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Bronco v. Zenn
Name Bronco v. Zenn
Owner Unknown
Breeder F. Lindemann (v. Zenn)
Gender Stud
Pedigreebook DZB
Pedigreenumber DZB 86325
Colour Black
Sire Jago v. Beelen
Dam Elke v. Pfälzer Waldheim
Date of birth 1975-03-19
Date deceased 1982-09-00
Cause of death 07-year / bloat
Extra information ZTP 1A SG
1979 Angekört ZVA / Kl. 1
1978-05-07 SchH I 82-71-86-239 bef.
DV Sieger 1979
Bundessieger 1979
World Winner 1979
IDC Sieger 1980
German Champion VDH
International Champion

Source: In the beginning... A history of the Dobermann by J.M. v.d. Zwan

This black male was the most successful dog in Germany for some years. His tremendous success surprised a lot of financiers because his result in the ZTP (Fit for breeding test) had not bee that good. For conformation he was only graded 'Very Good'. However he passed the Test because of his character.

In 1981 at the World Winner Show Mr. Wiblishauser wrote:
'a black male of correct size with substance. He has a strong topline, correct tailset, stands correctly on his feet, good hind angulation, good deep chest, tight feet, dark tan and moves correctly'.

He became German and International Champion and in 1979 gained the Bundessieger-title and the title at the World Show. This surprised a lot of financiers who disliked his head type and heavy body which lacked elegance. He also appeared rather short in the leg.

He gained his Schutzhund III and passed his Körung 'for life'. His Kampftrieb (fighting spirit) was criticized by some people. This male was very important for the breed in Germany. He sired some excellent progeny like Baquero v. Pfaffenberg, Ezra-ere-Iris v. Diaspora, Alexa v. Heiderhof.
HD Status HD: A-1
"von Willebrand" Unknown
Wobbler Syndrom (C.V.I.) Unknown
Cardiomyopathie Holter and Echo Unknown
Cardiomyopathie DNA Marker Unknown
Dilute Unknown
Inbred percentage 15.6171 %
Brothers and sisters
1975-03-19Bagheera v. ZennUnknown
1975-03-19Bamby v. ZennHD: A-1
1975-03-19Basko v. ZennUnknown
1975-03-19Bella v. ZennUnknown
1975-03-19Ben v. ZennHD: B-1
1975-03-19Biggi v. ZennUnknown
1975-03-19Boris v. ZennUnknown
1975-03-19Brandy v. ZennUnknown
1976-03-05Carlo v. ZennUnknown
1976-03-05Carmen v. ZennHD: B-1
1976-03-05Cherry v. ZennHD: B-1
1976-03-05Chico v. ZennUnknown
1976-03-05Citta v. ZennHD: A-1
1976-03-05Cliff v. ZennUnknown
1976-03-05Comtess v. ZennUnknown
1976-03-05Cora v. ZennUnknown
1977-03-13Daisy v. ZennUnknown
1977-03-13Dascha v. ZennUnknown
1977-03-13Daska v. ZennHD: A-1
1977-03-13Deela v. ZennUnknown
1977-03-13Dixie v. ZennUnknown
1977-03-13Dojan v. ZennUnknown
