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Hertog Conan v. Manensheide (NHSB 1647154)
Name Hertog Conan v. Manensheide (NHSB 1647154)
Owner Antonio Perez Martin
Breeder J.A.F. Bemelmans (v. Manensheide)
Gender Stud
Pedigreebook NHSB
Pedigreenumber NHSB 1647154
Colour Black
Sire Wasko v. Binselberg
Dam Udine v. Frankenland
Date of birth 1989-04-29
Date deceased 1996-00-00
Cause of death 07-year / bloat
Extra information ZTP 1A V
1991 Angekört 2-year / 1A
1993 Angekört ZVA / 1A
1992-03-01 DGT A
1990-11-04 IPO I 96-83-88-267 G
1992-03-28 IPO II 96-93-94-283 ZG
1992-05-09 IPO III 70-90-91-251 G
1992-11-07 IPO III 100-87-85-272 ZG
1993-06-05 SchH III 88-96-98-282
1993-07-10 SchH III 92-92-99-283
1993-08-07 IPO III 78-93-95-266 / World Dobermann Cup (WDC) 18th place
International Champion
German Champion VDH
Dutch Champion
French Champion
Luxembourgh Champion
German Champion DV
Europa Jugend Sieger 1990
Bundessieger 1992
IDC Sieger 1991
Europasieger 1992
Weltsieger 1992
DCF Winner 1992
DV Sieger 1992
Luxembourg Trophy Winner 1992
DV Leistungssieger 1993 (285 pnt)

Source: In the beginning... A history of the Dobermann by J.M. v.d. Zwan

This black male, bred in Holland from pure German stock is the living proof that success in the show ring does not preclude success in the working field and visa versa. Hertog Conan is the first Dobermann in history and till now the only Dobermann to become a DV Schönheits Sieger and a D.V. Leistungs Sieger (A conformation Winner and Working Winner). He won his permanent place in the breeds history. His beauty brought him the Europa-Sieger, IDC-Sieger, Bundessieger, DV-Sieger title as well as many Champion titles. In 1992 he even won his World Champion title in Spain. Structurally he is well built with good shoulders and front. He has a deep, broad chest, a strong head with correct planes and a pleasing expression. His tailset is O.K. and his movement is good.

His character brought him numerous wins in the working field and in 1993 the D.V. Leistungssieger title. He passed the Schutzhund tests many times and IPO III as well as the tough German Körung with highest qualifications. Of course Hertog Conan is a magnificent working dog, stately and full of temperament when working.

His pedigree shows us that the female line of the sire's side is built up with vom Binselberg blood while the female line of the dam's side has a strong influence of von Frankenland blood. On both sides we see Bronco vom Zenn whose influence is seen heavily in this dog. A dog like Conan should has for sure reproductive value. Passing through his strong body is the outstanding feature of his hereditary power together with transmitting his working abilities. Conan died in 1996.

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HD Status HD: A-1
"von Willebrand" Unknown
Wobbler Syndrom (C.V.I.) Unknown
Cardiomyopathie Holter and Echo Unknown
Cardiomyopathie DNA Marker Unknown
Dilute Unknown
Inbred percentage 12.6794 %
Brothers and sisters
1989-04-29Hertog Caruda v. ManensheideUnknown
1989-04-29Hertog Chico v. Manensheide (NHSB 1647155)Unknown
1989-04-29Hertog Cico v. ManensheideUnknown
1989-04-29Hertog Clint v. Manensheide (NHSB 1647157)Unknown
1989-04-29Hertogin Casa v. ManensheideUnknown
1989-04-29Hertogin Cindy v. ManensheideUnknown
1989-04-29Hertogin Conny v. Manensheide (NHSB 1647160)Unknown
1989-04-29Hertogin Cora v. Manensheide (NHSB 1647162)Unknown
1994-10-15Abbi v.d. Zonser HeideUnknown
1992-01-12Abigale v. Traum der JugendUnknown
1995-01-06Aco v. BramhügelUnknown
1994-11-05Ada v. ThüringenHD: A-1
1993-10-23Adina v.d. KastelburgUnknown
1994-11-05Agneta v. ThüringenUnknown
1992-12-04Aicha v.d. KarlsbergquelleHD: A-1
1995-01-06Aik v. BramhügelHD: A-1
1993-10-23Aika v.d. KastelburgUnknown
1993-10-23Aischa v.d. KastelburgUnknown
1994-02-23Ak-Yar OkarinaUnknown
1994-02-23Ak-Yar OrhideyaUnknown
1994-02-23Ak-Yar OrselUnknown
1993-10-23Akim v.d. KastelburgUnknown
1994-07-16Akira v. StrengbachUnknown
1993-10-23Akira v.d. KastelburgUnknown
1992-12-04Akki v.d. KarlsbergquelleUnknown
1994-10-15Akki v.d. Zonser HeideUnknown
1994-04-18Akrim v. AdlerbergUnknown
1994-10-15Aldo v.d. Zonser HeideUnknown
1991-02-10Alexander (NHSB 1749086)Unknown
1994-07-16Ali v. StrengbachUnknown
1994-10-15Alina v.d. Zonser HeideHD: A-1
1994-01-17Allegra di FaruggioUnknown
1994-10-15Alva v.d. Zonser HeideUnknown
1994-11-05Amanda v. ThüringenUnknown
1993-10-23Amica v.d. KastelburgUnknown
1995-01-06Amigo v. BramhügelHD: A-1
1992-12-04Amigo v.d. KarlsbergquelleHD: A-1
1995-01-06Amor v. BramhügelUnknown
1994-01-17Amuletta di FaruggioUnknown
