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Colt Di Perlanera
Name Colt Di Perlanera
Owner Unknown
Breeder Istvan Rada (di Perlanera)
Gender Stud
Pedigreebook METDOB
Pedigreenumber Unknown
Colour Black
Sire Gangster Dandias De La Villa Valiano
Dam Trunka Lunka di Perlanera
Date of birth 2015-11-29
Date deceased Unknown
Cause of death Unknown
Extra information Import to Ukraine: UKU0287917
HD Status HD: A-1
"von Willebrand" Clear
Wobbler Syndrom (C.V.I.) Unknown
Cardiomyopathie Holter and Echo Unknown
Cardiomyopathie DNA Marker Unknown
Dilute Unknown
Inbred percentage 9.4699 %
Brothers and sisters
2015-11-29Caprice di PerlaneraHD: B-1
2017-10-31 Santa Julf Liverpool Unknown
2017-12-20Angel of Shaytan Madmoiselle LennaUnknown
2017-12-20Angel of Shaytan MagentaUnknown
2017-12-20Angel of Shaytan MariamUnknown
2017-12-20Angel of Shaytan MilanoUnknown
2017-12-20Angel of Shaytan Miss MashaUnknown
2017-12-20Angel of Shaytan My BelleUnknown
2017-10-27Anima Vero Aston WarriorUnknown
2017-10-27Anima Vero AyaUnknown
2017-04-01From Island Korsika Del ReyUnknown
2017-04-01From Island Korsika DeniseUnknown
2017-04-01From Island Korsika DestinyUnknown
2017-04-01From Island Korsika DianaUnknown
2017-04-01From Island Korsika DragonUnknown
2017-04-01From Island Korsika Drum N BassUnknown
2017-04-01From Island Korsika DubstepUnknown
2017-05-03From Island Korsika East DragonUnknown
2017-05-03From Island Korsika ElleUnknown
2017-05-03From Island Korsika ElliUnknown
2017-05-03From Island Korsika EmmiUnknown
2017-05-03From Island Korsika EnigmaUnknown
2017-05-03From Island Korsika EraUnknown
2017-05-03From Island Korsika EurasiaUnknown
2017-05-03From Island Korsika EurikaUnknown
2017-05-03From Island Korsika EuroUnknown
2017-05-03From Island Korsika EuropaUnknown
2017-05-03From Island Korsika EvaUnknown
2017-05-03From Island Korsika EvolutionUnknown
2017-05-03From Island Korsika ExtremeUnknown
2018-05-09Livonija Baronesa Fantasy DreamUnknown
2018-05-09Livonija Baronesa Fata MorganaUnknown
2018-05-09Livonija Baronesa Fornarina OraUnknown
2017-10-16Santa Julf KaliostroUnknown
2017-10-16Santa Julf KarmenUnknown
2017-10-16Santa Julf KarryUnknown
2017-10-16Santa Julf KasperUnknown
2017-10-16Santa Julf KimberlyUnknown
2017-10-16Santa Julf KingUnknown
2017-10-16Santa Julf KleopatraUnknown
2017-10-16Santa Julf KolumbUnknown
2017-10-16Santa Julf KopperfildUnknown
2017-10-16Santa Julf KustoUnknown
2017-10-31Santa Julf La-RusseUnknown
2017-10-31Santa Julf La-VanillaUnknown
2017-10-31Santa Julf LalitaUnknown
2017-10-31Santa Julf LeonUnknown
2017-10-31Santa Julf LeonellaUnknown
2017-10-31Santa Julf LestradeUnknown
2017-10-31Santa Julf LiberiaUnknown
2017-10-31Santa Julf LondonUnknown
2017-11-27Tamara Angel of ShaytanUnknown
2017-08-30Via Felicium GambitUnknown
2017-08-30Via Felicium GarmoniaUnknown
2017-08-30Via Felicium Gio GuinnessUnknown
2017-08-30Via Felicium GordostUnknown
2017-08-30Via Felicium GraysonUnknown
2017-08-30Via Felicium GuyonUnknown
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