1977-03-13Donna v. ZennUnknown
1980-02-28Gauner v. ZennUnknown
1980-02-28Gento v. ZennHD: B-1
1980-02-28Ger v. ZennHD: B-1
1980-02-28Gero v. ZennUnknown
1980-02-28Gin v. ZennUnknown
1980-02-28Gina v. ZennHD: A-1
1980-02-28Gitta v. ZennUnknown
1980-02-28Greif v. ZennUnknown
1980-09-21Acky v. MauritiusUnknown
1980-11-09Adda v. HeiderhofUnknown
1980-03-25Adelheid v. PfaffenbergUnknown
1980-03-25Adolf v. PfaffenbergUnknown
1981-06-09Adonis v. VogelsangUnknown
1982-05-21Afra v. Gredinger BergUnknown
1980-11-09Afra v. HeiderhofHD: A-1
1980-03-25Aic v. PfaffenbergUnknown
1982-08-05Aisha v. IgontastammUnknown
1982-08-05Alderan v. IgontastammUnknown
1980-11-09Alexa v. HeiderhofHD: B-1
1980-03-25Alexandra v. PfaffenbergUnknown
1979-09-18Alexandra v.d. MartinshöheUnknown
1981-06-09Alexia v. VogelsangUnknown
1982-03-20Alf v.d. LullusquelleUnknown
1980-03-25Ali v. PfaffenbergUnknown
1980-11-09Alice v. HeiderhofHD: A-1
1980-11-09Alissa v. HeiderhofUnknown
1982-05-21Alpha v. Gredinger BergHD: A-1
1979-10-13Alva v. BenhariheimUnknown
1980-09-21Alvis v. MauritiusUnknown
1979-10-13Amanda v. BenhariheimUnknown
1979-10-13Amber v. BenhariheimHD: B-1
1982-08-05Ambra v. IgontastammUnknown
1982-05-21Amigo v. Gredinger BergUnknown
1982-08-05Amon v. IgontastammHD: A-1
1982-05-21Amor v. Gredinger BergUnknown
1980-11-09Amor v. HeiderhofUnknown
1981-11-07Anja v. KupfergrabenUnknown
1980-03-19Anja v. SteinbachtalUnknown
1979-09-18Anja v.d. MartinshöheUnknown
1980-11-09Anka v. HeiderhofUnknown
1979-09-18Anke v.d. MartinshöheHD: A-1
1982-05-21Anna v. Gredinger BergUnknown
1980-03-25Anni v. PfaffenbergUnknown
1980-03-11Anouk v. Belling HomeUnknown
1980-03-11Arabesque v. Belling HomeUnknown
1980-09-21Arco v. MauritiusUnknown
1982-08-05Ares v. IgontastammUnknown
1981-11-07Argus v. KupfergrabenUnknown
1979-09-18Ari v.d. MartinshöheUnknown
1981-11-07Arina v. KupfergrabenUnknown
1980-03-11Aristo v. Belling HomeUnknown
1982-03-20Arko v.d. LullusquelleUnknown
1979-09-18Arko v.d. MartinshöheUnknown
1982-03-20Arno v.d. LullusquelleUnknown
1979-09-18Aron v.d. MartinshöheUnknown
1982-05-21Arres v. Gredinger BergHD: A-1
1981-11-07Asinara v. KupfergrabenUnknown
1982-05-21Asko v. Gredinger BergUnknown
1979-09-18Asko v.d. MartinshöheUnknown
1982-05-21Assa v. Gredinger BergUnknown
1979-09-18Assan v.d. MartinshöheUnknown
1980-11-09Assi v. HeiderhofUnknown
1980-09-21Assi v. MauritiusUnknown
1980-11-09Asta v. HeiderhofUnknown
1982-03-20Astor v.d. LullusquelleUnknown
1979-10-13Astra v. BenhariheimUnknown
1979-10-13Astrid v. BenhariheimUnknown
1980-03-11Athene v. Belling HomeUnknown
1980-03-25Athene v. PfaffenbergHD: A-1