1994-07-16Andi v. StrengbachUnknown
1994-10-15Andy v.d. Zonser HeideUnknown
1994-11-05Anka v. ThüringenUnknown
1991-02-10Anoeska (NHSB 1749089)Unknown
1993-10-23Anubis v.d. KastelburgUnknown
1994-11-05Apoll v. ThüringenUnknown
1995-01-06Apollo v. BramhügelHD: A-1
1994-11-05Apollo v. Thüringen (DZB 109179)Unknown
1992-01-12Aqui v. Traum der JugendHD: A-1
1992-01-12Aramis v. Traum der JugendUnknown
1991-02-10Aras (NHSB 1749083)Unknown
1994-10-15Arco v.d. Zonser HeideUnknown
1992-01-05Ardens Danger DixiUnknown
1992-01-05Ardens Daron DraschUnknown
1992-01-05Ardens Daus DraganUnknown
1992-01-05Ardens Day DawningUnknown
1992-01-05Ardens Dear DaphneUnknown
1992-01-05Ardens Delfo DiamondUnknown
1992-01-05Ardens Dundee DutchUnknown
0000-00-00Ardens Haggy HawnUnknown
0000-00-00Ardens Hasa HissUnknown
0000-00-00Ardens Haven HaleUnknown
0000-00-00Ardens Hellish HashUnknown
0000-00-00Ardens Hilary HeraUnknown
0000-00-00Ardens HindyhawkUnknown
0000-00-00Ardens Hirro HogamyUnknown
0000-00-00Ardens Holder HyukUnknown
0000-00-00Ardens Hookey HutchUnknown
0000-00-00Ardens Hope HamischUnknown
1995-01-06Ari v. BramhügelUnknown
1992-12-04Ari v.d. KarlsbergquelleHD: A-1
1992-12-04Arko v.d. KarlsbergquelleUnknown
1991-02-10Arma (NHSB 1749087)Unknown
1994-01-20Arnlöv's IrisUnknown
1994-07-16Aron v. StrengbachUnknown
1992-12-04Aron v.d. KarlsbergquelleUnknown
1991-02-10Aros (NHSB 1749082)Unknown
1994-07-16Arthos v. StrengbachUnknown
1992-12-04Arthos v.d. KarlsbergquelleUnknown
1993-10-23Arthus v.d. KastelburgUnknown
1994-10-15Artos v.d. Zonser HeideUnknown
1992-01-12Aschly v. Traum der JugendUnknown
1991-02-10Asco (NHSB 1749085)Unknown
1995-01-06Askan v. BramhügelUnknown
1995-01-06Asko v. BramhügelHD: A-1
1994-07-16Asko v. StrengbachUnknown
1993-10-23Assia v.d. KastelburgUnknown
1994-11-05Asterix v. ThüringenUnknown
1991-02-10Astor (NHSB 1749084)Unknown
1991-02-10Astra (NHSB 1749088)Unknown
1993-10-23Athena v.d. KastelburgUnknown
1994-01-17Athene di FaruggioUnknown
1993-10-23Athene v.d. KastelburgHD: A-1
1992-01-12Athos v. Traum der JugendUnknown
1993-10-23Athos v.d. KastelburgUnknown
1992-12-04Attila v.d. KarlsbergquelleUnknown
1994-11-05Axel v. Thüringen HD: A-1
1994-07-16Ayk v. StrengbachUnknown
1994-10-15Ayka v.d. Zonser HeideUnknown
1993-06-10Baashra v.d. KeltenschanzeUnknown
1993-03-28Babsi v.d. DaneilshöhleUnknown
1996-01-26Babsy v. ThüringenUnknown
1993-08-09Bac v. HexentorUnknown
1993-06-10Baccara v.d. KeltenschanzeUnknown
1993-06-10Baghero v.d. KeltenschanzeUnknown
1993-02-14Baghira v. KlingbachUnknown
1996-01-26Baghira v. ThüringenHD: A-1
1994-10-26Baghira v. TobagoUnknown
1994-10-26Bahna v. TobagoUnknown
1993-10-04Baldur v. KraichgauUnknown
1993-04-08Balone v. MaaswijnaardeHD: A-1
1992-03-31Balou v. SiebengebirgeUnknown
1993-06-10Balou v.d. KeltenschanzeUnknown
1992-09-12Banduz v.h. WantijUnknown
1993-08-09Banny v. HexentorUnknown
1994-10-26Bao v. TobagoUnknown
1996-01-26Baron v. ThüringenUnknown
1993-06-10Barry v.d. KeltenschanzeUnknown
1994-06-08Bas v. Maaswijnaarde (NHSB 1941008)Unknown
1993-02-14Basco v. KlingbachUnknown
1992-04-04Basra v. Märkischen LandUnknown
1992-03-31Basra v. SiebengebirgeUnknown
1992-03-31Bass v. SiebengebirgeUnknown
1993-08-09Bea v. HexentorUnknown
1993-10-04Bea v. KraichgauUnknown
1996-01-26Beau v. ThüringenUnknown
1996-01-26Belena v. ThüringenUnknown
1994-10-26Belmondo v. TobagoUnknown
1993-02-14Ben v. KlingbachUnknown
1993-10-04Ben v. KraichgauUnknown
1992-03-31Ben v. SiebengebirgeUnknown
1994-10-26Ben v. TobagoUnknown
1992-09-12Ben v.h. WantijUnknown
1992-04-04Benn v. Märkischen LandUnknown
1993-03-28Benno v.d. DaneilshöhleUnknown
1993-12-20Benno v.d. KarlsbergquelleUnknown
1992-04-04Benny v. Märkischen LandUnknown
1992-03-31Bently v. SiebengebirgeHD: A-1
1993-04-08Berinneke v. Maaswijnaarde (1993)Unknown
1996-01-26Berith v. ThüringenUnknown
1992-09-12Berry v.h. WantijUnknown
1996-01-26Bessie v. ThüringenUnknown
1993-02-14Bessy v. KlingbachUnknown
1993-10-04Bessy v. KraichgauUnknown
1993-03-28Bessy v.d. DaneilshöhleUnknown
1992-04-04Betty v. Märkischen LandUnknown
1993-12-20Betty v.d. KarlsbergquelleUnknown
1996-01-26Bhorr v. ThüringenHD: A-1
1992-09-12Bians v.h. WantijHD: A-1
1992-04-04Biene v. Märkischen LandUnknown
1993-12-20Bill v.d. KarlsbergquelleUnknown
1993-10-04Billy v. KraichgauUnknown
1993-10-04Bine v. KraichgauUnknown
1993-12-20Bingo v.d. KarlsbergquelleUnknown
1993-03-28Birka v.d. DaneilshöhleUnknown
1992-09-12Blasco v.h. WantijUnknown
1992-03-31Bliss v. SiebengebirgeUnknown
1993-10-04Blitz v. KraichgauUnknown
1993-06-10Blondie v.d. KeltenschanzeUnknown
1993-03-12Bob (NHSB 1872184)Unknown
1994-01-12Bob v. ArcojaHD: B-1
