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Baron Nike Renewal
Name Baron Nike Renewal
Owner Slobodan Maksimovic (Betelges)
Breeder Dragan Simic (Renewal)
Gender Stud
Pedigreebook JRSP
Pedigreenumber JRSP 75450
Colour Brown
Sire Prinz v. Norden Stamm
Dam Borana Sawages
Date of birth 1995-11-08
Date deceased 2007-12-12
Cause of death 12-year / past away due to old age
Extra information BH, SchH I
IDC Sieger 1998
International Champion
Yugoslavian Champion
Hungarian Champion
Yugoslavian Club Champion
Hungarian Club Winner 2000
Club Winner Slovakian Dobermann Grand-Prix Show
ODK Austrian Club Sieger
Eurosieger 1998
V1, BOB Special Dobermann Show, Yugoslavia
Club Winner Hungarian Dobermann Club 2000

The story about Baron Nike written by his owner Slobodan Maksimovic.

Baron Nike Renewal... I think this name will be remembered by many dobermann lovers. I can say that I'm very happy to be the owner of such a great dog like Nike. He is now 12 years old*1 and he is still healthy and happy boy.

Story about Nike starts 12 years ago. First Nike's owner was Mr.Milan Radivojac, owner of "Sawages" kennel. At the time, I already had few dogs descending from Nike: Vento Sawages, Gomez Sawages and Vanja Sawages who later became my foundation bitch. First time I saw Nike he was 3 months old. After the show that was held close by Mr.Radivojac's residence, I was guest in his house and that's when I saw Nike for the first time. Mr.Radivojac had 2 litter brothers: a black male and Nike. Nike was a really beautiful puppy. Very strong bones, nice and strong head. He was the best puppy I've ever seen.

Next time I saw Nike he was 7 months old and I didn't like him at all. He was very tall and he needed a lot of development especially in chest area. His ears weren't lifted properly, they were completely down. Three months later I saw Nike again on a show. He looked better but he still had his ears flopped, no chest, head was not parallel. Around that time Mr.Radivojac offered him for sale but nobody was interested.

One of my friends, Dejan, liked Nike very much and he repetedely suggested that I should buy him. He said that such a big dog could be very influential stud in the future. I laughed at that, asking him why would anyone come to mate with Nike when his half brother famous Alfa Adelante del Citone was in Italy. This story with Dejan repeated, very often he called me asking me what I've decided about NIke. Then came the biggest show in Serbia. It was November 1996 and Nike was the same as the last time I was him but this time I studied him patiently and concluded that he indeed has a lot of potential, so I decided to buy him.

Three days later, with my 2 friends, Mr.Stevica Velickovic owner of "Ginga House" kennel and Mr.Marko Radicevic our veterinary, I went to pick up Nike. I remember an incident related to that day - on our way back home, I was in the back with Nike just getting to know him. He was 12 months old, big and tall and he looked like a dangerous dog. During the trip Nike saw himself in the rear-view mirror and started to bark like crazy. He wanted to jump to the front seat to bite this dog. We almost had a car accident!

Nike was dewormed, vaccinated and I started to train with him. As his trainings progressed he was looking better and better. The biggest problem were his ears - I continued to tape his ears until he turned 3 years. In March 1997 was a specialty show in Novi Sad, the judge was Mr. Pezzano. Nike was youth class winner and I received very good comments about him. Mr.Pezzano also said that he could be very important for the breed in the future.

I took him to many shows across Europe (I calculated that we have travelled more that 50.000km together): on Euro Sieger show in Dortmund he was vize Europa Jugend Sieger and 4 months later on IDC in Italy he won the working class but he lost to his half brother Alfa Adelante in the finals. It is very interesting that he didn't do well on shows in Yugoslavia. I remember one of our "experts", judge Zoran Brankovic, said he deserves only VG but that he will give me a V nevertheless.

1998 was very successful for Nike. He was class winner on Europa show in Genova, then Europa Sieger in Dortmund. And than came IDC in Belgium - Nike won the champion class under Mr.Pezzano but this time he also become IDC Sieger. An interesting thing on that IDC was that his daughter, Come As You Are Alabama, was also IDC Sieger. Owners and breeders of Alabama were Danijela Fiala & Muris Hadzic and she later also became World Winner. Alabama was from the first litter sired by Nike. I even got very high offers for him: on one occasion I was offered 35.000 Euro and on another 50.000 Euro but I haven't ever meant to sell him.