1982-03-20Athene v.d. LullusquelleUnknown
1980-03-11Athos v. Belling Home (NHSB 1100595)Unknown
1980-03-25Athos v. PfaffenbergUnknown
1980-03-11Atilla v. Belling HomeUnknown
1982-08-05Attila v. IgontastammUnknown
1980-03-11Audrey v. Belling HomeHD: D
1979-10-13Axel v. BenhariheimUnknown
1980-03-19Axel v. SteinbachtalHD: B-1
1981-11-07Ayke v. KupfergrabenUnknown
1981-11-07Ayko v. KupfergrabenUnknown
1981-04-24Baika v. PfaffenbergHD: A-1
1982-07-08Banja v. SchlossbergHD: A-1
1981-04-24Baquero v. PfaffenbergHD: A-1
1979-12-10Baron v.d. MarwertsterdijkUnknown
1980-09-03Barry v.d. MartinshöheUnknown
1981-01-20Basko v.d. EmsaueUnknown
1980-09-30Bastian v. Hause EhrlichUnknown
1979-12-10Bastor v.d. MarwertsterdijkUnknown
1981-04-30Bea v. DonaumoosHD: A-1
1981-04-24Bea v. PfaffenbergUnknown
1982-07-08Bea v. SchlossbergUnknown
1982-08-22Beah v. BärenseeUnknown
1980-09-30Beatrix v. Hause EhrlichHD: A-1
1979-12-10Beatrix v.d. MarwertsterdijkUnknown
1981-01-20Bella v.d. EmsaueHD: A-1
1982-08-22Ben v. BärenseeUnknown
1981-04-30Benda v. DonaumoosUnknown
1982-08-22Berta v. BärenseeHD: A-1
1981-04-24Bessi v. PfaffenbergUnknown
1981-04-30Bessy v. DonaumoosUnknown
1980-09-30Bettina v. Hause EhrlichUnknown
1980-09-30Betty v. Hause EhrlichUnknown
1981-04-24Bia v. PfaffenbergUnknown
1980-09-30Bianca v. Hause EhrlichHD: B-1
1979-12-10Bieke v.d. MarwertsterdijkUnknown
1982-07-08Bijou v. SchlossbergUnknown
1981-01-20Billa v.d. EmsaueHD: A-1
1981-04-24Bina v. PfaffenbergUnknown
1982-07-08Bingo v. SchlossbergUnknown
1980-09-03Bingo v.d. MartinshöheUnknown
1982-07-08Bionda v. SchlossbergUnknown
1982-08-22Bixie v. BärenseeHD: A-1
1982-08-22Bobby v. BärenseeUnknown
1979-12-10Bobo v.d. MarwertsterdijkUnknown
1982-07-08Bona v. SchlossbergUnknown
1982-08-22Bonnie v. BärenseeUnknown
1982-07-08Bony v. SchlossbergUnknown
1982-08-22Bora v. BärenseeUnknown
1979-12-10Bora v.d. MarwertsterdijkUnknown
1981-04-24Boris v. PfaffenbergUnknown
1981-01-20Boris v.d. EmsaueUnknown
1980-09-03Boris v.d. MartinshöheUnknown
1981-04-24Boro v. PfaffenbergUnknown
1979-12-10Boy v.d. MarwertsterdijkUnknown
1981-04-30Branko v. DonaumoosUnknown
1981-04-30Britta v. DonaumoosUnknown
1980-09-03Britta v.d. MartinshöheUnknown
1982-07-08Bronco v. SchlossbergUnknown
1981-01-20Bronco v.d. EmsaueUnknown
1980-09-03Bronco v.d. MartinshöheUnknown
1981-04-30Bryan v. DonaumoosUnknown
1982-08-22Bär v. BärenseeUnknown
1980-09-30Bärbel v. Hause EhrlichHD: A-1
1981-02-06Candy v. CastellUnknown
1979-08-30Cardino v. AidelbergUnknown
1979-08-30Carlo v. AidelbergUnknown
1979-08-30Celly v. AidelbergUnknown
1979-08-30Chessy v. AidelbergHD: A-1
