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Alfa Adelante del Citone
Name Alfa Adelante del Citone
Owner Fabio Mariani
Breeder Dr. Pierluigi Pezzano (del Citone)
Gender Stud
Pedigreebook LOI
Pedigreenumber DS 144314
Colour Brown
Sire Prinz v. Norden Stamm
Dam Tequila Mali del Citone
Date of birth 1994-07-23
Date deceased 2000-00-00
Cause of death 06-year / DCM
Extra information BH, VPG III, ZTP 1A V
International Champion
Italian Champion
German Champion VDH
Bundessieger 1997
DV Sieger 1997
VDH Europa Sieger 1996
IDC Sieger 1997
AIAD Sieger 1997

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HD Status HD: A-1
"von Willebrand" Unknown
Wobbler Syndrom (C.V.I.) Unknown
Cardiomyopathie Holter and Echo Unknown
Cardiomyopathie DNA Marker Unknown
Dilute Unknown
Inbred percentage 11.2163 %
Brothers and sisters
1994-07-23Aldebaran del CitoneUnknown
1994-07-23Amalia del CitoneUnknown
1994-07-23Antos Arte del CitoneHD: A-1
1994-07-23Argot del CitoneUnknown
1994-07-23Arielle d'Amour Del CitoneHD: A-1
1994-07-23Asia del CitoneUnknown
1994-07-23Aster del CitoneUnknown
1994-07-23Astor del CitoneHD: A-1
1999-03-09Adual (LO99141430)Unknown
1999-03-09Agrumsalvo (LO99141428)Unknown
2000-05-08Alegra Aris z TomkyUnknown
1999-03-09Altodarkboy (LO99141429)Unknown
1997-04-23Amanda Angel di PoggiopianoHD: B-1
1997-04-23Amosa Methyst di PoggiopianoUnknown
1997-04-23Andrette Salome PioggopianoUnknown
1999-03-09Anigaranca (LO99141432)HD: A-1
1997-04-23Apache Alfa di PoggiopianoUnknown
1999-05-20Ardens Gadis GlamourUnknown
1999-05-20Ardens GauguinHD: B-1
1999-05-20Ardens GeierUnknown
1999-05-20Ardens Genny RexiUnknown
1999-05-20Ardens GerlindHD: A-1
1999-05-20Ardens GinevraUnknown
1999-05-20Ardens GiurakUnknown
1999-05-20Ardens GrafinHD: B-1
1999-05-20Ardens GwynethUnknown
2000-05-08Ares Alpha z TomkyUnknown
2000-05-08Arlen Carina z TomkyUnknown
1999-03-09Aspro (LO99141431)Unknown
2000-02-18Babsie v. KlingbachUnknown
1998-04-22Baghera Berlana di PoggiopianoUnknown
1999-08-10Bahrein Brando v. AshantiHD: A-1
2000-02-18Baja v. KlingbachUnknown
1997-12-08Bakira v. ResidenzschlossUnknown
1998-03-31Ballerina v. KaratUnknown
2000-02-18Balou v. KlingbachUnknown
1997-12-08Balou v. ResidenzschlossHD: A-1
2000-02-18Banja v. KlingbachUnknown
1999-04-19Bapsy Bea del NepuzianoUnknown
1998-03-31Baquero v. KaratHD: B-1
1999-04-19Barny del NepuzianoUnknown
1998-04-22Baron Black di PoggiopianoUnknown
1997-12-08Baronbryan v. ResidenzschlossHD: A-1
1999-04-19Barry del NepuzianoUnknown
1997-12-08Basco v. ResidenzschlossUnknown
1998-03-31Bastiano v. KaratUnknown
1999-04-19Bea del NepuzianoHD: B-1
1999-08-10Beauty Babette v. AshantiUnknown
1999-08-10Belcanto Bonetti v. AshantiUnknown
1998-03-31Belladonna v. KaratUnknown
1999-04-19Belle del NepuzianoUnknown
1998-03-31Bellevue v. KaratUnknown
1998-03-31Belmondo v. KaratUnknown
