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Baron Ebo v. Alpha Nordic
Name Baron Ebo v. Alpha Nordic
Owner Tor Odd Mehren (v. Alpha Nordic)
Breeder Tor Odd Mehren (v. Alpha Nordic)
Gender Stud
Pedigreebook NKKR
Pedigreenumber N 21773/92
Colour Brown
Sire Nobel v. Roveline
Dam Schwima's Black Voodoo
Date of birth 1992-06-04
Date deceased 2000-08-29
Cause of death 08-year / DCM
Extra information Number Denmark: DK 01544/96
IPO I, ZTP 1A V, KORAD (Sweden)
International Champion
German Champion DV
German Champion VDH
Swedish Champion
Danish Champion
Norwegain Champion
Brusselwinner 1995
HD Status HD: A-1
"von Willebrand" Unknown
Wobbler Syndrom (C.V.I.) Unknown
Cardiomyopathie Holter and Echo Unknown
Cardiomyopathie DNA Marker Unknown
Dilute Unknown
Inbred percentage 6.917 %
Brothers and sisters
1992-06-04Baron Barock v. Alpha NordicUnknown
1992-06-04Baron Beau-Noir v. Alpha NordicHD: A-1
1992-06-04Baron Birck v. Alpha NordicHD: A-1
1992-06-04Baron Black Charow v. Alpha NordicHD: A-1
1992-06-04Baron Bronco v. Alpha NordicUnknown
1992-06-04Baron Bronze Bruno v. Alpha NordicHD: A-1
1992-06-04Baron Brown Bruno v. Alpha NordicUnknown
1992-06-04Barones Belita v. Alpha NordicHD: A-1
1992-06-04Barones Biona v. Alpha NordicHD: A-1
1993-02-04Schwima's Y'ioUnknown
1993-02-04Schwima's YassierUnknown
1993-02-04Schwima's Yerivan-NeroHD: A-1
1993-02-04Schwima's Ylyana O'myth DrannorHD: A-1
1993-02-04Schwima's YogiUnknown
1993-02-04Schwima's Young SeanUnknown
1993-02-04Schwima's YvesUnknown
1993-02-04Schwimas Yvette-ZahraHD: A-1
1997-01-28Arakia's Idahoe SpringHD: A-1
1997-01-28Arakia's Ikaros MaximeUnknown
1997-01-28Arakia's Imperial TitusHD: A-1
1997-01-28Arakia's Imperial TrajanHD: B-1
1997-01-28Arakia's Indian SummerHD: C
1997-03-26Brutal De Lux Agro-AzzizUnknown
1997-03-26Brutal De Lux Amazing-FrejaUnknown
1997-03-26Brutal De Lux AristoUnknown
1997-03-26Brutal De Lux Assi-AmigaUnknown
1997-03-26Brutal De Lux Atte-AthosUnknown
1998-04-09Brutal De Lux Baron BlitzHD: A-1
1997-03-26Brutal De Lux Baron-AlphaUnknown
1997-03-26Brutal De Lux Baroness-AlphaUnknown
1998-04-09Brutal De Lux Beauty's PrideUnknown
1998-04-09Brutal De Lux Black Baron EboUnknown
1998-04-09Brutal De Lux Black BeautyUnknown
1997-03-26Brutal De Lux Black-AndyUnknown
1998-04-09Brutal De Lux BogartUnknown
1998-04-09Brutal De Lux BonitaUnknown
1997-03-26Brutal De Lux Brown-AgonyUnknown
1997-03-26Brutal De Lux Brown-AskoUnknown
1997-03-26Brutal De Lux Ebo-JrUnknown
1999-10-20Bäbie's Garden Tulip GranderUnknown
1999-10-20Bäbie's Garden Tulip InzellUnknown
1999-10-20Bäbie's Garden Tulip MontreuxUnknown
1999-10-20Bäbie's Garden Tulip MysteryUnknown
1999-10-20Bäbie's Garden Tulip ProminencHD: A-1
1999-10-20Bäbie's Garden Tulip Snow StarUnknown
