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Bingo v. Ellendonk
Name Bingo v. Ellendonk
Owner Helmut Scriba (v. Nettetal)
Breeder E. Sauermann (v. Ellendonk)
Gender Stud
Pedigreebook DZB
Pedigreenumber DZB 86210
Colour Black
Sire Jago v. Beelen
Dam Palma v. Ellendonk
Date of birth 1976-01-24
Date deceased 1985-00-00
Cause of death 10-year / bloat
Extra information Born in 1976 according to the German Zuchtbuch Band 62/1975.

1977 Angekört 2-year / kl. 1
1979 Angekört ZVA / kl. 1
1978-04-15 SchH III 94-96-99-289 V
1978-05-01 SchH III 93-86-94-273 SG
1978-06-04 SchH III 70-96-95-261 G
1978-09-10 SchH III 100-100-93-293 V
1978-10-09 SchH III 93-93-90-276 SG

DV-Leistungssieger 1977(290 pnt)

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HD Status HD: A-1
"von Willebrand" Unknown
Wobbler Syndrom (C.V.I.) Unknown
Cardiomyopathie Holter and Echo Unknown
Cardiomyopathie DNA Marker Unknown
Dilute Unknown
Inbred percentage 6.6619 %
Brothers and sisters
1976-01-24Barka v. EllendonkUnknown
1976-01-24Bora v. EllendonkUnknown
1978-11-04Achaz v. GeestlandUnknown
1983-04-20Afra v. BayerwaldUnknown
1982-07-02Afra v.d. Burg HartensteinHD: A-1
1979-10-19Afra v.d. KlingenstadtHD: B-1
1982-11-25Afra v.d. Reute HöfenUnknown
1982-02-27Aga v.d. WeyermühleUnknown
1982-02-27Aik v.d. WeyermühleUnknown
1983-04-20Akor v. BayerwaldUnknown
1979-04-10Aldo v.d. HeimstätteUnknown
1983-04-13Alegro v. DuraniaUnknown
1983-04-13Alex v. DuraniaUnknown
1979-10-19Alex v.d. KlingenstadtUnknown
1981-07-17Alexa v.d. Kollau (DZB 93180)HD: A-1
1982-07-02Alf v.d. Burg HartensteinUnknown
1982-02-27Alfa v.d. WeyermühleHD: A-1
1982-07-02Ali v.d. Burg HartensteinUnknown
1982-02-27Ali v.d. WeyermühleUnknown
1978-09-03Almara v. AldendrielUnknown
1978-09-03Alva v. AldendrielHD: C
1982-02-27Amor v.d. WeyermühleHD: A-1
1982-11-25Andra v.d. Reute HöfenUnknown
1983-04-20Anja v. BayerwaldUnknown
1978-11-04Anja v. GeestlandUnknown
1979-04-10Anja v.d. HeimstätteUnknown
1979-10-19Anja v.d. KlingenstadtHD: A-1
1981-04-28Anka (NHSB1152609)Unknown
1978-09-03Anko v. AldendrielUnknown
1978-09-03Anouck v. AldendrielUnknown
1982-02-27Anouk v.d. WeyermühleHD: A-1
1978-11-04Antje v. GeestlandUnknown
1978-09-03Aram v. AldendrielUnknown
1978-09-03Arco v. AldendrielUnknown
1983-04-20Arco v. BayerwaldUnknown
1983-04-13Arco v. DuraniaUnknown
1982-07-02Arco v.d. Burg HartensteinUnknown
1979-04-10Arco v.d. HeimstätteUnknown
1982-02-27Arco v.d. WeyermühleHD: A-1
1978-11-04Argus v. GeestlandUnknown
1982-07-02Ari v.d. Burg HartensteinUnknown
1983-04-13Aristo v. DuraniaHD: A-1
1979-10-19Arko v.d. KlingenstadtUnknown
1983-04-20Aron v. BayerwaldUnknown
1978-11-04Aron v. GeestlandUnknown
1981-07-17Aron v.d. KollauHD: A-1