1999-04-19Belphi del NepuzianoUnknown
1998-03-31Benito v. KaratUnknown
1997-12-08Benito v. ResidenzschlossUnknown
2000-02-18Billy v. KlingbachHD: A-1
1997-08-21Birba dei Monti CiminiHD: A-1
1997-12-08Biskaya v. ResidenzschlossHD: B-1
1996-04-22Bjonborg di PoggiopianoHD: A-1
1997-12-08Blaster v. ResidenzschlossUnknown
1998-04-22Bob Dylan di PoggiopianoUnknown
1998-04-22Boderek di PoggiopianoUnknown
1998-03-31Bolero v. KaratUnknown
1999-07-24Bolle v. BullerbüUnknown
1998-04-22Bonarosa di PoggiopianoUnknown
2000-02-18Bonita v. KlingbachUnknown
1998-04-22Bonnieandclyde di PoggiopianoHD: A-1
1998-04-22Bora Bora di PoggiopianoUnknown
2000-02-18Bora v. KlingbachUnknown
1998-04-22Boris Becker di PoggiopianoUnknown
1999-04-19Boris del NepuzianoUnknown
1997-12-08Brandy v. ResidenzschlossHD: A-1
1998-03-31Brasco v. KaratUnknown
1999-08-10Brenda Bahia v. AshantiUnknown
1999-04-19Brian del NepuzianoUnknown
2000-02-18Bricca v. KlingbachUnknown
1998-04-22Brigitte Bardot di PoggiopianoHD: A-1
2000-02-18Briska v. KlingbachUnknown
1998-03-31Bugatti v. KaratUnknown
1998-11-16Cabana v. ResidenzschlossHD: A-1
1998-11-16Calahari v. ResidenzschlossUnknown
1998-02-25Calendaris v. ToonstadUnknown
1998-11-16California v. ResidenzschlossHD: A-1
1998-02-25Camelot v. ToonstadUnknown
1998-11-16Capone v. ResidenzschlossUnknown
1998-12-04Carol della LungaraUnknown
1998-11-16Carrera v. ResidenzschlossHD: A-1
1998-11-16Caruso v. ResidenzschlossUnknown
1998-11-16Casablanca v. ResidenzschlossHD: A-1
1998-11-16Casanova v. ResidenzschlossHD: A-1
1997-11-20Celinecadi' della SinvessaHD: A-1
1998-02-25Chakra v. ToonstadUnknown
1997-11-20Chanel Charmante della SinvessaHD: A-1
1998-02-25Chaos v. ToonstadUnknown
1998-11-16Chico v. ResidenzschlossUnknown
1998-11-16Chino v. ResidenzschlossUnknown
1997-11-20Coca Cola della SinvessaHD: A-2
1998-02-25Cocain v. ToonstadUnknown
1998-02-25Colt v. ToonstadUnknown
1999-11-14Come as You Are DakotaHD: A-1
1999-11-14Come As You Are DalliHD: B-1
1999-11-14Come As You Are Dea DiaHD: C
1999-11-14Come As You Are DelfiHD: A-1
1999-11-14Come As You Are Della BaronessaHD: B-1
1999-11-14Come As You Are DemianUnknown
1999-11-14Come As You Are DetonatorHD: A-1
1999-11-14Come As You Are DiedreeHD: A-1
1999-11-14Come As You Are DionHD: A-1
1999-11-14Come As You Are DogzillaHD: B-1
1999-11-14Come As You Are DushessHD: B-1
1997-11-20Comtessecherry della SinvessaHD: B-1
1998-02-25Concardia v. ToonstadUnknown
1998-02-25Connor v. ToonstadUnknown
1998-11-24Copacabana v. ResidenzschlossHD: A-1
1998-02-25Cortes v. ToonstadUnknown
1997-11-20Cristal Lagerfeld della SinvessaHD: A-1
1998-11-16Cubalibre v. ResidenzschlossUnknown
1995-11-01Dakotadandee del CitoneUnknown
1995-11-01Dali Dorena del CitoneHD: B-1
1995-11-01Dana Dari del CitoneHD: A-1
1999-09-12Dee Jay Steinhage-GradHD: A-1
1995-11-01Delondream del CitoneUnknown