1981-02-06Chico v. CastellUnknown
1979-08-30Chris v. AidelbergUnknown
1979-08-30Cido v. AidelbergUnknown
1981-02-06Cindy v. CastellUnknown
1981-02-06Citto v. CastellUnknown
1981-02-06Clea v. CastellUnknown
1979-08-30Cleopatra v. AidelbergUnknown
1979-08-30Cliff v. AidelbergUnknown
1981-02-06Cliff v. CastellUnknown
1981-02-06Conny v. CastellHD: A-1
1979-08-30Corina v. AidelbergUnknown
1979-08-30Cäsar v. AidelbergUnknown
1980-05-09Dajan v. BuchenhainUnknown
1982-06-21Daniel v. Hause EhrlichHD: A-1
1980-05-09Daphne v. BuchenhainHD: B-1
1980-05-09Davina v. BuchenhainUnknown
1980-05-09Dorian v. BuchenhainUnknown
1980-07-30Earl v. FrankenlandUnknown
1980-01-12Edine v. TegernbachUnknown
1979-08-18Edon Ezra v. DiasporaUnknown
1980-07-30Eike v. FrankenlandUnknown
1980-01-12Eike v. TegernbachUnknown
1979-08-18Elef Ezra v. DiasporaHD: B-1
1980-07-30Elfe v. FrankenlandUnknown
1979-08-18Eliatha Ezra v. DiasporaUnknown
1979-08-18Elisa Ezra v. DiasporaHD: A-1
1980-01-12Elischa v. TegernbachUnknown
1979-08-18Elischama Ezra v. DiasporaUnknown
1979-08-18Elisheba Ezra v. DiasporaHD: A-1
1980-07-30Elka v. FrankenlandUnknown
1979-08-18Elkana Ezra v. DiasporaUnknown
1980-07-30Elko v. FrankenlandUnknown
1980-01-12Ella v. TegernbachUnknown
1980-01-12Elsa v. TegernbachHD: A-1
1979-08-18Ere-Iris-Ezra v. DiasporaHD: A-1
1980-07-30Erko v. FrankenlandUnknown
1980-07-30Erlo v. FrankenlandUnknown
1980-01-12Eros v. TegernbachUnknown
1980-04-09Eros v.d. WaldstattHD: A-1
1979-08-18Esther Ezra v. DiasporaUnknown
1979-08-18Ethan Ezra v. DiasporaHD: A-1
1980-07-30Eyb v. FrankenlandUnknown
1980-07-30Eyko v. FrankenlandUnknown
1980-03-05Falk v. TegernbachUnknown
1981-09-27Falko v. AidelbergUnknown
1980-03-05Fara v. TegernbachUnknown
1981-09-27Farina v. AidelbergUnknown
1980-03-05Fee v. TegernbachUnknown
1980-03-05Felix v. TegernbachUnknown
1980-03-05Ferow v. TegernbachUnknown
1980-03-05Ferry v. TegernbachUnknown
1980-10-13Festo v. FrankenlandUnknown
1981-09-27Filou v. AidelbergUnknown
1980-10-13Filou v. FrankenlandUnknown
1981-09-27Fiona v. AidelbergUnknown
1980-10-13Flex v. FrankenlandUnknown
1981-09-27Flint v. AidelbergUnknown
1980-10-13Flint v. FrankenlandUnknown
1980-03-05Flint v. TegernbachUnknown
1980-03-05Flora v. TegernbachUnknown
1981-09-27Fricka v. AidelbergUnknown
1980-10-13Fricka v. FrankenlandUnknown
1980-10-21Garry v. FrankenlandUnknown
1979-10-19Gera v. DachsbauUnknown
1979-10-19Gero v. DachsbauUnknown
1980-10-21Gido v. FrankenlandUnknown
1980-10-21Gin v. FrankenlandUnknown
1979-10-19Gino v. DachsbauUnknown
1980-10-21Glenn v. FrankenlandUnknown
1980-10-21Golf v. FrankenlandHD: B-1
1980-10-21Gundi v. FrankenlandUnknown