1983-04-20Arras v. BayerwaldUnknown
1981-07-17Artus v.d. KollauUnknown
1978-09-03Arusha v. AldendrielUnknown
1978-11-04Askan v. GeestlandUnknown
1982-02-27Askan v.d. WeyermühleUnknown
1982-02-27Asko v.d. WeyermühleHD: A-1
1982-07-02Assi v.d. Burg HartensteinUnknown
1979-04-10Assi v.d. HeimstätteUnknown
1982-11-25Assi v.d. Reute HöfenUnknown
1983-04-20Asso v. BayerwaldUnknown
1983-04-20Assy v. BayerwaldUnknown
1979-10-19Asta v.d. KlingenstadtUnknown
1982-11-25Asta v.d. Reute HöfenUnknown
1983-04-13Astor v. DuraniaUnknown
1982-07-02Astor v.d. Burg HartensteinUnknown
1979-10-19Astor v.d. KlingenstadtHD: A-1
1979-10-19Astrid v.d. KlingenstadtUnknown
1983-04-20Athos v. BayerwaldUnknown
1982-11-25Athos v.d. Reute HöfenUnknown
1982-11-25Atlas v.d. Reute HöfenUnknown
1982-11-25Attila v.d. Reute HöfenUnknown
1982-02-27Attila v.d. WeyermühleUnknown
1978-09-03Axel v. AldendrielUnknown
1978-11-04Axel v. GeestlandUnknown
1982-07-02Axel v.d. Burg HartensteinUnknown
1979-10-19Axel v.d. KlingenstadtUnknown
1981-12-24Baccara v. OstfeldHD: A-1
1977-05-28Baffy v. OhmtalUnknown
1980-12-18Baldur v.d. FeldmarkUnknown
1982-03-18Baltus v. GoldschmiedingUnknown
1982-03-18Barcus v. GoldschmiedingUnknown
1982-03-18Barin v. GoldschmiedingUnknown
1979-02-02Baron v. CoronaUnknown
1981-12-24Baroness v. OstfeldUnknown
1984-03-15Basco v.d. KlosterweideUnknown
1983-10-29Basco v.d. Reute HöfenUnknown
1979-02-02Basko v. CoronaUnknown
1980-12-18Basko v.d. FeldmarkUnknown
1982-04-27Basra v. NettetalUnknown
1982-03-18Bastian v. GoldschmiedingHD: A-1
1982-03-18Baxy v. GoldschmiedingHD: A-1
1982-03-18Bea v. GoldschmiedingUnknown
1981-12-24Bea v. OstfeldUnknown
1983-10-29Bea v.d. Reute HöfenUnknown
1979-02-02Beauty v. CoronaUnknown
1979-02-02Becca v. CoronaUnknown
1982-04-27Bela v. NettetalHD: B-1
1983-10-29Belice v.d. Reute HöfenUnknown
1979-02-02Ben v. CoronaUnknown
1978-11-11Ben v. GrävingholzUnknown
1980-12-18Ben v.d. FeldmarkUnknown
1984-03-15Ben v.d. KlosterweideUnknown
1983-10-29Benno v.d. Reute HöfenUnknown
1982-06-01Bera v. ReuschenbergUnknown
1982-03-18Berit v. GoldschmiedingUnknown
1979-02-02Bero v. CoronaUnknown
1981-07-13Bero v.d. PausmühleUnknown
1984-03-15Berry v.d. KlosterweideUnknown
1982-03-18Bertus v. GoldschmiedingHD: A-1
1980-12-18Bess v.d. FeldmarkUnknown
1984-03-15Bessie v.d. KlosterweideUnknown
1982-04-27Bessy v. NettetalHD: A-1
1977-05-28Bessy v. OhmtalUnknown
1983-10-29Bezzy v.d. Reute HöfenHD: A-1
1982-06-01Bianca v. ReuschenbergUnknown
1982-03-18Biber v. GoldschmiedingUnknown
1977-05-28Biena v. OhmtalUnknown
1977-05-28Biene v. OhmtalUnknown
1984-03-15Biene v.d. KlosterweideUnknown
1978-11-11Biggi v. GrävingholzUnknown
1982-04-27Binga v. NettetalHD: A-1
1980-12-18Binga v.d. FeldmarkUnknown
