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Purgaj's Porsche di Altobello
Name Purgaj's Porsche di Altobello
Owner Alojz Purgaj (v. Jahrestal)
Breeder Dejan Malbasa (di Altobello)
Gender Stud
Pedigreebook JRSP
Pedigreenumber JR 82930
Colour Black
Sire Fan-Fan de Grande Vinko
Dam Wild Cherry di Altobello
Date of birth 2007-12-29
Date deceased Unknown
Cause of death Unknown
Extra information BH, IPO I
Champion of Serbia
Champion of Austria
Champion of Slovenia
Champion of Bosnia
HD Status HD: B-1
"von Willebrand" Unknown
Wobbler Syndrom (C.V.I.) Unknown
Cardiomyopathie Holter and Echo Unknown
Cardiomyopathie DNA Marker Unknown
Dilute Unknown
Inbred percentage 8.5478 %
Brothers and sisters
2007-12-29Panda di AltobelloHD: A-1
2007-12-29Paris di AltobelloUnknown
2007-12-29Pegasus di AltobelloUnknown
2007-12-29Portonicos di AltobelloUnknown
2007-12-29Prima di AltobelloHD: A-1
0000-00-00Anela v. ZaxhausUnknown
0000-00-00Aria v. ZaxhausUnknown
0000-00-00Ariel v. ZaxhausUnknown
2013-03-14Aritaur AmoreuxUnknown
2013-03-14Aritaur BonaparteUnknown
2013-03-14Aritaur CharlemagneUnknown
2013-03-14Aritaur Charles de GaulleUnknown
2013-03-14Aritaur FlambeauxUnknown
2013-03-14Aritaur Flamour PerleUnknown
2013-03-14Aritaur French ConnectionUnknown
2013-03-14Aritaur French KissUnknown
2013-03-14Aritaur HelisioUnknown
2013-03-14Aritaur LaliqueUnknown
2013-03-14Aritaur Lanson Black LabelUnknown
2013-03-14Aritaur Louis de SacyUnknown
2013-03-14Aritaur Madame MechantUnknown
2013-03-14Aritaur RegardezUnknown
2016-05-30Balboa (JR 710872)Unknown
0000-00-00Bonaparte di AltobelloHD: B-1
2012-07-27Destiny Royal PowerHD: A-1
2015-06-06Dzinga (JR 84870)Unknown
2013-02-25Fakir of Hoffman HouseUnknown
2013-02-25Falcon Spirit of Hoffman HouseUnknown
2013-02-25Farahgolden of Hoffman HouseHD: A-1
2013-02-25Fighter Klaus of Hoffman HouseUnknown
2012-02-25Hankara Porsche of Devil InsideUnknown
2012-02-25Hargos Porsche of Devil InsideHD: B-1
2012-02-25Hathos Porsche of Devil InsideUnknown
2012-02-25Helio Porsche of Devil InsideUnknown
2012-02-25Hilton Porsche of Devil InsideUnknown
2012-02-25Holly Porsche of Devil InsideUnknown
2012-02-25Horus Porsche of Devil InsideUnknown
0000-00-00Hugo di AltobelloUnknown
2013-11-18I Athena v. Gebrannten WaldeUnknown
2013-03-06I Dobby of Devil InsideUnknown
2013-07-30I M Alive des Brumes de KalhanUnknown
2013-07-30I M In Time des Brumes de KalhanUnknown
2013-07-30I M the Best des Brumes de KalhanUnknown
2013-07-30I M Winner des Brumes de KalhanUnknown
2013-07-30I Will Survive des Brumes de KalhanUnknown
2013-11-18I Yamaha v. Gebrannten WaldeUnknown
2013-05-21Icarus-Harry v. Gebrannten WaldeUnknown
2013-10-11Ice du manoir de vallonneUnknown
2013-11-18Icon v. Gebrannten WaldeUnknown
2013-10-11Idris du manoir de vallonneUnknown
2013-11-10Ihndira Indya Wild CherryUnknown
2013-10-11Ihndira-indya Charlie Unknown
2014-11-03Ilay di AltobelloUnknown
2013-10-11illios du manoir de vallonneUnknown
2013-05-21Ilon-Iris v. Gebrannten WaldeUnknown
2013-10-07Ina Jude of Devil InsideUnknown
2013-05-21Ina v. Gebrannten WaldeUnknown
2013-10-07Indiana of Devil InsideUnknown
2013-10-11Indigo Porsche du Manoir de VallonneUnknown
2013-11-18Indigo v. Gebrannten WaldeUnknown
2013-05-21Indira v. Gebrannten WaldeUnknown
2013-10-11Indra iska du manoir de vallonneUnknown
2013-11-18Inice v. Gebrannten WaldeUnknown
2014-11-03Insomnia di AltobelloUnknown
2013-03-06Ioko of Devil InsideUnknown
2013-05-21Iria v. Gebrannten WaldeUnknown