1995-11-01Derbydylan del CitoneUnknown
1995-11-01Desydor del CitoneUnknown
1995-11-01Donatella Doria del CitoneUnknown
1995-11-01Donnaadelante del CitoneUnknown
1995-11-01Dorlanedalma del CitoneUnknown
2000-05-30Ebano del MontaldoHD: A-1
2000-05-30Eber del MontaldoUnknown
2000-06-13Ebo Aljoko di MatarioUnknown
2000-06-13Eby Aljoko di MatarioHD: A-1
2000-05-30Edel Weiss del MontaldoUnknown
2000-06-13Elba Aljoko di MatarioHD: A-1
2000-05-30Elite del MontaldoHD: A-1
2000-06-13Emielle Aljoko di MatarioUnknown
2000-05-30Enea del MontaldoHD: B-1
2000-06-13Ero Aljoko Di MatarioHD: A-1
2000-06-13Esprit Aljoko di MatarioHD: A-1
2000-05-30Etoile del MontaldoHD: B-1
2000-05-30Evakant del MontaldoHD: B-1
1999-06-13Eve Aljoko di MatarioUnknown
2000-05-30Evelin del MontaldoUnknown
1997-10-12Fabia di PrisconteUnknown
2000-08-03Fabius v. ToonstadtUnknown
1997-10-12Fantasy di PrisconteUnknown
1997-10-12Fara di PrisconteUnknown
1997-10-12Febo di PrisconteUnknown
1997-10-12Fedor di PrisconteUnknown
1997-10-12Flora di PrisconteHD: A-1
1997-10-12Floriana di PrisconteUnknown
2000-08-03Florus v. ToonstadtHD: B-1
1997-10-12Foster di PrisconteUnknown
1996-10-18Gloria del Diamante neroUnknown
1998-03-18Hackira del Conte DragoUnknown
1998-06-30Hainide Kara KarinaUnknown
1998-06-30Hainide Karla-KamillaHD: D
1998-06-30Hainide Kea-KleopatraHD: A-1
1998-06-30Hainide Keit-KarlosHD: B-1
1998-06-30Hainide Kent KirranUnknown
1998-06-30Hainide Kermo-KonanUnknown
1998-06-30Hainide Kerra-KaresseUnknown
1998-06-30Hainide Kiki-KorinnaUnknown
1998-06-30Hainide King KalisHD: B-1
1998-06-30Hainide Klea KelianaHD: A-1
1998-05-13Hamira del Conte DragoHD: B-1
1998-03-18Hargos del Conte DragoUnknown
1998-03-18Haxel del Conte DragoUnknown
1998-03-18Helle del Conte DragoUnknown
1998-03-18Hermes del Conte DragoUnknown
1998-03-18Hertog del Conte DragoUnknown
1998-03-18Hirdagos del Conte DragoUnknown
0000-00-00Hismerh AdelantaUnknown
0000-00-00Hismerh AntonioUnknown
1997-10-18Igor v. DonariusUnknown
1997-10-18Ikarus v. DonariusUnknown
1997-10-18Ike v. DonariusUnknown
1997-10-18Ilane v. DonariusUnknown
1996-12-14Ilk CampagnanensisUnknown
1996-12-14Indio CampagnanensisHD: A-1
1997-10-18Indra v. DonariusUnknown
1997-10-18Inka v. DonariusUnknown
1997-10-18Ira v. DonariusUnknown
1997-10-18Irana v. DonariusUnknown
1996-12-14Irina CampagnanensisUnknown
1996-12-14Iris CampagnanensisUnknown
1997-10-18Isabell v. DonariusUnknown
1997-10-18Ismo v. DonariusUnknown
1997-10-18Iva v. DonariusHD: A-1
1997-10-18Ivan v. DonariusUnknown
1999-11-26Kai v. EldoradoUnknown
1997-08-26Kairo Costa Karmen di Castello DragoUnknown
1999-11-26Kalif v. EldoradoUnknown
1999-11-26Kan v. EldoradoUnknown
1997-08-26Kanada Caesy di Castello DragoUnknown
1997-08-26Karl F.L.di Castello DragoUnknown
1999-11-26Kartago v. EldoradoUnknown
1999-11-26Keny v. EldoradoUnknown
1997-08-26Kenzo Corrado di Castello DragoUnknown