1992-03-31Boje v. SiebengebirgeUnknown
1992-03-31Bona v. SiebengebirgeHD: A-1
1992-09-12Bonita v.h. WantijUnknown
1993-12-20Bonni v.d. KarlsbergquelleUnknown
1992-03-31Bonny v. SiebengebirgeUnknown
1993-03-28Bonny v.d. DaneilshöhleUnknown
1996-01-26Bora v. ThüringenHD: A-1
1996-01-26Boriax v. ThüringenUnknown
1993-02-14Boris v. KlingbachUnknown
1993-10-04Boris v. KraichgauUnknown
1993-08-09Bosco v. HexentorUnknown
1993-02-14Bosko v. KlingbachUnknown
1992-03-31Bosko v. SiebengebirgeUnknown
1993-08-09Boss v. HexentorUnknown
1993-03-28Boss v.d. DaneilshöhleUnknown
1992-04-04Botan v. Märkischen LandUnknown
1996-01-26Botis v. ThüringenUnknown
1993-09-18Bowan Pirko v.d. Dobermann-BorghUnknown
1996-01-26Bradley v. ThüringenUnknown
1993-08-09Branka v. HexentorUnknown
1993-12-20Bredo v.d. KarlsbergquelleUnknown
1993-08-09Brenda v. HexentorUnknown
1992-04-04Brenda v. Märkischen LandUnknown
1992-03-31Brenda v. SiebengebirgeUnknown
1993-12-20Briska v.d. KarlsbergquelleHD: A-1
1993-02-14Brista v. KlingbachUnknown
1994-10-26Britt v. TobagoHD: A-1
1992-09-12Britt v.h. WantijHD: A-1
1991-10-01Britta v. Paderborner LandHD: A-1
1993-03-28Britta v.d. DaneilshöhleUnknown
1993-02-14Bronco v. KlingbachUnknown
1993-06-10Bronco v.d. KeltenschanzeUnknown
1996-01-26Brutus v. ThüringenUnknown
1993-03-28Bryan v.d. DaneilshöhleUnknown
1993-12-20Bryan v.d. KarlsbergquelleUnknown
1993-12-20Butch v.d. KarlsbergquelleUnknown
1991-07-24Caluna v. ToeringUnknown
1994-01-31Can v. WesterbergUnknown
1991-07-24Cara v. ToeringHD: A-1
1994-07-29Cara v.d. KeltenschanzeUnknown
1995-09-23Carina v. TobagoUnknown
1991-07-24Carissa v. ToeringUnknown
1991-12-17Carlo v. SeckachtalUnknown
1994-01-31Carlo v. WesterbergUnknown
1994-01-31Carlos v. WesterbergUnknown
1992-09-18Carmen v.h. Wantij (NHSB 1851234)Unknown
1994-03-04Caro v. SiebengebirgeUnknown
1991-07-24Carras v. ToeringUnknown
1991-07-24Castra v. ToeringUnknown
1994-01-31Castro v. WesterbergUnknown
1991-07-24Cato v. ToeringUnknown
1994-03-04Cello v. SiebengebirgeUnknown
1991-12-17Champ v. SeckachtalUnknown
1994-03-04Chan v. SiebengebirgeUnknown
1994-08-28Charky v. HexentorUnknown
1991-07-24Chatto v. ToeringHD: A-1
1994-07-29Chatto v.d. KeltenschanzeUnknown
1991-07-24Cheela v. ToeringHD: A-1
1993-09-07Cheeta v. MaaswijnaardeUnknown
1991-12-17Cheska v. SeckachtalUnknown
1994-08-28Chico v. HexentorUnknown
1992-07-11Chico v.d. BöllenruthenHD: A-1
1994-07-29Chico v.d. KeltenschanzeUnknown
1992-09-18Chico v.h. WantijUnknown
1992-07-11Chiela v.d. BöllenruthenUnknown
1992-09-18Chiela v.h. WantijUnknown
1994-08-28Chila v. HexentorUnknown
1995-09-23Chila v. TobagoUnknown
1994-01-12Choy v. ArcojaUnknown
1991-12-17Chris v. SeckachtalHD: A-1
1991-07-24Chuck v. ToeringUnknown
1991-07-24Cimba v. ToeringUnknown
1994-01-31Cindy v. WesterbergUnknown
1991-07-24Cionta v. ToeringUnknown
1994-07-29Cira v.d. KeltenschanzeUnknown
1994-01-31Citta v. WesterbergUnknown
1991-07-24Cleo v. ToeringUnknown
1991-12-17Clio v. SeckachtalUnknown
1991-07-24Comtessa v. ToeringUnknown
1994-08-28Cona v. HexentorUnknown
1994-01-31Cona v. WesterbergUnknown
1994-08-28Conan v. HexentorUnknown
1994-06-08Conan v. MaaswijnaardeUnknown
1995-09-23Conan v. TobagoUnknown
1992-07-11Conan v.d. BöllenruthenUnknown
1994-07-29Conan v.d. KeltenschanzeUnknown
1995-09-23Cora v. TobagoUnknown
1994-01-31Cora v. WesterbergUnknown
1994-07-29Corro v.d. KeltenschanzeUnknown
1994-07-29Corry v.d. KeltenschanzeUnknown
1994-08-28Cyborg v. HexentorUnknown
1994-08-28Cäsar v. HexentorUnknown
1992-07-11Cäsar v.d. BöllenruthenUnknown
1995-10-31Dafne (DS165305 )Unknown
1993-09-18Damon Conan v.d. Dobermann-BorghUnknown
1993-10-16Dana v. Rauhen BergUnknown
1993-09-09Dana v. StrundertalHD: B-1
1991-05-25Dario v. Nassau-OranienHD: A-1
1991-05-25Dario v. Naussau-OranienHD: A-1
1991-12-29Debbi v. HäppchenUnknown
1995-10-31Deborah (DS165306)Unknown
1993-08-11Deborah v. ToeringUnknown
1993-09-07Delphi v. MaaswijnaardeUnknown
1991-05-25Delphi v. Nassau-OranienUnknown
1995-10-31Demon (DS165302)Unknown
1993-10-16Derrick v. Rauhen BergUnknown
1994-01-12Dessa v. ArcojaUnknown
1995-10-31Devil (DS165304 )Unknown
1993-10-16Devina v. Rauhen BergUnknown
1993-08-11Dexter v. ToeringUnknown
1995-10-31Diablo (DS165303 )Unknown
1991-05-25Dido v. Nassau-OranienUnknown
1993-08-11Dieken v. ToeringUnknown
1993-08-11Diogenes v. ToeringUnknown
1993-08-11Diva v. ToeringUnknown
1993-10-16Dixi v. Rauhen BergUnknown
1993-09-09Don v. StrundertalUnknown
1991-12-29Donald v. HäppchenUnknown
1993-09-18Donna Pirko v.d. Dobermann-BorghUnknown
1993-10-16Donna v. Rauhen BergUnknown
1991-12-29Donni v. HäppchenUnknown
1993-08-11Douglas v. ToeringUnknown
