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Prinz Matzi (DZB 7)
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Name Prinz Matzi (DZB 7)
Owner Unknown
Breeder Goswin Tischler (v. Grönland)
Gender Stud
Pedigreebook DZB
Pedigreenumber DZB 7
Colour Black
Sire Bosco (DZB not reg.)
Dam Cäsi (DZB not reg.)
Date of birth 1895-08-15
Date deceased Unknown
Cause of death Unknown
Extra information Sieger

Source: The Dobermann A Pictorial History by J. M. v.d. Zwan

The parents of Prinz Matzi von Grönland (Bosco x Cäsi) born in the years 1893 and 1894, were the oldest Dobermanns to be entered in one of the studbooks. Although it is uncertain who the breeder of Prinz Matzi was, it is a fact that the male came from the kennel "von Ilm-Athen", owner G. Krumpholz from Wikkerstedt near Apolda. When Prinz was shown under in Berlin he was purchased by O. Göller. He later gave him to his friend O. Vorwerk in Hamburg.

Prinz Matzi was not a perfect Dobermann even for those days. Although he was the first Dobermann Sieger. He had a coarse and heavy body with long hair and undercoat. His head was very strong, especially his skull. His eyes were too light and his temperament was too wild. Characteristics he passed on to his descendants. One of the stories about him tells us that on the day of his arrival in Hamburg he attacked and killed a Great Dane who had just been bought by O. Vorwerk for 1100 German Marks. The dog was immediately returned to O. Göller in Apolda with the message "before you shoot him I want you to use him for breeding", which O. Göller did. After a few years Matzi was sold as a stud to Frankfurt where he sired some good local dogs, like Siegwart v. Hochheim. Although he was of no real importance in the founding of the breed.

Note: as breeder Goswin Tischler is mentioned in the German Zuchtbuch Band I. Also the kennelname is not entered in the Band I, the dog is entered as Prinz Matzi.

Prinz Matzi won several prices:
I. Pr. Hundemarkt Apolda 1896
I. Pr. und EPr. Apolda 1897
I. Pr. und EPr. Berlin 1897
I. Pr. und EPr. Bochum 1899
II. Pr. SK, II. Pr. OK Traunstein 1899
II. Pr. SK, RPr. OK Frankfurt 1900
HD Status Unknown
"von Willebrand" Unknown
Wobbler Syndrom (C.V.I.) Unknown
Cardiomyopathie Holter and Echo Unknown
Cardiomyopathie DNA Marker Unknown
Dilute Unknown
Inbred percentage 0 %
Brothers and sisters _____________________________________________________________________
Hatto (DZB not reg. Bosco x Cäsi)Unknown
Pups _____________________________________________________________________
Claus v. ThüringenUnknown
Flora v. RahstadtUnknown
Hertha v. Thüringen (Matzi x Tina)Unknown
Hildegart v. ThüringenUnknown
Krimhild v. ThüringenUnknown
Lotte (DZB not reg. Prinz x Schnuppe)Unknown
Prinz v. Grönland (Matzi x Lottchen)Unknown
Prinz v. IsenburgUnknown
Prinzessin v. ThüringenUnknown
Schnupp (DZB not reg. Prinz Matzi x ?)Unknown
Schnupp v. ThüringenUnknown
Schnuppine (v. Dennstedt)Unknown
Prinzessin Schlippche (DZB 11)Unknown
Troll v. Thüringen Unknown
Fricka v. HochheimUnknown
Siegwart v. HochheimUnknown
Lord v. WeinbergUnknown
Krassa v. Zarskejo-SeloUnknown
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