1981-04-28Bingo (NHSB 1152606)Unknown
1979-02-02Bingo v. CoronaUnknown
1982-04-27Bingo v. NettetalUnknown
1977-05-28Bingo v. OhmtalUnknown
1983-07-18Bingo v.d. Burg HartensteinUnknown
1981-07-13Bingo v.d. PausmühleUnknown
1982-04-27Bixi v. NettetalHD: B-1
1977-05-28Blanka v. OhmtalUnknown
1981-12-24Bobby v. OstfeldHD: A-1
1982-03-18Bodan v. GoldschmiedingUnknown
1982-06-01Bodin v. ReuschenbergUnknown
1981-12-24Bona v. OstfeldUnknown
1982-04-27Bonni v. NettetalHD: A-1
1983-10-29Bonni v.d. Reute HöfenUnknown
1982-04-27Boris v. NettetalUnknown
1977-05-28Boris v. OhmtalHD: A-1
1981-12-24Boris v. OstfeldUnknown
1981-07-13Boris v.d. PausmühleUnknown
1983-10-29Borris v.d. Reute HöfenUnknown
1981-07-13Boss v.d. PausmühleUnknown
1977-05-28Boy v. OhmtalUnknown
1978-11-11Brando v. GrävingholzUnknown
1977-05-28Branko v. OhmtalUnknown
1979-02-02Brenda v. CoronaUnknown
1982-04-27Brenda v. NettetalUnknown
1984-03-15Brenda v.d. KlosterweideHD: A-1
1982-06-01Brista v. ReuschenbergHD: A-1
1979-02-02Brit v. CoronaHD: A-1
1977-05-28Britta v. OhmtalUnknown
1981-07-13Britta v.d. PausmühleUnknown
1984-03-15Bronco v.d. KlosterweideUnknown
1984-03-15Bruno v.d. KlosterweideUnknown
1983-10-29Brutus v.d. Reute HöfenUnknown
1979-02-02Buna v. CoronaUnknown
1981-07-13Buna v.d. PausmühleUnknown
1978-06-18Cara v. CarinahorstHD: B-1
1978-09-02Carlo v. Haus RosenthalUnknown
1978-05-09Carlo v. PapenkampUnknown
1981-04-28Casper (NHSB 1152605)Unknown
1982-11-18Casso v. ReuschenbergUnknown
1978-06-18Cato v. CarinahorstUnknown
1978-05-09Cay v. PapenkampUnknown
1978-06-18Ceno v. CarinahorstUnknown
1978-09-02Centa v. Haus RosenthalHD: B-1
1978-05-09Cessy v. PapenkampHD: A-1
1982-11-18Chacco v. ReuschenbergUnknown
1978-09-02Cherloc v. Haus RosenthalUnknown
1978-06-18Chester v. CarinahorstUnknown
1978-05-09Chester v. PapenkampUnknown
1982-11-18Chiba v. ReuschenbergUnknown
1978-05-09Chica v. PapenkampUnknown
1978-09-02Chico v. Haus RosenthalUnknown
1978-05-09Chico v. PapenkampUnknown
1982-11-18Chiko v. ReuschenbergUnknown
1982-11-18Chira v. ReuschenbergUnknown
1981-05-20Christian v. Hause EhrlichUnknown
1981-05-20Christine v. Hause EhrlichUnknown
1978-06-18Cindy v. CarinahorstUnknown
1978-09-02Citta v. Haus RosenthalUnknown
1978-05-09Citta v. PapenkampHD: B-1
1981-05-20Clementine v. Hause EhrlichUnknown
1984-03-26Cleopatra v.d. KlingenstadtHD: B-1
1978-09-02Cliff v. Haus RosenthalUnknown
1978-05-09Cliff v. PapenkampUnknown
1984-03-26Cliff v.d. KlingenstadtUnknown
1978-06-18Clint v. CarinahorstUnknown
1978-05-09Condor v. PapenkampUnknown
1981-05-20Conrad v. Hause EhrlichUnknown
1981-05-20Constanze v. Hause EhrlichHD: A-1
1978-09-02Cora v. Haus RosenthalHD: B-1
1978-05-09Cora v. PapenkampHD: A-1
