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Tigr iz Slavnoi Stai
Name Tigr iz Slavnoi Stai
Owner Unknown
Breeder Alexej Nikitin
Gender Stud
Pedigreebook RKF
Pedigreenumber RKF 0031707
Colour Black
Sire Ugor di Villa Conte
Dam Indira v.d. Räuberhöhle
Date of birth 1998-02-08
Date deceased 2002-04-15
Cause of death 04-years, 02-months / Sudden death
Extra information Ch. BLR, RUS, Club Ch., ZPr
HD Status HD: A-1
"von Willebrand" Clear
Wobbler Syndrom (C.V.I.) Unknown
Cardiomyopathie Holter and Echo Unknown
Cardiomyopathie DNA Marker Unknown
Dilute Unknown
Inbred percentage 9.6878 %
Brothers and sisters
1998-02-08Taifun iz Slavnoi StaiUnknown
1998-02-08Taisija iz Slavnoi StaiHD: A-1
1998-02-08Tamerlan iz Slavnoi StaiHD: A-1
1998-02-08Tihon iz Slavnoi StaiUnknown
1998-02-08Titan Terentiy iz Slavnoi StaiUnknown
1998-02-08Trefovaya Dama iz Slavnoi StaiHD: A-1
1998-02-08Trezor iz Slavnoi StaiUnknown
2000-09-06A'Vau L'Eau CaliculaUnknown
2000-09-06A'Vau L'Eau CasandraUnknown
2000-09-06A'Vau L'Eau CasanovaUnknown
2000-09-06A'Vau L'Eau CavalierUnknown
2000-09-06A'Vau L'Eau CelebreeHD: A-1
2000-09-06A'Vau L'Eau CerafinaHD: B-1
2000-09-06A'Vau L'Eau CimarosaUnknown
2000-09-06A'Vau L'Eau CinnamonHD: B-1
2001-03-22Adamant de Grande VinkoHD: A-1
2001-03-22Adonis de Grande VinkoUnknown
2000-05-15Aelita ArniUnknown
2001-03-22Afina de Grande VinkoUnknown
2001-03-22Aida de Grande VinkoHD: A-1
2001-03-22Akuna Matata de Grande VinkoHD: A-1
2001-03-22Ali de Grande VinkoUnknown
0000-00-00Anjelika RKF ???Unknown
2001-03-22Antej de Grande VinkoUnknown
2001-03-22Ariadna de Grande VinkoUnknown
2001-03-22Arlett de Grande VinkoUnknown
2001-03-22Atreyo de Grande VinkoHD: A-1
2001-01-29Balamut Balu iz GratsianoUnknown
2001-05-16Baltazar By Free HalfUnknown
2001-01-29Baterflyai Bonita iz GratsianoUnknown
2001-01-29Batiliman Blyus iz GratsianoUnknown
2001-01-29Belykanto Bantik iz GratsianoUnknown
2000-05-18Birksberri Beylis BlessUnknown
2000-10-06Black Wonderers Lakki LuUnknown
2000-10-06Black Wonderers Lorenzo LinrioUnknown
2001-05-16Bladerunner by Free HalfUnknown
2001-05-16Blondie by Free HalfUnknown
2000-01-29Blossom Bis iz GratsianoUnknown
2001-01-29Blossom Biss iz GratsianoUnknown
2001-05-16Blues by Free HalfHD: A-1
2001-01-29Bogema Blis iz GratsianoHD: A-1
0000-00-00Bolid iz Beloi NochiUnknown
2001-01-29Bonzhur Bomond iz GratsianoUnknown
2001-06-30Bredli Bo Chervona RutaUnknown
2001-05-16Butcher by Free HalfHD: A-1
2001-01-29Butsefal Brilians iz GratsianoUnknown
0000-00-00Butsefal iz Beloi NochiUnknown
2002-04-05D'umon-D'urvil de Grande VinkoUnknown
2001-12-05Dafna Djumore iz Doma LiuviraUnknown
2001-12-05Daria Doncova iz Doma LiuviraUnknown
2002-04-05Deniz de Grande VinkoUnknown
