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Graf Tschet of Mon-Ja-Mes
Name Graf Tschet of Mon-Ja-Mes
Owner Unknown
Breeder James Hafner (of Mon-ja-mes)
Gender Stud
Pedigreebook OHZB
Pedigreenumber OHZB 13415A
Colour Black
Sire Nitro del Rio Bianco
Dam Gräfin Cibele Jimona of Mon-ja-mes
Date of birth 2007-06-02
Date deceased Unknown
Cause of death Unknown
Extra information BGH, ZTP 1A V, IPO III, FH I, AD
Austrian Youth Champion
Austrian Champion
Austrian Annual Club Champion
Club Winner
Graz Winner

HD Status HD: A-1
"von Willebrand" Clear
Wobbler Syndrom (C.V.I.) Unknown
Cardiomyopathie Holter and Echo Tested normal
Cardiomyopathie DNA Marker Negative
Dilute DD
Inbred percentage 13.3061 %
Brothers and sisters
2006-12-01Graf Ramon of Mon-ja-mesUnknown
2006-12-01Graf Remus of Mon-ja-mesUnknown
2007-06-02Graf Terence of Mon-ja-mesUnknown
2007-06-02Graf Tess of Mon-ja-mesUnknown
2007-06-02Graf Titus of Mon-ja-mesUnknown
2006-12-01Gräfin Ra of Mon-ja-mesUnknown
2006-12-01Gräfin Ramee of Mon-ja-mesUnknown
2006-12-01Gräfin Rani of Mon-ja-mesUnknown
2006-12-01Gräfin Romy of Mon-ja-mesUnknown
2007-06-02Gräfin Tamilou of Mon-ja-mesUnknown
2007-06-02Gräfin Taramee of Mon-ja-mesUnknown
2007-06-02Gräfin Thessa of Mon-ja-mesUnknown
2007-06-02Gräfin Touche of Mon-ja-mesUnknown
2007-06-02Gräfin Tschois of Mon-ja-mesUnknown
2012-09-29Caillou v. GeorgibergUnknown
2012-09-29Candy v. GeorgibergUnknown
2012-09-29Cantavi v. GeorgibergUnknown
2012-09-29Cascaya v. GeorgibergHD: A-1
2012-09-29Celine v. GeorgibergUnknown
2012-09-29Cäcilia v. GeorgibergUnknown
2012-05-13Raamun v. MaroskUnknown
2012-05-13Rakusch v. MaroskUnknown
2012-05-13Ramirez v. MaroskUnknown
2012-05-13Ramon v. MaroskUnknown
2012-05-13Ramses v. MaroskUnknown
2012-05-13Ramsey v. MaroskHD: A-1
2012-05-13Rioja v. MaroskUnknown
2012-05-13Roockie v. MaroskUnknown
2012-05-13Ruby v. MaroskUnknown
2012-05-13Rufus v. MaroskHD: A-1
2012-05-13Ruppert v. MaroskUnknown
2010-06-03Uhara Tschethay di MatarioUnknown
2010-06-03Umia Tschethay di MatarioUnknown
2010-06-03Una Donna Tschethay di MatarioHD: A-1
2010-06-03Usira Tschethay di MatarioUnknown
2010-06-03Uvano Tschethay di MatarioUnknown
Added by Simone
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