After that Nike was used as stud more and more. I calculated that he had 243 matings. He couldn't be tried for ZTP because his mother died before her owner made her HD score. Nike had many puppies on all continents in more then 50 countries. Nike produced another IDC winner Fedor del Nasi and many champions, winners of the important shows around world.

Nike is now retired, enjoying his much deserved pension. It has always been a great pleasure to live with such a great dog. He is now very old and I try to spend as much time as possible with him.

* Nike died few months after this story was written .
HD Status HD: A-1
"von Willebrand" Carrier
Wobbler Syndrom (C.V.I.) Unknown
Cardiomyopathie Holter and Echo Unknown
Cardiomyopathie DNA Marker Unknown
Dilute Unknown
Inbred percentage 6.4604 %
Brothers and sisters
1995-11-08Bagio Bobi RenewalUnknown
1995-11-08Bangor Boran RenewalHD: A-1
1995-11-08Barbika Barbie RenewalUnknown
1995-11-08Baronesa-Zova RenewalHD: A-1
1995-11-08Bereta RenewalUnknown
1995-11-08Bjanka Bibi RenewalHD: B-1
1995-11-08Boran Boss RenewalUnknown
1995-11-08Brandon RenewalUnknown
2002-04-07Abbadon BetelgesUnknown
1999-01-04Adel Adriana de VinkoHD: A-1
1998-07-20Aibo v. AdlercrestHD: A-2
1999-01-04Aida de VinkoUnknown
1997-11-27Ajko Lucky Ginga HouseUnknown
1998-10-28Ak-Yar YarangaHD: A-1
1999-01-04Akela de VinkoUnknown
2002-04-07Alanis BetelgesUnknown
1997-11-27Alex Ginga HouseUnknown
2002-04-07Alexandro BetelgesUnknown
1999-01-04Alida de VinkoUnknown
0000-00-00Alina ArestanUnknown
1999-01-04Alisiya de VinkoUnknown
1998-07-20Alison v. AdlercrestHD: C
0000-00-00Alma ArestanHD: A-1
1999-01-04Amadeya de VinkoUnknown
2002-04-11Amanda Ami de GalliusUnknown
1999-01-04Amazonka de VinkoUnknown
1999-01-04Ametist de VinkoUnknown
1998-07-20Amida v. AdlercrestHD: B-1
1999-01-04Amon de VinkoUnknown
0000-00-00Amor Sun BringerUnknown
1997-11-27Anabel Tea Ginga HouseHD: A-1
2002-04-07Anastasia Anja BetelgesHD: A-1
1997-11-27Andre Anasta Ginga HouseUnknown
1997-11-27Andy Ambusch Ginga HouseUnknown
1997-11-27Andy Ginga HouseUnknown
1999-01-04Anri-Azart de VinkoUnknown
1999-01-04Apolda de VinkoUnknown
1999-01-04Arktur de VinkoUnknown
2000-03-28Armani Dente del GiganteHD: A-1
1999-01-04Aron-Ajk de VinkoUnknown
0000-00-00Athena Sun BringerUnknown
2002-04-07Atlanta BetelgesHD: B-1
2002-04-07Azzaro BetelgesHD: A-1
2002-07-28Bady Boy Devil GardenUnknown
0000-00-00Bagira WellgroomedUnknown
2002-07-28Barbara Bell of Devil GardenUnknown
2002-07-28Batis Bianka Devil GardenHD: C
2002-07-28Beauty Bina Devil GardenUnknown
0000-00-00Biatrix Steinhage-GradHD: A-1
2001-11-19Bilbao Dente del GiganteUnknown
2000-01-02Black-Dober CastroUnknown
2002-04-03Bond (JR79380)Unknown
2001-11-19Bonita Dente del GiganteUnknown
2003-07-16Brenda di PeccoHD: A-1
2001-12-08Buffy-Marie dei DohseUnknown