1993-02-08Duke v. ArcojaUnknown
1993-10-16Duke v. Rauhen BergUnknown
1995-10-31Duncan (DS165301)HD: A-1
1992-12-21Eagle v. FrankenlandUnknown
1992-09-18Earl v. Paderborner LandUnknown
1994-04-28Ebo v. LindenhofUnknown
1993-11-08Eboli v. Alten FelsenUnknown
1994-04-28Eche v. LindenhofUnknown
1994-04-28Econa v. LindenhofUnknown
1994-04-28Ed v. LindenhofUnknown
1993-11-08Eddi v. Alten FelsenHD: A-1
1992-09-18Eddy v. Paderborner LandUnknown
1993-11-08Eick v. Alten FelsenUnknown
1992-12-21Eick v. FrankenlandUnknown
1993-04-08Eick v. MaaswijnaardeUnknown
1993-11-08Eicke v. Alten FelsenUnknown
1992-12-21Eicke v. FrankenlandUnknown
1992-09-18Eicko v. Paderborner LandUnknown
1994-04-28Eik v. LindenhofUnknown
1993-11-08Eika v. Alten FelsenUnknown
1994-04-28Eika v. Lindenhof (DZB 108532)Unknown
1994-04-28Eilin v. LindenhofUnknown
1993-11-08Elena v. Alten FelsenUnknown
1993-11-08Emiro v. Alten FelsenUnknown
1992-12-21Emor v. FrankenlandUnknown
1994-04-28Enno v. Lindenhof (DZB 108526)Unknown
1994-04-28Ero v. Lindenhof (DZB 108525)Unknown
1992-09-18Ero v. Paderborner LandUnknown
1992-12-21Eros v. FrankenlandUnknown
1992-12-21Ersi v. FrankenlandUnknown
1993-11-08Esko v. Alten FelsenUnknown
1992-09-18Esko v. Paderborner LandUnknown
1992-09-18Esmir v. Paderborner LandUnknown
1992-12-21Espe v. FrankenlandUnknown
1992-12-21Eyra v. FrankenlandUnknown
1992-09-18Eyra v. Paderborner LandUnknown
1992-09-18Eyscha v. Paderborner LandUnknown
1996-04-06Fabienne v. HelfensteinUnknown
1996-04-06Fabio v. HelfensteinUnknown
1994-10-18Faby v. Alten FelsenUnknown
1993-11-18Faby v. FrankenlandUnknown
1994-10-18Faduk v. Alten FelsenUnknown
1996-04-06Fae v. HelfensteinUnknown
1993-11-23Fahra v. St. Wendeler LandUnknown
1994-10-18Faido v. Alten FelsenUnknown
1996-04-06Falco v. HelfensteinUnknown
1994-10-18Falcon v. Alten FelsenUnknown
1993-11-23Falk v. St. Wendeler LandUnknown
1991-12-10Fame from Dober CastleUnknown
1993-08-28Fander v.d. RemaneburgUnknown
1993-11-18Fando v. FrankenlandUnknown
1991-12-10Fantasy from Dober CastleUnknown
1994-10-18Fara v. Alten FelsenUnknown
1993-11-18Farah v. FrankenlandUnknown
1996-04-06Faraud v. HelfensteinUnknown
1994-10-18Fargo v. Alten FelsenUnknown
1996-04-06Farina v. HelfensteinUnknown
1993-11-23Faro v. St. Wendeler LandUnknown
1995-01-28Fasco GujarUnknown
1996-04-06Fausto v. HelfensteinUnknown
1991-12-10Faye from Dober CastleUnknown
1991-12-10Fayenne from Dober CastleUnknown
1991-12-10Fedor from Dober CastleUnknown
1993-11-18Fedor v. FrankenlandUnknown
1994-10-18Fee v. Alten FelsenHD: A-1
1993-11-18Fee v. Frankenland (DZB 107947)Unknown
1993-11-23Felina v. St. Wendeler LandUnknown
1993-11-18Felix v. FrankenlandUnknown
1994-10-18Fello v. Alten FelsenUnknown
1993-11-18Fenja v. FrankenlandUnknown
1994-06-08Fenja v. MaaswijnaardeUnknown
1993-11-23Fenja v. St. Wendeler LandUnknown
1993-11-23Fenrir v. St. Wendeler LandUnknown
1994-10-18Ferro v. Alten FelsenUnknown
1996-04-06Ferro v. HelfensteinUnknown
1993-08-28Fester v.d. RemaneburgUnknown
1993-08-28Festus v.d. RemaneburgUnknown
1991-12-10Fido from Dober CastleUnknown
1996-04-06Finn v. HelfensteinUnknown
1993-11-18Finny v. FrankenlandUnknown
1993-08-28Finy v.d. RemaneburgUnknown
1994-10-18Flash v. Alten FelsenUnknown
1996-04-06Flash v. HelfensteinUnknown
1991-12-10Force from Dober CastleUnknown
1993-08-28Foster v.d. RemaneburgUnknown
1993-08-28Frana v.d. RemaneburgUnknown
1991-12-10Franck from Dober CastleUnknown
1993-11-23Franzi v. St. Wendeler LandUnknown
1993-08-28Freddy v.d. RemaneburgUnknown
1993-11-23Freya v. St. Wendeler LandUnknown
1993-08-28Frisby v.d. RemaneburgUnknown
1991-12-10Friso-Frisb from Dober CastleUnknown
1996-04-06Füner v. HelfensteinUnknown
1996-04-06Fürst v. HelfensteinUnknown
1992-01-04Gabor v.d. DomstadtHD: A-1
1992-01-04Gaico v.d. DomstadtUnknown
1992-01-04Gallus v.d. DomstadtUnknown
1992-01-16Gandolf v. ThujaeckUnknown
1991-10-27Gandy v.d. AlexanderhöheUnknown
1993-12-29Ganna Gardina v. DiasporaUnknown
1992-01-04Gato v.d. DomstadtUnknown
1992-01-04Gelissa v.d. DomstadtUnknown
1992-01-04Gelos v.d. DomstadtUnknown
1992-01-16Gero v. ThujaeckUnknown
1991-10-27Gero v.d. AlexanderhöheUnknown
1991-10-27Gerold v.d. AlexanderhöheUnknown
1992-01-16Gerry v. ThujaeckUnknown
1991-10-27Gerry v.d. AlexanderhöheUnknown
1993-12-29Gesan Gallion v. DiasporaUnknown
1991-10-27Giacomo v.d. AlexanderhöheUnknown
1993-12-29Gila Galena v. DiasporaUnknown
1993-12-29Gimzo Gideon v. DiasporaUnknown
1992-01-04Gin v.d. DomstadtUnknown
1992-01-16Gina v. ThujaeckUnknown
1991-10-27Gina v.d. AlexanderhöheUnknown
1992-01-04Ginger v.d. DomstadtHD: A-1
1992-01-04Gipsy v.d. DomstadtUnknown
