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Leon v.d. Donauhoeve
Name Leon v.d. Donauhoeve
Owner Unknown
Breeder Gerda de Ryck (v.d. Donauhoeve)
Gender Stud
Pedigreebook LOSH
Pedigreenumber 1112166
Colour Black
Sire Grand Mollis Armani
Dam Eska v.d. Donauhoeve
Date of birth 2012-04-21
Date deceased Unknown
Cause of death Unknown
Extra information ZTP 1A V
DGT 74 points
2016-03-27 IPO III 84-88-78-250
Belgium Youth Champion
Luxemburg Youth Champion
Belgian Youth Winner
BDCB Belgium Youth Winner Prins 2013
HD Status HD: A-2
"von Willebrand" Clear
Wobbler Syndrom (C.V.I.) Unknown
Cardiomyopathie Holter and Echo Unknown
Cardiomyopathie DNA Marker Unknown
Dilute DD
Inbred percentage 6.8034 %
Brothers and sisters
2012-04-21Lenka v.d. DonauhoeveUnknown
2012-04-21Lexann v.d. DonauhoeveUnknown
2012-04-21Loeka v.d. DonauhoeveUnknown
2012-04-21Lorry v.d. DonauhoeveUnknown
2012-04-21Lucie v.d. DonauhoeveUnknown
2012-04-21Luka v.d. DonauhoeveUnknown
2012-04-21Lyntcho v.d. DonauhoeveUnknown
2016-01-27Absolut Enzo's Baira BrilliantHD: A-1
2016-01-27Absolut Enzo's Balou BrilliantUnknown
2016-01-27Absolut Enzo's Basjira BrilliantUnknown
2016-01-27Absolut Enzo's Beaudi BrilliantUnknown
2016-01-27Absolut Enzo's Benova BrilliantUnknown
2016-01-27Absolut Enzo's Bentley BrilliantUnknown
2016-01-27Absolut Enzo's Bora BrilliantUnknown
2016-01-27Absolut Enzo's Boy BrilliantHD: A-1
2016-01-27Absolut Enzo's Bradley BrilliantUnknown
2016-06-09Ebony v. KrukenbergUnknown
2016-06-09Ego v. KrukenbergUnknown
2016-06-09Elaya v. KrukenbergUnknown
2016-06-09Elbow v. KrukenbergUnknown
2016-06-09Elcorazon v. KrukenbergHD: B-1
2016-06-09Ennio v. KrukenbergUnknown
2016-06-09Enterios v. KrukenbergUnknown
2016-06-09Etienne v. KrukenbergUnknown
2014-06-11Faico v.d. RijucohoeveUnknown
2014-06-11Faiza v.d. RijucohoeveUnknown
2014-06-11Fando v.d. RijucohoeveUnknown
2014-06-11Farah v.d. RijucohoeveUnknown
2014-06-11Faya v.d. RijucohoeveUnknown
2014-06-11Faydo v.d. RijucohoeveUnknown
2014-06-11Ferro v.d. RijucohoeveUnknown
2014-06-11Figo v.d. RijucohoeveUnknown
2014-06-11Filia v.d. RijucohoeveUnknown
2014-06-11Finto v.d. RijucohoeveUnknown
2014-06-11Fjendor v.d. RijucohoeveUnknown
2014-06-11Fjendy v.d. RijucohoeveUnknown
2014-06-11Forina v.d. RijucohoeveUnknown
2014-06-11Furdy v.d. RijucohoeveUnknown
2014-06-11Fynbar v.d. RijucohoeveUnknown
2015-07-02Galia v.d. Rijucohoeve Unknown
2015-07-02Genesis v.d. Rijucohoeve Unknown
2015-07-02Geoffrey v.d. Rijucohoeve HD: A-1
2015-07-02Gianna v.d. RijucohoeveUnknown
2015-07-02Gina v.d. Rijucohoeve HD: A-1
2015-07-02Gio v.d. RijucohoeveUnknown
2015-07-02Gioya v.d. Rijucohoeve HD: A-1
2015-07-02Gona v.d. Rijucohoeve Unknown
2015-07-02Grace v.d. Rijucohoeve HD: A-1
2015-07-02Guapa v.d. Rijucohoeve Unknown
2013-06-30Maddox delle Due DonneUnknown
2013-06-30Maestra Maika delle Due DonneUnknown
2013-06-30Maestro Arco delle Due DonneUnknown
2013-06-30Manzor delle Due DonneUnknown
2013-06-30Matrix delle Due DonneUnknown
2013-06-30Menzo delle Due DonneUnknown
2013-06-30Merta Copia Fidelis delle Due DonneUnknown
2013-06-30Mira delle Due DonneUnknown
2013-06-30Mirka delle Due DonneUnknown
2013-06-30Myrilla Fides Fidelis delle Due DonneUnknown
2014-05-17N'Andy v. NatsondaUnknown
2014-07-02Naelye Delle Due DonneUnknown
2014-07-02Nash Delle Due DonneUnknown
2014-05-17Natso v. NatsondaUnknown
2014-07-02Nehro Delle Due DonneUnknown
2014-07-02Nel Delle Due DonneUnknown
2014-05-17Nell v. NatsondaUnknown
2014-05-17Nelleke v. NatsondaHD: A-1
2014-05-17Nera v. NatsondaUnknown
2014-07-02Nero Delle Due DonneUnknown
2014-07-02Neutjes Delle Due DonneUnknown
2014-05-17Nikay v. NatsondaUnknown
2014-07-02Nimbo Delle Due DonneUnknown
2014-05-17Nina v. NatsondaUnknown
2014-07-02Nira Delle Due DonneUnknown
2014-07-02Nitro Delle Due DonneUnknown
2014-05-17Nitro v. NatsondaUnknown
2014-05-17Nixon v. NatsondaUnknown
2014-07-02Noa Delle Due DonneUnknown
2014-05-17Nona v. NatsondaUnknown
2014-05-17Nonah v. NatsondaUnknown
2014-07-02Norah Delle Due DonneUnknown
2014-07-02Nouchka Delle Due DonneUnknown
2014-05-17Nox v. NatsondaUnknown
2016-07-05Paco Raban v.'t DuinezichtUnknown
2016-07-05Pepper v.'t DuinezichtUnknown
2016-07-05Prince Pike v.'t DuinezichtUnknown
Added by Simone
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