0000-00-00Calico del MedianoUnknown
0000-00-00Camea del MedianoUnknown
2004-05-05Canion HoneyUnknown
2001-08-13Cappuccino di ModelloUnknown
1999-08-29Cara Carmelita v. JahrestalUnknown
2001-04-09Cassiopeia z TomkyUnknown
2001-04-09Cassius Clark z TomkyUnknown
2001-04-09Cesar Baron z TomkyUnknown
1999-11-27Chaldonne ShakaUnknown
1999-11-27Chaldonne Shaniah at MarikateHD: A-1
1999-11-27Chaldonne ShaylaUnknown
1999-11-27Chaldonne SoloUnknown
0000-00-00Charon del MedianoUnknown
1999-08-29Cheyenne Chendra v. JahrestalUnknown
2001-08-13Christoforro di ModelloUnknown
1999-08-29Cillian-Connor v. JahrestalHD: A-1
1997-02-18Come As You Are AgorHD: A-1
1997-02-18Come As You Are AlabamaHD: B-1
1997-02-18Come As You Are ApalussoUnknown
1997-02-18Come As You Are ArmandoUnknown
1999-09-09Come As You Are CelebrityUnknown
1999-09-09Come As You Are CezanneUnknown
1999-09-09Come As You Are CirrusUnknown
1999-09-09Come As You Are CitadelUnknown
1999-09-09Come As You Are CyanideHD: A-1
2003-02-14Come As You Are KabiraUnknown
2003-02-14Come As You Are KaiaUnknown
2003-02-14Come As You Are KalistaUnknown
2003-02-14Come As You Are KeganUnknown
2003-02-14Come As You Are KendallUnknown
2003-02-14Come As You Are KenishaHD: B-1
2003-02-14Come As You Are KiaraHD: A-1
2003-02-14Come As You Are KudoHD: A-1
1999-08-29Cool Charm v. JahrestalHD: A-1
2000-04-04Dacotta FlashivedUnknown
2000-05-20Dagger AdoracjaHD: A-1
2001-03-29Dagwood Ginga HouseHD: A-1
2001-03-29Damage Ginga HouseHD: A-1
2001-03-29Dancer Ginga HouseUnknown
2001-03-29Daphne Ginga HouseUnknown
2003-12-12Darius Extra MoravakUnknown
2003-12-12Darling Extra MoravakHD: A-1
0000-00-00David v. MasterhofUnknown
2003-12-12Demon Extra MoravakUnknown
2000-04-04Desannta FlashivedUnknown
2003-12-12Destiny Extra MoravakUnknown
2002-09-27Destiny's Phoenix ElbaUnknown
2002-09-27Destiny's Phoenix EliazarHD: A-1
2002-09-27Destiny's Phoenix EonaHD: A-1
2002-09-27Destiny's Phoenix ErikUnknown
2002-09-27Destiny's Phoenix EvanderUnknown
2002-09-27Destiny's Phoenix EverestUnknown
2003-12-12Dexter Extra MoravakUnknown
2003-12-12Diablo Extra MoravakHD: A-1
2000-05-20Diana AdoracjaUnknown
2000-04-04Diessel FlashivedHD: A-1
2000-05-20Dinar AdoracjaUnknown
2001-06-09Dino Davidof z TomkyUnknown
2001-03-29Divina Ginga HouseHD: A-1
2001-03-29Dizi Ginga HouseHD: A-1
2002-10-24Dobereich's Finally FridayHD: A-1
2002-10-24Dobereich's Flirting With FireHD: A-1
2002-10-24Dobereich's Flirting with FireUnknown
2002-10-24Dobereich's Forever HaileeUnknown
2002-10-24Dobereich's Fully Loaded LexusUnknown
2001-03-12Doberpride's Brown IcarosHD: A-1
2001-03-12Doberpride's Brown IdefixUnknown
2001-03-12Doberpride's Brown IleaUnknown
2001-03-12Doberpride's Brown Ilton BatmannHD: A-1
2001-03-12Doberpride's Brown InezUnknown
2001-03-12Doberpride's Brown IrkihHD: A-1