1992-02-01Gironimus v. Kloster-KampUnknown
1992-01-16Gisi v. ThujaeckUnknown
1992-02-01Glenn v. Kloster-KampUnknown
1993-12-29Goj Gamul v. DiasporaUnknown
1992-01-16Golo v. ThujaeckUnknown
1992-02-01Gordon v. Kloster-KampUnknown
1993-04-08Graaf Brutus v. MaaswijnaardeUnknown
1994-01-13Graaf Jagor v. LaudamusUnknown
1994-01-13Graaf Jordan v. LaudamusUnknown
1994-01-13Graaf Joury v. LaudamusUnknown
1994-05-18Graaf Selwyn Boyd v. Maruma's HoffUnknown
1992-11-23Graaf Waldo v. ElsjonUnknown
1992-11-23Gravin Dona v. Elsjon (NHSB 1864294)Unknown
1994-01-13Gravin Jamilla v. LaudamusUnknown
1992-11-23Gravin Jowie v. ElsjonUnknown
1994-01-13Gravin Joy v. LaudamusUnknown
1992-11-23Gravin Wanda v. ElsjonUnknown
1992-11-23Gravin Wendy v. ElsjonUnknown
1992-11-23Gravin Wietske v. Elsjon (NHSB 1864292)Unknown
1992-11-23Gravin Witsje v. ElsjonUnknown
1992-02-01Greif v. Kloster-KampUnknown
1992-01-16Gringo v. ThujaeckUnknown
1992-02-01Guy v. Kloster-KampUnknown
1991-10-27Gwendolin v.d. AlexanderhöheUnknown
1992-02-01Gwendy v. Kloster-KampUnknown
1992-08-15H'Athena des LandrysUnknown
1992-08-15H'Or des LandrysUnknown
1991-11-10Haakon v. Heidhauser ForstUnknown
1994-04-19Habbas des LandrysHD: A-1
1992-08-15Haggai Hasjana des LandrysUnknown
1992-00-00Haida de la Taniere d'OrUnknown
1991-11-10Haiduk v. Heidhauser ForstUnknown
1991-11-10Hamlet v. Heidhauser ForstHD: A-1
1991-11-10Hanika v. Heidhauser ForstUnknown
1991-11-10Hardy v. Heidhauser ForstUnknown
1992-08-15Havila-Tara des LandrysUnknown
1991-11-10Hayka v. Heidhauser ForstUnknown
0000-00-00Hellen Haiher de la Taniere d'OrUnknown
1992-08-15Hermes des LandrysHD: A-1
1992-10-06Hermes v. OberfeldUnknown
1991-11-10Heron v. Heidhauser ForstUnknown
1990-12-25Hertog Falko v. Manensheide (NHSB 1740784)Unknown
1990-12-25Hertog Faydo v. ManensheideHD: A-1
1990-12-25Hertog Ferro v. Manensheide (NHSB 1740785)Unknown
1991-04-11Hertog Gaime v. ManensheideUnknown
1992-10-01Hertog Larno v. ManensheideUnknown
1992-10-01Hertog Lothar v. ManensheideUnknown
1992-10-01Hertog Lucas v. ManensheideUnknown
1992-12-06Hertog Magnum v. Manensheide (NHSB 1863538)Unknown
1992-12-06Hertog Marro v. ManensheideUnknown
1992-12-06Hertog Martin v. ManensheideUnknown
1992-12-06Hertog Mexx v. ManensheideUnknown
1993-02-23Hertog Nashville v. ManensheideUnknown
1993-02-23Hertog Neno v. ManensheideUnknown
1993-02-23Hertog Nero v. ManensheideUnknown
1994-02-23Hertog Sanchow v. ManensheideUnknown
1990-12-25Hertogin Fenna v. ManensheideUnknown
1990-12-25Hertogin Fia-Fee v. ManensheideHD: B-1
1990-12-25Hertogin Fjorda v. ManensheideUnknown
1991-04-11Hertogin Glenn v. ManensheideUnknown
1992-10-01Hertogin Layaly v. ManensheideUnknown
1992-10-01Hertogin Lisa v. ManensheideUnknown
1992-10-01Hertogin Lyn v. ManensheideUnknown
1992-12-06Hertogin Mara v. ManensheideUnknown
1992-12-06Hertogin Mendy v. ManensheideUnknown
1992-12-06Hertogin Mistral v. ManensheideUnknown
1992-12-06Hertogin Myra v. ManensheideUnknown
1993-02-23Hertogin Naomi v. ManensheideUnknown
1993-02-23Hertogin Nena v. ManensheideUnknown
1993-02-23Hertogin Ninja v. ManensheideUnknown
1994-02-23Hertogin Sascha v. ManensheideUnknown
1994-02-23Hertogin Schika v. ManensheideUnknown
1994-02-23Hertogin Senta v. ManensheideUnknown
1994-02-23Hertogin Silja v. ManensheideUnknown
1993-05-29Hester-Donja v.h. OostdorpUnknown
1992-08-15Heston des LandrysUnknown
0000-00-00Heyliot v. EngelthalUnknown
1992-10-06Hogan v. OberfeldUnknown
1993-05-29Holy v.h. OostdorpHD: B-1
1993-05-29Homerus-Rocco v.h. OostdorpUnknown
1992-08-15Hrolf des LandrysUnknown
1994-05-09Huggie v.h. WantijUnknown
1992-08-15Huster des LandrysUnknown
1993-10-23I'Harold Conan de la LambertiereUnknown
1993-03-09Iack des LandrysUnknown
1993-06-07Iaco Conan de RocadamourUnknown
1994-10-21Ibo v.d. DomstadtUnknown
1993-10-23Icare Conan de la LambertiereUnknown
1993-06-07Icare Conan de RocadamourUnknown
1993-10-23Ichoco Conie de la LambertiereHD: A-1
1993-06-07Icone de RocadamourUnknown
1993-03-09Idjianie des LandrysUnknown
1993-10-23Igloo Conan de la LambertiereUnknown
1993-03-09Igor des LandrysUnknown
1993-09-07Igor v. Maaswijnaarde (NHSB 1899785)Unknown
1994-10-21Ike v.d. DomstadtUnknown
1993-03-18Ilea-Ika des LandrysUnknown
1994-10-21Ilexa v.d. DomstadtUnknown
1993-03-09Ilka Ilea des LandrysUnknown
1993-03-18Ill's des LandrysUnknown
1993-03-18Iloa des LandrysUnknown
1993-03-09Ilonna des LandrysUnknown
1993-06-07Ilton Isar de RocadamourUnknown
1993-03-18Ilyade des LandrysUnknown
1993-03-09Imann des LandrysUnknown
1993-03-18Inais des LandrysUnknown
1993-10-23Indra Conan de la LambertiereUnknown
1993-03-18Indra des LandrysUnknown
1993-03-18Indy des LandrysUnknown