1997-08-26Kevin di Castello DragoUnknown
1999-11-26Kim v. EldoradoUnknown
1997-08-26Kimberly di Castello DragoUnknown
1999-11-26King v. EldoradoUnknown
1999-11-26Kleopatra v. EldoradoUnknown
1997-08-26Kobolda Queene di Castello DragoUnknown
1999-11-26Kobolt v. EldoradoUnknown
1998-09-16Macho v.d. RäuberhöhleUnknown
1996-09-09Maclaud di ColdicaniaUnknown
2000-05-03Magino v. Sachsen-AnhaltUnknown
2000-05-03Mailo v. Sachsen-AnhaltHD: A-1
1996-09-09Major di ColdicaniaUnknown
1997-06-11Manolo dell'IsolanoUnknown
2000-05-03Mara v. Sachsen-AnhaltUnknown
1997-06-11Marcus Marvin dell'IsolanoUnknown
1998-10-01Mariecharlotte di MontespinoUnknown
1997-06-11Marlene dell'IsolanoUnknown
1996-09-12Marlon Brando di Casa BalestrieriUnknown
1997-06-11Mars dell'IsolanoUnknown
1998-09-16Marusha v.d. RäuberhöhleHD: A-1
1998-09-16Massimo v.d. RäuberhöhleUnknown
1998-09-16Matador v.d. RäuberhöhleHD: A-1
1996-09-12Matisse di Casa Balestrieri (LOI DS 175527)HD: A-1
1998-09-16Mattis v.d. RäuberhöhleUnknown
2000-05-03Maxim v. Sachsen-AnhaltUnknown
1996-02-19Maya di LatianoHD: A-1
1998-09-16Medina v.d. RäuberhöhleHD: A-2
1998-09-16Medusa v.d. RäuberhöhleHD: B-1
1996-09-09Megan di ColdicaniaUnknown
1996-09-12Megeve di Casa BalestrieriUnknown
2000-05-03Meggy v. Sachsen-AnhaltUnknown
1996-09-09Melvas di ColdicaniaUnknown
1996-09-09Mia di ColdicaniaUnknown
1998-09-16Mikado v.d. RäuberhöhleHD: A-1
1996-02-19Mike di LatianoUnknown
1996-02-19Miller di LatianoHD: A-1
2000-05-03Mira v. Sachsen-AnhaltUnknown
1998-09-16Mirakel v.d. RäuberhöhleHD: A-1
1998-09-16Mixi v.d. RäuberhöhleUnknown
1998-09-16Mogli v.d. RäuberhöhleUnknown
1996-09-12Monet di Casa BalestrieriUnknown
1998-09-16Montgomery v.d. RäuberhöhleUnknown
2000-05-03Moonlight v. Sachsen-AnhaltUnknown
1997-06-11Mooriph dell'IsolanoUnknown
1997-06-11Moorish dell'IsolanoUnknown
1996-02-19Morris di LatianoUnknown
1998-09-16Morris v.d. RäuberhöhleUnknown
1996-09-12Mozart di Casa Balestrieri(LOI175524)Unknown
1998-09-16Muck v.d. RäuberhöhleHD: A-1
2000-05-03Murphy v. Sachsen-AnhaltUnknown
2000-05-03Myriam v. Sachsen-AnhaltUnknown
1999-02-25Nadja v.d. WeininselUnknown
1999-02-25Naomi v.d. WeininselUnknown
1999-02-25Navarro v.d. WeininselUnknown
1999-02-25Nemo v.d. WeininselUnknown
1999-02-25Nera v.d. WeininselUnknown
1999-02-25Nice v.d. WeininselUnknown
1999-02-25Nico v.d. WeininselUnknown
1999-02-25Nino v.d. WeininselUnknown
1999-02-25Nobless v.d. WeininselUnknown
1999-03-05P'Xhina de FassanoHD: A-1
1999-03-05Pacha de FassanoUnknown
1999-03-05Parhelie de FassanoUnknown
1999-03-05Patty de FassanoUnknown
1999-03-05Peyton de FassanoUnknown
1999-03-05Pharo de FassanoUnknown
1999-03-05Phorwood de FassanoUnknown
1999-03-05Pia Zadora Mali de FassanoHD: B-1
1999-03-05Piani Di Priglia de FassanoUnknown
1999-03-05Pretty Woman de FassanoUnknown
1999-03-05Priska de FassanoUnknown
