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Nevskiy Tserber Liz Grethen
Name Nevskiy Tserber Liz Grethen
Owner Anastasiya Rybina
Breeder O. Zlobina (Nevskiy Tserber)
Gender Bitch
Pedigreebook RKF
Pedigreenumber Unknown
Colour Brown
Sire Lucky Luciano Tikrai Nauja
Dam Nevskiy Tserber Angelina Jolie
Date of birth 2014-09-13
Date deceased Unknown
Cause of death Unknown
Extra information ZTP 1B V
HD Status Unknown
"von Willebrand" Clear
Wobbler Syndrom (C.V.I.) Unknown
Cardiomyopathie Holter and Echo Tested normal
Cardiomyopathie DNA Marker Unknown
Dilute Unknown
Inbred percentage 10.2945 %
Brothers and sisters
2014-09-13Nevskiy Tserber L'Oreal LafeeUnknown
2014-09-13Nevskiy Tserber Lara CroftUnknown
2014-09-13Nevskiy Tserber Laurika LautaUnknown
2014-09-13Nevskiy Tserber Lemon Kiss LimaUnknown
2014-09-13Nevskiy Tserber Lenny KravitzUnknown
2014-09-13Nevskiy Tserber Lionel MessiUnknown
2014-09-13Nevskiy Tserber Liv TylerUnknown
2014-09-13Nevskiy Tserber Lorenzo LamasUnknown
2014-09-13Nevskiy Tserber Louis XIV de BourbonUnknown
2014-09-13Nevskiy Tserber Lucky LucianoUnknown
2017-10-30Gretchendorf AaronUnknown
2017-10-30Gretchendorf AbigailUnknown
2017-10-30Gretchendorf AdrenalinUnknown
2017-10-30Gretchendorf AgniyaUnknown
2017-10-30Gretchendorf Al CaponeUnknown
2017-10-30Gretchendorf AlexaUnknown
2017-10-30Gretchendorf AmatoryUnknown
2017-10-30Gretchendorf AmigoUnknown
2017-10-30Gretchendorf AnfisaUnknown
2017-10-30Gretchendorf ArigatoUnknown
2017-10-30Gretchendorf ArtekUnknown
2017-10-30Gretchendorf AryaUnknown
2017-10-30Gretchendorf AvatarUnknown
2016-08-20Nevskiy Tserber Barbara BixbyUnknown
2016-08-20Nevskiy Tserber Becouse I'm RedUnknown
2016-08-20Nevskiy Tserber Berta FrederikaUnknown
2016-08-20Nevskiy Tserber Black DragonUnknown
2016-08-20Nevskiy Tserber Blue DreamUnknown
2016-08-20Nevskiy Tserber Blushing BrideUnknown
2016-08-20Nevskiy Tserber Born To WinUnknown
2016-08-20Nevskiy Tserber Brava FortunaUnknown
2016-08-20Nevskiy Tserber Bright FutureUnknown
2016-08-20Nevskiy Tserber Brigitte BardotUnknown
2016-08-20Nevskiy Tserber Bring Me GoldUnknown
2016-08-20Nevskiy Tserber BryunhildaUnknown
Added by Simone
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