1994-10-21Indy v.d. DomstadtUnknown
1994-10-21Inja v.d. DomstadtUnknown
1993-00-00Ipso Facto du Pla des HortsUnknown
1993-06-07Ipsos Conan de RocadamourUnknown
1993-06-07Irah de RocadamourUnknown
1993-04-20Ire Eurcon de la Taniere d'OrHD: B-1
1993-03-09Irish des LandrysUnknown
1993-10-23Iron Conan de la LambertiereUnknown
1993-00-00Iros Eurcon de la Taniere d'OrUnknown
1993-10-23Irun Conan de la LambertiereUnknown
1993-00-00Isadora du Pla des HortsUnknown
1993-10-23Isara Conie de la LambertiereUnknown
1993-10-23Isatis Conan de la LambertiereUnknown
1993-03-09Isis des LandrysUnknown
1993-03-18Itam des LandrysUnknown
1993-03-09Ivan des LandrysUnknown
1993-03-09Ivanna des LandrysUnknown
1993-03-12Iwan (NHSB 1872183)Unknown
1993-06-07Ixia de RocadamourUnknown
1993-10-23Ixiane Conie de la LambertiereUnknown
1993-10-23Izmir Conan de la LambertiereUnknown
1993-00-00Izvor Eurcon de la Taniere d'OrUnknown
1994-02-18Jacken Jalving des LandrysUnknown
1994-09-30Jade des LandrysUnknown
1994-03-13Jairo v. DruidensteinUnknown
1993-05-16Jakko v.d. WestfalenhalleUnknown
1994-05-12Jambo v.d. Preussen-GardeUnknown
1994-09-30Jamia des LandrysUnknown
1992-06-12Jandra v.d. Oosting StateUnknown
1994-02-18Jania des LandrysUnknown
1992-06-12Janita v.d. Oosting StateUnknown
1993-05-16Jaqueline v.d. WestfalenhalleUnknown
1993-05-16Jawa v.d. WestfalenhalleUnknown
1994-09-30Jazz des LandrysUnknown
1993-05-16Jeany v.d. WestfalenhalleUnknown
1994-03-13Jenny v. DruidensteinUnknown
1994-05-12Jerome v.d. Preussen-GardeUnknown
1994-09-30Jeska des LandrysUnknown
1994-00-00Jessica des San MarinUnknown
1992-06-12Jester v.d. Oosting StateUnknown
1994-03-13Jill v. DruidensteinUnknown
1994-05-12Jillsander v.d. Preussen-GardeUnknown
1993-05-16Jim v.d. WestfalenhalleUnknown
1992-06-12Jindo v.d. Oosting StateUnknown
1994-02-18Jiorgia des LandrysUnknown
1994-03-13Jocker v. DruidensteinUnknown
1992-06-12Jody v.d. Oosting StateUnknown
1992-06-12Joebka v.d. Oosting StateUnknown
1994-06-08Joerie v. MaaswijnaardeUnknown
1994-03-13Johann v. DruidensteinUnknown
1994-03-13Jolie-Urgande v. DruidensteinUnknown
1994-09-30Jordan II des LandrysUnknown
1994-05-12Josefine v.d. Preussen-GardeUnknown
1994-05-12Joshud v.d. Preussen-GardeUnknown
1992-06-12Joska v.d. Oosting StateUnknown
1994-09-30Joy des LandrysUnknown
1994-03-13Juan v. DruidensteinUnknown
1994-05-12Jucar v.d. Preussen-GardeUnknown
1994-03-17Judifax Ere DjagaUnknown
1992-10-21Judifax HadassaUnknown
1992-10-21Judifax HagenUnknown
1992-10-21Judifax HannahUnknown
1992-10-21Judifax HeroldUnknown
1992-10-21Judifax HirschcaUnknown
1993-05-16Jule v.d. WestfalenhalleUnknown
1994-03-13Julius v. DruidensteinUnknown
1994-03-13Jumbo v. DruidensteinUnknown
1994-05-12Jumper v.d. Preussen-GardeUnknown
1994-09-30Junior des LandrysUnknown
1994-00-00Junker Just des San MarinUnknown
1994-02-18Jurgen des LandrysUnknown
1992-06-12Juri v.d. Oosting StateUnknown
1994-05-12Justin v.d. Preussen-GardeHD: A-1
1992-06-12Jylla v.d. Oosting StateUnknown
1994-01-17Kalina v. MärchengartenUnknown
1994-03-24Kandy v.d. BarlingeUnknown
1994-01-17Karina v. MärchengartenUnknown
1994-01-17Karlo v. MärchengartenUnknown
1994-01-17Karo v. MärchengartenUnknown
1994-01-17Kassandra v. MärchengartenUnknown
1994-01-17Kastra v. MärchengartenUnknown
1993-04-08Kay v. MaaswijnaardeUnknown
1994-03-24Kessy v.d. BarlingeUnknown
1994-03-24Kimba v.d. BarlingeUnknown
1994-03-24Kira v.d. BarlingeUnknown
1994-03-24Kliff v.d. BarlingeUnknown
1994-01-17Komtessa v. MärchengartenUnknown
1994-01-17Konny v. MärchengartenUnknown
1994-01-17Kora v. MärchengartenUnknown
1994-01-17Kuno v. MärchengartenUnknown
1993-10-08Laika v. DonnersbergUnknown
1993-09-07Laika v. MaaswijnaardeUnknown
1992-01-24Landor v. HagensternUnknown
1993-10-08Laros v. DonnersbergUnknown
1993-10-08Larson v. DonnersbergUnknown
1993-10-08Lasko v. DonnersbergUnknown
1992-01-24Lasko v. HagensternUnknown
1993-10-08Latoya v. DonnersbergUnknown
1993-10-08Leska v. Donnersberg (DZB 107906)HD: B-1
1993-10-08Lex v. DonnersbergUnknown
1992-01-24Lina v. HagensternUnknown
1993-10-08Lissy v. Donnersberg (DZB 107907)Unknown
1993-10-08Litos v. DonnersbergUnknown
1992-01-24Loraine v. HagensternUnknown
1993-10-08Lord v. Donnersberg (DZB 107902)Unknown
1993-10-08Luca v. Donnersberg (DZB 107903)Unknown
1992-01-24Lucky v. HagensternUnknown
1992-01-24Lucy v. HagensternHD: A-1
1993-10-08Ludwig v. DonnersbergUnknown
1993-05-19Mano v. HagensternUnknown
1993-05-19Marco v. HagensternUnknown
0000-00-00Marga di MontespinoUnknown
0000-00-00Mark di MontespinoUnknown
0000-00-00Marquise di MontespinoUnknown
0000-00-00Marvin di MontespinoUnknown