1980-10-21Gwendy v. FrankenlandHD: A-1
1981-06-16Habur v. TegernbachUnknown
1981-02-23Halef v. FrankenlandUnknown
1981-02-23Halla v. FrankenlandUnknown
1982-03-28Hargo v. DachsbauUnknown
1981-02-23Hedy v. FrankenlandHD: A-1
1982-03-28Heiko v. DachsbauUnknown
1982-03-28Helen v. DachsbauUnknown
1982-03-28Helena v. DachsbauHD: A-1
1981-02-23Helena v. FrankenlandUnknown
1981-02-23Hera v. FrankenlandUnknown
1981-02-23Hermes v. FrankenlandUnknown
1982-03-28Hesta v. DachsbauUnknown
1981-02-23Hesta v. FrankenlandUnknown
1981-02-23Hombre v. FrankenlandUnknown
1981-02-23Hondo v. FrankenlandUnknown
1981-06-16Hondo v. TegernbachUnknown
1980-11-01Igor v. Gaxhardter WaldUnknown
1982-02-07Igor v. TegernbachUnknown
1981-09-28Ilex v. FrankenlandUnknown
1982-02-07Ilex v. TegernbachUnknown
1980-11-01Ilk v. Gaxhardter WaldHD: B-1
1981-09-28Ilka v. FrankenlandHD: A-1
1981-09-28Ilko v. FrankenlandUnknown
1982-02-07Ilo v. TegernbachUnknown
1981-09-28Imme v. FrankenlandUnknown
1982-02-07Ina v. TegernbachUnknown
1981-09-28Indra v. Frankenland (DZB 93203)HD: A-1
1982-02-07Ines v. TegernbachUnknown
1980-11-01Ingo v. Gaxhardter WaldUnknown
1982-02-07Ingo v. TegernbachUnknown
1981-09-28Inka v. Frankenland (DZB 93202)Unknown
1982-02-07Inka v. TegernbachUnknown
1982-02-07Inko v. TegernbachUnknown
1982-02-07Ino v. TegernbachUnknown
1982-02-07Ira v. TegernbachHD: A-1
1981-09-28Irk v. FrankenlandUnknown
1981-09-28Irko v. FrankenlandUnknown
1982-02-07Irko v. TegernbachUnknown
1982-02-07Iro v. TegernbachUnknown
1981-09-28Isa v. Frankenland (DZB 93206)Unknown
1980-11-01Ivko v. Gaxhardter WaldHD: A-1
1981-11-28Jade v. FrankenlandUnknown
1980-03-18Jago v. SonnenhofUnknown
1981-02-07Jago v. Wilden MarkgrafUnknown
1980-03-18Janine v. SonnenhofUnknown
1980-03-18Jassa v. SonnenhofUnknown
1980-03-18Jessika v. SonnenhofUnknown
1980-03-18Joker v. SonnenhofUnknown
1981-11-28Jolly v. Frankenland (DZB 93373)Unknown
1980-03-18Jork v. SonnenhofUnknown
1980-03-18Judi v. SonnenhofUnknown
1981-02-07Judith v. Wilden MarkgrafUnknown
1980-03-18Junker v. SonnenhofUnknown
1982-06-04Kalinka v. FrankenlandUnknown
1981-10-08Kama v. Gaxhardter WaldUnknown
1980-05-24Kamilla v. KirchbühlUnknown
1982-06-04Karika v. FrankenlandUnknown
1982-06-04Karina v. FrankenlandUnknown
1981-10-08Katja v. Gaxhardter WaldUnknown
1980-05-24Katull v. KirchbühlUnknown
1981-10-08Kay v. Gaxhardter WaldUnknown
1981-10-08Kessy v. Gaxhardter WaldHD: A-1
1981-10-08Kim v. Gaxhardter WaldUnknown
1981-10-08Kira v. Gaxhardter WaldHD: B-1
1981-10-08Kitty v. Gaxhardter WaldUnknown
1980-05-24Kobold v. KirchbühlHD: B-1
1982-06-04Kokette v. FrankenlandUnknown
