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Tahi-Reme Max
Name Tahi-Reme Max
Owner Nikica and Tatjana Uzelac
Breeder Erika Szokol (Tahi-Reme)
Gender Stud
Pedigreebook METDOB
Pedigreenumber JR705798
Colour Black
Sire Pride of Russia Ferro
Dam Tahi-Réme Giniti
Date of birth 2010-05-28
Date deceased Unknown
Cause of death Unknown
Extra information BH, ZTP 1B V, IPO II
DCR Champion
AIAD Champion 2014
Champion of Serbia
Champion of Romania
International Champion

2011-11 Cardio tested Holter and Echo: normal
HD Status HD: B-1
"von Willebrand" Clear
Wobbler Syndrom (C.V.I.) Unknown
Cardiomyopathie Holter and Echo Tested normal
Cardiomyopathie DNA Marker Negative
Dilute Unknown
Inbred percentage 6.0577 %
Brothers and sisters
2016-10-18 Chikita Chula del Diamante NeroUnknown
2013-07-30Air Force One DobernatiUnknown
2014-01-22Akira (LO1449547)Unknown
2013-07-30Alabama Hope DobernatiUnknown
2014-01-22Alfie (LO1449552)Unknown
2014-01-22Amarena (LO1449554)Unknown
2013-07-30Amazing Maxi DobernatiUnknown
2014-01-22Ameli (LO1449553)HD: A-1
2014-01-22Anita (LO1449555)Unknown
2014-01-22Ank (LO1449550)Unknown
2014-11-04Ardens Carlos ConnorUnknown
2014-11-04Ardens Chira ChesunaUnknown
2014-01-22Argo (LO1449549)HD: B-1
2014-01-07Arte del NasiHD: A-1
2014-01-22Ashton Ali Mar (LO1449558)Unknown
2016-04-25Aslanim Serafani AcisUnknown
2016-04-25Aslanim Serafimi AeroUnknown
2016-04-25Aslanim Serafimi AktaUnknown
2016-04-25Aslanim Serafimi AlalaUnknown
2016-04-25Aslanim Serafimi AresUnknown
2016-04-25Aslanim Serafimi ArkoUnknown
2016-04-25Aslanim Serafimi AteoUnknown
2016-04-25Aslanim Serafimi AugeUnknown
2016-04-25Aslanim Serafimi AuraUnknown
2016-04-25Aslanim Serafimi AuxoUnknown
2016-04-25Aslanim Serafimi AzureUnknown
2014-01-07Asterix del NasiHD: A-1
2014-01-22Axel (LO1449557)Unknown
0000-00-00Bandito v. Haus LiopirisUnknown
0000-00-00Bogard v. Haus LiopirisUnknown
0000-00-00Bonsai v. Haus LiopirisUnknown
0000-00-00Boy v. Haus LiopirisUnknown
2016-01-29C'mao di AltobelloUnknown
0000-00-00Celebrian Rika di AltobelloUnknown
0000-00-00Celebrity Rica di AltobelloUnknown
2016-10-18Chianti del Diamante NeroUnknown
2016-10-18Cosima del Diamante NeroUnknown
2016-10-18Cosimo del Diamante NeroUnknown
2017-07-01Da Vinci del MontaldoUnknown
2013-12-08Daemon Danton v. AshantiUnknown
2011-07-26Daly Aya Ginga HouseHD: B-1
2013-12-08Dama Dorina v. AshantiHD: A-1
2016-05-19Damax di Villa ConteUnknown
2011-07-26Dan Duran Ginga HouseUnknown
2011-07-26Daria Ginga HouseUnknown
2013-12-08Dark Diktator v. AshantiUnknown
2016-05-19Dea di Villa ConteUnknown
2017-07-01Dea Mater del MontaldoUnknown
2012-04-01Defender of Bulgaria BahaUnknown
2012-04-01Defender of Bulgaria BalthazarUnknown
2012-04-01Defender of Bulgaria BelladonnaUnknown
2012-04-01Defender of Bulgaria BiancaUnknown
2012-04-01Defender of Bulgaria BizzaUnknown
2012-04-01Defender of Bulgaria BorgarUnknown
2012-04-01Defender of Bulgaria BoromirUnknown
2013-12-08Demona Dream v. AshantiUnknown
2013-12-08Devil Diamant v. AshantiUnknown
2013-12-08Dexter Ducatti v. AshantiUnknown
2013-12-08Disciple Duke v. AshantiUnknown
2016-05-19Diva di Villa ConteUnknown
2017-01-30Dobergaarden Forever ChanchitoUnknown
2017-01-30Dobergaarden Forever ChangUnknown
2017-01-30Dobergaarden Forever ChunhuaUnknown
2017-01-30Dobergaarden Forever CorsanniUnknown