1993-10-14Mary v.d. TeufelskanzelUnknown
1993-03-12Max (NHSB 1872185)Unknown
1993-09-07Max v. Maaswijnaarde (NHSB 1899786)Unknown
1993-05-19Maxi v. HagensternUnknown
1993-03-12Maximilian (NHSB 1872188)Unknown
1993-10-14Melanie v.d. TeufelskanzelUnknown
1993-10-14Melina v.d. TeufelskanzelHD: A-1
0000-00-00Mendel di MontespinoUnknown
1993-05-19Mendy v. HagensternUnknown
0000-00-00Metz di MontespinoUnknown
0000-00-00Mia di MontespinoUnknown
1993-05-19Mira v. HagensternUnknown
0000-00-00Mirka di MontespinoUnknown
1993-10-14Mirka v.d. TeufelskanzelUnknown
1993-10-14Miro v.d. TeufelskanzelUnknown
0000-00-00Mistral di MontespinoUnknown
0000-00-00Mito di MontespinoUnknown
0000-00-00Mogol di MontespinoUnknown
1993-10-14Mona v.d. TeufelskanzelUnknown
1993-05-19Monti v. HagensternUnknown
0000-00-00Morgan di MontespinoUnknown
1993-10-14Morgana v.d. TeufelskanzelUnknown
1993-05-19Murphy v. HagensternHD: A-1
1993-10-14Murphy v.d. TeufelskanzelUnknown
0000-00-00Myevita di MontespinoUnknown
0000-00-00Mylord di MontespinoUnknown
1993-03-12Myrna (NHSB 1872189)Unknown
1995-05-04Nancy v.d. TeufelskanzelHD: A-1
1993-04-08Nanouchka v. MaaswijnaardeUnknown
1994-09-25Naobi v. HagensternUnknown
0000-00-00Nasty v. Ryans LuxusUnknown
1994-12-30Nathalia Ness z HelfstynaHD: A-1
1992-08-29Naxos v.d. WeyermühleUnknown
1994-09-25Negro v. HagensternUnknown
1995-05-04Nemu v.d. TeufelskanzelUnknown
1995-05-04Nena v.d. TeufelskanzelUnknown
1993-09-07Nero v. MaaswijnaardeUnknown
1992-08-28Nero v.d. WeyermühleHD: A-1
1994-09-25Nica v. HagensternUnknown
1992-08-29Nico v.d. WeyermühleUnknown
1995-05-04Nike v.d. TeufelskanzelHD: A-1
1995-05-04Nina v.d. TeufelskanzelUnknown
1992-08-28Nina v.d. WeyermühleHD: A-1
1992-08-29Ningicosan v.d. WeyermühleHD: A-1
1995-05-04Ninja v.d. TeufelskanzelHD: A-1
1994-09-25Niroi v. HagensternUnknown
1992-08-29Nixe v.d. WeyermühleUnknown
1992-08-29Nora v.d. WeyermühleUnknown
1994-12-30Noreen z HelfstynaHD: A-1
1995-05-04Norma v.d. TeufelskanzelUnknown
1994-09-25Norman v. HagensternUnknown
1993-09-18Nova Pirko v.d. Dobermann-BorghUnknown
1995-05-04Numpel v.d. TeufelskanzelUnknown
1994-09-25Nymphe v. HagensternHD: A-1
1992-06-13Oczana-Ranissa v. Maruma's HoffUnknown
1993-01-27Odette v.d. WeyermühleUnknown
1992-06-13Ofortuna-Roy v. Maruma's HoffUnknown
1993-01-27Ohra v.d. WeyermühleHD: A-1
1992-06-13Oliviera-Odessa v. Maruma's HoffUnknown
1993-01-27Olymp v.d. WeyermühleUnknown
1992-06-13Olympic-Prince v. Maruma's HoffUnknown
1992-06-13Omar-Ancos v. Maruma's HoffUnknown
1992-06-13Omer-Eros v. Maruma's HoffUnknown
1993-01-27Ondra v.d. WeyermühleUnknown
1992-06-13Onix-Apollo v. Maruma's HoffUnknown
1991-12-09Optimistic RasberryHD: C
1991-12-09Optimistic RebeccaUnknown
1991-12-09Optimistic Rebel RandyUnknown
1991-12-09Optimistic RingaHD: A-1
1991-12-09Optimistic RitaUnknown
1991-12-09Optimistic RivalUnknown
1991-12-09Optimistic Road RunnerUnknown
1991-12-09Optimistic RoseUnknown
1991-12-09Optimistic Royal RowdyUnknown
1993-01-27Orka v.d. WeyermühleUnknown
1992-06-13Orly-Wodan v. Maruma's HoffUnknown
1992-06-13Oscar v. Maruma's HoffUnknown
1993-01-27Osian v.d. Weyermühle HD: A-1
1992-06-13Osiris-Cato v. Maruma's HoffUnknown
1992-06-13Othello Charon v. Maruma's HoffUnknown
1993-01-27Othello v.d. WeyermühleUnknown
1993-10-27Pacco v.d. WeyermühleHD: A-1
1991-11-14Pacha v. Hof ter EeckhoutUnknown
1991-11-14Paco v. Hof ter EeckhoutUnknown
1992-05-11Paco v.'t SmeulveenUnknown
1992-05-11Pako v.'t SmeulveenUnknown
1993-10-27Pascan v.d. WeyermühleUnknown
1993-10-27Pascha v.d. WeyermühleHD: A-1
1991-12-02Paso v. Hof ter EeckhoutHD: A-1
1992-05-11Paulo-Sebastian v.'t SmeulveenUnknown
1993-09-18Pearl Pirko v.d. Dobermann-BorghUnknown
1992-05-11Pepper v.'t SmeulveenUnknown
1991-11-14Pepsie v. Hof ter EeckhoutUnknown
1992-05-11Percival-Hooch v.'t SmeulveenUnknown
1996-02-14Percy v. HagensternUnknown
1993-10-27Percy v.d. WeyermühleUnknown
1996-02-14Peres v. HagensternUnknown
1996-02-14Phenix v. HagensternHD: A-1
1996-02-14Phigor v. HagensternUnknown
1992-05-11Pia v.'t SmeulveenUnknown
1993-10-27Picarra v.d. WeyermühleUnknown
1992-05-11Pilar v.'t SmeulveenUnknown
1992-05-11Platini v.'t SmeulveenHD: B-1
1992-05-11Pleuni-Jill v.'t SmeulveenUnknown
1992-05-11Popeye v.'t SmeulveenUnknown
1993-10-27Porthos v.d. WeyermühleUnknown
1996-02-14Pregio v. HagensternUnknown
1993-10-27Pricilla v.d. WeyermühleUnknown
1993-10-27Prinz v.d. WeyermühleUnknown
1993-05-11Quadros Doerak v.'t SmeulveenUnknown
1993-05-11Quanto v.'t SmeulveenUnknown
1993-05-11Quina v.'t SmeulveenHD: A-1
1993-05-11Quino v.'t SmeulveenUnknown
1993-05-11Quint v.'t SmeulveenUnknown
1993-05-11Quinta v.'t SmeulveenHD: A-2