1981-05-20Corina v. Hause EhrlichHD: B-1
1981-05-20Cornelius v. Hause EhrlichUnknown
1978-09-02Costo v. Haus RosenthalUnknown
1982-11-18Cyrus v. ReuschenbergUnknown
1984-03-26Cäsar v.d. KlingenstadtHD: A-1
1983-05-03Dago v. NettetalUnknown
1979-07-03Dago v. PapenkampUnknown
1983-10-23Dago v.d. KollauUnknown
1983-10-23Dake v.d. KollauUnknown
1983-10-23Daphne v.d. KollauHD: A-1
1983-05-03Darka v. NettetalUnknown
1983-11-15Daron v. ReuschenbergUnknown
1983-11-15David v. ReuschenbergUnknown
1983-10-23David v.d. KollauUnknown
1983-05-03Debbie v. NettetalHD: B-1
1983-05-03Denice v. NettetalHD: B-1
1979-07-03Derreck v. PapenkampUnknown
1983-11-15Diego v. ReuschenbergUnknown
1983-05-03Dina v. NettetalUnknown
1983-11-15Dina v. ReuschenbergUnknown
1983-05-03Dinga v. NettetalUnknown
1979-07-03Dingo v. PapenkampHD: A-1
1983-10-23Dingo v.d. KollauUnknown
1983-05-03Dino v. NettetalUnknown
1979-07-03Dino v. PapenkampUnknown
1983-10-23Dino v.d. KollauUnknown
1976-12-10Dirk v.d. MühlenbirkeUnknown
1983-05-03Dirko v. NettetalUnknown
1979-07-03Dix v. PapenkampUnknown
1983-05-03Dixi v. NettetalUnknown
1979-07-03Dixi v. PapenkampHD: A-1
1976-12-10Dixi v.d. MühlenbirkeHD: A-1
1983-10-23Django v.d. KollauUnknown
1979-07-03Dolly v. PapenkampUnknown
1979-07-03Don v. PapenkampUnknown
1983-10-23Don v.d. KollauUnknown
1983-10-23Drojan v.d. KollauUnknown
1982-04-13Earl v. OhmtalUnknown
1978-08-13Eda v. DachsbauUnknown
1978-03-02Edda v.d. Alten LindeHD: B-1
1981-04-28Egon (NHSB 1152607)Unknown
1978-08-13Eick v. DachsbauUnknown
1982-04-13Eick v. OhmtalUnknown
1978-03-12Eick v. ZennUnknown
1978-08-13Elk v. DachsbauUnknown
1978-08-13Ella v. DachsbauUnknown
1978-03-02Elli v.d. Alten LindeUnknown
1978-03-12Elsa v. ZennUnknown
1978-08-13Enno v. DachsbauUnknown
1982-04-13Enno v. OhmtalUnknown
1978-03-12Enoika v. ZennUnknown
1982-04-13Erik v. OhmtalUnknown
1982-04-13Eris v. OhmtalUnknown
1982-04-13Ero v. OhmtalHD: B-1
1978-08-13Esta v. DachsbauUnknown
1978-03-02Esta v.d. Alten LindeUnknown
1982-04-13Esther v. OhmtalUnknown
1978-03-12Esther v. ZennUnknown
1982-04-13Ev v. OhmtalHD: A-1
1978-03-12Eyra v. ZennUnknown
1979-04-12Fahra v.d. Alten LindeUnknown
1979-05-06Falk v. StockbergUnknown
1981-02-12Falk v. Witten SandUnknown
1979-04-12Falk v.d. Alten LindeUnknown
1979-04-12Falko v.d. Alten LindeUnknown
1984-03-13Fallon v. NettetalUnknown
1984-03-13Fara v. NettetalUnknown
1979-05-06Farah v. StockbergHD: B-1
1981-02-12Faro v. Witten SandUnknown
1978-05-05Faust v. GrenzlandUnknown
1978-05-05Fee v. GrenzlandUnknown
1984-03-13Feles v. NettetalHD: A-1
1979-05-06Fellow v. StockbergUnknown
1978-05-05Fels v. GrenzlandUnknown
1978-05-05Fenja v. GrenzlandUnknown
1978-05-05Fera v. GrenzlandUnknown