1999-10-20Bäbie's Garden Tulip Up StarUnknown
1999-10-20Bäbie's Garden Tulip WhitedreamUnknown
1996-04-30Cantos-Comandos Av Bel ContoUnknown
1996-04-30Captain-Cesar Av Bel ContoUnknown
1996-04-30Charming-Champierra Av Bel ContoHD: C
1996-04-30Charmy-Cerita Av Bel ContoUnknown
1996-04-30Chatem-Candy Av Bel ContoUnknown
1999-02-09Ciatto's Dandy DiamondUnknown
1999-02-09Ciatto's Delightful DonnaUnknown
1999-02-09Ciatto's Dewil DreamUnknown
1999-02-09Ciatto's Dharma DelightHD: A-1
1999-02-09Ciatto's Dino DaimlerUnknown
1999-02-09Ciatto's Dynamite DarwinUnknown
1996-04-30Cindy-Crawford Av Bel ContoUnknown
1996-04-30Citador-Corsair Av Bel ContoUnknown
1996-04-30Classic-Carissa Av Bel ContoUnknown
1996-04-30Comtesse-Celine Av Bel ContoUnknown
1999-04-18Cosi'con Narda NubiaHD: B-1
1999-04-18Cosi'con Nashita NikitaiHD: A-1
1999-04-18Cosi'con Naval NansenHD: B-1
1999-04-18Cosi'con Nebo NodellusHD: A-1
1999-04-18Cosi'con Never OutUnknown
1999-04-18Cosi'con Ninja NoirUnknown
1999-04-18Cosi'con Niobe NoriaHD: A-1
1999-04-18Cosi'con Nuit d'AvrilHD: A-1
1998-03-10Froncilla's FabianHD: A-1
1998-03-10Froncilla's Fan-Ta-NaHD: A-1
1998-03-10Froncilla's FelixUnknown
1998-03-10Froncilla's FenjaHD: A-1
1997-05-17Genius-Gina Av Bel ContoHD: A-1
1993-11-23Gianna Shiba v. Alpha NordicHD: A-1
1993-11-23Gianna-Akela v. Alpha NordicUnknown
1993-11-23Gianna-Amanda Valpha NordicUnknown
1993-11-23Gianna-Gisella v. Alpha NordicHD: C
1997-05-17Gitte-Gissma Av Bel ContoHD: A-1
1997-05-17Glamour-Girl Goggo Av Bel ContoHD: A-1
1997-05-17Golden-Goldie Av Bel ContoUnknown
1997-05-17Gracious-Grace Av Bel ContoHD: C
1997-05-17Gravin-Galina Av Bel ContoHD: A-1
1993-11-23Great-Felix v. Alpha NordicUnknown
1993-11-23Great-Oscar v. Alpha NordicUnknown
1993-11-23Great-Rancho v. Alpha NordicUnknown
1993-11-23Great-Zoltan v. Alpha NordicUnknown
1999-05-18Hainide Nait NeroUnknown
1999-05-18Hainide Nemrod-ChuckHD: A-1
1999-05-18Hainide Niklas NikolaiUnknown
1999-05-18Hainide Noran NeverUnknown
1998-05-15Handsome Hilo Av Bel ContoUnknown
1998-05-15Hawkeye Hercules Av Bel ContoHD: D
1998-05-15Heartbreak Holly av Bel ContoHD: A-1
1998-05-15Hera Helena Av Bel ContoUnknown
1998-05-15Hertog Harley Av Bel ContoUnknown
1998-05-15Hertogin Hennessy Av Bel ContoHD: A-1
1998-05-15Hillary H'aranja Av Bel ContoUnknown
1998-05-15Hopeful Honey Av Bel ContoHD: A-1
1998-05-15Hulk Hoogan Av Bel ContoUnknown
1998-05-15Hunter Herox Av Bel ContoHD: A-1
1994-12-16Jean Dark Bailys-BocageHD: A-1
1994-12-16Jean Dark Barking BossUnknown
1994-12-16Jean Dark Barynia-ByzanceHD: A-1
1994-12-16Jean Dark Be-BopHD: A-1
1994-12-16Jean Dark Betty-BarclayHD: A-1
1994-12-16Jean Dark Björn-BorgHD: A-1
1994-12-16Jean Dark Brown Is BeautifulUnknown
1998-01-16Karmel Ida v. Alpha NordicHD: A-1
