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Saroumane des Landrys
Name Saroumane des Landrys
Owner Unknown
Breeder Christian & Francine Gambier (des Landrys)
Gender Stud
Pedigreebook LOF
Pedigreenumber LOF 28992/4131
Colour Black
Sire Abbas v. Egeloh
Dam Pilar des Landrys
Date of birth 1981-04-19
Date deceased Unknown
Cause of death Unknown
Extra information TAN
Champion of France
IDC Sieger 1983
DVIN Clubwinner 1983
DCF Clubwinner 1983
DCF Clubwinner 1984
HD Status Unknown
"von Willebrand" Unknown
Wobbler Syndrom (C.V.I.) Unknown
Cardiomyopathie Holter and Echo Unknown
Cardiomyopathie DNA Marker Unknown
Dilute Unknown
Inbred percentage 7.611 %
Brothers and sisters
1981-04-19Samara des LandrysUnknown
1981-04-19Scillia des LandrysUnknown
1981-04-19Shemen des LandrysUnknown
1981-04-19Sloane des LandrysUnknown
0000-00-00Alba de GarrafUnknown
0000-00-00Amiga De GarrafUnknown
1986-09-04Barones des LandrysUnknown
1986-09-04Belzebuth des LandrysUnknown
1986-09-04Beryl des LandrysUnknown
0000-00-00Biona des LandrysUnknown
1986-08-09Boris (RKF 0012946 )Unknown
1986-03-03Briane de la Cour de la FauconniereUnknown
1987-03-08Caufen de la Cour de la FauconniereUnknown
1987-03-08Cedrane de la Cour de la FauconniereUnknown
1987-03-08Cenris de la Cour de la FauconniereUnknown
1987-03-08Cerena de la Cour de la FauconniereUnknown
1987-03-08Cesther de la Cour de la FauconniereUnknown
1987-03-08Cindia de la Cour de la FauconniereUnknown
1987-03-08Cleo de la Cour de la FauconniereUnknown
1987-03-08Clugen de la Cour de la FauconniereUnknown
1987-03-08Cyonna de la Cour de la FauconniereUnknown
0000-00-00Daisy del Jardin de Elfos Unknown
0000-00-00Donadayan da CasabrancaUnknown
0000-00-00Hikelly v.'t ZomerhofUnknown
1983-11-05U'Kim des LandrysUnknown
1983-01-26Ukent des LandrysUnknown
1983-11-13Ulcia des LandrysUnknown
1983-01-26Ulenna Ulja des LandrysUnknown
0000-00-00Ullia de la NorbiereUnknown
1983-11-05Ulodie des LandrysUnknown
1983-11-13Unnther des LandrysUnknown
1983-11-13Urfee des LandrysUnknown
1983-01-26Uvale des LandrysUnknown
1984-08-23Vamp de DiemarUnknown
1984-01-22Vasco des LandrysHD: A-1
1984-08-23Vega de DiemarUnknown
1984-08-23Venus de DiemarUnknown
0000-00-00Vesta'M de Noble CoeurUnknown
1984-01-22Viago des LandrysUnknown
0000-00-00Vick des Bois de RemolleeUnknown
1984-01-22Vidocq des LandrysUnknown
1984-10-12Vija du Domaine AumontUnknown
1984-08-23Vilna de DiemarUnknown
1984-01-22Viva Vilja des LandrysUnknown
1984-08-23Vlady de DiemarUnknown
Added by Simone
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