permantently closed

The database is permanently closed. People who subscribed and paid 10 euro's for their account can send me an email if they want to have their money back (ofcourse the remaining months that the account was supposed to be valid).

After 17 years working voluntary and non-profit for our breed I decided to pull the plug.

I want to say a huge THANK YOU to all people who supported our efford to digitize Dobermann history and appreciated it and ofcourse also a huge THANK YOU to the webteam, Federica, Carla, Dominika, Bea, Marèse and all the others from the past and our current members, for helping and supporting the database and therefor our breed, all those years.

A special THANKS to Ton van der Hagen, our very dear friend who was involved from the beginning and always helping to improve the software and put up with all those new ideas which then had to be implemented again.

For people who still want to study bloodlines, there are some other databases you can turn to.

Wish you and all Dobermanns the best!

Kind regards,
Simone van de Haar.