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Tahi-Réme Diablo
Name Tahi-Réme Diablo
Owner Jana & Jan Ruzicka
Breeder Erika Szokol (Tahi-Reme)
Gender Stud
Pedigreebook METDOB
Pedigreenumber METDOB 5523/03
Colour Brown
Sire Master Max of Djarmati
Dam Tahi-Réme Ibiza
Date of birth 2003-07-29
Date deceased Unknown
Cause of death Unknown
Extra information BH, ZTP 1A V, SchH I
M-E European Winner Wienna Winner
European Trphy Winner
IDC Jugendsieger 2004
IDC Sieger 2007
HD Status HD: A-1
"von Willebrand" Unknown
Wobbler Syndrom (C.V.I.) Unknown
Cardiomyopathie Holter and Echo Unknown
Cardiomyopathie DNA Marker Unknown
Dilute Unknown
Inbred percentage 13.3498 %
Brothers and sisters
2003-07-29Tahi-Réme Datoya MaxinHD: A-1
2003-07-29Tahi-Réme DevilHD: A-1
2003-07-29Tahi-Réme DollyUnknown
2004-00-00Tahi-Rème HennaHD: A-1
2004-00-00Tahi-Rème HeroHD: A-1
2005-06-20Afera-Akcja GordiusUnknown
2005-06-20Amanda-Ara GordiusUnknown
2005-06-20Amant-Amor GordiusUnknown
2005-06-20Ariel-Aicha GordiusUnknown
2005-06-20Arina-Alfa GordiusUnknown
2005-06-20Asko-Atut GordiusUnknown
2005-06-20Ataman-Apacz GordiusUnknown
2005-06-20Aura-Axa GordiusUnknown
2005-06-20Axel-Aron GordiusUnknown
2005-06-15Beppe Star of BedeaUnknown
2007-12-27Black Ballerina CayenneHD: A-1
2007-12-27Black Ballerina ChanellUnknown
2007-12-27Black Ballerina ChayaUnknown
2007-12-27Black Ballerina CinderellaUnknown
2007-12-27Black Ballerina CocoUnknown
2007-12-27Black Ballerina CodyUnknown
2007-12-27Black Ballerina CovaxUnknown
2009-05-04Chantal Moravia HeartUnknown
2009-05-04Charlotta Moravia HeartUnknown
2009-05-04Charmy Moravia HeartHD: C
2009-05-04Cheyla Moravia HeartUnknown
2009-05-04Chicco Moravia HeartUnknown
2009-05-04Chief Moravia HeartUnknown
2009-05-04Chivas Moravia HeartUnknown
2008-03-17D'Brown du Fief des KallistosUnknown
2008-03-17D'Rorvick du Fief des KallistosUnknown
2008-03-17Darko du Fief des KallistosUnknown
2008-03-17Diablo du Fief des KallistosUnknown
2008-03-17Django du Fief des KallistosUnknown
2008-03-17Dovka du Fief des KallistosUnknown
2008-03-17Dunchan du Fief des KallistosUnknown
2006-08-08Easley as Sawirach Perla BrzeszczUnknown
2007-08-08Ebony v. HavellandUnknown
2006-08-08Ebro Del Perla BrzeszczUnknown
2006-08-08Eddy Red Perla BrzeszczUnknown
2007-08-08Edna v. HavellandHD: A-1
2007-08-08Edwin v. HavellandUnknown
2007-08-08Egon v. HavellandUnknown
2007-08-08Eldiablo v. HavellandUnknown
2005-12-06Elgoseros du Clos des GrognardsHD: A-1
2006-08-08Ely Blue Perla BrzeszczUnknown
2007-08-08Emily v. HavellandUnknown
2006-08-08Envira Punta Perla BrzeszczHD: A-1
2006-04-02Eria Pro Zada ZehavaHD: A-1
2006-04-02Eria Pro Zahra ZuzannaHD: B-1
2006-04-02Eria Pro Zara ZarettaUnknown
2006-04-02Eria Pro Zinedin ZidanUnknown
2006-04-02Eria Pro Zinnia ZinnabellaUnknown
2006-04-02Eria Pro ZinoUnknown
2006-04-02Eria Pro ZollingenUnknown
2006-04-02Eria Pro Zulu ZebraHD: A-1
2007-08-08Eros v. HavellandUnknown
2006-08-08Eternity White Perla BrzeszczHD: A-1
2007-08-08Extasy v. HavellandHD: A-1
2007-08-08Extra v. HavellandUnknown
0000-00-00Gaily Passo DobleUnknown
2005-11-24Graf Nando of Mon-ja-mesHD: D
2005-11-24Graf Naol of Mon-ja-mesUnknown
2005-11-24Graf Nigel of Mon-ja-mesHD: A-1
2005-11-24Graf Nyles of Mon-ja-mesHD: A-1
2005-11-24Gräfin Nala of Mon-ja-mesUnknown
2005-11-24Gräfin Naomi of Mon-ja-mesUnknown
2005-11-24Gräfin Nila of Mon-ja-mesUnknown
2005-11-24Gräfin Noraya of Mon-ja-mesHD: A-1
2006-02-10Haina Hagia MorgantinaUnknown
2006-02-10Haira Harpia MorgantinaUnknown
2006-02-10Harro Hardy MorgantinaUnknown
2006-06-10Hellen Hunt MorgantinaUnknown
2006-02-10Henry Hogan MorgantinaUnknown
2006-06-10Hera Henrieta MorgantinaUnknown
2006-02-10Hossa Hossana MorgantinaUnknown
2007-03-03If I Could Fly HelloweenUnknown
2007-03-03Invisible Man Helloween Unknown
2007-03-03Iron Maiden HelloweenUnknown
2007-03-03I`m Perfect Gentleman HelloweenUnknown
2005-02-09Karmelhofs Laura PausiniUnknown
2005-02-09Karmelhofs Leonardo Di CaprioUnknown
2005-02-09Karmelhofs LuchadorUnknown
2011-04-09Larry Moravia HeartUnknown
2011-04-09Layton Moravia HeartUnknown
2011-04-09Lenox Moravia HeartHD: D
2011-04-09Lerry Lee Moravia HeartUnknown
2011-04-09Liana Moravia HeartUnknown
0000-00-00Lola Leonie z HelfstynaHD: C
2011-04-09Lucius Tiago Moravia HeartUnknown
2011-04-09Lynn Moravia HeartUnknown
2008-05-28Pacofürst v. StrengbachHD: A-1
2008-05-28Paulinefürstin v. StrengbachHD: A-1
2008-05-28Pedrofürst v. StrengbachUnknown
2008-05-28Peerfürst v. StrengbachUnknown
2008-05-28Peresfürst v. StrengbachUnknown
2008-05-28Piafürstin v. StrengbachUnknown
2008-05-28Pracofürst v. StrengbachUnknown
2005-02-04Tahi-Rème NapoleonHD: B-2
0000-00-00Tahi-Reme NormaUnknown
2005-08-15Tira Vento ChocoHD: A-1
0000-00-00Trina Pasecke udoliHD: B-2
2006-11-06Yacheero's Nero NearghosUnknown
2006-11-06Yacheero's Noble NanukhoUnknown
Added by Simone
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