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Russkaja Mechta Larissa Leia
Name Russkaja Mechta Larissa Leia
Owner W. en G. van der Veur (v. Zentroba)
Breeder Monique Roelevink
Gender Bitch
Pedigreebook NHSB
Pedigreenumber 2752274
Colour Black
Sire Russkaja Mechta Andor Absolut
Dam Russkaja Mesta Caressa Chara
Date of birth 2009-05-30
Date deceased Unknown
Cause of death Unknown
Extra information G&G 1, VZH, DGT
Dutch Youth Champion
Dutch Champion
DVIN Junior yearprice Winner 2010
HD Status HD: A-1
"von Willebrand" Clear
Wobbler Syndrom (C.V.I.) Unknown
Cardiomyopathie Holter and Echo Unknown
Cardiomyopathie DNA Marker Negative
Dilute Unknown
Inbred percentage 8.4068 %
Brothers and sisters
2007-06-15Russkaja Mechta Hedeon HeliosHD: A-1
2007-06-15Russkaja Mechta Hedeon HeraklesUnknown
2007-06-15Russkaja Mechta Hedeon HermesUnknown
2007-06-15Russkaja Mechta Helina HannaUnknown
2007-06-15Russkaja Mechta Helina HanozaUnknown
2007-06-15Russkaja Mechta Helina HarismaHD: A-1
2007-06-15Russkaja Mechta Helina HayleyUnknown
2007-06-15Russkaja Mechta Helina HeraUnknown
2007-06-15Russkaja Mechta Helina HitritsaUnknown
2007-06-15Russkaja Mechta Helina HoaraUnknown
2009-05-30Russkaja Mechta Landor LukaUnknown
2009-05-30Russkaja Mechta Larena LiliaUnknown
2009-05-30Russkaja Mechta Lazarko LevitUnknown
2009-05-30Russkaja Mechta Leon LukasUnknown
2009-05-30Russkaja Mechta Leonid LezkoUnknown
2009-05-30Russkaja Mechta Levita LornaUnknown
2009-05-30Russkaja Mechta Lex LuthorUnknown
2009-05-30Russkaja Mechta Liam LegendUnknown
2009-05-30Russkaja Mechta Lilly LeanaUnknown
2009-05-30Russkaja Mechta Luana LaraUnknown
2012-04-25Amanda Alaine v. ZentrobaUnknown
2012-04-25Amarantha April v. ZentrobaUnknown
2012-04-25Amodor Aragon v. ZentrobaUnknown
2012-04-25AriŽlle Artemis v. ZentrobaUnknown
2012-04-25Arion Apollo v. ZentrobaUnknown
2012-04-25Athor Atalo v. ZentrobaUnknown
2012-04-25Ayana Anemone v. ZentrobaUnknown
Added by Simone
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