2002-04-05Dezire de Grande VinkoUnknown
2001-12-05Dmitri Dibrov iz Doma LiuviraUnknown
2002-04-05Domino de Grande VinkoUnknown
2001-12-05Don Johnson iz Doma LiuviraUnknown
2001-09-19Don Kagjust Radomir VictoryUnknown
2001-09-19Don Kagjust Rajna Betty DzhanUnknown
2001-09-19Don Kagjust Rebeca RadzhUnknown
2001-09-19Don Kagjust RembrandtUnknown
2002-04-05Donatello de Grande VinkoUnknown
2001-12-05Dzhanet Jackson iz Doma LiuviraUnknown
2002-04-05Dzhanin de Grande VinkoUnknown
2001-12-05Dzhennifer Lopez iz Doma LiuviraUnknown
2001-12-05Dzhina Davis iz Doma LiuviraUnknown
2001-12-05Dzhonny Deep iz Doma LiuviraUnknown
2000-08-10Effektnaya Knyazhna s Zemli PolotskoyUnknown
2004-01-18Elzevir del MedianoUnknown
2000-08-10Energichny Yaropolk is Zemli PolotskoyUnknown
2001-02-18Eris del MedianoHD: B-1
0000-00-00Gorgippia EfrataUnknown
1999-11-05Nostalgi YankelUnknown
1999-11-05Nostalgi YokelUnknown
1999-11-05Nostalgi YovellaUnknown
0000-00-00Ozarina iz Serebryanoy GavanyUnknown
0000-00-00Piterskiy Kurazh Galereya GrezUnknown
2000-10-13Qualgeisteagle del CitoneUnknown
2000-10-13Quamarquon del CitoneUnknown
2000-10-13Quandor Quentin del CitoneHD: B-1
2000-10-13Queen Bee del CitoneHD: A-1
2000-10-13Querida Quincy del CitoneHD: A-1
2000-10-13Quillanqasim del CitoneHD: B-1
1999-08-30Sant Kreal AdajioUnknown
1999-08-30Sant Kreal AlidaHD: A-1
1999-08-30Sant Kreal AntonUnknown
1999-08-30Sant Kreal ArielHD: A-1
1999-08-30Sant Kreal Aura AzartaUnknown
2000-09-13Sebastyana Layrel iz Serebryanoy GavanyUnknown
2002-04-05Sergius-Aleksandrija RemarkUnknown
2002-04-05Sergius-Aleksandrija RenataUnknown
2002-04-05Sergius-Aleksandrija RerikhHD: A-1
2002-04-05Sergius-Aleksandrija RianaUnknown
2002-04-05Sergius-Aleksandrija Rodnik Sant KrealHD: A-1
2002-04-05Sergius-Aleksandrija RoksanaUnknown
2002-04-05Sergius-Aleksandrija Rolan GarrosUnknown
2002-04-05Sergius-Aleksandrija RonUnknown
2002-04-05Sergius-Aleksandrija RufinaUnknown
1999-12-30Shahinya iz Slavnoi StaiUnknown
1999-12-30Shtorm iz Slavnoi StaiUnknown
1999-12-30Shuga iz Slavnoi StaiUnknown
2000-09-13Silfida iz Serebryanoy GavaniHD: A-1
1999-10-02Smart Wood Hills MakarHD: B-1
1999-10-02Smart Wood Hills MarkelUnknown
1999-10-02Smart Wood Hills MarselUnknown
1999-10-02Smart Wood Hills MarselaHD: A-1
1999-10-02Smart Wood Hills MarusjaHD: B-1
2001-06-18Yagor iz Slavnoi StaiUnknown
2001-06-18Yaguar iz Slavnoi StaiHD: B-1
2001-06-18Yalla iz Slavnoi StaiHD: A-1
2001-06-18Yamaha iz Slavnoi StaiHD: A-1
2001-06-18Yan iz Slavnoi StaiUnknown
2001-06-18Yardly iz Slavnoi StaiHD: B-1
2001-01-06Zolotaya Dinastiya ZemfiraUnknown
2001-01-06Zolotaya Dinastiya ZoltanaUnknown
2001-01-06Zolotaya Dinastiya Zvezdnay AdelfinaUnknown
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