1980-05-24Kondor v. KirchbühlUnknown
1981-10-08Kora v. Gaxhardter WaldHD: A-1
1980-05-24Kosima v. KirchbühlUnknown
1982-06-04Kumpel v. FrankenlandUnknown
1980-05-24Kuno v. KirchbühlHD: B-1
1980-05-24Kustos v. KirchbühlHD: B-1
1981-03-07Laika v. SonnenhofUnknown
1981-05-03Lamech v. KirchbühlUnknown
1981-03-07Laska v. SonnenhofUnknown
1981-05-03Laurin v. KirchbühlUnknown
1981-05-03Lear v. KirchbühlUnknown
1981-03-07Lester v. SonnenhofUnknown
1981-03-07Lex v. SonnenhofUnknown
1981-03-07Linda v. SonnenhofHD: A-1
1981-03-07Lonzo v. SonnenhofUnknown
1981-05-03Luna v. KirchbühlUnknown
1982-09-22Mabel v. FrankenlandUnknown
1981-08-15Magnus v. KirchbühlUnknown
1981-08-15Malve v. KirchbühlUnknown
1982-09-22Marcel v. FrankenlandUnknown
1982-09-22Maud v. FrankenlandHD: B-1
1981-08-15Melissa v. KirchbühlUnknown
1982-09-22Mischa v. FrankenlandUnknown
1981-08-15Muck v. KirchbühlUnknown
1981-08-15Muse v. KirchbühlHD: A-1
1982-02-16Napoleon v. SonnenhofUnknown
1982-02-16Nelson v. SonnenhofUnknown
1982-02-16Nero v. SonnenhofUnknown
1982-02-16Niko v. SonnenhofUnknown
1982-02-16Nina v. SonnenhofUnknown
1982-02-16Nixe v. SonnenhofUnknown
1982-02-16Nora v. SonnenhofUnknown
1982-03-01Olympia v. SonnenhofUnknown
1982-03-01Omar v. SonnenhofUnknown
1982-03-01Ondra v. SonnenhofUnknown
1982-03-01Ophelia v. SonnenhofUnknown
1982-03-01Ora v. SonnenhofUnknown
1982-03-01Orpheus v. SonnenhofUnknown
1982-03-01Orsa v. SonnenhofUnknown
1982-03-01Othello v. SonnenhofUnknown
1980-09-05Pando v.d. EgerUnknown
1982-03-21Pandur v. SonnenhofUnknown
1982-03-21Panja v. SonnenhofUnknown
1982-03-21Perry v. SonnenhofUnknown
1982-03-21Pia v. SonnenhofUnknown
1982-03-21Pira v. SonnenhofUnknown
1982-03-21Pirat v. SonnenhofUnknown
1980-08-12Quando v. BinselbergUnknown
1980-08-12Quantus v. BinselbergUnknown
1980-08-12Quecke v. BinselbergHD: A-1
1980-08-12Queen v. BinselbergHD: A-1
1980-08-12Questor v. Binselberg (DZB 92150)Unknown
1980-08-12Quindo v. BinselbergUnknown
1980-08-12Quint v. BinselbergUnknown
1980-08-12Quintus v. BinselbergUnknown
1981-10-18Rena v.d. EgerUnknown
1981-10-18Reno v.d. EgerUnknown
1981-10-18Ria v.d. EgerUnknown
1981-10-18Rixi v.d. EgerUnknown
1981-10-18Rocky v.d. EgerUnknown
1981-10-18Romi v.d. EgerUnknown
1981-10-18Rondo v.d. EgerUnknown
1981-10-18Roy v.d. EgerUnknown
1982-10-12Thea de Phoenix d'AquitaineUnknown
1982-10-12Themis de Phoenix d'AquitaineUnknown
1982-10-12Thetis de Phoenix d'AquitaineUnknown
1982-10-12Tipsy de Phoenix D'AquitaineUnknown
0000-00-00Todt du Troglodyte de NoizayUnknown
0000-00-00Tulia du Bruch de L'AndlauUnknown
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