2001-03-12Doberpride's Brown IsessaHD: A-1
2000-05-20Dolar AdoracjaHD: A-1
2001-03-29Dolby Ginga HouseUnknown
2003-12-12Dolly Extra MoravakHD: A-1
2003-12-12Dolores Extra MoravakUnknown
2003-12-12Don Diego Extra MoravakUnknown
2003-12-12Don Juan Extra MoravakUnknown
0000-00-00Dona of RipotekUnknown
2000-05-20Draga AdoracjaHD: A-1
2000-05-20Drago AdoracjaHD: A-1
2000-05-20Drina AdoracjaUnknown
2000-01-10E'Pumbo Dob Shangri La SichUnknown
2000-01-10Egor Dob Shangri LaUnknown
2005-04-10Electra de GaliusHD: C
2003-12-13Elektra Extra MoravakHD: A-1
2000-01-10Elizavet Dob Shangri LaUnknown
2003-12-13Elton Extra MoravakHD: A-1
2003-12-13Energy Extra MoravakHD: A-1
2000-01-10Eremey Dob Shangri LaUnknown
2003-12-13Error Extra MoravakHD: A-1
2000-01-10Esenija Dob Shangri La SichUnknown
2003-12-13Esprit Extra MoravakUnknown
2003-12-13Eternity Extra MoravakUnknown
2003-12-13Europa Extra MoravakUnknown
2000-01-10Eva Dob Shangri LaUnknown
2000-01-10Evropa Dob Shangri La SichHD: A-1
2002-11-23Fantazia del NasiHD: A-1
2004-09-06Febo Frediano del RaffaelloUnknown
2002-11-23Fedor del NasiHD: A-1
2004-09-06Fedora Frediana del RaffaelloHD: A-1
2004-09-06Fedra Frediana del RaffaelloHD: A-1
2003-08-13Fenix HelloweenUnknown
2002-11-23Ferrara del NasiUnknown
2003-08-13Ferrari HelloweenHD: A-1
2002-11-23Fila del NasiUnknown
2003-08-13Filadelfia HelloweenHD: D
2002-11-23Fiona del NasiHD: B-1
2003-08-13Flamenco HelloweenUnknown
2002-11-23Florida del NasiHD: B-1
0000-00-00Focus AlmaUnknown
2002-11-16Focus Lucky StrikeHD: A-2
2004-09-06Fosco Frediano del RaffaelloUnknown
2002-10-24Frisky Business v. DobereichUnknown
2003-08-13Fulda HelloweenUnknown
1998-04-02Gaby The Best LineUnknown
2001-03-20Gala Ginga Black NovakUnknown
1999-02-20Geraldine v. MorossoUnknown
1997-07-25Gesy v. Dunav StamUnknown
1999-02-20Giannino v. MorossoHD: A-1
1997-07-25Gipsy v. Dunav StamHD: A-1
2001-03-20Gordy Gilette Black NovakUnknown
1999-02-20Grayce v. MorossoHD: A-1
2001-03-20Greys Georgia Black NovakUnknown
2001-03-20Grof Gino Black NovakUnknown
2000-10-08Habana del Carlo GuidoHD: A-1
1999-09-13Halifax v. KarpatiaUnknown
2000-10-08Hamada Hamira del Carlo GuidoUnknown
1999-09-13Hannover v. KarpatiaUnknown
1999-09-13Hargita v. KarpatiaHD: B-1
2000-10-08Hayla del Carlo GuidoUnknown
2001-03-26Hercules Steinhage-GradUnknown
2000-12-17Hood Best of IslandHD: A-1
0000-00-00Horama KalliroiUnknown
0000-00-00Horama KalypsoUnknown
2000-12-17Hyra Best of IslandUnknown
2004-07-31Ilijada del NasiUnknown
0000-00-00Impala New Look Ninty NineUnknown
2004-07-31Infinity del NasiHD: B-1
2003-01-19Irinland Yan YakovHD: A-1
2003-01-19Irinland Yanina YantaUnknown
2003-01-19Irinland Yarmina YasminUnknown
2001-03-14Iris-Empres v. MorossoHD: A-1
1999-05-24Irma the best LineUnknown
2004-07-31Italy del NasiHD: A-1