1984-03-13Ferro v. NettetalUnknown
1979-04-12Ferro v.d. Alten LindeUnknown
1981-02-12Ferry v. Witten SandUnknown
1984-03-13Filou v. NettetalUnknown
1981-02-12Filou v. Witten SandHD: B-1
1979-05-06Fiona v. StockbergUnknown
1978-05-05Flint v. GrenzlandUnknown
1981-02-12Flint v. Witten SandUnknown
1981-02-12Flora v. Witten SandUnknown
1979-04-12Flora v.d. Alten LindeHD: B-1
1979-04-12Flori v.d. Alten LindeUnknown
1981-02-12Framo v. Witten SandUnknown
1984-03-13Franka v. NettetalUnknown
1978-05-05Freund v. GrenzlandUnknown
1984-03-13Freya v. NettetalUnknown
1978-05-05Fürst v. GrenzlandUnknown
1979-05-06Fürst v. StockbergUnknown
1982-09-17Gefa v. ZigeunerblutUnknown
1979-11-05Geno v. GrenzlandUnknown
1982-09-17Gerri v. ZigeunerblutUnknown
1981-03-20Gerry v. Witten SandUnknown
1979-11-05Giesa v. GrenzlandUnknown
1982-09-17Gigant v. ZigeunerblutUnknown
1981-03-20Gigi v. Witten SandUnknown
1982-09-17Gigi v. ZigeunerblutUnknown
1979-10-04Gilda v. GeranienhofUnknown
1981-03-20Gilla v. Witten SandHD: B-1
1979-10-04Gina v. GeranienhofUnknown
1982-09-17Gina v. ZigeunerblutUnknown
1981-03-20Gitta v. Witten SandUnknown
1981-03-20Glenn v. Witten SandUnknown
1982-09-17Granit v. ZigeunerblutUnknown
1981-03-20Gringo v. Witten SandUnknown
1982-09-17Gringo v. ZigeunerblutUnknown
1981-03-20Grit v. Witten SandUnknown
1979-10-04Gritt v. GeranienhofHD: B-1
1982-09-17Groll v. ZigeunerblutUnknown
1982-09-17Gundi v. ZigeunerblutUnknown
1981-03-20Gundo v. Witten SandUnknown
1978-04-30Harras v. Gaxhardter WaldUnknown
1978-04-06Harri v. Wilden MarkgrafUnknown
1982-03-08Hasco v. Witten SandUnknown
1978-04-30Hassan v. Gaxhardter WaldUnknown
1980-08-29Hassan v. KillmannshofUnknown
1978-04-30Hektor v. Gaxhardter WaldUnknown
1978-04-06Hektor v. Wilden MarkgrafUnknown
1980-08-29Helios v. KillmannshofUnknown
1978-04-30Hella v. Gaxhardter WaldHD: A-1
1982-03-08Hella v. Witten SandUnknown
1978-04-30Hera v. Gaxhardter WaldUnknown
1980-08-29Hero v. KillmannshofUnknown
1982-03-08Hero v. Witten SandUnknown
1980-08-29Heros v. KillmannshofUnknown
1978-04-06Heros v. Wilden MarkgrafHD: B-1
1978-04-30Hesta v. Gaxhardter WaldUnknown
1982-03-08Hesta v. Witten SandUnknown
1980-08-29Hexe v. KillmannshofUnknown
1978-04-06Hexe v. Wilden MarkgrafHD: A-1
1982-03-08Hondo v. Witten SandUnknown
1982-03-08Hugo v. Witten SandUnknown
1982-03-08Hummel v. Witten SandUnknown
1980-06-20Ibara v. StockbergUnknown
1978-05-22Ila v. KlövensteenUnknown
1980-06-20Ilex v. StockbergUnknown
1978-08-19Ilk v. KirchbühlUnknown
1978-08-19Ilka v. KirchbühlHD: C
1980-06-20Ilko v. StockbergUnknown
1978-05-22Ille v. KlövensteenUnknown
1978-08-19Ilo v. KirchbühlHD: A-1
1979-06-05Ilo v. Wilden MarkgrafUnknown
1979-06-05Ina v. Wilden MarkgrafUnknown
