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Fela v. Franckenhorst
Name Fela v. Franckenhorst
Owner Unknown
Breeder S. Franquemont-Freudenberg
Gender Stud
Pedigreebook NHSB
Pedigreenumber NHSB 1427508
Colour Brown
Sire Vincent v. Franckenhorst
Dam Pompie Dutch Dewi
Date of birth 1985-05-24
Date deceased 2000-03-10
Cause of death 15-year / Old age.
Extra information ZTP 1A V
1988 Angekört 2-year / Kl. 1A
1991 Angekört ZVA / 1A
1988-04-17 IPO I 82-88-97-267 ZG
1990-04-14 IPO III 94-96-98-288 U
SchH III , AD, , TAN
Europa Jugend Sieger 1986
World Junior Winner 1986
IDC Sieger 1988
DV Sieger 1988
Europa Sieger 1988
Bundessieger 1989
German Champion DV
German Champion VDH
Dutch Champion
French Champion
Swiss Champion
International Champion
HD Status HD: A-1
"von Willebrand" Unknown
Wobbler Syndrom (C.V.I.) Unknown
Cardiomyopathie Holter and Echo Unknown
Cardiomyopathie DNA Marker Unknown
Dilute Unknown
Inbred percentage 11.7556 %
Brothers and sisters
1985-05-24Faroek v. FranckenhorstUnknown
1985-05-24Febe v. FranckenhorstUnknown
1985-05-24Fenrico v. FranckenhorstUnknown
1985-05-24Fidel v. FranckenhorstUnknown
1989-03-13Aaron v.d. KaëmzettenUnknown
1989-03-13Aik v.d. KaëmzettenUnknown
1989-03-13Alva v.d. KaëmzettenUnknown
1989-03-13Amor v.d. KaëmzettenHD: B-1
1989-03-13Aquinta v.d. KaëmzettenHD: B-1
1989-03-13Aristo v.d. KaëmzettenUnknown
1989-03-13Astor v.d. KaëmzettenUnknown
1989-03-13Athos v.d. KaëmzettenHD: B-1
1989-03-23Baccus v. OkeanosHD: A-1
1989-10-29Baia v. AdanzUnknown
1989-03-23Balu v. OkeanosUnknown
1989-03-23Barni v. OkeanosUnknown
1989-10-29Baschko v. AdanzUnknown
1989-10-29Bayard v. AdanzUnknown
1989-10-29Beebhop v. AdanzUnknown
1989-03-23Bijou v. OkeanosUnknown
1989-03-23Bilitis v. OkeanosUnknown
1989-10-29Bolcan v. AdanzUnknown
1989-03-23Boomer v. OkeanosUnknown
1989-10-29Brando v. AdanzUnknown
1989-10-29Brise v. AdanzUnknown
1989-03-23Bruce v. OkeanosUnknown
1989-10-29Bryan v. AdanzHD: A-1
1988-04-07Caijus v. Frieslands GlorieHD: B-1
1988-04-07Candor v. Frieslands GlorieUnknown
1988-04-07Carmen v. Frieslands GlorieUnknown
1988-04-07Caspar v. Frieslands Glorie (NHSB 1606639)Unknown
1988-04-07Cesaire v. Frieslands GlorieUnknown
1988-04-07Chantal v. Frieslands GlorieHD: C
1993-08-25Charlie v. FranckenhorstUnknown
1988-04-07Chess v. Frieslands GlorieUnknown
1988-04-07Cindy v. Frieslands GlorieUnknown
1990-04-30Clinics EbbaHD: A-1
1990-04-30Clinics EdiHD: A-1
1990-04-30Clinics EffendiHD: B-1
1990-04-30Clinics EjaHD: B-1
1990-04-30Clinics El CidHD: A-1
1990-04-30Clinics ElenaHD: A-1
1990-04-30Clinics ElinorHD: A-1
1990-04-30Clinics EminaHD: A-1
1990-04-30Clinics EnjaUnknown
1990-04-30Clinics EttinaHD: A-1
1990-04-30Clinics EzloUnknown
1993-08-25Comtesse Cloë v. FranckenhorstUnknown
1993-08-25Comtesse Core v. FranckenhorstUnknown
1993-08-25Count Chevy v. FranckenhorstUnknown
1989-03-19Earl v.d. Ruine HohenbergUnknown
1989-03-19Egor v.d. Ruine HohenbergUnknown
1989-03-19Elaika v.d. Ruine HohenbergUnknown
1989-03-19Elan v.d. Ruine HohenbergUnknown
1989-03-19Eldor v.d. Ruine HohenbergUnknown
1989-03-19Elonka v.d. Ruine HohenbergUnknown
1989-03-19Ergo v.d. Ruine HohenbergUnknown
1989-03-19Eyline v.d. Ruine HohenbergUnknown
1990-00-00Falko Felhai de la Taniere d'OrUnknown
1992-02-04Fela v. MaroskUnknown
0000-00-00Fella Felhai De La Tanière D'OrHD: A-1
1990-00-00Fidjy Felhai de la Taniere d'OrUnknown
1992-02-04Fila v. MaroskHD: A-1
1992-02-04Flash v. MaroskUnknown
1992-02-04Floyd v. MaroskUnknown
1990-00-00Fors Felhai de la Taniere d'OrUnknown
1990-00-00Frankie de la Taniere d'OrUnknown
1992-02-04Frisco v. MaroskHD: A-1
1991-01-25Gary v. OberfeldUnknown
0000-00-00Gerda di StefustoUnknown
1989-06-29Gerry v. MärchengartenUnknown
1989-06-29Gilda v. MärchengartenUnknown
1991-01-25Gina v. OberfeldUnknown
1991-01-25Ginger v. OberfeldUnknown