2013-12-08Dolche Divina v. AshantiUnknown
2017-07-01Doma Vaquera del MontaldoUnknown
2017-07-01Donna Luisa del MontaldoUnknown
2013-12-08Doren Domina v. AshantiUnknown
2013-12-08Dragon Dean v. AshantiUnknown
2017-07-01Duple del MontaldoUnknown
2014-02-04Eria Pro ArabicaUnknown
2014-01-22Eva (LO1449551)Unknown
2011-10-04Favorite Queen v. Schwarze KraftUnknown
2015-08-07Fayton v. MrdakUnknown
2014-09-05Fedez di Casa GiardinoUnknown
2014-09-05Fedor di Casa GiardinoUnknown
2014-09-05Fiamma di Casa GiardinoUnknown
2014-09-05Fiormargo di Casa GiardinoUnknown
2013-04-05Fort Bellators BorejUnknown
2013-04-05Fort Bellators BrontUnknown
2013-04-05Fort Bellators Brutus BlazeUnknown
2015-04-25Fort Bellators HabaneraUnknown
2015-04-25Fort Bellators Haldor Unknown
2015-04-25Fort Bellators Happy Honey Unknown
2015-04-25Fort Bellators Harley DoodleUnknown
2015-04-25Fort Bellators HarunaUnknown
2015-04-25Fort Bellators Hefina PepperUnknown
2015-04-25Fort Bellators HodinUnknown
2015-04-25Fort Bellators Hot StormUnknown
2014-09-05Freddy di Casa GiardinoUnknown
2014-09-05Free di Casa GiardinoUnknown
2014-09-05Frida di Casa GiardinoUnknown
2014-09-05Fullathos di Casa GiardinoUnknown
2013-07-14Game On Under The GunUnknown
2013-07-14Game On Up The AnteHD: C
2014-11-01Halley di Casa MargotUnknown
2015-10-27Hanjia del Monte AsproUnknown
2015-05-12Hawaii by the SeaUnknown
2015-10-27Helyena del Monte AsproUnknown
2012-06-24Heny SawagesUnknown
2012-06-24Hera SawagesUnknown
2014-11-01Hevia di Casa MargotHD: C
2014-11-01Hillary di Casa MargotHD: A-1
2015-10-27Horyo del Monte AsproUnknown
2014-11-01Hotello di Casa MargotHD: A-1
2015-10-27Hyugo del Monte AsproUnknown
2015-03-27Ianos della Rocca NormannaUnknown
2015-03-16Ibra di Casa GiardinoUnknown
2014-02-22Icon Shadow of the DarknessUnknown
2015-03-16Immunity di Casa GiardinoUnknown
2014-02-22Indago Shadow of the DarknessUnknown
2015-03-16Iride di Casa GiardinoUnknown
2015-03-27Irina della Rocca NormannaUnknown
2015-03-16Iris di Casa GiardinoUnknown
2015-03-16Irma di Casa GiardinoUnknown
2013-03-18Isana v. HavellandHD: A-1
2015-03-16Iside di Casa GiardinoUnknown
2015-03-16Isotta di Casa GiardinoUnknown
2015-03-27Italo della Rocca NormannaUnknown
2015-03-27Ivano della Rocca NormannaUnknown
2015-03-16Ivy di Casa GiardinoUnknown
2017-05-27Jack Sparrow dei BorboniUnknown
2017-05-27Jamaica dei BorboniUnknown
2017-02-24James Joyce di Monte la GuardiaUnknown
2017-05-27Jamila dei BorboniUnknown
2017-05-27Jay Nala dei BorboniUnknown
2017-05-27Jet dei BorboniUnknown
2017-05-27Jo Danilo dei BorboniUnknown
2017-05-27Joia dei BorboniUnknown
2017-05-27Joker dei BorboniUnknown
2017-05-27Jolie dei BorboniUnknown
2017-05-27Jolly dei BorboniUnknown
2017-05-27Joys dei BorboniUnknown
2017-02-24Jude the Obscure di Monte la GuardiaUnknown
2017-05-27Julius dei BorboniUnknown
2017-02-24Just Joey di Monte la GuardiaUnknown
2016-04-11Kamila Vital ScreenUnknown
2016-04-11Kasandra Vital ScreenUnknown
2016-04-11Katana Vital ScreenUnknown
2016-04-11Kelli Vital ScreenUnknown
0000-00-00King v. Haus LiopirisUnknown
2016-04-11Kira Vital ScreenUnknown
2016-04-11Klara Vital ScreenUnknown
0000-00-00Knight of Night BiancaUnknown
2016-04-11Kristi Vital ScreenUnknown
2014-08-17Laios v. HavellandUnknown
2014-02-11Lamar di CaresiUnknown