1978-05-22Indo v. KlövensteenUnknown
1977-12-18Inez v. Kloster-KampUnknown
1981-03-24Ingo v. KillmannshofUnknown
1978-08-19Ingo v. KirchbühlUnknown
1977-12-18Ingo v. Kloster-KampUnknown
1978-05-22Ingo v. KlövensteenUnknown
1978-05-22Ingrid v. KlövensteenUnknown
1981-03-24Inka v. KillmannshofHD: A-1
1979-06-05Ino v. Wilden MarkgrafUnknown
1980-06-20Intro v. StockbergUnknown
1980-06-20Ion v. StockbergUnknown
1979-06-05Ira v. Wilden MarkgrafHD: B-1
1978-08-19Iro v. KirchbühlUnknown
1978-05-22Iro v. KlövensteenUnknown
1980-06-20Isabella v. StockbergUnknown
1978-05-22Isha v. KlövensteenUnknown
1978-08-19Isis v. KirchbühlHD: A-1
1980-06-20Isis v. StockbergHD: B-1
1980-06-20Ismet v. StockbergUnknown
1978-08-19Issi v. KirchbühlUnknown
1978-08-19Ito v. KirchbühlUnknown
1981-03-24Ivo v. KillmannshofHD: A-1
1978-07-17Jack v. Nassau-OranienUnknown
1978-04-02Jago v. HessenlandUnknown
1977-12-29Jago v. Kloster-KampUnknown
1977-12-29Jana v. Kloster-Kamp (DZB 89582)Unknown
1978-04-02Janka v. HessenlandUnknown
1977-12-29Jasmin v. Kloster-KampUnknown
1977-12-29Jerry v. Kloster-KampUnknown
1977-12-29Jessica v. Kloster-KampUnknown
1977-12-29Jessy v. Kloster-KampHD: A-1
1977-12-29Joker v. Kloster-KampHD: A-1
1978-07-17Jonas v. Nassau-OranienUnknown
1977-12-29Jork v. Kloster-Kamp (DZB 89578)Unknown
1977-12-29Joschka v. Kloster-KampUnknown
1978-04-02Julchen v. HessenlandHD: B-1
1977-12-29Julius v. Kloster-KampUnknown
1978-01-29Kay v. Kloster-KampUnknown
1978-01-29Ken v. Kloster-KampUnknown
1983-09-20Lacartridge di CampovalanoUnknown
0000-00-00Lempa di CampovalanoUnknown
1983-09-20Lotar di CampovalanoUnknown
1983-09-20Luna di Campovalano (1983)Unknown
1978-07-09Luna v. Kloster-KampUnknown
1978-11-18Maika v. Kloster-KampHD: A-1
1978-11-18Major v. Kloster-Kamp (DZB 90512)Unknown
1978-11-18Mark v. Kloster-KampUnknown
1978-11-18Master v. Kloster-KampUnknown
1978-11-18Maud v. Kloster-KampUnknown
1978-11-18Meik v. Kloster-KampUnknown
1978-11-18Merle v. Kloster-KampUnknown
1978-11-18Miko v. Kloster-KampHD: B-1
1978-11-23Najo v. Kloster-KampUnknown
1978-11-23Nancy v. Kloster-KampUnknown
1978-11-23Nathan v. Kloster-KampUnknown
1978-11-23Nelson v. Kloster-KampUnknown
1978-11-23Nick v. Kloster-KampUnknown
1978-11-23Nickel v. Kloster-KampUnknown
1978-11-23Nicolai v. Kloster-KampHD: A-1
1978-11-23Niko v. Kloster-KampUnknown
1979-04-01Olec v. Kloster-KampUnknown
1979-04-01Osca v. Kloster-KampUnknown
1979-04-20Pasca v. Kloster-Kamp (DZB 90850)HD: A-1
1979-04-20Pascha v. Kloster-KampHD: A-1
1981-04-28Porsche (NHSB 1152608)Unknown
1979-05-02Prinz Laban v. ZechenheimUnknown
1979-05-02Prinz Lasco v. ZechenheimUnknown
1979-05-02Prinz Lascot v. ZechenheimUnknown
1979-05-02Prinz Lothar v. ZechenheimUnknown