1997-11-20Quanqarlos d'IslamoradaUnknown
1998-05-18Quanta v. KlingbachUnknown
1998-05-18Quanzina v. KlingbachUnknown
1997-11-20Quaresse d'IslamoradaHD: A-1
1998-05-18Quattro v. KlingbachUnknown
1998-05-18Queen v. KlingbachHD: A-1
1997-11-20Quelen d'IslamoradaHD: A-1
1998-05-18Quenda v. KlingbachUnknown
1998-05-18Quenelle v. KlingbachUnknown
1998-05-18Querino v. KlingbachUnknown
1998-05-18Quini v. KlingbachUnknown
1998-05-18Quintana v. KlingbachUnknown
1998-05-18Quinto v. KlingbachUnknown
1998-05-18Quintos v. KlingbachUnknown
1998-05-18Quirena v. KlingbachHD: A-1
2000-05-26R'Alpha du Sanctuaire des ErinnyesUnknown
1997-03-01Rash di LatianoUnknown
1997-03-01Ribot di LatianoUnknown
1997-03-01Roky di LatianoUnknown
1997-03-01Ron Boy di LatianoUnknown
1997-03-01Rossa di LatianoUnknown
1997-03-01Roy Hubert di LatianoUnknown
1997-03-01Ruby di LatianoUnknown
1997-07-24S'Lichobor FantomHD: A-1
1997-07-24S'Lichobor FaustUnknown
1997-07-24S'Lichobor Favilla FlayHD: B-1
1997-07-24S'Lichobor FortunatoHD: B-1
1997-07-24S'Lichobor Fragola Rossa Unknown
1997-07-24S'Lichobor FrancoUnknown
2000-01-16S'Lichobor TanitaUnknown
2000-01-16S'Lichobor TaysonUnknown
2000-01-16S'Lichobor Tiffany HelloweenHD: A-1
2000-01-16S'Lichobor TigrisHD: A-1
2000-01-16S'Lichobor ToldoUnknown
2000-01-16S'Lichobor TornadaHD: A-1
1997-07-06Salima del CoinorUnknown
1998-11-11Sally CampagnanensisUnknown
1997-07-06Sally del CoinorUnknown
1998-08-15Sancho v. KlingbachUnknown
1998-11-11Schamir CampagnanensisUnknown
1998-11-11Schavanna CampagnanensisUnknown
1998-11-11Schoan CampagnanensisUnknown
1998-11-11Sendo CampagnanensisUnknown
1997-07-06Shadeé del CoinorUnknown
1997-07-06Shartz del CoinorUnknown
1998-11-11Simba CampagnanensisUnknown
1998-11-11Slim CampagnanensisUnknown
1998-11-11Sly CampagnanensisUnknown
2000-05-05Smart Wood Hills EbonyHD: B-1
2000-05-05Smart Wood Hills ElisirHD: B-1
2000-05-05Smart Wood Hills EltonUnknown
2000-05-05Smart Wood Hills EsmeraldaUnknown
2000-05-05Smart Wood Hills EsmirHD: B-1
2000-05-05Smart Wood Hills ExcellentUnknown
1997-07-06Sophia del CoinorUnknown
1998-08-15Spicegirl v. KlingbachUnknown
1998-08-15Spike v. KlingbachUnknown
1998-11-11Spyke CampagnanensisHD: A-1
1997-07-06Sun Black Story del CoinorHD: B-1
1997-07-06Sunshine del CoinorUnknown
0000-00-00Tahi-Reme Game BoyUnknown
1997-10-17Tahi-Reme GladysUnknown
1997-10-17Tahi-Réme GulliverUnknown
1997-10-17Tahi-rème GuniHD: A-1
1997-10-17Tahi-Reme GwendolinUnknown
2000-01-19Tamara Tracy di ColdicaniaUnknown
2000-01-19Thriller di ColdicaniaUnknown
2000-01-19Tiffanytula di ColdicaniaHD: A-1
2000-01-19Tito di ColdicaniaUnknown
2000-01-19Totolemoco di ColdicaniaUnknown
2000-01-19Trash di ColdicaniaUnknown
2000-01-19Tristano di ColdicaniaUnknown
1997-03-03Vicky v. RovelineHD: A-1
1997-03-03Victor v. RovelineHD: A-1
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