2002-05-05Javier Naiss Ginga HouseUnknown
2004-12-27Joker BetelgesUnknown
2004-12-27Julij Cezar BetelgesUnknown
2004-12-27Just Do It BetelgesHD: C
2001-05-03Ken-Ti's ArmaniUnknown
2001-05-03Ken-Ti's AttillaUnknown
2000-05-02Ken-Ti's ZalistaHD: A-1
2000-05-03Ken-Ti's ZariHD: A-1
2000-05-02Ken-Ti's ZawojaUnknown
2000-05-02Ken-Ti's ZazaUnknown
2000-05-02Ken-Ti's ZionHD: C
2000-05-02Ken-Ti's ZirkoHD: A-1
2000-05-02Ken-Ti's ZowieUnknown
0000-00-00Konan Barbarin v. Dunav StamUnknown
2003-08-29Mad Max od TelepaHD: A-1
2003-11-03Maddox Sasha Ginga HouseUnknown
2003-11-03Maddox Sasha Ginga HouseHD: C
2001-03-20Magic v. Dunav StamHD: A-1
2002-11-01Mamba Best of IslandHD: A-1
2001-05-01Marcusdark del FiorsilvaUnknown
2003-08-29Marilyn Monroe od TelepaUnknown
0000-00-00Marra Ginga House HD: A-1
2001-05-01Matrix del FiorsilvaUnknown
2001-03-20Matrix v. Dunav StamUnknown
2001-05-01Maverick del FiorsilvaUnknown
1998-08-04Mayra (METDOB.....)Unknown
2003-08-29Mean Marfie od TelepaUnknown
2001-05-01Megan del FiorsilvaUnknown
2001-03-20Melvin v. Dunav StamUnknown
2001-03-20Merry Lu v. Dunav StamUnknown
2001-03-20Metro v. Dunav StamUnknown
2001-05-01Michelle del FiorsilvaUnknown
2002-11-01Michelle Misty Best of IslandUnknown
2003-08-29Miss Modesty od TelepaUnknown
2001-05-01Mohammadali del FiorsilvaUnknown
2001-03-20Monica v. Dunav StamHD: A-1
2001-05-01Morganmaori del FiorsilvaUnknown
2003-11-03Mystic Hazel Ginga HouseHD: A-1
2002-11-23Nacha de GagnantUnknown
2002-11-23Nancy de GagnantUnknown
2004-03-15Nando Ginga HouseUnknown
2002-11-23Nanette de GagnantUnknown
2002-11-23Naomi de GagnantUnknown
2002-11-23Napoleon de GagnantUnknown
2002-11-23Navajo de GagnantUnknown
1999-11-27Neron Devil GardenHD: B-2
2004-03-15Nike Ginga HouseUnknown
2002-11-23Nikita de GagnantHD: A-1
2004-03-15Nikita Ginga HouseUnknown
2004-03-15Nikol Niki Ginga HouseHD: B-1
2002-11-23Ninja de GagnantUnknown
1999-11-27Ninjiko San Devil GardenUnknown
2002-11-23Nirvana de GagnantUnknown
2004-03-15Nirvana Ginga HouseUnknown
2004-03-15Nives Ginga HouseHD: A-1
1999-11-27Nobles Devil GardenHD: A-1
2004-03-15Nuget Ginga HouseUnknown
2004-06-28Oberon Ginga HouseUnknown
2004-06-28Odina Ginga HouseUnknown
2004-06-28Omar Ginga HouseUnknown
2004-06-28Ombra Ginga HouseHD: B-1
2004-06-28Omega Ginga HouseUnknown
2004-06-28Ottis Ginga HouseUnknown
2005-08-10Pako DakerHD: A-1
2003-06-26Paloma Picasso de Grande VinkoHD: A-1
2005-08-10Pamela DakerUnknown
2005-08-10Paola DakerUnknown
2005-08-10Pasja DakerUnknown
2005-08-10Pepsi DakerUnknown
2005-08-10Peri DakerHD: A-1
0000-00-00Perro De Casta BellaHD: A-1
1999-03-17Perro de Casta BonitaHD: A-1
2005-08-10Peter Pan DakerUnknown
2005-08-10Petra DakerHD: A-1
2003-06-23Phantasy de Grande VinkoHD: B-1
2003-06-26Pink Panther de Grande VinkoUnknown
2003-06-26Playgirl de Grande VinkoHD: A-1
