma di CampovalanoUnknown
2000-12-01Earl v. Bayrischen LwenUnknown
2000-12-01Edison v. Bayrischen LwenUnknown
2000-12-01Edmondo v. Bayrischen LwenHD: A-1
2000-12-01Eliott v. Bayrischen LwenUnknown
2000-12-01Elisheva v. Bayrischen LwenHD: A-1
2000-12-01Eljosha v. Bayrischen LwenUnknown
2000-12-01Emilie v. Bayrischen LwenHD: A-1
2000-12-01Enox v. Bayrischen LwenUnknown
2000-12-01Excalibur v. Bayrischen LwenHD: A-1
2000-07-09Fabiola v. ResidenzschlossHD: A-1
2000-07-09Fahro v. ResidenzschlossUnknown
2000-07-09Feliadae v. ResidenzschlossHD: C
2000-07-09Fiasko v. ResidenzschlossUnknown
2000-07-09Fiscus v. ResidenzschlossUnknown
2000-07-09Flagranti v. ResidenzschlossUnknown
2000-07-09Francesca v. ResidenzschlossHD: A-1
1999-11-11Irinland Jino JenialUnknown
0000-00-00Irinland Josefina JoseHD: A-1
2000-09-21Lara v. DonariusUnknown
2000-09-21Larissa v. DonariusUnknown
2000-09-21Lea v. DonariusUnknown
2000-09-21Lennox v. DonariusUnknown
2000-09-21Limba v. DonariusUnknown
2000-09-21Luna v. DonariusHD: A-1
2000-09-21Luzifer v. DonariusUnknown
2000-09-21Lycos v. DonariusUnknown
2000-09-23Pam z PadokuUnknown
2000-04-08Parsifalpablo del CitoneUnknown
2000-09-23Pat z PadokuUnknown
2000-09-23Patty z PadokuUnknown
2000-09-23Peri z PadokuUnknown
2000-09-23Pero z PadokuUnknown
1999-10-07Phebus V. JagerhohleHD: A-1
2000-04-08Phelwanapedro del CitoneHD: A-1
2000-09-23Pia z PadokuUnknown
2000-09-23Pira z PadokuUnknown
2000-09-23Poison z PadokuUnknown
2000-09-23Princ z PadokuUnknown
2000-09-23Princess z PadokuUnknown
1999-12-28Ramses v.'t Nordse VeldUnknown
1999-12-28Rasta v.'t Nordse VeldUnknown
2000-11-18Rava-Tara v. Heckendorf HD: A-1
2000-11-28Remus De La TavernireHD: B-1
1999-12-28Riflex Gino v.'t Nordse VeldUnknown
1999-12-28Roery Noery v.'t Nordse VeldUnknown
1999-12-28Rokus Zorro v.'t Nordse VeldUnknown
1999-12-28Romeyo Bono v.'t Nordse VeldUnknown
2000-11-18Rosha Shana v. HeckendorfUnknown
2001-06-10Sally-Nemea v. SteinigerwegUnknown
2001-05-20Salomo v. OberfeldUnknown
2001-06-10Sam-Cobra v. SteinigerwegUnknown
2001-05-20Sanson v. OberfeldUnknown
2001-07-24Sarah du Clos du HeidenbergUnknown
2001-07-24Satan du Clos du HeidenbergUnknown
2001-06-10Satos v. SteinigerwegUnknown
2001-07-24Sey du Clos du HeidenbergUnknown
2001-06-10Shadow-Virago v. SteinigerwegUnknown
2001-07-24Sheika du Clos du HeidenbergUnknown
2001-01-12Shena Stella v. HeckendorfHD: A-1
2001-06-10Shogun-Zendo v. SteinigerwegUnknown
2001-06-10Shona-Nemea v. SteinigerwegUnknown
2001-06-10Sid-City v. SteinigerwegUnknown
2001-07-24Siggor du Clos du HeidenbergUnknown
2001-07-24Silver du Clos du HeidenbergUnknown
2001-06-10Socrate-White v. SteinigerwegUnknown
2001-06-10Soho-Black v. SteinigerwegUnknown
2001-01-12Spartacus Julius v. HeckendorfHD: A-1
2001-06-10Sphinx-Cobra v. SteinigerwegUnknown
2001-06-10Strolch v. SteinigerwegUnknown
2000-02-19Tahi-Rme O'NeillUnknown
2000-02-19Tahi-Rme OpiumHD: A-1
2000-02-19Tahi-Rme OrangeUnknown
2000-02-19Tahi-Rme Orpheus OrroHD: A-1
2000-02-19Tahi-Reme OttiliaHD: A-1
2000-02-19Tahi-Rme OxygenUnknown
2001-01-05Tom-Dober EffiUnknown
2001-01-05Tom-Dober ElliHD: A-1
2001-01-05Tom-Dober EnzoUnknown
2001-01-05Tom-Dober EteUnknown
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