2013-11-18Irinus v. Gebrannten WaldeUnknown
2013-03-06Iris Ever of Devil InsideUnknown
2013-04-27Iris Galaxy of Devil InsideUnknown
2013-10-11Iris I du manoir de vallonneUnknown
2013-10-11Iris II du manoir de vallonneUnknown
2013-03-06Iris Joke of Devil InsideUnknown
2013-03-06Iron of Devil InsideUnknown
2013-10-07Isaac of Devil InsideUnknown
2013-10-07isaak Porsche of devil insideUnknown
2013-11-18Isak v. Gebrannten WaldeUnknown
2013-05-21Isis-Djena v. Gebrannten WaldeUnknown
2013-05-21Iska v. Gebrannten WaldeUnknown
2013-10-11Iska-indya du manoir de vallonneUnknown
2013-10-11Isko du manoir de vallonneUnknown
2013-05-21Italo v. Gebrannten WaldeUnknown
2013-03-06Ito of Devil InsideUnknown
2013-11-18Itot v. Gebrannten WaldeUnknown
2013-05-21Ivana v. Gebrannten WaldeUnknown
2013-03-06Ixxel of Devil InsideUnknown
2013-10-07Izeus of devil insideUnknown
2013-03-06Izia of Devil InsideUnknown
2014-03-14J Adore-Folies v. JagerhohleUnknown
2014-03-14J Ares v. JagerhohleUnknown
2014-01-15J Black De La Ferrière Haut ClocherUnknown
2014-06-27J Pampa de la Croix D'AtalUnknown
2014-01-15J Skyla De La Ferrière Haut ClocherUnknown
2012-07-06J'Adore Gucci v. Nobel LineUnknown
2012-07-06Jack the Ripper v. Nobel LineUnknown
2014-03-14Jack v. JagerhohleUnknown
2014-06-27Jaguar de la Croix D'AtalUnknown
2012-07-06Jahrestal v. Nobel LineUnknown
2014-02-20Jana Du Domaine de RupembertUnknown
2014-02-20Jarod Du Domaine de RupembertUnknown
2014-01-15Jarrod De La Ferrière Haut ClocherUnknown
2014-06-27Java de la Croix D'AtalUnknown
2014-01-15Jazz De La Ferrière Haut ClocherUnknown
2014-03-14Jazz v. JagerhohleUnknown
2012-07-06Je t'aime v. Nobel LineHD: B-1
2014-01-15Jenki Storm De La Ferrière Haut ClocherUnknown
2014-03-14Jess v. JagerhohleUnknown
2012-07-06Jesse James v. Nobel LineHD: A-1
2014-03-14Jessy v. JagerhohleUnknown
2012-07-06Jigsaw v. Nobel LineHD: D
2014-02-20Jirka Du Domaine de RupembertUnknown
2014-02-20Jock Du Domaine de RupembertUnknown
2014-01-15Jodie De La Ferrière Haut ClocherUnknown
2012-07-06Johnny B Good v. Nobel LineUnknown
2014-12-29Jolanda (JR 709280)Unknown
2012-07-06Jolene v. Nobel LineUnknown
2014-03-14Jolly v. JagerhohleUnknown
2014-02-20Joya Du Domaine de RupembertUnknown
2014-02-20Joyce Du Domaine de RupembertUnknown
2014-03-14Joyce v. JagerhohleUnknown
2012-07-06Juicy Couture v. Nobel LineUnknown
2014-06-27Jumeirah Beach de la Croix D'AtalUnknown
2014-02-20Jungle Du Domaine de RupembertUnknown
2014-01-15Juste Angelo De La Ferrière Haut ClocherUnknown
2011-01-28Lambada di AltobelloUnknown
2011-01-28Larson Di AltobelloHD: B-1
2011-01-28Larus di AltobelloHD: A-1
2011-01-28Lolitta di AltobelloHD: A-1
0000-00-00Napoleone di AltobelloUnknown
0000-00-00Nonna di AltobelloUnknown
0000-00-00Norton Neal v. JahrestalUnknown
0000-00-00Nyx di AltobelloHD: A-1
0000-00-00Obelix di Casa MontenegroUnknown
0000-00-00Odesa di Casa MontenegroUnknown
0000-00-00Odin di Casa MontenegroUnknown
0000-00-00Oktagon di Casa MontenegroUnknown
0000-00-00Onyx di Casa MontenegroUnknown
0000-00-00Osaka di Casa MontenegroUnknown
2014-06-30Persephone Pride of HunnoterraUnknown
0000-00-00Quorro di AltobelloUnknown
2010-06-01Shere Khan v. Dunav StamUnknown
2015-10-10Steel Dragon LeonesUnknown
2015-10-10Steel Dragon LillithUnknown
2011-03-14Tango di AltobelloHD: C
2011-03-14Targa di AltobelloUnknown
2011-03-14Tayson di AltobelloUnknown
Added by Simone
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