1980-05-12Prinz Mathos v. ZechenheimUnknown
1980-05-12Prinz Miko v. ZechenheimUnknown
1980-05-12Prinz Mischa v. ZechenheimUnknown
1981-03-08Prinz Naftan v. ZechenheimUnknown
1981-03-08Prinz Nathan v. ZechenheimUnknown
1981-03-08Prinz Nedan v. ZechenheimUnknown
1981-03-08Prinz Niko v. ZechenheimUnknown
1981-03-08Prinz Nolan v. ZechenheimUnknown
1981-10-25Prinz Orim v. ZechenheimUnknown
1981-10-25Prinz Oschjna v. ZechenheimUnknown
1979-05-02Prinzessin Laida v. ZechenheimUnknown
1979-05-02Prinzessin Laika v. ZechenheimUnknown
1979-05-02Prinzessin Lana v. ZechenheimUnknown
1979-05-02Prinzessin Lisan v. ZechenheimUnknown
1979-05-02Prinzessin Lonka v. ZechenheimUnknown
1980-05-12Prinzessin Manjana v. ZechenheimUnknown
1980-05-12Prinzessin Masca v. ZechenheimUnknown
1981-03-08Prinzessin Nadja v. ZechenheimUnknown
1981-03-08Prinzessin Natasha v. ZechenheimUnknown
1981-03-08Prinzessin Navra v. ZechenheimUnknown
1981-03-08Prinzessin Noeshka v. ZechenheimUnknown
1981-10-25Prinzessin Offly v. ZechenheimUnknown
1981-10-25Prinzessin Olivia v. ZechenheimUnknown
1981-10-25Prinzessin Ostara v. ZechenheimUnknown
1978-02-12Radjah v. FranckenhorstUnknown
1979-09-26Rasko v. Kloster-KampHD: A-1
1978-02-12Ratna v. FranckenhorstUnknown
1979-09-26Rekka v. Kloster-KampUnknown
1979-09-26Rena v. Kloster-KampUnknown
1979-09-26Ressy v. Kloster-KampUnknown
1979-09-26Rexa v. Kloster-KampUnknown
1978-02-12Ringo v. FranckenhorstUnknown
1979-09-26Ronda v. Kloster-KampUnknown
1979-09-26Rondo v. Kloster-KampUnknown
1979-09-26Rowdy v. Kloster-KampUnknown
1978-02-12Rufus v. FranckenhorstUnknown
1979-11-10Sally v. Kloster-KampHD: A-1
1979-11-10Sandor v. Kloster-Kamp (DZB 91513)Unknown
1979-11-10Santo v. Kloster-KampUnknown
1979-11-10Satan v. Kloster-KampUnknown
1979-11-10Sentus v. Kloster-KampUnknown
1979-11-10Sheldon v. Kloster-KampUnknown
1979-11-10Sidney v. Kloster-KampUnknown
1979-11-10Stuyx v. Kloster-KampUnknown
1980-03-12Tessa v. Kloster-KampHD: A-1
1980-03-12Tex v. Kloster-KampUnknown
1980-03-12Thora v. Kloster-KampHD: A-1
1980-03-12Torro v. Kloster-KampUnknown
1980-03-12Tosca v. Kloster-KampUnknown
1980-03-12Troll v. Kloster-KampUnknown
1977-08-12Vanessa v. NiddatalUnknown
1983-02-12Vanessa v. StadtwaldHD: B-1
1977-08-12Vasco v. NiddatalUnknown
1983-02-12Vasco v. StadtwaldUnknown
1977-08-12Vello v. NiddatalHD: B-1
1983-02-12Vello v. StadtwaldUnknown
1977-08-12Venno v. NiddatalUnknown
1977-08-12Verry v. NiddatalUnknown
1983-02-12Veruschka v. StadtwaldHD: A-1
1977-08-12Vicky v. NiddatalUnknown
1983-02-12Viktor v. StadtwaldUnknown
1977-08-12Vilja v. NiddatalUnknown
1983-02-12Viola v. StadtwaldUnknown
1977-08-12Virginia v. NiddatalUnknown
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