1989-06-29Gitta v. MärchengartenUnknown
1991-01-25Glenn v. OberfeldUnknown
1989-06-29Gloria v. MärchengartenUnknown
1989-06-29Golda v. MärchengartenUnknown
1991-01-25Goran v. OberfeldUnknown
1989-06-16Graaf Akim v. AvendiaUnknown
1989-06-16Graaf Alex v. AvendiaUnknown
1989-06-16Graaf Aljosuhja v. AvendiaUnknown
1991-07-01Graaf Amir v. ArentsbergHD: B-1
1991-07-01Graaf Antar Joran v. ArentsbergUnknown
1991-07-01Graaf Arco v. ArentsbergUnknown
1991-07-01Graaf Arenzo Dion v. ArentsbergUnknown
1989-06-16Graaf Argon v. AvendiaUnknown
1991-07-01Graaf Atoom v. ArentsbergHD: A-1
1989-06-16Gravin Amer-Kira v. AvendiaUnknown
1991-07-01Gravin Anna v. ArentsbergUnknown
1989-06-16Gravin Aquila v. AvendiaUnknown
1991-07-01Gravin Arabella v. ArentsbergUnknown
1991-07-01Gravin Aranka v. ArentsbergUnknown
1989-06-16Gravin Arista v. AvendiaUnknown
1989-06-16Gravin Ashley v. AvendiaHD: B-1
1989-06-16Gravin Astra v. AvendiaUnknown
1989-06-29Greif v. MärchengartenUnknown
1989-06-29Gringo v. MärchengartenUnknown
1991-01-25Guido v. OberfeldUnknown
1993-03-21Gundah v. Frieslands GlorieHD: D
1989-06-29Gwendy v. MärchengartenUnknown
1991-01-25Gwendy v. OberfeldUnknown
1993-10-27Hector Lex v. Frieslands GlorieUnknown
1993-10-27Hera Lady Helena v. Frieslands GlorieUnknown
1993-10-27Hero v. Frieslands GlorieUnknown
1993-10-27Hezhergar v. Frieslands GlorieUnknown
1993-10-27Hiska v. Frieslands GlorieUnknown
1993-10-27Hudson Hawk v. Frieslands GlorieUnknown
1986-12-19Jarreth v. FranckenhorstUnknown
1986-12-19Jill v. FranckenhorstUnknown
1986-12-19Jouri v. FranckenhorstHD: B-1
1986-12-19Justin v. FranckenhorstUnknown
1991-04-16Maestro v. Mooi OaveltUnknown
1988-02-11Maggie v. FranckenhorstUnknown
1991-04-16Maik v. Mooi OaveltUnknown
1991-04-16Maniak v. Mooi OaveltUnknown
1988-02-11Margot v. FranckenhorstUnknown
1991-04-16Marlboro v. Mooi OaveltUnknown
1991-04-16Max Michel v. Mooi OaveltUnknown
1991-04-16Max v. Mooi OaveltHD: A-1
1988-02-11Maz v. FranckenhorstUnknown
1988-02-11Medina v. FranckenhorstHD: A-1
1991-04-16Memo v. Mooi OaveltUnknown
1988-02-11Mike v. FranckenhorstUnknown
1988-02-11Mila v. FranckenhorstUnknown
1991-04-16Milla Magia v. Mooi OaveltUnknown
1988-02-11Mouschka-Mariska v. FranckenhorstUnknown
1991-04-16Moxey v. Mooi OaveltHD: C
1988-02-11Mozes v. FranckenhorstUnknown
1988-02-11Myra v. FranckenhorstUnknown
1989-09-19Nadine v. RaubensteinUnknown
1990-10-25Nanou v. Hof ter EeckhoutUnknown
1989-09-19Nemo v. RaubensteinUnknown
1989-10-25Nino v. Hof ter EeckhoutHD: B-1
1989-09-19Norris v. RaubensteinHD: B-1
1990-06-23Odi Opium v.d. Wieteke's HoeveHD: B-1
1990-05-01Odin v. RovelineUnknown
1990-05-01Olga v. RovelineHD: A-1
1990-05-01Orson v. RovelineHD: A-1
1989-02-05Paco v. FranckenhorstHD: B-1
1989-02-05Pandora v. FranckenhorstUnknown
1989-02-05Pascha v. FranckenhorstUnknown
1989-02-05Peggy v. FranckenhorstUnknown
1989-02-05Perez v. FranckenhorstUnknown
1989-02-05Petty v. FranckenhorstUnknown
1989-02-05Phaustine v. FranckenhorstUnknown
1989-02-05Prince Porsche v. FranckenhorstUnknown
1989-02-05Princec Penina v. FranckenhorstHD: B-1
1989-04-06Xanter v. Weisen HausUnknown
1989-04-06Xanto v. Weisen HausUnknown
1989-04-06Xenja v. Weisen HausUnknown
1989-04-06Xeno v. Weisen HausUnknown
1989-04-06Xero v. Weisen HausUnknown
1989-04-06Xutu v. Weisen HausUnknown
1990-02-05Yadin Yaka v. DiasporaUnknown
1990-02-05Yalu Yigal v. DiasporaHD: A-1
1990-02-05Yara Yael v. DiasporaUnknown
1990-02-05Yaron Yona v. DiasporaUnknown
1990-02-05Yentl Yigael v. DiasporaUnknown
1990-02-05Yethro Yitzhak v. DiasporaUnknown
1990-02-05Yetta Yente v. DiasporaUnknown
1990-02-05Yindran Yair v. DiasporaUnknown
1990-02-05Yoav Yaela v. DiasporaHD: A-1
1990-02-05Yoram Yaka v. DiasporaUnknown
1990-02-05Yossi Yuval v. DiasporaUnknown
1990-02-05Yulek Yeftha v. DiasporaUnknown
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