1993-05-11Quinto v.'t SmeulveenUnknown
1993-05-11Qvabis Gino v.'t SmeulveenUnknown
1992-04-02Racki Dob v. ArcojaUnknown
1993-06-04Raisja-Mila v. Maruma's HoffHD: B-1
1993-09-17Rambo v.'t SteendorpHD: C
1993-03-12Rana (NHSB 1872191)Unknown
1993-06-04Remo v. Maruma's HoffUnknown
1993-06-04Renate-Stefanie v. Maruma's HoffUnknown
1993-12-08Renko v.h. WeillerlandUnknown
1994-06-08Rex v. MaaswijnaardeUnknown
1993-06-04Rex-Kaij v. Maruma's HoffUnknown
1993-06-04Rhodas v. Maruma's HoffUnknown
1993-06-04Rieco Jhoris v. Maruma's HoffUnknown
1993-12-08Rika v.h. WeillerlandHD: A-1
1993-04-08Ringo v. MaaswijnaardeUnknown
1993-06-04Rino v. Maruma's HoffUnknown
1993-06-04Roan v. Maruma's HoffUnknown
1992-04-02Rocco v. ArcojaUnknown
1993-09-07Rocco v. Maaswijnaarde (NHSB 1899784)Unknown
1992-04-02Rocky v. ArcojaUnknown
1992-04-02Roman v. ArcojaUnknown
1993-06-04Romulus-Rus v. Maruma's HoffUnknown
1992-04-02Roos Dobber v. ArcojaUnknown
1992-04-02Rosa v. ArcojaUnknown
1993-06-04Rowie v. Maruma's HoffUnknown
1992-04-02Roxana v. ArcojaUnknown
1993-09-18Roxanne Pirko v.d. Dobermann-BorghUnknown
1993-06-04Rumblar-Iggy v. Maruma's HoffHD: B-1
1993-12-18Russell v.h. FlettebosHD: B-1
1992-04-02Rusty v. ArcojaUnknown
1993-09-17Ruth v.'t SteendorpUnknown
1994-05-18Salvador-Basco v. Maruma's HoffHD: D
1994-08-28Sam v.d. MühlenbirkeUnknown
1994-05-18Sancho Fausto v. Maruma's HoffUnknown
1992-07-12Sandokan v. ArcojaUnknown
1994-05-18Sandy v. Maruma's HoffUnknown
1994-08-28Sanko v.d. MühlenbirkeUnknown
1991-11-24Santor v. BinselbergUnknown
1994-08-28Santos v.d. MühlenbirkeUnknown
1991-11-24Schira v. BinselbergHD: A-1
1994-05-18Sean Tommy v. Maruma's HoffUnknown
1994-05-18Senna Iras v. Maruma's HoffUnknown
1992-07-12Senna v. ArcojaUnknown
1994-08-28Senta v.d. MühlenbirkeUnknown
1991-11-24Serra v. BinselbergUnknown
1993-09-07Shaila v. MaaswijnaardeUnknown
1994-06-15Shannon v.h. WeillerlandUnknown
1994-06-15Shari v.h. WeillerlandHD: A-1
1992-12-07Sharon v. ArcojaUnknown
1993-09-18Shawnee Pirko v.d. Dobermann-BorghUnknown
1992-07-12Sifra v. ArcojaUnknown
1992-07-12Silvana Gina v. ArcojaUnknown
1991-11-24Sina v. BinselbergUnknown
1994-08-28Sina v.d. MühlenbirkeUnknown
1994-08-28Sira v.d. MühlenbirkeUnknown
1994-05-18Sivar v. Maruma's HoffUnknown
1994-05-18Sjer-Noël v. Maruma's HoffHD: B-1
1992-07-12Smokey-Bibi v. ArcojaUnknown
1992-07-12Snow Balu v. ArcojaUnknown
1991-11-24Sonja v. BinselbergUnknown
1991-11-24Soy v. BinselbergUnknown
1994-06-08Spike v. MaaswijnaardeUnknown
0000-00-00Stunning Conan v. Ryans LuxusHD: A-1
1992-07-12Sza-Sza v. ArcojaHD: A-1
1993-02-08Tara v. ArcojaUnknown
1993-02-08Tarco v. ArcojaUnknown
1993-02-08Telma Tessa v. ArcojaUnknown
1993-02-08Tess v. ArcojaUnknown
1993-02-08Tessa v. ArcojaUnknown
1993-03-12Tharan (NHSN 1872186)Unknown
1993-02-08Thomas v. ArcojaUnknown
1993-02-08Thor v. ArcojaUnknown
1993-02-08Tino Dingo v. ArcojaUnknown
1993-02-08Tomba v. ArcojaUnknown
1993-03-12Toto (NHSB 1872187)Unknown
1993-09-18Tschorny Conan v.d. Dobermann-BorghUnknown
1993-02-08Twan v. ArcojaUnknown
1994-09-18Ugino v.d. Burg LitermontUnknown
1993-09-03Ula v. ArcojaUnknown
1993-09-03Ulan Dayan v. ArcojaUnknown
1993-09-03Una Zita v. ArcojaUnknown
1993-09-03Unique v. ArcojaUnknown
1993-09-03Uno Bagus v. ArcojaUnknown
1993-09-03Uno Prince v. ArcojaUnknown
1994-09-18Uran v.d. Burg LitermontUnknown
1993-09-03Ursel v. ArcojaUnknown
1994-09-18Ursus v.d. Burg LitermontUnknown
1994-09-18Uschi v.d. Burg LitermontHD: A-1
1993-09-03Utah v. ArcojaUnknown
1994-01-12Vasco-Boris v. ArcojaUnknown
0000-00-00Venusvega di ColdicaniaUnknown
1994-01-12Vera v. ArcojaUnknown
1994-01-12Veronique Emi v. ArcojaUnknown
1994-01-12Vienna v. ArcojaHD: B-1
0000-00-00Vilckyn di ColdicaniaUnknown
1994-01-12Viona-Sheila v. ArcojaHD: B-1
1993-03-12Vita (NHSB 1872190)Unknown
1994-01-12Vivion v. ArcojaUnknown
1994-09-26Wenke v. OstfeldUnknown
1994-09-26Wera v. OstfeldUnknown
1994-09-26Wespe v. OstfeldUnknown
1994-09-26Winz v. OstfeldUnknown
1994-09-26Wolga v. OstfeldUnknown
1994-09-26Wotan v. OstfeldUnknown
1991-07-19Xamby v. FrankenlandUnknown
1991-07-19Xandra v. Frankenland (DZB 104880)Unknown
1991-07-19Xandro v. FrankenlandHD: A-1
1991-07-19Xandy v. FrankenlandUnknown
1991-07-19Xaro v. FrankenlandUnknown
1991-07-19Xelly v. FrankenlandUnknown
1991-07-19Xendy v. FrankenlandUnknown
1991-07-19Xilly v. FrankenlandHD: A-1
1991-07-19Xina v. FrankenlandUnknown
1991-07-19Xindy v. FrankenlandUnknown
1991-07-19Xyra v. FrankenlandUnknown
1993-09-29Zingarellazita del CitoneHD: B-1
1993-09-29Zinkozor del CitoneHD: B-1
1993-09-29Zulia Zema del CitoneHD: B-1
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