1998-01-16Karmen Nala v. Alpha NordicUnknown
1998-01-16Kazan v. Alpha NordicHD: A-1
1998-01-16Kazzander v. Alpha NordicUnknown
1998-01-16Kita v. Alpha NordicUnknown
1998-01-16Konrad v. Alpha NordicUnknown
1998-01-16Kora Pepsi v. Alpha NordicHD: A-1
1998-01-16Kount Re-Ebo v. Alpha NordicUnknown
1999-08-17Kriegerhof Fabia FabrianneHD: A-1
1999-08-17Kriegerhof Fabrizia FioreHD: C
1999-08-17Kriegerhof Fabulous FebonHD: A-1
1999-08-17Kriegerhof Faith EbonyHD: C
1999-08-17Kriegerhof Farah FaustineUnknown
1999-08-17Kriegerhof Feo FergusUnknown
1999-08-17Kriegerhof FerdinandUnknown
1999-08-17Kriegerhof Fierce FalconUnknown
1999-08-17Kriegerhof Fiona FiorellaUnknown
1999-08-17Kriegerhof Flint FremontUnknown
1999-08-17Kriegerhof Flynn FlemingHD: D
1998-01-16Krystal Dhiva v. Alpha NordicUnknown
1996-02-21Little Crown's Lady LeonesseHD: A-1
1996-03-21Little Crown's LarexUnknown
1996-03-21Little Crown's LaronjaUnknown
1996-03-21Little Crown's LarryUnknown
1996-03-21Little Crown's LeonardUnknown
1996-03-21Little Crown's LexUnknown
1996-03-21Little Crown's Lord LeonUnknown
1996-03-21Little Crown's LucasHD: A-1
1997-02-01Little Crown's NachicoHD: A-1
1997-02-01Little Crown's NadjaUnknown
1997-02-01Little Crown's NalinaUnknown
1997-02-01Little Crown's NaroUnknown
1997-02-01Little Crown's NicoUnknown
1997-02-01Little Crown's NinjaUnknown
1997-02-01Little Crown's NoraHD: A-1
1997-02-01Little Crown's Nuriquilla-NordicHD: A-1
1998-06-18Naluna v. Alpha NordicHD: A-1
1998-06-18Narico v. Alpha NordicUnknown
1999-07-13Necronomicon ZamoraHD: B-1
1999-07-13Necronomicon ZeianeiraHD: A-1
1999-07-13Necronomicon ZenithaUnknown
1999-07-13Necronomicon ZephyrUnknown
1999-07-13Necronomicon ZhalimarUnknown
1999-07-13Necronomicon Zodiac WizardUnknown
1998-06-18Nemesis-Natonyo v. Alpha NordicUnknown
1998-06-18Nika-Nobless v. Alpha NordicHD: B-1
1998-06-18Nikita v. Alpha NordicHD: A-1
1995-07-09Steinsrod’s W-LaicaUnknown
1995-07-09Steinsrod’s WargUnknown
1995-07-09Steinsrod’s WeruskaUnknown
1995-07-09Steinsrod’s West IvanUnknown
1995-07-09Steinsrod’s Who's The BossUnknown
1995-07-09Steinsrod’s Wictor EboUnknown
1995-07-09Steinsrod’s Wild-NicoHD: A-1
1995-07-09Steinsrod’s Wile KajaUnknown
1995-07-09Steinsrod’s Wille CheenaHD: A-1
1995-07-09Steinsrod’s Wisper My Name-SheilaUnknown
1995-07-09Steinsrod’s WoddoUnknown
1996-05-02Stroll's GarboHD: A-1
1996-05-02Stroll's GarciaUnknown
1996-05-02Stroll's GarlandUnknown
1996-05-02Stroll's Grafitti BridgeUnknown
1996-05-02Stroll's Guardian AngelUnknown
1996-05-02Stroll's GunslingerHD: A-1
1998-07-25Toscanina's Enecta-EscadaHD: A-1
1998-07-25Toscanina's Eros-ExaltatosUnknown
1998-07-25Toscanina's Ethos-EstefanoHD: B-1
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