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Lucky Luciano Tikrai Nauja
Name Lucky Luciano Tikrai Nauja
Owner Unknown
Breeder Andrius Ceciai (Tikrai Nauja)
Gender Stud
Pedigreebook LSVKD
Pedigreenumber LSVKD2682/10
Colour Brown
Sire Livonijas Baron Hitch Cock
Dam Borana di Altobello
Date of birth 2010-06-26
Date deceased Unknown
Cause of death Unknown
Extra information ZTP 1B V
2012 ADPr.
2012 BH
2012 IPO I 79-73-82-234
IDC Jugend Sieger 2011
Baltic Youth Winner 2011
Baltic Winner 2012
Lithuanian Dobermann Club Youth Winner 2011
Lithuanian Youth Champion
Latvian Youth Champion
Romanian Champion
Estonian Champion
Estonian Winner 2012
Latvian Champion
Estonian youth Champion
Belarusian Champion
Baltic youth Champion
International Champion
HD Status HD: A-1
"von Willebrand" Clear
Wobbler Syndrom (C.V.I.) Unknown
Cardiomyopathie Holter and Echo Unknown
Cardiomyopathie DNA Marker Unknown
Dilute Unknown
Inbred percentage 8.0784 %
Brothers and sisters
2010-06-26Laetitia Tikrai NaujaUnknown
2010-06-26Laila Legend Tikrai NaujaUnknown
2010-06-26Laridana Tikrai NaujaHD: A-1
2010-06-26Larry Bary Tikrai NaujaUnknown
2010-06-26Lauris Loran Tikrai NaujaUnknown
2010-06-26Lazaro Luvr Tikrai NaujaUnknown
2010-06-26Legend Lozor Tikrai NaujaUnknown
2010-06-26Leila Laime Tikrai NaujaHD: A-1
2010-06-26Lorena Luca Tikrai NaujaUnknown
2010-06-26Lucky Lizeta Tikrai NaujaUnknown
2015-01-28Ada Baltic ResidenceUnknown
2015-01-28Adi Baltic ResidenceUnknown
2012-11-27Agnes Sorel iz ZoosferyHD: A-1
2015-01-28Allegra Baltic ResidenceUnknown
2012-11-27Almodovar iz ZoosferyUnknown
2012-11-27Anouk Aimee iz ZoosferyUnknown
2012-11-27Antonio Banderas iz ZoosferyUnknown
2015-01-28Argo Baltic ResidenceUnknown
2015-01-28Arina Baltic ResidenceUnknown
2015-01-28Arisa Baltic ResidenceUnknown
2015-01-28Aron Baltic ResidenceUnknown
2015-01-28Aston Baltic ResidenceUnknown
2015-01-28Astra Baltic ResidenceUnknown
2015-01-28Athena Baltic ResidenceHD: A-1
2012-11-27Ava Gardner iz ZoosferyUnknown
2016-06-13Bombardier Tikrai NaujaUnknown
2013-09-18Imidz Lady Fleur DelysHD: A-1
2014-09-28Imidz Lady Gwenyver GellaUnknown
2015-10-09Imidz Lady Henriette DioraUnknown
2014-09-28Imidz Lord GaspardUnknown
2014-09-28Imidz Lord GelhardUnknown
2014-09-28Imidz Lord GloriusUnknown
2015-10-09Imidz Lord HermannHD: A-1
2014-09-13Nevskiy Tserber L'Oreal LafeeUnknown
2014-09-13Nevskiy Tserber Lara CroftUnknown
2014-09-13Nevskiy Tserber Laurika LautaUnknown
2014-09-13Nevskiy Tserber Lemon Kiss LimaUnknown
2014-09-13Nevskiy Tserber Lenny KravitzUnknown
2014-09-13Nevskiy Tserber Lionel MessiUnknown
2014-09-13Nevskiy Tserber Liv TylerUnknown
2014-09-13Nevskiy Tserber Liz Grethen Unknown
2014-09-13Nevskiy Tserber Lorenzo LamasUnknown
2014-09-13Nevskiy Tserber Louis XIV de BourbonUnknown
2014-09-13Nevskiy Tserber Lucky LucianoUnknown
2015-09-10Oreto Mia Dancing QueenHD: A-1
2015-09-10Oreto Mia Daring WarriorUnknown
2015-09-10Oreto Mia Dark KnightUnknown
2015-09-10Oreto Mia Defence ModeUnknown
2015-09-10Oreto Mia DesideriaUnknown
2015-09-10Oreto Mia DesperadoUnknown
2015-09-10Oreto Mia DiscoveryUnknown
2015-09-10Oreto Mia DominionUnknown
2015-09-10Oreto Mia Done By FireUnknown
2015-09-10Oreto Mia DragonriderUnknown
2015-09-10Oreto Mia Dynasty Of RosesHD: A-1
2015-05-19Rewal's Phoenyx Bayron BuggattiUnknown
2015-05-19Rewal's Phoenyx Brandon BassionierUnknown
2015-05-19Rewal's Phoenyx Brespen BoscoUnknown
2012-09-05Smart Wood Hills VictoriaHD: A-1
2014-01-23Stay in Style PalermoUnknown
2014-01-23Stay in Style PalmyraUnknown
2014-01-23Stay in Style Paora DiaUnknown
2014-01-23Stay in Style ParisUnknown
2014-01-23Stay in Style ParizaUnknown
2014-01-23Stay in Style PascaleUnknown
2014-01-23Stay in Style PascoUnknown
2014-01-23Stay in Style PishanaUnknown
2014-01-23Stay in Style PraximoUnknown
2014-01-23Stay in Style Prinz PacoUnknown
2014-01-23Stay in Style PriyaUnknown
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