2005-08-10Pluto DakerUnknown
2003-06-26Pluto de Grande VinkoHD: A-1
2005-08-10Poker DakerUnknown
2003-06-26Poker Perfect de Grande VinkoUnknown
2005-08-10Pola DakerUnknown
2005-08-10Precious Pearl DakerHD: A-1
2003-06-26Prestige de Grande VinkoUnknown
1997-05-23Princess Keri Vaic StamUnknown
1997-05-23Prinz Kodi Vaic StamUnknown
1998-04-29Sandra BetelgesHD: A-1
2003-12-24Sanguesa T-BonUnknown
2003-12-24Sanguesa TigraUnknown
1999-09-15Sant Kreal BalladaUnknown
1999-09-15Sant Kreal Baron BleskUnknown
1999-09-15Sant Kreal Baronessa BravoHD: A-1
1999-09-15Sant Kreal BidjuHD: B-1
1999-09-15Sant Kreal Bronzovy BuddaHD: B-1
1998-04-29Sascha BetelgesHD: B-1
2000-04-10Silver Pidza of TanderbergHD: A-1
1998-04-29Sivaldo BetelgesHD: B-1
1998-04-29Storm BetelgesHD: A-1
2000-04-10Sweet Cherry of TandenbergUnknown
1998-04-29Szedrag Sinisa BetelgesHD: B-1
2001-05-24Tango di PerlaneraUnknown
1999-01-20Tango Prinz BetelgesHD: A-1
0000-00-00Tara Alba AvisUnknown
2000-07-23Tara Qu Alba AvisUnknown
2001-05-24Tempra di PerlaneraUnknown
2001-05-24Tennessee di PerlaneraUnknown
2000-07-23Thedra Qu Alba AvisUnknown
1999-01-20Thelma BetelgesHD: A-1
2001-05-24Tiara di PerlaneraUnknown
2001-05-24Tonic di PerlaneraUnknown
2004-02-01Tonya the best lineUnknown
2004-02-01Tor Bay The Best LineHD: A-1
2001-05-24Toro di PerlaneraUnknown
2000-07-23Toy Qu Alba AvisUnknown
2001-05-24Trance di PerlaneraUnknown
1999-01-20Triton BetelgesUnknown
1999-03-25Tsarevich iz Slavnoi StaiHD: A-1
1999-03-25Tsaritsa iz Slavnoi StaiHD: B-1
1999-03-25Tsezar iz Slavnoi StaiHD: A-1
1999-04-18Ubay Lah BetelgesUnknown
1999-04-18Ugor BetelgesUnknown
1999-04-18Ulee Daway BetelgesUnknown
1999-04-18Ulix BetelgesUnknown
1999-04-18Ulrike Ully BetelgesUnknown
1999-04-18Una Betelges (JRSP 78031DOB)HD: A-1
1999-04-18Unique BetelgesUnknown
1999-04-18Unita BetelgesHD: B-1
1999-04-18Uno BetelgesHD: A-1
1998-03-15Wallis Niki Of TanderbergHD: A-1
2003-10-15Wanda Di AltobelloHD: A-1
0000-00-00Wiena Wikita of TanderbergUnknown
2003-10-15Wild Cherry di AltobelloHD: B-1
2003-10-15Wild Girl di AltobelloUnknown
2003-10-15Woodoo Lady di AltobelloHD: A-1
1998-03-15Wrangler Golden Boy of TanderbergUnknown
2001-03-08Xandara BetelgesUnknown
2002-08-10Xara di Altobello del AnimusUnknown
2004-02-05Xarina Xyella d'EL-ZorabUnknown
2001-03-08Xenia BetelgesHD: A-1
2004-02-05Xero Xay d'El-ZorabHD: A-1
2004-02-05Xeya Xina d'EL-ZorabHD: A-1
2001-03-08Xtra BetelgesHD: A-1
0000-00-00Yanet BetelgesUnknown
0000-00-00Yorka BetelgesUnknown
2001-08-10Yovana BetelgesUnknown
2001-10-08Yuta BetelgesUnknown
2001-08-10Yvette BetelgesHD: A-2
2001-08-10Yvona BetelgesHD: C
2005-10-05Zolotaya Liga GabrielaUnknown
2005-10-05Zolotaya Liga GloriyaUnknown
2005-10-05Zolotaya Liga GoldaUnknown
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