2016-05-01Lara Luz delle Torri NereUnknown
2015-08-25Larissa di Casa FoxHD: C
2016-10-06Layla del TiburUnknown
2014-02-11Layla di CaresiUnknown
2014-08-17Lector v. HavellandHD: A-1
2015-08-25Legend di Casa FoxHD: B-1
2014-08-17Leo v. HavellandUnknown
2016-10-06Leon del TiburUnknown
2014-02-11Leon di CaresiUnknown
2015-08-25Leon di Casa FoxUnknown
2014-08-17Lexodon v. HavellandUnknown
2016-10-06Libano del TiburUnknown
0000-00-00Libero Diamond StammUnknown
2014-08-17Liefers v. HavellandUnknown
2016-05-01Lion's Legend delle Torri NereUnknown
2016-05-01Lioness Life delle Torri NereUnknown
2016-10-06Lira del TiburUnknown
2016-10-06Livia del TiburUnknown
2016-10-06Lois Lane del TiburUnknown
2014-08-17Lokum v. HavellandUnknown
2015-08-25Loona di Casa FoxHD: A-1
2014-02-11Lucas di CaresiUnknown
2014-02-11Lucky Luke di CaresiUnknown
2016-10-06Lucrezia del TiburUnknown
2016-10-06Luis Lupin del TiburUnknown
2011-10-23Megan UnreachablesHD: A-1
2011-09-20Olimpia-Odea v. Milano HomeUnknown
2017-02-24P van RoyaertUnknown
2017-01-26Pride of Russia ValdayUnknown
2017-01-26Pride of Russia VarkutaUnknown
2017-01-26Pride of Russia Varvara KrasaUnknown
2017-01-26Pride of Russia Veter SevernijUnknown
2017-01-26Pride of Russia VikingUnknown
2017-01-26Pride of Russia VjugaUnknown
2015-01-24Qui Terret Da BombUnknown
2015-01-24Qui Terret Dangerously PerfectUnknown
2015-01-24Qui Terret Demolition ManHD: B-1
2015-01-24Qui Terret Despicable MeUnknown
2015-01-24Qui Terret Devil Wears PradaUnknown
2015-01-24Qui Terret Devilish DictatorUnknown
2015-01-24Qui Terret Devils AdvocateUnknown
2015-01-24Qui Terret Dominant Son of a BUnknown
2015-01-24Qui Terret Double TroubleUnknown
2015-01-24Qui Terret Down 2 EarthUnknown
2012-01-29Savana BetelgesHD: A-1
2012-01-29Shalimar BetelgesHD: B-1
2012-09-27Tahi-Rème BeatriceHD: A-1
2013-01-28Tahi-Reme BeautyUnknown
2013-02-19Tahi-Reme GaraHD: B-1
2013-02-19Tahi-Reme GigiUnknown
2013-02-19Tahi-Reme GraziaHD: D
2013-06-30Tahi-Reme ImaxUnknown
2013-06-30Tahi-Reme IndraHD: A-1
2013-06-30Tahi-Reme ItaHD: A-1
2014-04-13Tahi-Rème NadineUnknown
2014-04-13Tahi-Reme Nadya NikitaHD: D
2013-01-13Terry di Casa GiardinoHD: A-1
2017-02-12Thunder Ares del FiorsilvaUnknown
2017-02-12Trevor del FiorsilvaUnknown
2017-02-12Tycoon del FiorsilvaUnknown
2012-02-03Una from Lipar LandUnknown
2013-07-06Valdo from Lipar LandHD: A-1
2012-05-05Vaydee Bad BoyUnknown
2012-05-05Vaydee BagzyUnknown
2012-05-05Vaydee Baiely BazingaUnknown
2012-05-05Vaydee BalkanUnknown
2012-05-05Vaydee Barney BalinUnknown
2012-05-05Vaydee BaroccoUnknown
2012-05-05Vaydee Bella FiumeUnknown
2012-05-05Vaydee BellissimaUnknown
2012-05-05Vaydee BentleyUnknown
2012-05-05Vaydee BladeUnknown
2012-05-05Vaydee BowieUnknown
2012-05-05Vaydee BrynhildurUnknown
2016-12-18Veronika di OraoUnknown
2012-03-30Wanda of Blackmagic LandHD: C
2012-04-23Wara di Casa FoxUnknown
2012-04-23Wedra di Casa FoxUnknown
2012-04-23Welka di Casa FoxUnknown
2012-04-23Wena di Casa FoxUnknown
2012-04-23Wes di Casa FoxUnknown
2012-03-30Wicca of Blackmagic LandHD: B-1
2012-04-23Wildfire di Casa FoxUnknown
2012-04-23Wollas di Casa FoxHD: A-1
2012-04-23Wyky di Casa FoxUnknown
2012-12-08Xenia Dea Asli HanHD: A-1
2013-05-25Zandra BetelgesUnknown
2013-05-25Zoza BetelgesHD: D
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